Greta Ransom

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1957 late OCTOBER- 50 Lancaster Gate Square- OFFICIAL BLACKMAIL ordered by Noble Britain for The Realm- Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile royal Satrap Gollum threatened Greta Ransom `IF I HAVE ONE REPORT YOU ARE RUDE TO YOUR MOTHER I WILL KILL YOU WITH A NEEDLE`

I tried telling `ANDRE GOV SIR `Malraux-George`but he is caught in a nasty manner French LAW over the two sons of JOSETTE & HE- & JIM & Mengele are threatening exposure/blackmail OF THE WEDDING OF GRACE to Greta Ransom under 16 years- to embarrass the career of de Gaulle who must trust Andre Malraux in this post-War world of greed-

Attacks & rapes are ordered on Greta unless she returns to her mad mother KALI their chum of thye 1920s Teresa Gordon Clytemnestra Ransom-to whom they have NOT GIVEN A FORTUNE as they promised her if she would harm her family RANSOMMI5 give Greta Ransom age 24 the 2 family men to guard her2 Detectives help MALRAUX

1947 February- permission Early Wedding given by `PACCELLI` because he knew THE GROTE CHILDREN ARE MURDERED- & pre-War the British Realm always disapproved of the Homes & were making trouble from late 1920s THIEVING ART WORKS & then began taking the lands A to Z the worldindependent nationsRudely mouthing outside officialdom `OLD ESKIMOS NOT ALLOWED MAKE WILLS - Oh given to Angela WHEN SHE WAS A KIDSAVE THE NATIONSAVE BRITISH TRADE` & all the lies & rubbish they could think up to get for themselves MOUNDS OF BLOOD & GORE dripping GOLD for their debauching Noble lives-

The BRITISH GOVERNMENT CROWN STEALS OUR POST/MAIL from 1933 & 1937 onwardsDoc Mengele Harrington 1947 onwards is organising with a team the examination of all POST coming to RANSOM families et al & ANDRE MALRAUX- & begins to search the Papers of JOSETTE CLOTIS MALRAUX MOTHER OF THE TWO BOYS SONS OF MALRAUX

1951 `God Help US` the lot at the top of NOBLE BRITAIN are on LSD with Mengele Doc Harrington prescribing- He is also running a Sexual Athletes club too- & dirty Jimmie Mr Pong Cur JAMES is Barman/Steward/Uncle the Crown & runs prostitution & crime with violence from WHITES CLUB & 2 big brothels round the corner in expensive flats

1957 late November (The funny parts) -

Andre Malraux GOV-Sir Andre running this Catholic Charity & `think tank` for General de Gaullewill order his Roman Catholic British mother-in-law in late November 1957 OUT OUT OUT Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Ransom Riley was to leave after 2 weeks But Mengele paedophile Harrington royal Satrap Gollum gets her back December secret slimy-soapy fashion after he Doc Mengele Harrington recovered from being POISONED NEAR TO DEATH by AN OLD BOY FRIEND WHO WAS SICK OF HIM SPONGINGHAPPY CHRISTMAS -Where was Clara Malraux & Maurice the Mouse ? LONDON IS KNOWN TO THE SECRET SERVICES the world as SCARLET TOWN

1957 DECEMBER - 50 Lancaster Gate SquareThen with Doc Mengele & their old fiend JIM & Noble hugs she Teresa Gordon mother of Noble Bastards see-sawed - all of the old PIMPS criminally insane causing with their bestial dopes greed much misery & deaths to so many peopleTHEY ARE ON THE PIN & mixing in LSD & Divinorum Salvia Scotlandthey are acting & living as in the 1920s when they killed for DOUGH- references/accounts/records/

1950s I Greta Ransom am sympathetic to young people of my age It is about SCARLET TOWN`She his wife is a little PUFFER TRAIN come with empty goods wagons swaying behind her & he her husband a man without a role anxious to call in everything Grote RANSOM Estate to himself & his kith & KINShe his wife is collecting little nations wealth for her MEN & the British Empire`

THIS IS REPORTS FROM ASIA & Australia 1950sthat are about the London Scarlet Townfrom people TRYING TO HELP ANDRE & GREETHA & THAT MIRACLE THAT MARGARETHE RANSOM & her busband TIGGY GROTE created 19th century to 1938 when she was KILLED BEFORE HER TIME

77 AD - THE ROMAN EMPIRE OF Britain .Oh SADLY I the RANSOM descendant of Grandpa Ransom 1st Century AD who able to write & read got a THAMES Atoll not by WAR BUT USING THE ADMINISTRATION/LAWOF ROMAN BRITAIN- It was near Gravesend 77 AD & he had some document to HOLD THIS PIECE OF LAND15 years on he upped & went to Suffolk near DUNWICH an important PORT BC early AD (Reference The Roman Empire/Gladiator Film & all of that- & see Kipling`s 2 volumes Puck of Pook`s Hill & Rewards & Fairiesfor an introduction to this TIME)

It all makes me G.R. muse upon how fragile are we of human life : LET US GO FORWARDTHERE IS MUCH TO DOTHIS DOCUMENT I would like to inform N A S Ais the WORK for the VICTIMS of a piece of GREED & MADNESS known 1950s as `THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND`

I G.R. niece of Dr JOHN RAY Ransom NASA Worker 1950s WISH to have in libraries on MARS & OUT THERE the knowledge of these excellent human beings of HUMANISM WHO SUFFERED VIOLENT DEATHS for their education & humanism & Acting the Gospels Out Nota bene : IF WE DO NOT GET OFF THIS SILLY LITTLE PLANETWITH ITS MIRACLES OF ANIMAL & PLANT LIFEthen we as HUMANKIND will not survive

