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We (RANSOM family lines) & Andre- & some advice from his General- set about securing what was left of the vast philanthropy that these Crows-scavengers had eaten intoWe found their foul mouths were everywhere tongues to their boots with black lies-

ANDRE & his General were going to write about it- they had begun-after the retirement- We were all helping-my latest book is out-hidden-we only hope it survives now two of my brothers are dead-its murder ! John went up to Montrose our Farm only to pass over the doorstep- then he was due back USA a job with the State-Senate workGeneral de Gaulle & Andre Malraux said 1960 spring they were awaiting orders-`what did we want them to do? They got nothing of our correspondence our messagesonly some trivia…”

Dr LEN I. RANSOM is Greetahs heir- & co-heir- in this the globes biggest Estate 19th/20th century- All RANSOMS are heirs after us-ANDRE MALRAUX the chosen Guardian-he has accepted again 1960 & 1970 -

LIR My brother FJR- who never recovered when he returned to Europe & knew where to find the GROTE CHILDRENin France too-a sight of them in the death pitswhat Alfred (Rear Admiral A.C. Ransom) & the Navy comrades found out about those in nets at sea & were going to tell ANDRE.that is what the meeting was about December 1946 in the Quaker Rooms Old Road but ANDRE was sent awayYour father never recovered- he was told I would be dumped a corpse on his doorstep or sent by parcel- These threats to keep me from GROTE (New York off Wall Street) who were desperate THAT I TAKE UP TRANSPORT as they had educated me to do-since a child (at 9 years he began)…”

Everybody was waiting for direction- then LINDSAY (to be Earl 15) calling me Cousin Len announced that Angela & his father insisted he take my role- He was sent into Canada in charge of our Estate by his father (Earl no. 14) & this woman Angela who began it ordering the GROTE HOMES emptied 1938 when she stole the Will my Cousin Lindsay wrecked it all & went as mad as they & his father & JIM Mr Pong-they protected by a Class who had stolen our Post since you were bornMargarethes father started the first railway in Canada with friends -that little railway- (1830s) We had always investment in everything therethen LINDSAY got it changed to their names !

Angela gave it to them ! So they paid her bills ! They got hold of our airline-Turkey

Nobody was getting any POST/mail- I feel ill with it all- my son- my children- murdered by them- as Ivys son…”

We were always told General de Gaulle told ANDRE what to do over the GuardianshipThese messages-telegrams-written sometimes were false- Fraud-as began to happen to Malone & colleagues 1960 when they were told Malraux & de Gaulle were `considering` the Will- the 3 WillsI feel ill with it all- my son 12 yearsmy daughter- my wifeAll the Weddell families missing in South America- I have spoken with the man who saved our lives Rio- he found he had been watching them disappear

I had to flee 1957 from the house-Jimmie came to know it had been me under another name (1957 autumn 50 Lancaster Gate Square)

Mengele Harrington-theft-doping people-killing by harming the health of so many good people who knew what was happening- I do not accept all of them could not stop this criminal behaviour after reading the Raffles books !

1960 -We found Mengele Harrington was harming many people for money-a lot of money came to him- He received invitations to join in the play of evil men & women- Sadistic violence & madness of Great Britain & Scandinavia- spreading around the globe because they had been told to help themselves after the killing of Aunt Margarethe- I must go & pray at my parents graves-Mengele is seeking them to tear them up & burn their bodies-he is insane about DNA proving identity & is removing bones & putting other bodies in place -

FCR is buried in Argentina- JEAN in a family tomb New York State of people who knew Tiggy & Mag & Minerva -Moved from Gross Britain 1945-

The grand-daughter of James Weddell SEA- age 52 years, ballerina Gretas grandmother- in the coffin in her dress of purple & lavender with velvet scarlet flowers in her hair- mother of Frederick- Ivy- John & Lennie- still dancing- called The Firebird in her homelands South America& in Peru where her grandmother was the AELOVEDMAH-

JEAN Poisoned-murdered by three of them- 1938 end of summer as she left our little Old Road house Clacton-on-sea to go back to Grandpa Frederick Charles at Deptford Jerusalem & they were to go immediately off to France-Spain & Basque lands to New York & the Argentine- She has relatives in many nations. My grandparents were to stay with relatives & visit our GROTE HOMES where they are visitors since their marriage 1909- are known & cherished by the children as their own family- Still dancing she was-we had to bury her-I had seen her do her 2 hours ballet workout every day that summer- G.R. 5 years

