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1948 - Miss Julie Butler ex-ATS is of the Manchester families of 2 Williams girls sisters of Mary Gordon & Annie who marry 2 Butler brothers- Julies brother is `OUR BILL MAYOR OF MANCHESTER` Some wit calls them `biggest Catholic MAFIA in the North `

Julie commenting on the SHOCK of the so-called FAILURE of the ANDRE & GREETHA Wedding of Grace allowed by `young PACCELLI-Pope Pius 12` says 1948 `Bloody Dissolution of the Monasteries Win! What the bloody hell has been going on with you Southerners I said her mother should be locked up 1944 !

& Greetie perhaps should have gone off to Collegewaited a bit& he Andre was in shock after this last war The VAT have called in Uncle John OBrien & asked him What the Hell Goes on` -

YOUR SISTER ! They flew her out yes then The VAT they threw HER OUT OUT At the Airport ! Its come down a Report from Mannithey listened to her for 10 minutes- `HER SONS COME FIRST SHE KEPT IT UP LIKE A CHANT ! What the HELL is that to do with a Catholic Marriage !

It wasnt down the Registry ! Like his first ~ Now he has gone & married his sister! No 18 the PRAYER BOOK FORBID !

(down the Registry March 1948) ` What the HELL is she your bloody sister doing with any kids! I TOLD YOU WHEN WE CAME our LEAVE ATS Xmas 1944...UP IN MANNI THEYD HAVE TAKEN THE KIDS OFF HER & PUT HER IN THE CLINKthe looney bin-the Nut House! MIND MY LANGUAGE ! You mind your behaviour down here you SOUTHERN`ERS ! I SHALL CONFESS in the Confessional Thursday that is YOUR SISTER ! If you call her MY COUSIN once again I pack my case & leave for Manni !

(Manni = Manchester- the tones of Mrs Gaskells NORTH SOUTH )

`Thank you Julie - I should be about my Forefathers work-

Andre & I hath our peoples our lands to take care of.even though it is thus shadows in my memory as he & I cling to the RIM OF HELL TRYING to not be tipped over by NOBLE BRITAIN with its blood dripping pitchforks

I hath come to the steps of that blue-gold-indigo Altar (the steps made at a famous glassworks in FRANCE) for the WEDDING OF GRACE with hee George-Andre because it is hee I doth wish to marry for Travels into eternity we who walk from the Silurian into Eternity I feel he & me should reach to the libraries upon MARS- & on & on.

IF this can be understood as an expression of love from a girl who always felt thousands of years old = & could see the RANSOMS sailing down the centuries to us my kind family at that sweet home `Jerusalem`We Sea Traders of the globe- all composing the thee-hee & me - Gross Brit nobles are evil because they are under-educated & penniless from their constant debauch `& dirty beds` I do not accept that is all there is to lifeFINE TOGS & THEFT allowed for those who pipe as pigs in superior disharmonies

1947/1948...into 1951...I am a girl in loveI feel myself as the girl in blue in the Arthur Hughes painting APRIL LOVEour wedding was the most beautiful in all the world & the 5 daysa Wedding of Grace- (reconstructed from MALRAUX`S NOTEBOOKS & others-& the bride )It was to be struck from my memory by MOBS G.B. & Scandinavia- including Clara Malraux from Summer 1947 & her boyfriend the convicted paedophile Harrington

1954 diary/reference diary 1948- Dr Len Ransom- THE IMPOVERISHED OF SOUL ON THE SEAFRONT- the unholy family of LINDSAY from Scotland…” said Annie`

`ANNIE- I called on her after we were told the marriage had failed (LIR means FAILED AGAIN-the 7th anniversary of the Wedding of Grace is April 1954)(Artist Annie Agnes Carroll Williams Gretas great-aunt Mary Gordons youngest sister born 1880)

She said Andre calls in a fortnighthe says it will come right one day

.She said that the Nuns spoke before the War of Greethas absence of the little mind some days- there was nothing wrong with the intellect- it was the absence of mind for a day a week- They may have been told it was the weight of the inheritance.the training& we should all avoid mentioning it That it was a drug used to empty her (Greetha) mind she had never considered- She did not know there was anything so powerfulthen it had to be the mothers friends.the impoverished of Soul on the Seafront-the Earl Lindsay family of the GRAND the unholy family from Scotland

( GRAND a grey Scots granite squat building pulled down 1945/6 compulsory Order Clacton Council- Lindsay Earls they are known to be responsible for the death of the 9 years school girl in the Captain Learoy Llewellen Road School 1942- She was heir to vast NEWFOUNDLAND LANDS-a Bay a Holy Settlementa 900 years old family Essex Castle-Sible Hedinghamanother violent theft from a pattern book titled `Crown Property` to avoid any investigation by the meek & mild of English LAW) `

