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1973 Andre Malraux retired Minister of France- he sent a message everything I give you Greetah dies He had asked to be bought for him a yellow flowering shrub a gift for The Pillar House Harwell after the renaissance party March 1972- it would produce a wall of yellow-gold as it did at Verrieres- where he had hoped we could all come & then go visiting Ruins-Art Galleries-sites of Ransom & Grote Homestake the four Whitehead children out to lovely green places-to our RANSOM Mansions our few Islands not harmed by Gross Britain for its fallen EMPIRE he ANDRE MALRAUX allowed to be an old friend- have normality & civilized manners reign !

Victoria-Augusta 4 years old named first for 2nd Legion Ancient Rome can call to him its AndreI love Andrehe makes me laugh in April 1972-

BUT IT IS NOT ALLOWED- both sides of the Channel- I am not allowed my memory back or I will name some of the murderers the fraudsters from the 1930s onwards& THESE-THEY ARE ALL NOBLES- with our Ransom/Grote/Weddell/ Gronlander Moneys draping them in their gory display- they are seen dripping blood & gore from their slaying the GROTE CHILDREN- to prop up a dead Empire ? Nay-they had plotted 1930s to thieve piles of gold-wealth kudos-& have THE BIG TIME(meetings reported upon 1938/9...)

1945 That summer the Widower ANDRE MALRAUX granted Colonel status brought over a lemon yellow linen suit for GR. & Uncle Harry Gordon said you wore it at a Horse & Farmers Fair I took you both to near Colchester with the old Winnclemanns- ANDRE wanted to see the occasion-learn about old & modern life over here- thats what he was noting for France-for his future career`

The lemon suit was quickly taken off me-I have to say I was a little uncomfortable in it-boxy & too short-I do prefer gathered & flaired skirts that are old fashioned-at school we are very Pre-raphelite-& I am not a modern person & prefer to be a girl-not look sleek- It may have been worn by Esther- by SHEshe because of clothes being rationed & on COUPONS got it & it disappeared- I expect some dope-fiend Noble got it-for a price- George Colonel ANDRE said it was from a friend in Paris for a growing young girl in England I suspect it was from Josettes friend her biographera pretty name`Charntellae` -perhaps I heard something like that

I was growing UP & OUT - going to be a Greek Caryatid girl strong enough to hold the roofalongside MALRAUX- Spirit of The PARTHENON-HellasSo little memory hath I since 1939 to be now allowed-but I do put some starlight things in a basket `for foul winter doth come`

1937 SUMMER One day I may write you a letter JO & Andre& you will be living on a STAR & if you write back I can come with Auntie Winnie-if the journey is invented- so it is quickly- for I shall have much to do with our dear Thomas & journeying with Aunt MargaretheLucretius on one shoulder & Jesus on the other- & all our young people so pure in our HOMESthey who had no homes…”

1960 January ANDRE MALRAUX Night Watch , meadow Colne Engaine cum Camulodunum Do you remember- when we went to Salisbury January 1954 & we were to have a baby in the summer & we had taken up our VOWS again- I began to tell you more of our unit Summer 1937-our family when you were 4 years & some months old & took charge of me for I had my nerves from SPAIN & you spoke sometimes like an expert for your family had taught you well

STARS-I am looking up at them here beside your new home this caravan where you have earned the money for working for your mother all summer-where you have fled a few days agoI want to go back & start again as we began 1937-A YOUNG WOMAN WHO WAS WITH US IS NOW DEAD.That summer 1937 we were a unit- four sometimes five of us - those days a happy family-

1954... When we were being driven to Salisbury I had a hat from a poet -you have seen a film made of his ideas- a man of letters is reading some of the poems he has translated from the Greek- (1958 Rex Warner-George SEFRIS poet & Diplomat - Bodley Head ) I felt rather silly wearing this hat perhaps it was not big enough for my head- But that morning we left London I had called on him at breakfast time- the poet said it would be so cold on Salisbury Plain & insisted I loan his hat

On the way we were to get some of your Grandfather Gordons paintings from the cottage of his youngest brother Edgar who had died before the War began-but the place was lockedyou took some photographs in colour-I am standing by the cottage-the whole area was to be turned into a motorway with areas of commerce about

YOU CAN SEE IT IN YOUR HEAD IF YOU TRY- it is only a handful of years agono time compared with the TIME you & I experience in the great Museums when I have met you for a few minutes in the middle of our days these last 3 yearsTry & sit by the Gates of Nineveh again waiting for me Andre Malraux Burgermeister of Paris now` here we all were beside the seashores just a handful of years agoWHILE THE SEA CAME IN & OUTI cannot forget her- I never want to forget hershe has given me two sonsI Andre Malraux ( Widower of Josette 9 November 1944...)