Later investigation after 2nd World War/ report -

1937 November Unitys mother would have been killed-

1. If she had known it was the Guardianship to the Estate

& not just Guardian to Greetah accepted by ANDRE MALRAUX

2. Our `hostess summer 1937 now a ` PERSON TO BE INVESTIGATED ` by British Government & Lordly THUGS

/Mr Pong et al & for Angela who claims the Estate hoping to do Lindsay Earls in the eye when she had got the lands

Services paid from British Crown Office & the poor

3. Snouts in the private POST/mail can now lead them to ANDRE MALRAUX-To kill him

4. The British Nobility began to cash big cheques on

Grote Ransom Estate- forging his name-France & offshore-

5. RANSOM- MALRAUX post/mail stolen- G. B. Government LordsOur families are waiting for a formal reply from ANDRE or


6. ANDRE has accepted in letter to Mary Gordon Guardianship of Greta/ letter from Margarethe Ransom Grote- October 1937-

7. Aunt Mag murdered May 15 1938 by Jim Jong takes Greta Ransom doped for the drive up with TeresaONeill Family taken by surprise early morning Ayrshire( Many accounts-including 8 years old ONeill boy with red gold hair & freckles-probably murdered by them after he opens a pig farm on Southend green fields-goes to Australia-disappears-Margarethe gave him a Grant for when he is 18 yearhe loved piggies & he talked about them that morning day of her birthday

JONG slit a vein behind her ear -doped her first- tried say Greta did it with hair ornament- he got challenged- got offshore-has key to Bloody Liar Dusty Mansion France `Reports Secret Services sev. Nations-

8. JIM Mr Jong Mr PONG -Did this knife killing again to a woman called `Angelas aunt` 1938/39 when she cries out `HOW CAN YOU DESTROY Tommy Grotes HOMES` London-2 reports with paperwork 1960 to ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives Colleagues- `the blood spurted from her neck-the old lady grabbed a plate to defend herselfcries were not for a Physician but for SEDATIVES` Reports from witnesses)

9. 1938 It was all horrific-LEN & I the figureheads & thank goodness we have been in training since we were born-they try kill us !

10. A big girl nearly 13 years 1938 calls out at G.R. at a tea-party -it may have been Buck PalaceScarlet Town `You need not think you are having it you Ape` (She mlay have said `having it all` ) She needed a slap & putting in a Grote Homes for education- she is learning her mother & her men their uncouth GREED- She is getting a bad education- `Owls calling in the dark- up to a larkcads up there`

11. Report a widow 1981 Berks/Oxon-reports from those present) Her husband taught her 1930s to recognise quality in people -his business was often abroad- He said `they are cads at the top- they would tumble me- they are broke& calling Mrs Grote an old Eskimo & hoping to gorge on her Estatethey have got a hold on it by taking passports off the heirsdirty talk is going about about the families who are famous AT SEA all over the world`

`In this world his negotiations, her husband, often descended into a world not quite of Mafia but verging on gangsters perhaps difficultI a young person felt it was because it hit the very poorbut they were always kind & smiling especially in New YorkWe met the Ransom family-some Weddell tooround the worldthey were quality-I was young & the world new-I an heiress-`

`My husband guided me-we valued our country homeI have been telling Len about his parents (Weddell RANSOM)his father (FCR) so jolly so serious tooshe a holy woman (JWR) & dour at first you felt-then I saw her danceon tip toe she stood- she had children- & danced Giselleshe was JAMES WEDDELLs grand-daughter JEANbut theyd suffered down there`

`Her mother was a holy woman tooboth aesthetes (Olivea Minerva Hesketh Mrs James Weddell II)THEN YOU HEARD HER MOTHER HIT THE KEYS IN NEW YORKshe had written all these songs& some hymns tooI was learning who the good people arepeople should be serious & jollydoing useful thingsI hope my children keep our country home`

`I dont want to think what might happen when I am with my husbanddeadin Heaven I hope`

Tapes LIR-a humanist delicate but tough womanclutched at by circles who do not have her aestheticsShe is R.C- Little Pete RGPW likes her very much- she comes from another age Mother- Gretashe knew all our grandparents & the families~


12. ORDERS from British Government & Crown & Nobles-

to find & KILL the Guardian ANDRE MALRAUX to Grote Ransom Estate Grote Homes & Guardian to the heirs Len & Greetha-

