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I see George Colonel ANDRE peering through the windows his forehead resting on the glass & touching the building with his handshe has motioned me to stay on the pavement perhaps again- I aware he wishes to be alone as he looks into SPACES OF LOST TIME

FOOTSTEPS IN THE NEIGE- a prelude by Claude Debussy perhaps here conveys more than words can-

1959-1960 we will enter winter learning of this horrible greatest crime of mankind- slaying nations A to Z the world children educating to 18 years- We are victims of the Gross Britain HIGH CLASS SIN-those swollen ranks of many Golums (Tolkien Lord of the Ring) magnified on dopes-kudos-the big time-

Evil wins at the top of the class pyramid using FRAUD with massive violence- experts of required criminal skills are drawn from the Institutions of The Realm- no need pay them from the Noble pocket-they collect in the field what they want as well as attending upon CHANCEthey often see other BIG GAME to hunt rob destroy for DOUGH

1968 When we bearing our dead GROTE HOMES children enter The Pillar House Harwell TIME from the SANITY of that Great Museums world & begin to take this LOST TIME into the DAWN & DAYLIGHT again EVIL has ramparts around us all & cackles with demon faces here we in our life`s experience range from Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis COLCHESTER 1st-2nd centuries AD to Albert`o-Polis South Kensington MUSEUMSthe `D`orsay Museum of Paris

I mean our understanding -our memories if allowed to be recalled are to be gathered from past hours within these precincts ARCHIVES OF THE MIND have been destroyed by these HIGH CLASS SIN with their disgusting lives of evil demands -

1958 Greta & Andre Malraux take stroll in the Silurian meeting by the moonstones Case Geological Museum South Kensington London

& 1967 Greta & young friends repeat with Peter J. Palmer strolls in the `Wonder Houses` of South Kensington (West Virginia Wheeling `Beech Glen` & Sparkman New York Yachts & his great Nonconformist ancestors Greg-Rathbone-Darby-Reynolds et al who helped make England`s wealth 18th century on)

PJP Whitehead winter 1970 would have arise from Andre & Greta for him to write up the days as sketches & writings upon the seas the winter airs& our few summers of OUR LIVES we the tragic ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM

but she G.R. is allowed very little memory & that to be steered towards having FILTHY NOBLE BRITAIN escape the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDRENTO GET THEM DOUGH

POST/mail FOR GRETA AT PILLAR HOUSE IS OPENED BEFORE DELIVERY TO she or to PJPW OF THE British Museum Natural History South KensingtonIT IS STOLEN as from XMAS 1933

PJPW is after 3 years exposure to Mengele Harrington & SCUM too late to free himself from evil about him-he is too young to be in charge It was November 1966 when Mengele & SCUM learned of whom Greta Ransom went to the V & A lectures with lunchtimesfrom the BMNH These PIMPS of great evil of dope-booze-greed have used the early 20th century Cult of `Fraud-Junk-bunkum` = S. Freud/Jung/Adler & early psychologiststhey snarl the most filthy charges-

BLACKMAIL - Andre Malraux is 1957 accused by Mengele Harrington of child molestation Summer 1937/ Mengele Harrington has mouthed this at PJPW 1968 Mengele Harrington the biggest paedophile of Gross Britain Continent & USA- an attack on a year-old child 1936 had him in PRISON Austria/ Other arrests had him got OFF CHARGES by his NOBLE friends Gross Britainthey say he was investigating DRUGS for the National Health Service1949/1952 & 1953/ 1956-1957 & 1959-1961 EssexBerkshire 1967-1970s1982 BMA Fired the evil killer from British Hospitalsnewspapers 1981-82

G.R. WILL MAKE AN ACCURATE STATEMENT HERETHE PAEDOPHILES GROSS Britain are NOBLES of the Realmthey are high on dope & penniless & attack heirs of any age- to ruin their character & in secret silence are allowed by HIGH CLASS SIN TO CLAIM THE DOUGHoften sharing out with them

High Class Sin use the Realm to authorise FRAUD-destruction of the characters of heirs is paramount Records/eye witnesses/a few brief lines a newspaper/ `House of horror Hampstead late summer 1953 seen by all of educated London- Malraux Ransom driven by Brown rnvr on orders top medics trying to helpMengele Harrington & JIM Jong CUR JAMES ran secret activities `for the Crown`- & are still 1960s-1980s very well paid for their hours-tills ring open down Whitehall for them since 1930s

1967 November onwards BIG & BIGGER BOOTS com`th with the old & new criminally insane- appearing again about ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta RANSOM- & breaking in from February 4th 1968 - we have taken Stewardship The Pillar House from the Artist Derek Southall wife Jenny & children Justine & Rosanna- young people trying to have a meaningful life

