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1937 SUMMER We have come to the beach from the Convalescence Home What a long time ago seems the first day-days when they were strangers & I remember hearing about `Mary Butts-I went to see her before she died-Im so glad I went-she was in a terrible state really-since he left- but still writingOh dont you know her work -I thought living in Paris you would have read some ANDRE- -its very delicate-she lived in Paris-was there when we came-then to Cornwallalways had a difficult life…” Talk on the beach Holland-on-sea first day they arrive-

A LATE LUNCHEON- I see ANDRE MALRAUX follow Unitys mother into the garden-the wireless is on all the time low or loud-he needs all the news broadcasts- A late lunch with meats & he may dash & get some more from the Coop if they decide there is not quite enough-he is picking the spring onions she & I have sown February-March-April-theres lettuce & radishes-he can choose-& tomatoes we have bought that morning at dawn in the town- Sometimes we buy him the unsalted kippers a pale deep yellow shade more expensive but he prefers them- & we may return before 6-00 pm to buy fishes from amongst the iced boxes if we eat at home- we usually do & they prefer this- He Andre Saint George advises on my diet & I to him- Fruit in the morning a half orange or apple- then my Force Flakes or porridge-a half an egg for I cannot eat moreI share with somebody-Hovis brown bread & light salted butter or unsalted I like- I like salad things too as he & JO

Wireless in the home is new-I was born two years after the BBC began its Home & Light programme-every household has the wireless on now-listening or just a pleasant background-perhaps at first it kept burglars away ! It is wonderful for music loving households-there is a Radio Times newspaper for every days programmes-Annie artist listens to the Welsh programme-she learned it with a girl cousin-

That evening we are to all go out to a late supper at the best place on the Seafront the town with an orchestra of 7-9 or even 10 players- the great windows will be folded back & the balcony & room open to the SEA the Pier & ships sequin lights far out- Before the meal he made a pillow for me from his jacket & put me under the table at his feet-I had had a good HIGH TEA & I agreed I could not eat a full meal-Later we dance they togetherthen all three he picking me up in one arm holding Josette & away we go- I did not ask-it was Saint George Andre his idea-perhaps he thinks I am his Teddy bear- Jos long frock dull brick a swirl & red straps cross over her back-she explains to my disappointed look she has to have something easy to pack for the travelling-Unitys mother is talking with some people on the curving stairs


it was A TREAT from Unitys mother- our summer holiday 1937 only 8 years ago-

Colonel ANDRE & Greta Ransom-without Josette- We are standing outside the closed doors & windows of the best restaurant in town 1937- its a cool June day- whisps of rain-I have come from school midday-I must be back for nearly 2pm to the St Clares Convent the other direction towards Holland-on-sea set back a few houses from the seafront- I am 12 years since March- We are entered upon A STATE OF DREAR from early SUMMER 1945-

We turn from The Clacton Pier the Seafront & ENTER AGAIN UPON THAT TIME 1937 the paving stones the same no noticeable change only places shut from 1939 the outbreak of War- We are in raincoats-mine navy blue bought by a young soldier Jack Gordon- Colonel Andre Widower wears the Glenn Miller USA fawn raincoat-a romantic garment- the wearer can look like an Angel-Archangel of WAR-or Peace perhaps-

Colonel Andre-George his face now matured from War years & JOs death-his two younger brothers- still the trace of that boy-man of his mid-1930s upon his brow his solemn movements sometimes

1970 The Pillar House in winterAndre Malraux retired Minister of France `We made crosses from drift woods on the beach Peter- for my brothers- & our DEAD- We set them upon the outgoing tide- winter 1945 & 1946...Please do not listen to the dirty talk from your Class…”

ANDRE MALRAUX knows of JACK GORDON MARTYR by 1960/1961...that he is Greta Ransoms dead half-brother murdered May 1945 & SHEshe with these-they are under suspicion- He had Stirling 60,000 thousand pounds from his fathers aunts when he was made a Ward of Court in the mid-1920s aged 3 years- then his father A MEDICAL NAVAL MAN was said to have FALLEN OVERBOARD 1920s

Curiously like young Frobisher c 1973 after seen OXFORD 1971 MOMA speaking with Greta & Peter Whitehead & others snooping for doughThe Uncle of young Frobisher Canadian Navy fell overboard 1937...that is why Aunt Veronica & Uncle Paul & our families Ransom are attending an Event Canada House& then TEA Waldorf Astoria after visiting JEAN`s Grandpa JAMES WEDDELL his grave

