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I had a great deal of `nerves-angst` when we went near the Seafront where these-they the coarse ones Lindsaybuggarhs have their GRAND- but we were to have WARNINGS if they descended- & it was felt they would stay about London & the Continent for their kind of Wicked Monsters of the Deep Gatherings

I tried from time to time to not worry the guests with fears

of LINDSAYBUGGARHS wearing black bananas sucking their pyjamas dope-fiends of the seafront- God may be giving them a last chance to turn the other way from roads to HELL - Hell as in our painting by H.B. at Montrose our farm where Old Mrs Ransom showed it to me & had it brought down from over the books so Len & I could see it the better last year when we dug up the family graves photographed & did drawings of themThe matter of Grandpa Gordon dead for my last birthday occupied my mind & Auntie Winnie had said as we planned the Funeral Tea & when we were setting it out before the Funeral because Father was so good a man & a husband I think GOD may not let his body rot in the grave`

I was not allowed at the Funeralthis was the decision of SHEshe & LINDSAYBUGGARHS so I did not meet any of the vast GORDON CLAN come for itMr Pong & Lindsaybuggarhs want me to be a deaf mute ! They plan to say I have never existed when they have lured me to my death again!

They do this in Scotland to heirs & old folk !

Grandpa will never paint again-go fishing-cycling & sketching-come to my School Pantomime- talk round the Town to Quakers & all folk-all who go`th in/out the churches-the Classical architecture Clacton Town Hall the shops great & small- the homesteads outside Clacton a bike ride where we go with sketch book & to take a look at books-gardens-orchards & craftworks- He will not smile & puff his Erinmore tobacco pipe & tell me `to go on with education-perhaps learn to draw-& we have the little island in the snows-` Grandpa Gordon he wants to come & try his hand with paint on Jacopsholmen Island- he is pleased to know Delacroix sailed in from Bordeaux to do this & painted in the church & on the door- Grandpa George Gordon says ` the painter Delacroix he was getting on like me when he went to the Arctic-but its not so cold on the island I am told` `

Lindsaybuggarhs & scum were all horrible outside that winter night & in their cars were they those monsters of the Deep from the Lindsay PEN on the seafront-GRAND that last night Grandpa was alive-

I got out of bed above & sat on the top of the stairs fearing I would be taken by my collar by SHEshe-Mata Hari Teresa Gordon R. & dragged back to that home no home when she is back from her NOBLE fiends I saw him put on his scarf & winter coat & escort Sheshe his daughter of November 1906 out of the door-he was angry- Daddy & I have only a home when she is not there in the Old Road & the foundations had been built soon after they finished the little Doomday Book

1937 March The evil Monsters of the Deep were outside `Crail` in 3 cars-hooting-jeering-drunken-insisting Treasa owed them moneys-about 9.30pm ! A woman called Angela has called Grandpa the Law enforcement man- `Oh she Angela is a fat rude hag` say the young men who go to the Races with Harry-Philip Silverlee & Pat MacDrew Charlie Amie` & others- & she is high dope-fiends style-& JIM makes her vulgar- Poor Granny Mary Helena weeps & knows it is to do with all of them- George Ernest Gordon her husband my Grandpas death- THEY who are no longer young people but nasty grown-ups & greedy-

1937 SUMMER holiday- MARY GORDON IS EXPLAINING TO ANDRE MALRAUX `the downfall of Teresa was JIM & then his companion who came along Angela`…“… all of them were having these parties in that houseHilldrop Crescent, Highgate Angela married by thenJIM a bit of vermin I had to get a whole bunch of them out of prison one nightthey had Teresa with them or Id not have done it. ..`

(The former Miss Mary Helena Murphy Carroll O`Brien Williams 1890 May becomes Mrs George Ernest Gordon)

ANDRE Saint George MALRAUX has met Teresa with Miss Plunket Greene December 1924 Deauville when JIM had robbed them at Calais & tried get them into trouble for his robbery of the Warehouse- He took the loot to THE BLOODY LIAR DUSTY MANSION FRANCE- Angela & her parents have given him the keyRecords 1953 when JIM & Lindsay 14 burned 11 of the globe`s well known paintings/their nest eggs/ French Police waiting for a big of Paper to go & search

1960 ANDRE MALRAUX now BURGERMEISTER OF PARIShe learns of the 11 quite famous paintings that JIM & Lindsay Earl 14 burned in petrol in Bloody Liar Dusty mansion autumn 1953- because the FRENCH POLICE were WAITING for a Document to allow them to enter & searchThe 2 Evil Little Jack-in-boxes were saving THE BRITISH EMPIRE & CROWN.All Secret Services in Scarlet Town had this excitement for Xmas 1953... Russians too

1937 October Violet Artist- Lindsay Lady Rutland agrees with Mary Gordon & will have his mother help lock him upshe has had JIM trouble since he was 11 years old I say Prayers to the SEAS Clouds Sky-Grandpa Gordon paints nice skies.G.R.

