Greta Ransom

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1937- VOICES that year about Len & Greta Ransom`beware old brutes with no trousers on- not like women anymore- Beware- they are all talking of the grand slam’… they have all gone insane- purple plum ` (Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their ugly snouts)

1937 SUMMER - Jo has booked her hair appointment herself & Unitys mother says I am so proud of her-she found a girl speaking some French but she booked the hair appointment herself- You Two had gone off again- it is by the Old Kinemathey do ladies hair too

ANDRE & GREETHA have become known as youuuh twooo Andre who is some days for hours & hours earning the name Saint George calls me `the boy-girl- The Prophet` - I see to his `State of Grace` or JO will not marry him unless he cures that `quick fire` We discuss her wedding gown

SUNDAY MORNINGS is The Mass- I a Catholic will be taken to Granny Gordon for the walk to the HIGH MASS at 11 am unless I hath stayed overnight at `Crail` or sometimes I went with She our hostess to an earlier Mass- she is a CONVERT & they are very serious & she wears black Spanish lace scarves sometimes & now & then with friends also CONVERTS she wears her Black lace Spanish Mantilla- of course Andre & Josette are Catholics but they are upset over Spain & also he is a Follower of the Prophet Mahomet & like Tiggy does not mind all religions- I notice on the church steps afterwards the Converts are serious & the Catholics born very jolly respond to the old Italian Priest sent by young Paccelli with lots of bene-bene-

I have a beret a bonnet matching my coat or the lovely straw hat Mary Helena Carroll Granny Gordon has decorated for me-I shall put this on for `OUR DAY OUT- Andre & Greta youuu two` records/his notebooks/others/photos/& people about us on summer days & these beaches & la Mer/The SEA coming in & out the days of our lives-

1957 now called `MALRAUX` in Europe- he say`th upon Summer 1937- `& you were acting as my wife- Oh YES YOU WERE- not as my mother as you had appointed yourself that Summer when you found she was dead !

I have it in my notebook! I who am now MALRAUX- & only want a peaceful life ! `

this script is supposed to look like Stonehenge)

The great figure known as MALRAUX com`th from GAUL some evenings to Londinium -

Greta Ransom replies November 1957 `you can lock him that Andre in the Cupboard- I will only come near you if you are George` The Colossus of GAUL fell down in his armchair laughing & kissed the top of my head with a blessing

I GRETA RANSOM pauper- education interfered with as all young heirs this dirty MOB of NOBLE BRITAIN can get hold of come from Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis my birthplace & my job 1952-1956 Colchester Castle/Hollytrees Mansion museum - I had to leave for SHE mad Mother Kali was poisoning me & she said to deathI doth PAY A MONTHLY RENT TO THIS CATHOLIC HOSTEL Malrauxs Home workplace run in names of Westminster Diocese General de Gaulle French Embassy & ANDRE MALRAUX (where did that rent go ?)

I felt pink-cheeked a young woman/girl weak at the knees over the notebook readings of THE AFTERNOON OUT 1937 -had I done wrong ? Was I too forward then ? Did he really want me with him ?

I am now 24 years 1957 & yet feel hundreds of years old- weary from being a pauper as SHEshe Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali calls me - ‘…you wretched pauper`a woman in purple dressing gown` called Angela has sent a message here. .. `Yes she knows I am with Malraux & ` SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR NOW` (Racist hate of 1930s/1940s thrown at the heirs to Grote Homes Ransom Estate Greta & LennieI do not recall this woman at allnot even calling me with the Lindsaybuggarhs `Ape & Eskimo` & her big kid 1938 angrily saying in a garden `You need not think you are having it (all ?) you APE…” She is 13 years & Greta Ransom is 5 yearsShe needs putting in a Borstal ! She will grow up greedy)

This MAN OF GAUL George-ANDRE is all I desire but I am nobody-& only in the great Museums can I claim some of my own minddrawn to a doorway in the Science Museum without direct memory of my Grandfather Frederick Charles RANSOM taking me through late 1930s to look at the Plans of JACOPSHOLMEN our holy island West Greenland where WE ARE COMMITTED TO BUILD THE UNIVERSITY TO POUL6 feet 5 inches POUL GRONLANDERthe great-great grandfather of FCRPoul genius-polymath-pure(Grandpa 4 times back to GR)

1957 Overnight this information on SUMMER 1937 WAS REMOVED FROM MY MEMORY -Mengele & his assistants are allowed to creep about this Catholic Hostel Workplace home with needles loaded with FORGET YOU ALL YOU HAVE HEARD- He has called me `fool and Ape` years on we learn he has powders rubbed on our pillows & bedding & tries destroy teeth with acids in the toothpastes -they are given permission from Angela & her MEN to raid banks in the names of LIR & GR& see ANDRE MALRAUX does not find out about his GUARDIANSHIP