THE MONEYS of JACK GORDON had been mysteriously spent by 1941 when JACK GORDON married the heir & niece of Mrs Augusta Jay of Birmingham/their histories are recorded abroad- Jack at 3 years of age was confined to a Marine Home for biting people HIS FATHER DEAD ! Jack a WARD OF COURT ! With the money 60`000 pounds sterling from his great Aunts Wife & child in USA 1940s/Records/. A JAY family steal a block of Apartments Len & Greta own Washingtonthis is perhaps 1950s/60/Diplomats world-

It was my father Frederick John Ransom & his Commanding Officer got JACK GORDON out of this place 1938/9 - & he became A SOLDIER-Say a Prayer for JACK at War Memorials- & BANN the criminally insane of greed setting foot near Services -

Great Aunt Annie Agnes artist had managed to have Jack educated-paying the Catholic Priest to come in & teach the boy on Wednesdays-the loyal staff helped- the matter was disturbing- it was not unusual-

A matter of high powered dope-fiends of High Class Sin & massive greed 1920s all PENNILESSa woman Angela who could make their fortune-

I G.R. received a photo of Jack & a tiny letter given to me by Annie Agnes my dead grandmothers sister March 1945-I had not known he existedI told school friendsThe letter stolen by Teresa Gordon who searched me daily IF SHE HAPPENED TO BE DOWN FROM LONDON FROM HER NOBLE FRIENDS who had parties back of the Palace Whitehall & Admiralty. A dark haired nice looking young man sitting on a wall he said he was giving mother money to buy me a raincoat as he had heard mother did not seem to have a very good husbandReferences a fat woman on heroin who appears in A Shackelton DocumentaryPortsmouth February 1954- she is greedy & rude about any Nation more powerful than THE BRITISH EMPIREI hear she is getting a 3rd Pension from a nephew who has stolen money from the dead overseas

I hear no more- matter fades until 1970s- D.S. Brown rnvr given a death at sea coast of Spain-eaten by fishes after the Raft rammedNewspaper reports/ He was found to have robbed horribly & aided Mengele Harrington & JIM Cur James& unrelated crimes to Grote Ransom Estategone crazy on DOPES-spied & had many innocent people lose their lives

1954 February - I G.R. RETURNED TO Colchester Museum to work & soon Graham Greene & his families had troublehe had to go into disguisehe could not follow why ANDRE MALRAUX did not take a leading role& why did Greetah keep losing her memoryhe knows more 1960smore tragic happeningsMarch 1954 I am made so ill for over 3 weeks to miss the PARTY my Father & his Ransom families are giving for my 21st Birthday in London Information given by Harold Walter POULTER December 1961 as he unfolds information from the last years since 1952...& 1942 murder of the Newfoundland heiress Castle/Sible Hedingham in Greta-` Class 1942 Clacton

POULTER POISONED TWICE February & April 1962- dies/

1945 June JACK GORDON was murdered by a heroin injection in his spine- records/diaries/a horrible matter done by those who grow/take a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their NOBLE ugly snoutspushed noble snouts into other peoples POST/mail stole by divine authority & kudos-

1945 with George Widower COLONEL ANDRE MALRAUXClacton-on-Sea- This lovely restaurant over the road from The Royal Hotel was closed from the outbreak of War 1939-& never opened-

I Greetah Ransom hath lost all memories of the 1930s- whom I am- Andre Malraux found May 1945 Clacton

`a shell Peter-a wraith- Winnclemann had begun to put some of herself back- with music- I found traces appearing the next year-but not the young person we had with us summer 1937 able to point out a fair path through lifeshe was again going to die if the Winnclemanns had not come along- & myself`

Now these matters I doth know sometimes as landscapes in the dark night- I have lost the way in harsh winter smows in that life I am not allowed to knowmight be another explanation

The Widower of Josette mother of his two sonsColonel Andre Malraux has motioned me to stay on the pavement HAPPINESS SUMMER 1937 was hereColonel Andre has attempted to speak but withdrawn his words-

I know he wishes to be alone as he looks into spaces they have passed their young bodies through upon that very air of lost timehe will come to walk into this building pass through the spaces of 1937 Summer