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My father whom I have no proper memories of has been attacked in London & his sister IVY JEAN RANSOM is angry & sends him off to The Argentine their murdered mothers land- she is told by Mr Doctor Mengele Harrington a message from The Crown that MALRAUX MEANS US ALL HARM- Later he Worker for THE CROWN removes all her documents-Passport/birth certificates He finds she has a DEGREE in Maths & Political Economy & sets about her intelligence frightening Ivy LIR says 1970s`my parents did not prepare IVY Jean for thisafter her son age 9 was murdered hit & run in Switzerland before the WAR by LINDSAY & JIMMengele was only interested in hearing of how she had to pick all the pieces of her child up off the road by her Swiss Estate She cannot follow all thisshe stays near our old home `Jerusalem`all she has now that our two brothers are killed by them`

Doc Mengele HARRINGTON is known as Royal physician in silence-Royal Satrap Golum- & appointed with THUNDER CLAPS by The Malraux Women Gaul as Personal Physician to ANDRE MALRAUX Andre whom they are told by Mengele chum of a Scandinavian bunch of CROWS from 1938 is insane. & THEY SHOULD REMOVE MALRAUXS MEMORY EVERY TIME THEY GET HIM IN The Jan Steen Tavern Paris- ( & nag he has not written a popular book ! )

Doc Mengele Harrington 1949 & 1955 has nasty cases of attacking small children in Paris- & got off any charges by using Andres name without his permission ! `THE HOUSEHOLD GAUL IS STIFF WITH HEROIN- LSD- & mixes Mr Mengele Harrington hands out as medicines- free !

1967 November - Reports to PJPW BM Natural History London /Ichthyology / in this Document- PARIS November 1967 upon the state of this household- M. Andre Malraux - The Master in Residence was treated as a BUFFOON 2 boys neglected on a platform were very fond of him & he of them- Malraux was not allowed put them in Ampleforth School or elsewhere- a Doctor had made himself in charge of the household- these boys should have been away in a boarding school…”

1937/8 - THEFT & SEARCH begins of ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE October 1937...he accepts but not knowing it is more than Guardian to Greetha RansomTHEFT & POST/ mail to Malraux & his friends by the British Government/Naval intelligence/criminals recruited from Prisons Europe with these skills- On the authority of LINDSAY Crawford Earls received from Crown which is Angela & her men All Nobles who grow Divinorum Salvia Scotland a dope they export in fire blown pellet formhits brain in 2 seconds/

1883 LINDSAY EARLS claim in secret silence a blood line of 1830 to Frobisher-Ransom& 1937 got Angela in the hot seat for this their long planned now well orchestrated Greatest Crime of Mankind- They had eyed this RANSOM Estate seashores-lands peaceful settlements with Welfare-investments in all forms of transport & industry etc & GROTE HOMES Estate education to 18 years A-Z orphans of globe/humanists- from 1879-

Earls of Lindsay Crawford were just winding up their career as successful COAL HOLE SHIPS SINKERS-Insurance Fraud-Jarvis Straights A-Z globe- Immediately after the heartily agreed marriage 1883 LINDSAYBUGGARHS demanded parts of the Estate as their own - Millie Frobisher who unfortunately has one parent a Miss Lindsay was claimed by them & they now began to call her A DUMB MUTE & non-virgin & wanted her locked up(their usual method to get dough from those they intend to CULL)

She is a famous skater & has a little Academy of Ancient Arts that Churchill knew of - He saw her skate brilliantly knew she had toured Germany `Mill` is Greta Ransoms great grandma & married the widower-educationalist JOHN RANSOM brother of Margarethe-girl-of-the-snowsof Jacopsholmen Island/Montreal/ Montrose/etc-A-Z globe (WE are 14 races & 27 nations from Ransom brides) marriage of love & soon she 19 years & pregnant Millie Frobisher & John RANSOM descend from famous SEA Peoples- 1884 The Earl screamed in rage & ORDERED eminent Sir Harry Parkes Asia back to EnglandThe newly married couple been received by an ancestral line JAPAN- Old Royal Line Okinawa- Ransom marriage 1504 Bruges Lady Nihalah Yuss-shampooDowry 2 islands-end Lusan chain/

1884 The Earl Lindsay demanded Ambassador & Sir Harry Parkes RETURN to ENGLAND- HE INTENDED KILLING both Millie & John & TAKING ALL they possessed For the British EmpireThe new married couple were to DISAPPEAR FROM SOCIETY

The Lady of the Chrysanthemum Court The Empress of Japan had received JOHN & MILL Frobisher RANSOM herself…” The Emperor was a friend of Thomas Tiggy GROTE & Margarethe Ransom his wife & she & her brothers own & maintain with kin of all nations the 2 islands LUSAN chain recognized as Dowry 1512 Lady N. YussTHIS DID NOT AT ALL FIT IN WITH THE EARLs of LINDSAY PLOTJOHN RANSOM is murdered by them 1890 & Millie Frobisher Mrs J. R. 1897...