THE EVIL ARE IN GREAT PANIC THESE FIRST YEARS of Harwell 1967/80s nosing about us with filthy black tongues now stretching round the globe A-Z - They who have been gloating 1939-1960s after killing Malrauxs sons how they have laid hold of the too big Estate an Old Eskimo bought- Again they come slithering-charging-employing pimps-ponces-perverts-paedophiles & dope fiends-all so well togged up- but seen to be dripping blood & gore by the Valiant who have tried halt this destruction of a miracle of Philanthropy A-Z the globe

RANSOM a family unique because for 2,000 years it married Brides `off shore` where it Traded the globe- also fished- a family who took the name RANSOM for all its members from 6-7th century AD East Britain coasts beginning at Dunwich 92 AD upwards round the curve of East Anglia- he coming from The Thames/Gravesend island & able to read and write Their histories & their writings show they were HUMANITAS (see writings of Heligoland Ransom-he buried with his literary life about him-he also passed a scribe written copy to his daughters`he could not stop writing early Medieval times-)

1967 onwards I take the children into our Museum circles of sanity & civilized behaviour- We go on Whitehead-Ransom Ruins holidays HARWELL TO POMPEII & back- HARWELL TO MYCENAE & back- LIR & Malraux followed us- & evil got its leg uprecords/diaries/photographic etc/

1968-1980s com`th again those old `ANIMAL PACKS & Beasts of Prey` of the 1920s & 1930s/40sNow some of their issue joined them-protecting the blood & gore moneys they received from the slaying of the Grote children to prop up the Nobles of Gross Britain

1945 onwards & after ANDRE MALRAUXs death- still the Nobles of Gross Britain & Scandinavia are about with their coarse phrases once more directed at ANDRE & GREETHA/Greta- Again G.R is gathering words from the dawn-dusk-water-mists-fires- `we who hath passed re-passed upon these floors of a home- our homes- now in ruins - things like that- my Stark Lines- from June 1960 inspired by George Sefris poet-

Andre & Gretas Uncle Edgars Hat”…

Andre took breakfast with him Upper Brook Street 1950s London Town -Records/January 1954 extensive Papers-Salisbury Cathedral etc`Theres a man in the newspaper with my name- shall I read about him- No- I am happy here with my young wifewe have a great Cathedral to see an ancient town- things to return to Colcestre with & lot to tell Mr Poulter of this visit

We will take a young woman now dead with us this morning…” speak`th ANDRE MALRAUX- SEFRIS Greek Poet has given us his hat- `Salisbury plains are cold`- colour photos/text/

1945 Josette JOJo&Joh will be DEAD a year by November - her beautiful tall 32 years old body in a grave- their two sons born 1940 & 1944 Pierre-Vincent live until 1961-

ANDRE MALRAUX her Catholic husband wears his Glenn Miller style raincoat US Army- he as Josette both very tall - Now not quite the boyish swaying lithe figure making an arc as he sweeps the SEA air to gather `Summer 1937 from the garden where grew things to eat`-

He goes alone to the House on the Corner by the remains of an ancient 16-17th century hamlet-across to the Church across Pier Avenue-Marine Parade to The Co-operative Stores on the cornerwhere the staff are the same & comfort him 1945- say `come for a cup of tea Andre-supper- a beer `I hear as school friends & parents do but am not to enter this world of grown-ups & their understanding of death

George Colonel Andre Malraux is to me & school friends of the two schools The Pathfields & The Convent of Poor Saint Clare` rather an ancient Saint or a figure we hath read of in histories & his hair seems darker to me as if he is a Traveller from an Ancient Biblical Land-

We seem to be to be IN NOTHING TIME- two figures with our tremendous grief- It is about he may take The Robe& am in love with he a man of ALL AGES who too strides in & out of DOORS OF TIME

That July 1945 he even stoops to my so-called imagination games- acting my games with me along Holland-on-Sea cliffs when we hath come from making footsteps upon the site of CLACTONIAN MAN Neolithic A tale of `Moonface & her young husband Sunface (a thin book that Mill & John Ransom may have written for schools) We must go gathering stores for the winter- for our winter cave `FOR FOUL WINTER DOTH COME` A phrase Josette learned & rather liked to use SUMMER 1937 when we 3 went ` ROUND THE TOWN` Clacton-on-sea

In August 1945 came Hyrosheemhah JAPAN- Colonel Andre appeared at Professor & Mrs Winnclemanns home by the Catholic Church& the days were solemn the morethe town full of white sea mists I recall- I swim along two beaches beyond the groynes at low water just able to touch my feet- I am watching he George Colonel Andre 2.30pm a sunny afternoon walk along the lower promenade he all alone purposefully going to Josette`s Beach to sit with her imageI hath told him `she may linger in that timewe do not yet knowtalk to her He says gently `she cannot come back`but I will go & try