`Lennie continues from his 1954 diary notes- ` I had now no son of my Ransom-Weddell marriage 1940- He murdered by them in a house with deliberate faulty electrics-the second house we had had in a few months abroad- `

Libya ? gave sympathy-knew who did it & why-records-

1954...LIR `Annie said she had to learn that her niece Teresa could not be locked up in an Asylum - that a powerful woman(Angela) who had taunted her sister Mary 1920s-especially the 1930s& during the War until her sisters sudden death 1944 always had Teresa released to take care of her sons- (Tapes released from BMNH early 1980s- Mary Williams Gordons death by poisoning 2-3rd June 1944 /records in Clacton hospital shown discussed with Arthur Malone Philip Silverlee Patrick MacDrew others 1960 - Information Mary Gordons friends- detectives colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX-).

1937 SUMMER JO says she wants to return to Paris in time to see & hear Jack Teagarden (the jazz group) by now I know that if Clara sees JO & Andre she is going to shoot both or just JO- Clara has been seen waving a gun & threatening this. I hear that IN FRANCE Clara could get away with itIn 1945 I will hear from Mr Professor Winnclemann that Clara was on cocaine/heroin when she was a teenager/ Berlin-19teens style of life’…

Early the next week I tell he Saint George Andre he should marry JO soon & I hope they will come & live in the Orford house & if he misses his little girl in France then I could come & live with them & go to another Convent perhaps- until they have some childrenI would have to come back each week or two weeks to Clacton to see Daddy & Lennie too when he comes down from JerusalemI was not sure if I would go- but the thought of living in peace was dwelling more & more within my soul- JO had been told the first day not to upset him A-G not to row with him whatever she does & not to give him any unhappiness. The trouble is he cannot stop talking when he is with other people-…” Harmony ruled & reigned in 4 days time- 5 weeks we hath had & now to Lincoln his mothers SEA lines & some graves& a monument at Lincoln to the Malraux line-

1976 September - was to be ANDRE MALRAUXs last visit to Gross Britain `I have put a book in Greethas head Peter when she reaches maturity- I must leave it to you- I think in about 20 years you could begin- I do not think they can keep me going much longer…” Visit September evening 1976 to The Pillar House HARWELLVictoria plays piano for him- Greta & George-Andre of The Wedding of Grace are by accident given 3 minutes to speakbefore we go to eternity & LIBRARIES UPON THE STARS

1937 SUMMER We young people shall be persecuted all our lives by British Nobles & Scandinavian violence into satisfying their OBSCENE GREED JO dead 1944- so the sordid obscene BRITISH HIGH CLASS SIN may go on killing the Grote children in their HOMES & grabbing this Estate of pure philanthropy (administered New York-Argentine-A to Z the globe legal teams of the free nations)- It is necessary to them they are not stopped slaying the children to loot & sell the lands Thus THEIR CLASS MAY WEAR BIG BOOTS ABOUT THE WORLD- All destruction Grote Ransom Estate cunningly planned- War strategy from 1938 & under cover of 2nd World war

Let us go back to happiness of we young people a unit-three four-sometimes 5 of us-a family -

ANDRE MALRAUX has spoken on this happiness that he & JO enjoyed SUMMER 1937... throughout the decades ahead -& he visits the Clacton town & Holland-on-sea beach every 2 or 3 years for the rest of his life- by French helicopter or friends with little fast planes & cars bring him safely from the evil about himhe vanishes-He used to play Scarlet Pimpernel between Britain & Gaul 1950s-

1960 diary- Dr Len I. Ransom `THE HOLIDAY OF THE LAST FALL` Len was able to tell the boys from his diary October 1937 -THE THINGS THEY DID THAT SUMMER 1937- when they were all so young`how they the 2 sons of Jo & Andre laughed for they had never known their mother & father as young people-or Greetha 1960 there had been planned a holiday August to Wales with Annie-& then another place- Len would share the driving-Greetha was to come & Arthur Malone POLITAN` That is the holiday of the Last Fall 1960- At 21 & 18 years of age they are in a non-accident Mai 1961- organised by Jimmie Cur James Mr Pong & Mengele Harrington & his evil Teams- -theyve a pattern book for this- early 1920s onwards

1960/61 The World was waiting to demand where are the Grote children -Mother England `where are all the seashores, Reserves, settlements- The parts of this greatest piece of philanthropy the world has ever known -why are banks emptied from 1939- why records destroyed-robberies, murders, Post/mail taken ; it was lies-lies-lies- As reported to you 1940/41 the British Government has embarked upon FRAUD ”….

