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1970 winter The Pillar House Harwell I ANDRE MALRAUX DO NOT BELIEVE IT MATTERS ! You & I Greetah had a meeting 1937- they try stop you knowing this Greetah- for you can name them those evil men & women


1937 SUMMER WE- were present- THAT WEEK - then five weeks- for we decided to stay- & I would like you to try & recall our happiness. The car at the doorat the house on the corner. Try to rememberhow She will drive me anywhere I want to go but I got used to walking about the town often on my ownlearning things& would tell her where I went & whom I might speak with- where I take a cup of tea The books that were there in the room at the front of the house where we went on wet daysa sick man to visit in the lovely Convalescent Home on the seafront- these were his books- these things matter…”

I Greta Ransom remember her saying to him Andre- My father`s books Andre not a big library but he has always kept these- You should have a look at them- if you` d like to when you have the time& anything you want I could bring to Paris-he will let you have anythingI thinknow…’ I see her body bending passing through the air of this room I know in wintertimeas she indicates the books raises an arm to point to a shelfa lot have red bindings of different shades

I can see him ANDRE MALRAUX Saint George standing so tall & graceful in this small room with a North-east window a room in shadows in summer but alive with warm fire & soft lamp light winter days- Here they too get MUFFINS from the Welsh Makers when they come round at 4pm & again at 7 pm with extra orders & the Italian Organ Grinder with his monkey in warm clothes comes too to help them & I see him in church- I have been in here a winter late afternoon with my father FJR & intelligent conversation- ANDRE he does look at the books a rainy afternoon & talks to She Unitys mother & JO about them-

A cupboard underneath the bookshelves has her fathers nursery bricks that She our Hostess used as a child- I will use them to build for JO & ANDRE one afternoon dull skies & raining Summer1937... OUR ISLAND IN THE SNOW the Jacopsholmen Island granted 1770 & from 1820s a HOLY PLACE- still in its immaculate purity 1937... where I G.R. have been to be christened & where Len Flyer flew us up~ before we met JEAN in Paris & went to her South Pole her Grandpa`s SEA to watch her dance a FIREBIRD- 1935/1936-

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister of Culture-France- speaks on-from his notebooks Summer 1937…“ & a garden with plants we could eat- You & She had sown them that early spring- I TOOK YOU OUT ALONE- You slept on my bed one afternoon when we had been burning the candle at both ends- rising with dawn sitting with the STARS almost until the end of the night- These things matterI bathed you in a bowl in the kitchen- (a pause from Malraux) I saved your life ! My name is Andre Malraux- around you are people who do not want you to remember me ! They have drawn moneys from an Estate to which THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED & many people are dead because of this `

I can remember George-ANDRE if they show me the photographs & all the iconography of those times-but they STEAL-DESTROY-HIDE ! You bathed me also in the kitchen SINK ! I protested I am not a baby - I bath myself upstairs or in the garden in hot or cold water in summer -but you lifted me to the sink ! When you told me this I was 24 years old & I said ` Huh-I may do that to you-bath YOU in the kitchen sink-` & as the weeks passed I said one evening when you were weary & lost at the 1950s monsters running the globe from WHITES Club Vice bar- & greedy Gross Britain Noble Realms & Whitehall & ugly LORDSMacMillan a penniless aristocrat 1934 found so by GREEK PARLIAMENT & BANNED FOR LIFE FOR IMMITATING AN AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVE OF GROTE HOMES who 1950s to his death steals from our Uruguay & Paraquay RANSOM Estates where they have murdered the GROTE HOMES children that Tiggy put there from 1870sMacMillan keeps 2 women in HIS NOBLE IMMORALITY there 1950s-to his death-did 2 bastard children live ?