13. 1937/38 XMAS -Post/mail stolen-orders find KILL MALRAUX

14. 1944 End of October THE BRITISH CONSUL FRANCE sent 2 gunmen with Orders to shoot Malraux & this woman-she Josette from New York had an enquiry about Jacopsholmen Island Greenland & imprisonment of De Salle Family of Paris there-thrown out of the great warm RANSOM HOMEby British Gov. & Crown

MALRAUX in envelopes addressed to him had been sent Papers from New York Grote Brokers

15. Reports/1960-Colne Engaine/Detectives, Colleagues/ AMx.

16. Concerning 1957 December/Report given July 1969

MI5 British Intelligence- to Peter J.P. Whitehead & wife GR.W.

ANDRE & Greta- an assassination planned-to go off a cliff in a car-we stopped it working half the night- Wed know on the Monday! Murder is not in our Terms of Employment-but nobody knows whats out there- Ex-Army/Navy/gaseous groups floating about between us & `6` (MI6).It was not them-matter of green-eyed women-doughcould have left them alone`

1938 With ANDRE MALRAUX of France The GUARDIAN-


Grote-Ransom-the greatest Estate in the world-Seashores Reserves transport Welfare-health-Research-Arts-technology-science/air-land-sea/ Nations A to Z-the globe -

1938 Lennie & I Greetha knowing more than the Family wanted us to know about Aunt Margarethe girl of the Snows her killing-


& to take Aunt Mags spirit back to our Island HOME Jacopsholmen Island off Xristenshab where EVIL CROWNS- NOBLES have stopped us building the University to POUL genius polymath Catechist- POUL GRONLANDER Lens great-great-great-grandpa .We had a mature PILOT in charge in a bigger plane & various HUMANISTS helped us flee-including Ireland --not one of our Pilots for wed not put them at risk from GROSS Britain maniacal GREED-this Old FLYER had been in Aviation since 1910- /records/archives/photos/Lennie made me a hammock in the cabin this time-no 1935 October seaplanes & slatted seats & grownups taking my eiderdown ! WE SAID WE WERE GOING UP TO THE LIGHT- we did not mention the BEER- TO SOME FOLK- we are underage

1938 summer-JEAN had come to protect her son FJR & Greetha GFWR her grand-daughter -Jeans eldest son is young Fred Ransom- That summer we found happiness & spoke with Philip Silverlee of the Argentine on the Sea Front- I said to Jean ballerina `he plays music called the Cathedral Under the Sea when he goes to tea at Crail- before Grandpa died March 1937`

I cannot find in the years ahead with ANDRE reminders of Annie Agnes Artist my great-aunt & JEAN my Ransom grandmother talking-but perhaps me the 5 years old is asleep

1945 Clacton-on-Sea- Annie Catholic Artist was ANDRE MALRAUXs soul-mate in some religious & philosophical matters from the time of the Sea Mist Supper- June 1945 (records) - She & Bessie her sister had much Paperwork (17 April 1947 given to him at the Wedding of Grace) from visits to Aunt Margarethe at the Shetlands Lurwick & Ayrshire the ONeills- a safe house with friends of her parents & older Ransom family- & Margarethe-girl-of-the-snows (removed from Gretas memory Wartime) gave them the key to the Welsh cottage-They should use it when they wanted- ` & please take her girlish autobiography written on Jacopsholmen Island the family Home & keep it for Greetah & the man she marries` -this is 1934- Margrethe at 15 writes of ` I lie in bed I imagine Greenland awakening..I hear the tramp of happy feetwe will have another bigger Theatre & the Island will have the University arise` (Dr John RAY reads extracts 1960- from his Books of pure people & those of evil grasping greedy ignorance)

1937/38 ANDRE MALRAUX & JO have all POST/mail that we Ransom & families-OUR LAWERS-Brokers-administrators-Trustees send stolen by British Government & Crown -meaning their penniless assorted THUGS the Aristocracy at the top of a non-united Kingdom ! So that THE BRITISH NOBLES GET THEIR SNOUTS INTO not only XMAS 1933 RANSOM Post for Greta Ransom sent to my father FJR- having it stolen by Angela & her men for Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs-VAGRANTS-sadistic thieves of moneys-properties-especially overseas- Its all delivered to Whitehall- & brought by 3 grey suited males who place them on trestle tables at the back of Buckingham Palace- On Gretas birthdays & at Xmas the parcels are torn open & offerings from GROTE HOMES children spurned trodden underfoot- THE BEST THINGS LAID ASIDE- RACISM RULESOpened by Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs & Crawford- Angelas men & her penniless parents & in-lawsvarious other hogs CROWS from Scandinavia who see they can make money-EVEN TAKE THE LOT- kill-lock up these APES & ESKIMOSthe DOPES the BOOZE flowed & 1930s the worst of the 1920s Roaringly went on- DOPE IN ALL REFRESHMENTS so control of this or that person or group is maintained