1937 SUMMER - Clacton-on-Sea a Summer evening & JOSETTE said In SPAIN he Andre has so much energy- but does not seem to know how tall he is- In SPAIN Oh WHEN THE BULLETS STARThe made her heart JUMP OUT - He would stride outhed go to get a better look ! Shes glad they are away ! He can do more by LIVING ! & he had been writing all the timeOh he had big black circles round his eyes from NO SLEEPbut now he is much better The War started too late in SPAIN- They cannot win poor souls-unless-this-that-theyI could not follow all of itthey speak French…”

I Greetha say to them `my father goes to London because his Officers & comrades call him to meetings-WAR is coming-with Herr Hitler rantinghee my Father will go back in the Army & Unitys mother nods in agreement- I know this is because we hath held a heimat Dunwich from 92 AD so we are British very early as well as the other countries…”

WASHING THE STARS-Andre saint George hears me fall over the Pail & the Cat before DAWN one morning of the holiday-I will make him a mind house-clearly from our INCA blood line-my great-great-great grandpa Yaha`mah Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel last of the INCA Astronomer Maths Priest Rulers line- A Roman Catholic marriage 1824 has us of The INCA Racefrom when his daughter AELOVEDMAH-Maria Miss San Julian ( JEANs grandmother) married JAMES WEDDELL of the good ship JANE that he sailed the Weddell Sea in His Father-in-law was coming but he is Acting Governor & had to be away on mattersTheir children are James II & JohnJEAN ballerina my grand-mother is their grand-daughterCousin Clarke Gable who has just made a film San Francisco told us last year that he is from John the younger son Jean s UncleWe also met Billy Goat Weddell who has no idea he is not also a Weddell childI carried Cousin Clarkes OIL CANS to his car-he approves me as stout child-

ANDRE saint George is to become one of us- an Honorary person of our INCA line in the present time- In this mind house he may go & be safe & dwelleven draw JO in if she wishes to contemplate-here will be his archives of the mind-his ancestors too


for ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE his Roman Catholic wifeshe so granted by young Paccelli Pope Pius 12 1947 when he gives his permission for the Grote-Ransom heir to make early wedding of grace - Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX THE WIDOWER of `JOHJo&Jo/ Josette mother of his 2 sons 1940 & 1944...she a victim of Gross Britain Government & Crown as are the million GROTE CHILDREN nations A to Z around the globe-using 2nd World War for A CRIME OF GREED -

1937 Summer Jo says relates our Hostess first afternoon on the beach to Freddy Clacton Theatre `she is not to say she is with him ANDRE. Not even to her best friendhe is ruled by ClaraJO says he has powders which can take her memory away & she is frightened to disobey him or tell anyone that she is with himbecause he will use this on her. Hes told her so ! We are getting a Doctor in Paris & other people to talk to him- He must grow upOh they get up to these tricks in Parissome circlesBut its Clara gets up to these tricks- Oh it happens- you just have to be careful…”

` But all his friends in PARIS want him to leave Clara... Greetah is going to show us where to get the key to the house at ORFORD (Suffolk) to-morrow- They say JO & he can have it for 2 years-they are off to America-& if there is going to be a WAR they will not come back` I am listening very carefully for I Greta Ransom coming 5 years old know quite a lot about the tricks of taking peoples memories away ! I think he doth need to be put back in A State of Grace.this Catholic young man they call Andre or Andrew if people are too near -I am told to call him George

Unitys mother is telling Freddie who owns Clacton Theatre because he has just arrived with his car & the YOUNG PEOPLE are a little distressed- It is the first day about 4pm as we make a depo on the beach at Holland-on-sea- She will soon take Andre to meet her father in the Convalescent Home-they will take JO in to meet him on another visit to-morrowwe are staying in his home-his wife died a little time agoFreddie is discussing the visits we are to make & he will come with his car on some of them-Dedham-Fingeringhoe- Felixstowe- Saint Osyth- Colchester- Suffolk villages- Orford & Orfordness- Mistley TowersSo many visits & such happiness is to be in the days ahead- So Freddie is prepared for a little distress between the young visitors out of bloody SPAIN- I learn that Andre is frightened of being seen with JO & of being here in England- Clara & Maurice her older brother are not very nice perhaps