1884 onwards/all 20th century Earls LINDSAYbuggarhs now sponged-committed Fraud-savage murders-blackmail etc but got delayed by The Great War (1st W.W.)

In 1921 they found the parents of Angela were claiming it saying `an old Eskimo gave it their daughter as a child`

All these sub-ape Cults are with long black tongues down to their expensive blood dripping bootsNow CAME CROWS FROM SCANDINAVIA & MORE CROWS OUT OF SCOTLAND

An attempt to put the brilliantly educated 12 languages speaking Philanthropist Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grote widow of TIG murdered 1904 in an Asylum in the 1920s was foiled by Winston Churchill & others`If Earl Lindsay has a degree then I have 10-they can barely read & write...penniless Nobles are not to be trustedsaid Churchill & repeated it to Philip Silverlee January 1960 /MALRAUX & Detectives :

` in detail further on in this Document- Book of Summer 1937

1957 end Oct/early November -Frederick John RANSOM G. R`s father trying to show Papers on the Estate to me Greetha & Andre Malraux was so badly attacked it was feared his liver was damaged for life -he had to go into hiding- Ivy his sister sends him abroad1960 Mengele had all FJR`s documents passport Records photos destroyed & stole his Argentine moneys for himself & for the Crown/ G.R.

1940s after the slaying of the Grote children worldwide during the 2nd World War THE CRIMINALLY INSANE penniless British Nobles & Scandinavian Noble scavengers & crows tried turn the whole matter against MALRAUX- in usual secret semi-silence accompanied by great nosh-ups with dope & booze gambling

They may have a Pattern Book for this CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR since 1870s when all NOBLES of the West became pennilessYou can look it up in BOOKS ON Political Economy etc etc

They were blaming MALRAUX for not wanting the Guardianship & THE LIES WENT ON helped by Institutions G.B. acting outside LAW OF THE LAND but a Nobles LawCROWS THEY ARE. screeching `In the Red yah know` & in reindeer tongues Emptying Bank Accounts our Estate the globe in name of Empires & Crowns- silently

1930s-1970s - In secret-silence-informal 1920s style FORKING nosh-ups & knees-ups in Marble halls had 2,000 penniless nobles gather & where Morgue faces showed a snout was filled with purple narcotic DETERMINATION TO WIN was applauded- It should be UNDERSTOOD these sub-apes train their kids to use Divinorum Salvia Scotland- Mr Doc Mengele Harrington is given to boasting purple plum raises a MASTER RACE…” Mengele Harrington Royal Satrap paedophile Golum! Passes himself off as a Doctor Harrington of Edinburgh- born 1914- when he can

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY - ANDRE Saint George & Josette-JoJO&Joh-- & Greta Ransom at Clacton-on-Sea- October 1937-Letters/diaries/talk/

The Guardian is chosen-a young man of letters & with a soul- he is French` -Mary Gordon has telephoned & says he com`th from Sea peoples both father & motherthey went to see the historic lands`

1960 & 1970 ANDRE MALRAUX reads his notebooks of Summer 1937..(TAPES-Malraux reading-spring 1970-unhappy -sounding rather like Ezra Pound declaiming-)

SUMMER 1937 You & I had a meeting- the young woman who was with us is dead. We are alive. We were present that week- decided to stay 5 weeks- & I would like you to try & recall our happiness. The car at the door at the house on the corner- the books- a sick man to visit & a garden with plants we could eat : you & She our hostess had sown them that early spring. I took you out alone. You slept on my bed one afternoon when we had been out lateI bathed you in a bowl in the kitchen. One early morning you came into my bed- her bed-THEIR MOTHER- his friends call him Pierre- & Vincent his young brother-he looked at a book with you in my London home- two boysNovember 1957-records/diaries/observations/

`YOU SPOKE OF MANY THINGS- The VISIT was to be made to many places. We should see many things. You & She our hostess had known we were to come. The meals had been planned & we would go to the beautiful hotel that had a restaurant with music looking out on the Pier the Sea & the ships far out would look like sequins on Auntie Winnie & Auntie Esthers frocks & hatsI keep notebooks remember- We would go & see the villages & where the painters had lived & Mr Constable. I REMEMBER ALL THE HAPPINESS those days-

I am called ANDRE MALRAUX- that is my name !

I believe Greta is sometimes unable to remember my name Peter ! You know how it has been done ! I warn you of Teresa & her noble friends- Yes you do not wish me to speak upon matters that are before your time`a weary Malraux & Greta asked to not listen