December 1957 a double killing for Andre & Greta was planned- foiled by MI5 & 6 working late hours a Friday after everybody had left town for the weekendwe could only wait & see if they were alive Monday morning PeterIt was not them the troublemore a matter of green eyed women & their men after dough`Accounts

Hollis MI5 & team-JULY 1969- Doc Mengele Harrington visited Mr/Sir T. Hollis in his retirement- & then Hollis MI5 dies too suddenly 1970...INFORMATION July 1969 TO PJPW others Harwell Atomic Site luncheon for village-staff-associates & families-

1957 November SHEshe Teresa Gordon-Gordon Old Mother R- has moved in to my top room 50 Lancaster Gate Square hissing at me `I I I have sacrificed MY MY MY life to give you everything- the most you can do for me is to allow me 2 nights while I search London for a job- I only have my Widows mite you bloody bitch-`

(IT IS ALL LIES-THESE OLD NOBLE MONSTERS GIVE HER DOPE heroin-Divinorum Salvia Scotland- invitations & some moneys-pity nobody put them on the new tape recorders )

One of Treasa`s bastards had said she should be given a bed as I should not be left with MALRAUX - She stayed 2 weeks causing havoc - madness-following MALRAUX about in a taxi when he had appointments for General de Gaulle Whitehall- 3 files on her behaviour show the madness & greed & the crazy uncertain periods when they have taken dopeTHEY of 1920s- 950s NOBLE BRITAIN ARE ALL SO VERY DANGEROUS

Complaints came from General de Gaulle Saint Charles we are told via CLARA MALRAUX who knows what the game is- seeing Malraux does not know of this Guardianship somewhat but she does not know the true state AT LAWNO CLAIM CAN BE MADE BY THE


1970 ANDRE MALRAUX speaks to PJPW upon a matter of Clara`s brother Maurice the Mouse helping 1948 to tumble GROTE BROKERS New Yorkhe had been helping Mr Jimmie Jong whose mother has an expensive apartment PARIS 1920s-30s..

Clara the much older woman speaks to Andre as if he is a mongrel dog without a home- Andre Malrauxs Loyal staff did their best-

IT IS MR Doc MENGELE HARRINGTON WHO IS RUNNING ALL THIS BESTIAL MADNESS WITH DIRTY JIMMIE Mr Pong CUR JAMES & ex-Army thugs & a sinister group in training from Naval intelligence some may not know the full BLOOD & GORE matters JIM now Cur James WHITES CLUB Steward of Vicehe a nuisance to Gordon Ransom families since 1919 with Angela & her men- LINDSAY Earls got added in to Gordon tragedies 1930...Clacton-on-SEA- From November 1953 Mengele can draw DIRECTLY on Naval Intelligence special thugs -permission Soapy-ice & mud puddles/Jim draws on Army thugs as always since 1930s - ALL ARE ON THE PIN

Early morning meetings WHITES Club (of vice) has `7 Earls chauffer cars & 10 Lords a leaping- plus 12 other vermin who have got claws on the ladder upwards`- ALL ARE HELPING THEMSELVES TO RANSOM ESTATE A-Z globe since end of 2nd World War & know of the killings of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN to get hold of these lands & doughIT IS THE OFFICIAL STEALING OF OUR POST/mail-listening to all phone calls-following & investigating all visitors-visits that has them so successful THAT IS THE WORK OF MENGELE & TEAMSThen WHITEHALL has 2 rooms known for theft of properties of the Grote Ransom EstateTHE MOVING OF GREAT SUMS OF MONEY FROM BANKS is assisted by Noble SCANDINAVIA THE BESTIAL ROBBERIES OF VIOLENCE CONTINUEface saving at the top ! & they are all so well paid for this global treason- they are terrorists of the globe- who have made a GENOCIDE for DOUGH for themselves to swagger about with

THE LEGAL WILL executed USA 1938 Summerleaves a list of GIFTS to A WOMAN & HER FAMILYWritten in Margarethe Ransom Grote`s elegant handwriting is - `Angela & David & their two children`THERE ARE NO PROPERTIES MONEYS LANDS given to David Angela & their two children

The Grote HOMES RANSOM ESTATE IS A WHOLE HOLY PIECE OF PHILANTHROPYfar beyond IMPERIAL understanding (3 Wills are required to execute the Estate Fred & Gertrud Ransom/Thomas Imm. Grote/ & Margarethe Ransom Grote )

The Grote children in their HOMES are slain 2nd World War so that the ROBBERIES OF GREED could begin-to prop up NOBLE BRITAIN-