The excuse this flashing-trash have is `old Eskimos cannot make wills-not for Eskimos & apes to inherit

Reference our ancestry RANSOM BRIDES 2,000 years Jutland via East Coast Britain-Dunwich- Aurora `with eyes the colour of the dawn ` daughter of Castile Town Councillor pure Berberian- 1400 Asia-Japan-1500s South & North America-both Poles of course-sometimes a bride of Ireland or Gross Britain & a Marmalade factory girl Dundee carries our line on from 1790s


The destruction of all records of RANSOM Weddell Gronlander San Julian went on in dope madness especially as aging Noble Britain feared being found out the jeering at 3 brides of RANSOM Palestine shores-11-13th centuries & others (Roxanna-Hebithyiaea-`Goldi-locks` niece of an Arab scholar-Trader)

A mass of information is now restored- WE again SAIL DOWN THE AGES- Suffolk Ransom branch are 2nd cousins 12th century- Greetha Frobisher Weddell RANSOM stayed with them 1936...then this branch RANSOM hid me Greta Ransom in the Old Peoples Home- JIM & LINDSAYBUGGARHS began stealing flowers-milk-cars-breaking the windows- of their home Suffolk& 1932 was the first crime SUFFOLK branchhearing of the Ransom-Gordon marriage EARLS OF LINDSAY & Jim JONG smashed up the monument in the church- ref. HWP Colchester Museums 1952...complete information of monument destruction & 1952 stored in 3 boxes of the fragments behind altar)

1937-1938 Andre & Josette have to hide from Clara-mad again on heroin waving a gun & other irrational behaviour dope-users have- there is also bad feeling over those who have fought in Spain for Freedom- some Noble classes-

1937 SUMMER- Andre & Greetha have instructions to meet JO in at the Clacton Railway station from the arriving about 6.30pm the train from London- She has gone to understand matters about the Town for her writings. She may bring something nice back-& something for Foul Winter doth come

Andre put JO on the mid-morning train. Unitys mother has gone out to see to this & that- household-sheets have to go to the laundry & she will call at the Convalescent Home & have an afternoon with her father & the others there as we are happy to go wandering while JO has peace from our terrible energy & STARS talk

We cannot get lost for everyone knows from Harry we are `hitting it off`& that this is the intelligent raising of the heir by families RANSOM & GORDON

We make a light early luncheon from the cupboard & the little vegetable garden then pack things on the push-chair- a lighter load for we will go down to the sea this afternoon but not too far as our sometimes wanderings into the countryside when we turn down by the marsh-lights pond a Holland-on-sea Cliffs & go into ancient land of agriculture & marshes . Towels swim suits bottles filled with water umbrella warm woolly jumpers in caseWe went to the Old Road house for something he needed & I told him we could buy toffee once a week-that was the rule.

We went in the little shop in the Old Road & bought a whole slab of toffee from the JAR-it cost near 2 shillings I insisted paying from my little white purse on a strap across my chest-I think he tried pay half & may have been dominant- I was already pondering it might be sinful to have a whole slab-felt I WAS LEADING HIM ON in SIN- However an ethical problem now arose- it would be noth kindly to now change the order for the shopkeeper man who was helping his wife- he had a fulltime job& he had got it out of the jar & was surprised perhaps at such a sale-his face at first uncertain as he looked at us-then with a glow-he was making money for his wifes shop-We received it in a paper bag !

We turned up the sloping road by the Quaker enclave & went through the alley beside the allotments- over the Wellsley road to the Railway Station then down the road before Annie & Bessies Granville Road- no 10 `Stella Maris` the house where he will find strength-sane purpose of life summer 1945.

We miss the centre town & arrive by the Walpole Towers & so to the Seafront- Finding the beaches not full of holidaymakers it may be a Friday or a Saturday & they depart & the new arrivals are not here but unpacking or travelling down on coaches