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Why did we leave Office Peter ? (1968/69 General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux leave the French Government). We could no longer tell truth from lies- who was telling the truth about us my General- me- we were tiredI must write on him-

I want to have Greetha beside me as I write this afternoon-perhaps Victoria-Augusta (IInd Legion Rome The Empress her Own Legion-visited Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis-Colchester-Gretas birthplace) can come with us- to the home of the daughter of the woman who was our Hostess- THE SUMMER OF HAPPINESS 1937...

XMAS 1970/New Year 1971 Berkshire/ANDRE MALRAUX held Victoria on her reins at a country house luncheon General de Gaulle died suddenly November 1970`too sudden` said Oxford who have now 3 dead persons all because they knew the FACTS of GROTE HOMES & Ransom Estate the globe in 3 Parts-seashores-reserves-a system of philanthropy & TRADE that did not suffer a loss in the Great Depression 1930s- I recall with Lennie 1936 playing the spoons at Memphis under one of Aunt Margarethes `Umbrellas of support` the musicians-the community were with what a civilized society sees its citizens hathThe Gospels Acted Out were evident

Nota bene : JIM JONG Mr Pong-Cur James-newly appointed as Lewd James/Nanjin Man 1971 ` -has moved to Oxford 1970 - & Mr Mengele Harrington royal Satrap paedophile ex-prisoner & Asylums patient since age 21 is often snooping about the family Whitehead Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile that Peer in waiting & the travelling companion of`a Greek (G.R. age 10/11 years met with this young Greek in the company of the evil unsuitable LINDSAY murderers one dark night The House at the End of the REC 1943/1944-HE CAN ONLY LEARN EVIL FROM THEM ) ... Mengele had his infamous blue car parked about Berkshire-Oxfordshire from Xmas 1966-1967 when HIS-to-Command-Naval Intelligence reported Greta Ransom went to the village Harwell where lived the American mother Palmer/Sparkman of the WHITEHEAD identical twins- Peter a scientist in the British Museum NATURAL HISTORY- SNIFFING MONEY TO BE MADE Doc Mengele Harrington went booting in on many people who had known this RANSOM Grote Homes & Estate about the world in their careers

1970/1971...The family of good citizen scholar Dr Underhill retired had Mengele Harrington CROWN & still Peer-in-Waiting booting in on them - The former Secretary the Berkshire Archaeological Society for instance had to suffer these queer break-in & ENTRY/

Nota bene : 1954 June H. W. Poulter the admired-honoured Deputy Curator Colchester Museums/Visit Underhill family & Simmonds Reading family- to collect items from the Family collection- There was Lady Byron (wife of the poet) her wedding frock & the lavender Pelisse- which Greetah Ransom was allowed to wear a half hour- & liken George Byron to ANDRE George MALRAUX- I Greta Ransom was in grief-Mengele Harrington & dirty JIM JONG of WHITES vice Bar CLUB have dragged us apart walking in the Colchester Castle Keep in Annabel Milbanke Byron`s wedding garmentthe lavender coloured silk pelisse frock coat was too tight on the shouldersthe flat Jane Austin for the Ball slippers MY GRIEF WAS COMPLETE- he did not see me- The frocks of the PARTHENON SCULPTURE ARE SO GRACEFUL. (Frock via Millbanke- Englehart cousins) (Haute couture of the PARTHENON Elgin Marbles/you wear these off white Greek tissue paper-thin frocks dripping wet ~ It is in Bath Costume Museum nowadays-)

Mengele Harrington has top of the pyramid chums & Playboys from 1930s one who is fashioned by a dope-fiend Uncle who headed the Navy & allowed the RN ships to be sailed in to slay the Grote children the World using the 2nd World War- Uncle took his CUT-& had done since 1924 when he began to eye the property of the line of Laetitia RANSOM (marriage 1717 to Fabricius Ransom in Paris ) India-Karachi- who had land beside an expanding townby 1929 they were dead-all land sold-`Old floating log of wood-playboy` bought new togs & Clubs & debauchery Scarlet Town & Parisgot blown up for wickednessnot IRA-Rural Tories seemed to know a lot Gross Britsome have been Territorials- In 1937 this Mutton dressed as Sailor lamb broke open my RED MONEY BOX & stole my savingsFull SAGA of that morning further on in this DOCUMENT

`the summer of HAPPINESS 1937...

