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As with Andrew Lang & others we have left our shades upon the spaces & that very air of the time we lived in .now that it is written for they the slain from their own words

(the renaissance party is a file-& can be re-created-it was an entire work done by hand-with friends-19 March 1972- a M. ANDRE Marlow Malraux came too- JOSETTE with ANDRE WILL NOT COME- she has been killed with her sons in all this horrible GREED by dope-fiends of a fallen Empire-

The DECEIT & MADNESS has put little Peter Rathbone Whitehead in Harwell cemetery Photographer-philosophy-he the essence of goodness-1970-1998- He was aware about age 11 years & trying to inform the family of what was ABOUT THE DOOR- & Dad could not cope& he had met a nice man called Len about the villagewho knew about everything` Pete drawn into the grief given us by Imperial Monsters they cunningly getting more & more DOUGH- & denying the Grote Children they have killed recognition-or the vast Ransom JOYOUS VENTURE- yet NOBLE ON THE PIN are waddling about in blood & gore massive money & KUDOS all their lives -- More & more slurs mouthed slimy fashion upon our Grote Ransom Estate were heaped thick & high from the 4th February 1968 when we all entered upon NOUVEAU TIME-& again there were DAYS OF HOPE- Yet it was to be kept PRIVATE BY NOBLE ON THE PIN! Paedophile Mengele Harrington employed with Teams

1937 SUMMER - 3 young people


THE CORNER Clacton-on-Sea over from Marine Parade another summer evening 1937- three young people with life ahead- & a million GROTE CHILDREN & a quarter of a million adults to TAKE THE CARE OF- Our Estate is hated by penniless Vagrants top of the Class Pyramid of Gross Britain noble scum & other scum climbing up-

Andre Malraux-of FRANCE- by late October 1937 is accepted the globe by the families & Administrators as GUARDIAN Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts-

1937 SUMMER- JOSETTE`s BROTH/soup `I think YES- it would be a good idea to show him Andre-Saint George that she can cook-not that she will need to every day-for she has to write too-but she will need a care of the kitchen the stores- up on Jacopsholm our Arctic Island we have the Ice Caves with doors-& I am learning how we budget for 2 & 5 years Poles Nord- Sud

Lennie is surprised I am interested in WHAT the Grannies back in history cooked-as well as what were their Bridal gowns like- but he has become used to it- and we already have 3 books on the go-surprising Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom who is writing only one book - `On The Sea-` Grandpa Ransom he is told to write anything- it will be good- Publishers MacMillan-we know a John a big boy-who is coming to help with GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate-did Mr Pong kill him ? MSS disappeared 1939 after Lindsay 14 & Mr Pong killed Frederick Charles Ransom October- Suffolk-reports 3 medical staff who put away the truth & handed it to ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives-family `1960/61...

1937 SUMMER Holiday Clacton-on-Sea-

I tell JOSETTE when she tells me to talk on if I like to of our Ransom brides in the families & what Lennie & everyone did last summer- New York-Greenland-Peru-Tierra del Fuego-the visit to Paris-the Basques in Spain where we came in our seaplanes-AQUIDO family of the wife of San Julian the Inca boy-he does arithmetic in the airthe monks said

The girl in the Russet Silk Gown-Aunt Murgatroyd Missionary Ethiopia-Sudan early 20th Century & the UNIVERSITY OF THE SANDS -destroyed c 1947 - `The bride in scarlet against the snow Greenland -her father wanted to see a scarlet frock against the snows-& had it made in Spain- The girl in the Scarlet Gown of Spain with a collar of bracken diamonds a gift from the De Beer ladies-a Marriage in the Snows 1863 Margarethe & Thomas- We have recovered some of her autobiographyburned by Mengele Harrington Summer 1947...

All the above I am telling JOSETTE as I talk of her wedding to come & what will she have for her wedding gown ? & we will make a BROTH to-day for dinner-supper at home this eventidefor we keep an energetic week-

JOSETTE WILL MAKE A BROTH- as they do in her home-I inform a shop where we know them well- We went shopping in the Clacton pale morning sun not too hot for August at this hour & bought what she felt would make a nice taste a pleasing sight on the plate. ANDRE Saint George had other fish to fry & likes to `talk all over the town-` he is learning about how people live in East Anglia & in Spain-and Francehe likes some parts of America-not the low life.