1957 November- LINDSAY COUNT self styled OFFSHORE /TO BE LINDSAY Earl 15/ called & wound himself about the columns at the door to No 50 Lancaster Gate SquareI had just said `I am waiting for my husband Andre Malraux to arrive from France`exactly as ANDRE had rehearsed me if these MEN from that Vice Club WHITES callNobody had told `mad Metal Spade Wheeler of Clacton beaches late 1930s` about the Catholic marriage GUARDIAN MALRAUX to HEIR GRETAI HAD NO MEMORY OF HIM AT ALL

Greta Ransom was spoken to thus November December 1957 by Teresa Gordon kept a monster by her chums of NOBLE TITLES

YOU WRETCHED PAUPER-YOU ARE INSANE- ruined MY MY MY life- I left it too late to get rid of you THAT OLD FOSSIL MALRAUX I could have married a rich man- I AM TOLD YOU YOU YOU ARE NOT TO BE LEFT ALONE…” SHE Teresa Gordon Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Ransom Riley-Clytemnestra has just come from a knees-up WHITES CLUB-JIMs Private Officea barrel of ABSINTHE on bottom shelf & DOPE- THEY ARE ON MORE THAN THE PIN-

1957 - AT SOMETIME BEFORE CHRISTMAS MALRAUX hits his old chum of 1924 Teresa Gordon on the jawdrags her up to Kent Hotel & dumps her on the steps next doorafter midnight/MORE WILL APPEAR IN THIS DOCUMENT & the other Books feature it/ BUT I DO NOT THINK THERE WILL BE ANY MORE FUN PARTS

IT CAN ALL BE READ IN `LIFE AT 5O Lancaster Gate Square 1957-1959...`when we were so young`Mengele Doc Harrington is appointed by The Realm-Crown-to see Malraux & Ransom have no idea of GROTE HOMES Ransom EstateANDRE MALRAUX of SEA peoples appointed Guardian before the 2nd World WarALL OF GREAT BRITAIN NOBLES UNLAWFUL & violent affairs are run from WHITES CLUB a vice bar St James` where Uncle James the Crown the former Mr Pong Jimmie Jong a half Chinese racist is Steward & controls Naval & Army thugssince 1929...

Mr Mengele Harrington 1953 onwards is terrified Andre & Greta will find out about the Estate for then he would be EXTERMINATED for his brilliant work maiming-murdering-stealing-destroying reputations of the legal holders RANSOM of this worldwide Estate (diaries LIR/JR®-Amx/FJR& numerous nations A-Z globe)

1937 XMAS `Well Saint Georgie Andre if JO does not want you & if you cannot reach perfect State of Grace then I could marry you & perhaps I was just trying the role outI would like a husband like Great Poul Gronlander I have decided-my grandpa 4 times back- dark hair graceful 6 feet 5 inches tall very clever Catechist Trader Polymath Genius of West Greenland 18th century his mother the first Astro-physicist of the North Pole- & your eyes although not dark blue do seem suddenly with a beam of emerald green that I find beautiful

FJR my father does balance the Catholicism with Nonconformist & Humanism-science-technology-Nota bene- our family & religions-we often like all of them- Greetha Ransom Summer 1937...

1936 Hiroheto scientist-Prince of Japan told Uncle Captain Liam Ransom last year my father said Tiggy had no religion-but thank heavens he had all of ours`

An Arab Prince has sent me a prayer mat as I have to be a boy-girl 6 days of the week for my role with Lennie taking care of Thomas Grote HOMES & Margarethes Joyous VentureWe are to learn all languages if we can by staying at the HOMES & on our islands & seashores part of each year- Tiggy had over a 100 languages by 50 years of age-it gets easier the more you learn

1945 The Widower Colonel ANDRE will say to the grown-ups 1945 he has been to look at this place that place where JO walked- opened a door- He went to look at the hairdressing shop taking me GR once- he sayth- `we were all here- just a handful of years ago- WHILE THE SEA CAME IN & OUT- I cant forget her & I never want to forget her- there are our two sons-

I Greta Ransom am wearing a little tomato wool jacket with a peplum that JO wore- it buttons up the front- I am told by SHEshe Clytemnestra-Mother Ransom who came striding across the road `its dirty-take it off- I will pay the 2 shillings to have it cleaned-you could be bringing disease into OUR- OUR TOWN-OUR TOWN- TO MY SONS- `

The evil power of these 1920s NOBLE MONSTERS of the dangerous dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts is frightening & numbs the body & mind of their victims-for no Newspapers will help-no Parliament officially

We never saw the tomato jacket again- SHEshe either gave it away in London or tore it to pieces- The Widower George Colonel Andre looked so pleased as he buttoned me into it & proud when he looked at me from a distance as I stood by the TREE in the centre of Clacton Town its circular seat full of old people with shopping bags-she came insulting me when she knew it was from him-`you look a fat fool in that-peplum-with your fat behind-your fat legs & its dirty dirty dirty from France` (SHE IS GIVEN DOPES BY HER NOBLE NOBLE CHUMS AT THE VERY TOP OF THE PYRAMID OF GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA) -its late SUMMER 1945- Here in summer 1937 he would return to us Josette & Greetha or we to him as we `Went Round The Clacton Town`