1937 November- SHEshe Teresa Gordon R. yanked me down to the Tennis Club by my little arm- the inside Court- & a dreadful fuss made with SHEshe demanding to know who I had been with that Summer- but they said they did not know & told her to ask her husband -surely her young husband would know even though she had been away all summer with her noble friends

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY Clacton-on-Sea - (Malraux 1970) “…you were in the Kindergarten you informed me- age 4-a-half years old & had a Bottom Drawer for your marriage- I made some notes` says ANDRE MALRAUX with a mock grim face in 1957 November-

`Your bottom drawer it had many nice things in it & others were to come to you. You had not chosen your husband-to-be

but many little girls & boys at the Convent School had chosen whom they would marry. And did I receive an Offer of Marriage in 1937 & again in 1938 ? YES I DID ! And from you ! On a Christmas card- & the next year 1938 there came a message that if JO did not want to marry me then your Aunt Winnie said you could marry me when you were 16 years of age. & I sent you a message by my Bluebird on my Water Jar in Spainbut I was not sure if he would be able to remember it as it was a long message. I wrote it to you & Mary Gordon your grandmother- I said `Jo & I were happy together but we, that is you & I with she Jo , would meet again- MEET AGAIN- & I WOULD FIND YOU HAD GROWN but I would still be the same height…”

I ANDRE MALRAUX November 1957 read you all this from my note

books & found that you could not remember anything the next week when I returnedWE HAD EVIL PEOPLE ABOUT US…”

(I can remember my small body trembling that JO may not want him & he will go off & marry someone elseI must hurry & growit is decided by the families I am going to be tall)

1954 January in Salisbury Cathedral- an icy cold as it had January morning winters when it was a new building at 10 am the Verger has just lit the cast iron stoves down the aislesANDRE MALRAUX reads his notebooks of 1937-we sit in the Nave-

A PACKAGE sent for Christmas 1937- sandalwood soap for Mary Gordon-something else sweet scented-a tie pin for Harry & two-I think more- little books for a little girl-& fan mail- We sent you Fan Mail- Sandalwood Soap for your grandmother recently widowed. Were the books for you ? Greetah Maureen-Yes for you- who had helped a Battle-worn pair-a young man & a younger woman enjoy their first visit to EAST ANGLIA-you showed us landmarks & landscapes & old buildings-& the seaside & a Castle at ORFORD with people staying summers whom we knew in Paris- (Notebooks Summer 1937- readings by ANDRE MALRAUX in Salisbury Cathedral January 1954)

(The Orford Castle family live in PARIS in the wintertime-their ancestors built it-they come down for the Summer holidays-but seem to have not been at home when we called to trot over it . We will call again in 1945 July with Uncle Harry Gordon- it was neat & tidy but no family-they sold it at the end of the 20th century-it is a Museum)

ANDRE MALRAUX SUMMER 1937... And a Castle that was closed but of such a tremendous size- &`wounded by decay but housing a magnificent collection of Romano-British objects` (Malraux has in his hands a publication from the Castle Museum given us by HWP & we have been asked to look for some details from ROMAN SORBIUDUNUM). & IF WE HAD BEEN ABLE TO ENTER Colchester Castle that afternoon we would almost certainly have met a man whose feet we have since sat at Mr Poulter & Mr Hull was there that summer 1937 & I should have spoken with him & learned many things about your native landswhere my ancestors were along the shores not far away & I would have spoken about them said the documents I had seend & written back to them what we found when we went to LINCOLNwe three BUT the Castle at Colchester was closed & we have had to wait many years & experience another Great War- as you told me about the Great WAR in 1937- The Great War that was spoken of at your Grandparents home on Sundays after Church…”

Greta Ransom remembering with George Andre - `We had come back from the evening & called on Unitys Grandpa about 8 pm & done other things- & now we sat out in the garden with the things to eat growing until after midnight -we seem to have had a supper & been dancing. We have bid JOJo goodnight & sent her to get her beauty sleep. But she comes down again because she is so safe & happy away from SPAIN The War- ANDRE has asked of me again about that lecture by Teilhard de Chardin- & will I demonstrate HOW to put his mind on a STAR-` I Greta Ransom said I thought M. T. de C. said if you concentrated - `but Daddy did say I had not understood it- He found out more from a friend who was there with us..` So that night 1937 we chose a very faint star that is left at the top of the 7-Sisters to begin our experiment.`

1957 when ANDRE MALRAUX asked me to get his mind down as he felt he needed it I could not remember if it was on the top right or left of The 7-Sisters-& the nights are not so clear now- He refers to the need of his mind again-

1937 They the grown-ups those days & summer nights Speak upon the Red Fort & other writers & artists- Stella Bown an Australian Artist- Ford Madox Brown or Ford Madox FordI forget

& the grown-ups often go into the French language if we are alone- Apart from Roger Frys book & some drear tones upon the awful death of the artist Dora Carrington & remarks on Lytton Strachey it was generalThere was some talk I did not listen to for I was busy with the household & the world about me which must be kept orderlypreparations for the to-morrowI am very orderly you know, because I have travelled Nord to Sud Poles & that requires organisation in your own planes & ships and trains& camels& cars