1937 SUMMER They want to get JO out of Paris Freddie- Clara will kill her ! (they talk on-I recall hearing & solemnly telling Len & Jean ballerina his mother my grandmother for we have to help all good people&- try convert evil ones-). ~Oh out Easthe owes Clara money- her brother is in charge-he says he is owed it too-lots of interestshe is inclined to get too domineering & lead him onit may not be as bad as they say she & MauriceHe ANDRE sees she has all the money she asks forJosette keeps herself she has always earned money from her writingWe will see if we can talk about it & help themClara has always upset him- living her own life sometimeshe is still very young- but clever-if he is left to do his work…” THUS WE WILL SIT ROUND THE KITCHEN TABLE WITH THEM FOR A TALKon their future-

There is a phrase I hath heard in these years- but certainly think it refers to the bed linen- `some women keep a dirty bed`

1953 December Colchester Castle- Harold W. Poulter Its come back with Wheeler-Paris, Child- all the top Diplomatic force-Vatican Corp as well know it- Hes been kept like this-ANDRE-our young hero.

Out East a clever woman can always find a wily Chinese to teach her how to keep hold of a man losing interest-especially a younger man- Now this is serious-Its been done to him since he went out EAST- Hes got to have help-you knew him as a Child-but we are not saying too much about that just now-BECAUSE OF YOUR AMNESIA- Oh young people often get it Im told- They have got hold of his two sons by this other woman who diedthey should be over here at school with the sons of his intellectual equals- Ampleforth is spoken of-we hath had a word with Master Greene . scribbles in Castle dark winter days- a book called Brighton Book- Mr Poulter says Graham Greene travels with a suitcase of Seaside pink rock for every pretty girl- ` throw it in the bin Child..Ill have him on the carpet in Hollytrees Study ! `

1954 THE MAN OF VINCI comes to visit Greta Ransom Colchester/

G.R. well chaperoned- one suitor came from Vinci- PJPW had a word with him 1970s- he had risen to the top of the Engineering Department Italy-but his mother had been helped by Margarethe Ransom Grote His mother we think knew of the slaying of the Grote Children Italyshe raised her son herself & put him in his late 20s into CollegeWe hear his mother had worshipped Margaretha Grote who gave her a position of dignity IN 1954 I had no idea I am heir to anything ALL my post is stolen by G.B. GOVERNMENT LORDS & Crown - The man of Vinci had little English/French -Poulter spoke with him & called Italian speaker into Hollytrees Museum.`had a hard time he & his motherbut now got this chance come late Vinci College of Engineering- I gave him some advice- hes about 29 years old` HWP

1953 December Mr Poulter speaking that freezing winter day-unheated Castle Museum` HE Andre-young Emperor is CRÈME DE LA CRÈME Child- you cannot go any higher- intellectually. Hes a good heart Andre- still a young man -its rare to get two birds like you two together-you dovetail together- you will keep one another safeits a harsh world` HWP Colchester Castle-

Go & see where he is living. I have been up. A nice place young staff

all R. Cs. - just up your street He cant work with this going on- what has come back from Paris on the grapevine that isThat is why he has FLED TO ENGLAND.remember your Hamlet & all that Child- Nice place- young RC staff its up in Lancaster Gate Gardens by the ParkGo up with him to see ithe has got to have HELP !& you are bespoke as it were…”

The abode in Paris has a peculiar Doctor going in & out- generally disapproved of by the Medical World we have heard- Without wanting to fall foul of the LIBEL laws people have opened up a lot on thisThe Place is unhealthy for young boys who are not so as to speak born the right side of the blanket`

`This Cat (Clara) the first one is older than him & should have known better about that Temple & Tomb robbing OUT EAST- she comes from a higher class-should have known better- not let him do it- Woolley UR (Sir Leonard Woolley archaeologist) forgave him after waving a gun about ParisTHAT OLD WINNCLEMANN is very highly thought of in Medical circles- theyd send a chauffeured car for him from London- he could have told us a lot that has been going onhe died about 2 years ago…” Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums Dec 1953-

1947 onwards Mengele Doc Harrington is using cunningly some dopes on ANDRE MALRAUX-destroying his health- we learn this 1957 onwards- 1960/61 it is believed there was much evidence- Doctor Harrington Mengele destroys the health of older men- that he took commissions-received payments- He & his Dames were putting dangerous POWDERS on the pillows & bedding of people they wanted to have appear fools-forget day to day life-as at 50 Lan. Gate Square

1992 February it is said by PJPW & others who from 1988 at last had private investigation of Mengele Harrington & he is responsible for killing your father- he was not to go to hospital but for a check-up with his Surgeon- madness was allowed to go on- nobody able to challenge Mengele because of his high noble connections- his social life in this country & abroad with noble figures