Saint George ANDRE has attained quite quickly a State of Grace- for he has been raised by 3 Graces as a Catholic child- thus I build him a STARS mind house of the INCA recorded by SAN JULIAN my grandpa 3 times back - The Stars that cannot easily be seen should be used from the heavens- you can draw the Mind House on the beach in the sand & it is almost visible gazing at the stars when the persons are in a certain state of mind & purity & have wisdom acquired & more to be gathered from figures of astronomy & mathematics- It was all written up in Y. Josef San Julians historic-philosophic Papers down at San Julians land Tierra del Fuego-I saw the library with JEAN and my Ransom family in his last home last year 1936- Jean ballerina (my father & Lens mother) & her sister had studied 2 years with this library in that sweet home when MINERVA-Olivea there mother (Gretas great-grandma) was widowed early- JEAN 10 years old-

`our mother was a mystical figure sometimes to us-she would get up in the middle of the night and compose poems & music-I did not know then she`d always earned her living this way-she had eleven happy years as Mrs James Weddell II- & wed many cousins from Daddys brother John-he had 2 families-& thats how Cousin Clarke comes along (Clarke Gable)`

We have 3 deck chairs we pay for & Freddie coming for a short time sits on the sand & so do I- making that sand banquet. Perhaps it is the next day when I have a near tears dialogue with a man in a deck chair with a can of worms open & dying in the sun. I said they might have souls ! But that is this medicine that Sheshe has left for me !

I was in near tears & had said to our hostess before we came to the beach that I DID NOT WANT A SPOON OF THAT MEDICINE ! That it made me see silver black tunnels in my head I felt sick & my brain turned inside out & went round & round-

She had said Oh dear but you have to have it- Auntie Winnie gave it to me before she left- & we can get some more from Archie in Boots-Greetha I think you must take your medicine…”

So I had silver nasty black tunnels the first days of the Visit of ANDRE & JO- I felt sick & my body would not stay with my headIt is ANDRE-George who will stop her giving me this. He poured it down the sink because I was so frightened & red in the face ! He went to ask Archie in Boots Chemists what it was. Archie said oh it doesnt do much & a good diet is better

All Medicine HAD BEEN DOPED by SHEshe & Mr Pong before they left ! There was a second bottle left at Mary Gordons home-so SHEshe could blame my Granny if there was any blame for my death !

She has all these noble invitations if she kills me !

I have SAID to ANDRE George the first day that I am to die in September- SHEshe says so- & I am to go & be buried with Teresa Carroll the Platonist-harmonist girl at Manchester but they cannot find a photo of her! She is Granny Gordons mother & died very young !

All medicines were stopped the next week by ANDRE MALRAUX & he saw the improvement in me in a day ! I am an heir ~

1937 SUMMER - lst day Andre-Jo visit : Unitys mother said we have kept her & (Greta/me) off school two weeks because the little intellect is racing ahead & the Nuns may not be able to handle this- Her mother has gone off to the Celebrations in London & will not return until the autumn- Teresa did not go to The Abbey but she has invitations to everything else- they may take off in a Yacht- go anywherebut we do not expect Teresa back until the end of the yearGreethas father has had to go off to see to a job”…

Yes in SPAIN rescue of our 22 years old Cousin-Lindsaybuggarhs have said Angela gave them the Murgatroyd Estate!~

If she our Hostess knew where the RANSOM family had gone so suddenly she would not want to say & excite ANDRE I supposehe might go back to SPAIN to help& want some or our seaplanes & shipsMurgatroyd parents were Missionaries all their working lives in Sudan-Ethiopia for The London Missionary Society. She is my Bride of the Russet Silk Gown If they are not on their Registers then they have been deliberately removed-& it is doubtful their birth-marriage-death certificates will be found-

Mengele Harrington had a team of 4 at Somerset House 1950s withdrawing evidence of existence of persons who knew of GROTE HOMES- He jeered he had removed Greta Ransoms birth certificate- it now said the illegitimate child of a Henry Harper -Arthur Malone `the detective in the Lawyers gown 2 years LAW studies before 2nd W. War- well connected in London circles obtained evidence & was given a shoe box of withdrawn documents-& his colleagues opened a pit of corruption & noble fraud & culling-1870s-20th centuryGRETA IS BORN ON A HEARSE

