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( I G.R. know we RANSOM come from JUTLAND B.C.with that dreadful RED HAIR I do not wish to haveDr John RAY Ransom says 1960 he has had us traced back by the scholars USA to 2nd century BC JUTLAND& the place we come from goes back to 4-5th century BCNIGHT WATCH Colne Engaine JANUARY 1960...)

Dr John RAY Ransom1960.IT IS HE WHO GOES TO SUFFOLK92 ADthen over the centuries we begin to move up the East Britain coastarriving MONTROSE 1500 The Basinhis 2nd marriage to the Lady of JAPAN of Brugesgot out of her Convent the Nuns gave her a fitting wedding for an heiressher fortune laid about the ContinentWe are given the 2 islands as her Dowry 1512 when they SAIL IN taking the two sonsHELD received a telegram for your 15th birthday from Hirohito & his wifebidding you & ANDRE MALRAUX to callthe young married Roman Catholic coupleAll HELL BROKE LOOSE WHEN ANDRE married his sister…”

1936 April NEW YORK`OPENED YOUR BANK a more serious reference: Paul Whiteman has got Important People USA including 2-3 Senators to allow us to use our New York Bank- STOP the British Ambassador & enclave using our Bank & forbidding US to use it- They had Orders from Gross Britain to use Banks in the names of GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL to pay their Embassy bills-

Gross Britain High Class Diplomatic world ON THE PIN :

1930S Gross Britain & ITS EMPIRE OF THE GLOBEIt was said in the usual secret silence that it is all property of Earls of LINDSAYBUGGARHS & Crawford- & some belongs to Angela- given her by an old Eskimo when she was a child…”

This ugly stark RACISM is used by these Vagrants & outright thieves- & was not appreciated by intelligent very educated civilized persons in New York- where Margarethe Ransom Grote is known for her high intelligence her kindness- She has created with Thomas Grote her husband the greatest piece of philanthropy the globe-A to Z. A river a source that can never run dry- honesty is Tigs lore & talk for Peace- lawful our Estate A-Z -& set upon our dowry Ransom landsBrides 14 Races 27 Nations

To well educated principled Americans these British opium ravished nobles were the `scum of the earth-` An Empire falling-fallen not giving them the vast wealth to waste anymore- while they the dope-addicts jealousy interfered with all good husbandry A to Z the earth: (& a Diplomat TOP DOGstole my pretty frocks bought on 5th Avenue by Mrs Varese & others who are Margarethes friends )

1937 SUMMER To JOSETTE - I TALK ABOUT LAST YEAR-1935/1936- if she wants me toit gives her ideas for stories & she is learning her English-or rather some Quaker from meeeeh- when we travelled from Greenland to Tierra-del- Fuego calling at dear Thomass Homes-they do like the family to keep popping in for the children are all our big family-

1936 April `LIR Lennie says Mr Paul Whiteman was given a very good education by his father- he tells the grown-ups how his father then went off to the tropics to drink moonlight- Well he did feel it was a certain amount of dope-it was the age they were in- his band did not touch it- if anyone got into trouble they helped- It was felt the attack on us - Jean Len & me in Mexico was because these monsters of the deep were all on dope- He would pass it around the town that the ring-leaders were two women & Mr Pong & the Noble Earls- who expect Len to call them `Uncle Lindsay`

The New York hospital were keeping JEAN in until she could dance- for 2 months-

I had been in 5 days & recovered-they got the glass out of me- Len told them of the Report Salpetrie`re Hospital Paris (Nov-Dec 1935)- `nothing wrong with Aunt Margarethes heir-a very strong heart`

(They are all coming up to Jacopsholmen Island & going round the HOMES to help when they have a holiday-I remember sitting on a high white bed a dismal window long a cold light-then they all came in-& I began to talk-Lennie translatingI HAVE A STRONG HEART-& am so many Races)