1957 I Greta Ransom of the Roman Catholic `early wedding of GRACE` to George Andre Malraux said to him 10 years on sit on my knee remembering you had no mother & I doth know you are a beautiful & pure a person…” Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1957-1959 Day Books/Tagebuch

1937 SUMMER ONE EARLY MORNING you came into my bed- her bed- THEIR MOTHER- two young men you met when you came to live at Lancaster Gate Square 1957- That Summer 1937 you Greetha spoke to us of many things `Malraux 1970

I remember George Andre` We have tied the two single beds together for JO & ANDRE & this makes a much bigger bed for two tall people- & soon I am to sleep at the bottom of their feet when I wish & I shall be `the little lion at the bottom of their Crusaders tomb- or the little dog`- I HAD A NIGHTMARE sleeping downstairs/records-Harry Gordon explains/ JO does not mind me at the bottom of their beds & there is plenty of room between them & none of us gets enough sleep because we do so much so that when we come to bed we fall down from sheer exhaustion- Greta Ransom `

1937 SUMMERMalraux reads his notebooks 1970 You Greetha said to JO & me Andre- coming into our beds that early morning- `She our hostess had told you to come & see if we would like tea or coffee in bed & that the bathwater was hot there would be breakfast when we liked- but that Greetha yourself had to have some meals on time as she was growing` ` YES ! so I was to set about my breakfast at 9 oclock am & take my time & there were always things to do about the heimat`

`You Greta said when you came into our bed between us & sat on the pillow with the blanket round your legs`THE VISIT WAS TO BE MADE TO MANY PLACES- We should see many things- You & She had known WE were to come. The meals had been planned & we would go to the beautiful hotel that had a restaurant with music looking out on the Pier- & the ships lights could be seen at sea like sequins`

This is the great TREAT we have planned for she Unitys mother has told me that we shall have to save money a bit & be eating mostly at home or taking picnics- except for nice TEAS when we can find them in villages & small townsShe says `I want them to have a lovely time for I am told they are WEARY FROM SPAIN- they drink wine sometimes but we will buy it when we go out- although I will get something in for the first meals- perhaps Spanish` The plan is to give them a lovely restful time -& we have been planning this quietly since March- but my father young Fred Ransom knows & had intended to be with us sometimesG.R.

1970 Andre Malraux continues You said we would go & see the villages & where the painters had lived`& MR CONSTABLE-it was 100 years since he had died `

I whom you are not to recallANDRE MALRAUX REMEMBER ALL THE HAPPINESS THOSE DAYS when we first met Summer 1937 & a young woman now dead was with us-

When I came to Earls Colne (Colne Engaine) January 1960 & took my turn NIGHT WATCH I began to give you a memory I feltI did not follow that you had no memory from living in my London home with me 1957 to 1959I said ` Stars-above me here 1960-I want to begin again.`

1960 January - Colne Engaine tiny meadow Gallows Corner- ANDRE MALRAUX- Night Watch & some Dawn Watch-

We have found out now why this has been done to us- why they have tried with such brutality to pull us away from one another…”

I GR have told ANDRE MALRAUX January 1960 `GO ON WITH YOUR IMPORTANT JOB`.then all darkness descended upon me as again every beverage-food item-spiked with NO MEMORY-powders sprinkled oln my pillows my bedding by Mrs Mengele Harrington & the rest of the SCUM who will have NO MONEY if the ESTATE THEFT BECOMES KNOWNJanuary 1959 a fright for the British NOBLE SCUM for Andre Malraux stood on a chair at WHITES CLUB Vice bar Sunday & gave THEM such a Sermon Upon The Mount (Notebooks Dr John Ray® & Arthur Malone-Silverlee-MacDrew-)

1959 January -The Noble criminally insane at their constant break-in-& entry 50 Lancaster Gate Square are the top of Gross Britain HIGH CLASS SIN- Andre Malraux Minister for France has forbidden them entry- also forbidden Doc Mengele Harrington & his strange 20 years younger bride a nurse who assists him with crimes he has trained her to from when she was 18 years old-

I told Andre Malraux January 1959 go on with your important job in Gaul- ` We were facing terrible attacks from the criminally insane again- Here in London attacks on both us us-& he also in France. (Records show the greed-violence-of these monsters who can be found out in The Greatest Crime of Mankind to prop up the British non-Nobility)

We felt we were strong enough to keep this violent mob away from ourselves- WE KNEW NOT OF ANDREs GUARDIANSHIP or that the GROTE HOMES million children educating to 18 years A to Z the globe-staff-settlers were slain using the 2nd World War as cover-up-