1937 Summer JulyJust before ANDRE & JO ARRIVED

messages from Spain said `THE LINDSAYS HAVE TURNED UP & are claiming the Murgatroyd Estate they say Angela gave it to them in May in London & rudely say `yah booh`

(Messages/phone will have come to Spanish Embassy for my Grandpa F.C. Ransom or by telegram to them for him- My father packed a haversack in minutes & was off by train from Clacton railway station to Liverpool Street -launch & our planes somewhere ! )

1936/1937...Our 22 years old Cousin Murgatroyd stayed on that year as it appeared free of the WARhe went on running the little marmalade factory-farm-the small Estate- he was boiled in marmalade by the Earls of Crawford & Lindsaybuggarhs My father FJR discovering after dark burned the farm down & burned the drunken 19 upstairs but the big Lindsay-buggarhs 4 or 5 were sleeping downstairs after the drinking & got away in a truck he did not see behind the shed- The launch & seaplanes were somewhere along the coast- other Ransoms went to help-I will not hear this awful tragic horror until October 1937- We live in dangerous times because of the dope-fiend chums of JIM Ange & Tree- I hear no more

1937 October ANDRE & JO safely away I felt

NO-they have been swept into the gigantic thundering obscene HELL of GREED- penniless Nobles who are killing for dough


1937 November - ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE for the rest of their lives their POST/mail is taken by the British Government & Crown & its Nobles- WHO using the State institutions have embarked upon violent murdering fraud & theft- removal of world records-monuments- graves-plaques stating donations etc- `IT HAS BECOME THE NATIONAL INDUSTRY BY 1938- removal of all EVIDENCE of Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grotes worldwide Estate philanthropy-nations A-Z where she is related from her long line of Sea TradersCollections of historic documents RANSOM WEDDELL etc. that we gave as GIFTS to Museums had our names removed- Break-ins from 1937 were vast & Angela seen waving our CHINESE RECORDS quaffing `she had the RICE PAPER`items from Early Greenland history were kicked to pieces along Clacton Sea Front by Lindsay 14 Mr JIM Jong & their visiting dope-fiends-

A very educated person notes after meetings Whitehall`

Donations-Grants RANSOM names ordered to be removed : for instance one in the library at London University- it was there in October 1957 to Margarethe Ransom Grote- shed given them a lot of money-

1957 October Mengele Harrington followed me G.R. to London University Senate House & found out what I had been sent to find- He came at me wearing his 6 inch high boots threatening `you are not allowed here-get out you Ape-leave my patient Malraux alone-! I spoke kindly as if to a drunk- I know he attacks tiny boys after they come from school on winter nights- that he sticks a pin of dope in them- that he has two fast cars- That in his 40 Saville Row suits he stink of dungafter he has worn them 4 times they must go to the Cleaners-

He calls himself a Member of the Household of ANGELA a woman who ordered 1938 `I want all the GROTE HOMES CLEARED the lands SOLD& the money given to me…” She is a drunk on dopes ! A pack horse for the crimes of her men


1953 Mengele HARRINGTON a spoof doctor a sadistI heard his reputation 1953 from the London intellectuals-Hampstead- they are scared & going BRAIN DRAIN. Doc Mengele is reading my Post/mail 50 Lancaster Gate Square removing all notes-cards-messages ANDRE MALRAUX leaves for me Ma Mengele says she finds them torn up- They are on the PIN but Mengele Harrington says he is carrying out medical experiments ! They are stealing everybodys post for their Playboy doped up chum who has given unlimited help from Naval Intelligence- ` It is ROUND THE TOWN Mengele Harrington will be made Lord Mengele if Mrs M. does as he says with high placed creatures supposed to be men`

There is compiled by humanists a list of our names RANSOM-Weddell-Frobisher-Grote gifts & where removed-what for-when removed-STOLEN IN GREED ON DOPE by Gross Brit thugs of Lords & Crown round the world-some Bank Accounts-gifts-land ownership-library valuable gifts-RANSOM etc Family Records (all taken & burned)

Art works-especially MODERN ART from 1850s have cunningly been changed to noble names-When this happens at the top of a nation the first advice is `do not take a DRINK from them & treat them as Terroriststheir crimes outdo Hitler & Gang

1961 Dr Len Imm. RANSOM/diaries/tapes-

1947 I asked Annie about your schooling at the Convent before the War - it was the time after the collapse of ROME - your marriage to Andre-` LIR is married to a distant Weddell cousin we met 1936 Argentine a son of 7 years- now learned from Annie reports of the strange trances Greta Ransom had some weeks at school