1970 in WINTER- ANDRE MALRAUX dining-room The Pillar House Harwell -where the immortal stories for Children are drawn & composed by LLB 1900s- Greta Ransom W. shorthand notes-


The WIDOWER OF JOSETTE-the bridegroom of April 1947 Wedding of Grace HEIR & GUARDIAN The Joyous Venture The GROTE HOMES children take VOWS FOR LIFE -we have such civilized work to do-

1970 winter Andre Malraux is referring to the Vampire squads about us Blewbury/London/Oxford from 1968 February 4th- A crass world of heroin-cocaine-dopes again- we cannot seem to get freeAll the Estate has been claimed for The Crown by an ugly woman & her men & her son-in-law a Playboy who Mengele prescribes DOPES for& travels withas JIM 1920s-1940s was travelling companion of Angela

THE MURDERED GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 2nd World War are to be left for future discovery- The murderers so busy removing all whom know & writing their own Testimonies of LIES for The Realm- Documentation re-written by EVIL sub-apes- pre-Lucy Leaky

ANDRE MALRAUX MARTYRcomments upon EVIL ON THE PIN DECEIT & CUNNING WICKEDNESS about us 1970 from the CLASS that PJPW comes from since JAMES Whitehead became Lord Mayor of London 1888-he a Quaker & a very good man of Orton Cumbriathe WHITEHEAD identical twins have lost their ROOTS in SCARLET TOWNborn 1930 Kenya they come via Radley College & Cambridge/USA W. Virginia-

`OUR HOSTESS SUMMER 1937 Clacton-on-Sea-`

Upon 1937... Andre Malraux speaks head bowed over his notebook-the dining-room table The Pillar House Harwell 1970...he reads Here I am told `She may have had two affairs 1930s Paris- England. Then again he- well he may have had an affair 1930s - He may have- of course- & She- perhaps…’…it is not decided upon- this matter of public morals by those who speak to me of that time1937 SUMMER & they were not there…”

(GR adds now 21st century that these CREEPS have really filthy disgusting sleazy VIOLENT abnormal LAW BREAKING lives & some are paedophiles of gigantic tastes & mass murderersThey are NOBLE BRITAINI DEFEND THE HUMANIST ANDRE MALRAUX& all our dead slain by them)

ANDRE Malraux is distressed winter 1970...

PJPW has a list of questions obviously given to him by CREEPS MURDERERS of GROTE CHILDREN & THE ESTATEone comes out side door that Palace !

ANDRE MALRAUX now addresses Greta Ransom W sitting opposite him with her shorthand book at the dining room table/come to GAUL/

I GRW aware how crushed I am by the monsters followed me into a new life that is so unexpected & sudden 1968the DOPE FIENDS OF NOBLE BRITAIN are now ringing their grisly murderers hands & saying how short of DOUGH THEY AREbecause MALRAUX & RANSOM lived at 50 Lancaster Gate Square& they threaten they can take away my first child & lock me & MALRAUX up for CRIMES of destroying the REALM of dirty CREEPS Gross Britain all on DOPES& even the Republic of GAUL a load of idiots to let Saint Charles de Gaulle be ROBBED by ugly thugs G.B. Army & Naval Intelligence & assorted MANIACS/ Information CHINA where ANDRE MALRAUX IS A HERO for his BOOKSIt is all quite frightening to Greetha when it suddenly BECOMES REAL AGAIN

(Notebooks read 1970) 1937 I Andre Malraux remember her kindness our hostess those days when you & I Greetah first met in your country- SUMMER 1937 !

ANDRE MALRAUX WIDOWER distressedJOSETTE DEAD SO BRITISH NOBLES COULD GET RICH QUICKclaiming in secret silence Estate Old EskimoFor a woman known to Lord ABC & good friends as `slut of the Mallthe spending was again horrific 1946` Reports 1960

When we had come from a war SPAIN- A HOPELESS PROTEST - for justice for a decent form of life !

I ANDRE MALRAUX do not care that they had affairsin the 1930s !

I am also told here (by CREEPS in Blewbury/Berkshire Oxford) I am told here-HERE- that perhaps -perhapsthey did not

(Blewbury Village & London known as Scarlet TownMengele Harrington PIMP & JIM PIMP calling itself LORD CAREW has a leg up everywhere for The Crown typeface to look as dried blood colour- for all FACTS on the bar rats-pimps-perverts DOPE FIENDS of Gross Noble Britain .)