We are to use the carrots in the garden with the salad plants & the spring onions as there is no garlic easily found-only Covent Garden can we think of talking last night when this BROTH WAS PLANNED- so if JO likes she could bring some back from London-next timethe spring onions will give a delicate taste if we use the green leaves- I think she put some yellow dried peas in as well-& perhaps baby turnips-I see Unitys mother holding something up `I have only got these` & Andre will buy some meat when he Goes Round the Town again- some to cook- we shall leave it to him the man about the house whom we do not tie to our apron strings-

I was telling JO Summer 1937 as we shelled the shiny green pea pods to begin the broth for the even-time -how when Lennie & I had got away from Mr PONG & his gang of The Empire

we were hidden by a well-educated man New York- he had a duck billed platypus in a glass case a very tall glass case with water- & a man came from the Zoo every day to tend the rare duck from Australia-which is to go home on a boat-

The Bridal house on the New York waterfront was all dark when we came back that night- Len & I walked backwards ran so softly along the waterfront to the men in the blue light kiosk & they got us a taxi-

We were woken up the first morning in his nice big Apartment in the Sky by a Mr Paul Whiteman saying

Goodmorning Savages- welcome to Tittle Tattle Land- there is a man coming to fry you for breakfast unless you get up & wash the pots & pans- I am sorry we cannot roast you a pig or a Mustang- but my Manservant is here & he will get you a breakfast-fruit-Flakes-eggs

Ah one of you is a blue-eyed charmer- I will send a ladys maid up by the lift-

Well ! We will go to luncheon & dinner with my Band-I have to go & wake them out of the Hay at 12 noon- (they work until dawn !) Mr PAUL WHITEMAN musician bandleader educated man of Boston New York-

Where is my magic baton ? It can take away bumps & bruises scratches & bites-& I have to conduct the Band with it-& keep them in tune

We will call on JEAN in the hospital & see if she would come and dance-we will play her favourite March-Oh its the 3 Cornered HatAh I will get out my sombrero-

Now I must leave & my Manservant will now direct & get you breakfast & by Carriage you will come to Carnegie Hall

By the way- I have opened your bank- you may collect a windfall on the way- if you again have too much then you may deposit with the Manager of Carnegie Hall-he will hand you a tub full every day- to go shopping all over New York…”

Mr Paul Whiteman knows Minerva-Olivea Lens Gran just died 1934-Her book EVENSONGS is printed in USA & in several editions-

` WINDFALL/Tub full/ a reference to our forgetting the amount of money that JEAN said to get out in RIO December 1935... Text/diary/Letters from JEAN & Greta Ransom W. adds Uncle Doctor Hebedie & The Man Who Got Away/account in 2 Parts THE SURGE & THUNDER OF THE ODYSSEY/ -& getting a fortune out- We have our secret names & numbers- we Grote Ransom Weddell Frobisher GRONLANDER San JULIAN INCA children- & therefore we were being hunted by STUFFED ANIMALS FROM A BRITISH MUSEUM- Noble penniless get rich quick(Names- numbers recorded)

Diary Uncle Dr Hebedie RIO December 1935 LIR /GR ` we were safe in RIO High Street December 1935 with this money in my little white bag on a strap worn across my chest for we are known to be Aunt Margarethas children - & are being trained to run GROTE- care of orphans, Umbrellas for all families -arts, education, horticulture-a respected system which gave DAYS OF HOPE- & we are of mixed blood 14 races & 27 nations over the last 1,500 years

77 AD ROMAN EMPIRE Britain RANSOM Family MARTYR DR JOHN RAY/rae Ransom murdered 1969/1970 Montrose/ a Memorial from his niece Greta Ransom & his young brother Dr Len Immanuel RANSOMLIR a MARTYR too early 1980sThe foul mouths of the British Nobles still FROTHED ABOUT THE GLOBESPILLING BLOOD & GORE MONEYS.

1936 - WE NOW HEAR OF Grandpa RANSOM that time 1st century AD77 ADHe bought an `atoll` in the THAMES(near Gravesend I think I hear FJR say 1938Maldon Salt fields ? )

77 AD is 1st Century BRITAIN under ROMAN EMPIRE He young RANSOM our Grandpa then can read & write` (well probably speaks & writes in a Germanic British & an of the time Classical LATINperhaps also barbaric FRANCESome upbringing of VALHALLA & Woden`s DAY?) `

& Britain is part of THE ROMAN EMPIREHe RANSOM HAS COME FROM NORWAY This forebear our direct line stayed 15 years on his ATOLL the Thamesbut left with his family- his wife part Spanish ESMERALDA- for the land he farmed was stony & inclined to slimeTHUS WE CAME TO SUFFOLK` 92 ADnear DUNWICH…”

(G.R. working at Colchester Castle learns from Harold Walter POULTER DUNWICHA KNOWN PORTonly place you could pull in in a storm along that part of the coast ChildIt was important BCbut already showing signs of silting up by 2nd century ADbut lingers on into early Medieval Timesfinally abandoned…” )