(often with Philip Mountbatten given dopes by Mengele & uncle mad Louis who allowed the RN ships 2nd World War to be sailed in to RANSOM lands about GROTE HOMES childrens homes) Nothing can be done-it has all been cleverly covered up & ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE PIN Graham Greene has just died (1992) - I am sorryI did write to him` says PJPW weeks before his death of May 1992...brain tumour

/reports/archives/Colne Engaine/ Poulter himself /Rex Hull Colchester Museums/ others-

1937 SUMMER- JO had gone to London to research- see a friend- see a big fashionable shop or two have some peace from SPAIN & Prophets perhapsI took ANDRE George or Andrew to Soccer- football that is- on our little Clacton pitch by the Gas-o-meter.. & we went to the Cinema the great big CENTURY opposite the Grey-Green coaches bus depo.

But I snoozed with my feet on his knees on my pillowwe bought two seatsANDRE MALRAUX NOTEBOOKS

This is in depth ahead in this BOOK of SUMMER 1937 to

both of them from Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM.

` JO can make lovely hats from newspapers & other things- we are glad of them on the beach- She can make fans & handbags wallets-so many things a homestead/ heimat needsI tell ANDRE-George Daddy has had to go to finish some work-

Harry says he may be back soon- Daddy says remember 7 words after I leave `I love you- I young Fred Ransom`

` The eldest in the family is always Fred-then John-its been so since the 12th century - they all have numbers-sailing down the centuries & the seas- Sometimes Lennie draws them for me in a Procession- We dug up the graves at Montrose last year- the Lady Japan & her daughter who stayed home for she was fragile & writes she loves life at home & sailing off with her parents to sunny shores- & the very clever girl who never grew very tall- so her father fearing she would be always a diminutive girl & not get a husband educated her very highly` She is in a painting Records letters-Katrina

Lennie says ` Well-they are MISTY when we get back to Old Silver Goblet 7th century-they may have had to carry an Axe to defend themselves from monsters of the deep- as we should- Aunt Mag thinks its a Chalice with its big R on the side-

` Yes it may have become so- but Lennie & I think he drank his good Ale in it when it was new & he was of two faithswell preferring to be a Christian of course because the Church was nice & solid & warm in winter & at Christmas-but liking to drink a toast on Valhalla day too-& another quaff on Wodens Day the day of fighting-if you have to- & that is Wednesday George-ANDRE if you are wondering…’ LIR & GR- (Goblet may have been made 1st century AD)

1937 SUMMER- I trot or skip beside Saint George ANDRE & by the end of week two he says ` we are friends- good friends & will always be able to write letters to one another- letters from one friend to another . You here at the seaside growing up & I do not know where I shall be- I Andre Malraux. ` One day when I grow my hair as long as Rachel my Iceland granny before 7th century AD I will throw it out of the window ANDRE George for you to climb up to safetyyou will know I am always here for youfor you have no motherI Greetah Ransom

1976 November- ANDRE MALRAUX dead at just age 75 years & never to see another CHRISTMAS or SUMMER - his health harmed by Mengele Harrington a filthy insane insect-paedophile-criminal-sadistic murderer-employed by the British Lords & Crown to get himself a Peerage & we begin to hear about it 1958...

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM (born 1921) says I would like to put Mengele Harrington in a metal chair & lower him into a furnace

calling to him he is GOING TO HELL -he has killed my wife my daughter my brothers & sons-

When he came out of the Prison & the Asylum before 1938 it was found he had been with a Witch Cult of Saint Michael in France on the Continent- He may have begun his role of extreme evil they felt 1930s acting Saint Michael Falling & Saint Michael Fallen-he has been encouraged by them !

He has harmed ANDREs health & a number of other men by getting in their kitchens their bathrooms & syringing poisons into things- mixing in powders as he was doing to you & Andre at Lancaster Gate Square- in that holy Catholic houseI came in to try & help-nobody KNEW THAT ANDRE HAD NEVER GOT THE WILL !

`It was like a brush-off for brother your father attacked after the meeting October 1957- ANDRE coming to call at last-all those years no post-no telephone callsIvy could only protect her brothers-JIM was always about waving a halter at her after dark in the streetshed been raised away from the family to get her an advanced education.

then you called March 1962...SHE KNEW YOU DID NOT KNOW~ at last we got to de Gaulle & Malraux 1962 March- but the monsters had got the upper hand from 1960destroyed the death pits-poured acid in .barrels of chemicals were seen by the sites of the GROTE HOMES bone pitsRN & their THUGS depth charged off shores yet still our Grote children are foundshafts sunk for a new building ! A net full of children offshore here-there