Len said `Mr Paul Whiteman was very angry when he got the hospital report that morning-he was going to have Senators tell the Embassy of the British to KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF OUR BANKS-& that was why we could not go & get what we needed from banks where Aunt Mag had arranged funds in our names for the travelling-in New York we were told we could only have two pounds a day- but they thought we were children of these Monsters of the Deep- they had been told so- but like everybody else they could not get anything in writing from a falling Empire- hum ! ` They were rude calling us Eskimos & Apes

`As we were travelling as Thomas did- with Jesus on one shoulder & LUCRETIUS on the other we needed some money even though we have little planes & Uncle Alfred Charles RN & Grandpa use the launch- Daddy went off in the hills Minas Geras & found a new orchidG. R.

LIR Len (Diary LIR 1936) `Mr Whiteman said hed get a Red Indian Regiment for us- well he knows we have one from the Red Indian Granny 17th century but I cannot remember if its Nevada or Nebraska- reports/visits/newspapers/

I G.R. Nord-Sud Poles Tour for Margarethe Ransom Grote am learning them -the Granny I like best is Hebithiyea Greek & Palestine & Italian- she is a poetess & that young Ransom married her because he played a lute/cithara -but he had ships at sea (11-12th century-they sent Xmas cards until 1929) I now have an interest in what they had to eat as well as their bridal gowns- ` & so I go on if Jo will have me so-

1937 SUMMER JO has some things to say about her home-but she is happy letting me bubble on a bit for George-Andre will say it is her dreams-after she has have been listening to the grown-ups with her bedroom door open at night` & once or twice I looked sad & might have shed a tear- but they are on holiday.Andre George has said that its things I have had read to me & then use my imagination- he says he used to imagine when he was a child- his grandmother Adriana-Adrienne used to read to him & tell him old tales

1960- Andre Malraux learns Greta Ransom never had any imagination in her life- only careful fact-cold fact -

1960 autumn Lennie Diaries- tells ANDRE MALRAUX of the British Noble Gangsters-Figures from a Morgue out to harm us all in New York March April 1936 (letters to Greta Ransom 1950s-stolen)

LIR to G.R. 1961... 1936 New Yorkdo you remember Georgiano-hed do anything clean your shoes, write an Affidavit- a Will- he had no mother but a father whod brought him up well- educated him-Georgiano was interested in anything, everybody- hed go in & out of Grote Homes solving questions, talking about Life, about all peoples- any occupation..

He Georgiano said to me 1936 They are committing TREASON G.B. -but they cannot be caught- you must never go out at night- Go places in a truck never an official car- Say not your programme- Eat not where they are

` If they caught him talking with us he knew he was booking an early GRAVE- I was learning how serious is the problem of a penniless nation at the top-

taking by moonlight what others have got…”

(LIR 15 years New York 1936 birthday October- he saved our lives driving a truck over Mexican desert 2 days- we fell at the feet of Mrs Albqerke Monterey-we found Jean was not dead- Diaries/& a friendship until death)

1937 SUMMER Josette so tall slim sitting on the Holland-on-sea beach now known as JOs Beach-

we can find her there-sitting with her notebooks taking a swim waiting for us to come to she- or collect her in the car-I see the calm water tide still going out-a grey-green glassy gentle swell-clean sand & shells- She says she has had her swim but Andre should go in-she has to forget THE WASTED BLOOD OF SPAIN- & sits with long legs stretched out a notebook on a board on her lap-she says she has been quite happy on her own & smiles softly

We two St George-Andre & meeeh may have been forced to take a nap- Unitys mother hath taken to explaining when we go out they are all worn out STAR WATCHING-they are now up before dawn-` I politely try keep JO from feeling she has to join the DAWN voyage to the SEA- George Colonel Andre has to have all the newspapers- Unitys mother says cheerfully `they were out with the vegetables talking all night- STAR WATCHING ` We are known sometimes to yawn but not polite JO-& we did all of us take to sleeps in the afternoons if a late night was planned-