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1937 summer - Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX

& `JOJo&Joh` Miss Elliot-5 weeks Clacton-on-Sea-East Anglia - then to LINCOLN - his mothers line is 9thcentury A.D- Histon the first known name - they were fishing-traders-some farming-as the Medieval SEA peoples of that time - The Wash edging to East-Anglia coasts around to The Thorpes` some lands gone in sea erosion-sailing either side the Channel the North Sea (Oceanus Germanicus) coming & going on East Coast of Britain- The Netherlands to France -His ancestors are at Kings Lynn sometime - His mothers line reach a more prosperous period Saxmundham- Those who live & support themselves by harvesting the SEA inevitably make marriages thus mixing their blood- it was healthy philosophy- SUMMER 1937 a friend in PARIS has OFFERED A HOME BASE Clacton - Andre can take Josette ANCESTOR HUNTING

( MALRAUX is of SEA PEOPLES - mixed bloodas the RANSOM family- 14 races & 27 nations from 92 AD Dunwich when it reaches Lennie & Greetah RANSOM children-legal heirs- Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts A-Z globe -The HOMES an American INSTITUTION for Orphans A-Z globe educating to 18 years in humanism )

SEA TRADERS on marriage acquire bride & dowry- GREENLAND to CHINA- up & down Pole to Pole(Aurora Ransom Berber-Castile Town Council father-com`th with Plum & Caserina trees & the lands 7-8th cents-)

1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux knew of a visit 19th century to relatives at The Hall Saxmundham-his mother had photos-letters he knew as a child 7/8 years of age when Berthe` began to tell him of his ancestry both side - SEA PEOPLES-

Nota bene : ANDRE MALRAUX-histories-information from his mother & her kin when he a child & listened to Tales of yore & yonder sagas of his ancestors at SEA- MALRAUX-his fathers line which we will verify 1937 seeing Monuments-records - His fathers line Malraux sailed with RANSOM from Bordeaux 1600 to 1630- not much after that we could gather from the recordsI got there before THEY removed them all 1937/1938. (Information Captain Frederick John RANSOM 2nd World War/March 1962) wounded horribly in violent attacks from Lindsay/JIM for meeting with Malraux- All POST/mail stolen/fingered G. B. Nobles-1933/1990s


& JO - Josette a young lady come for 2 weeks - they stay 5 WEEKS - then to Lincoln we go - we Sea peoples - ` We became a unit a family Peter here in East Anglia- I Andre Malraux come from Spain found The Gospels Acted Out-



we three- BACKGROUND-COMING DECADES-GOOD PEOPLE all HUMANISTS Clacton-on-sea & East Anglia-A report on EVIL-the CRIMINALLY INSANE-their GREED is to harm-hinder the GLOBE A to Z- humanitas & Cathedrals under the seas- A CLASS BECOME DIVINE - Divinorum Salvia Scotland- snout pellets !

Diaries 1937 on / JO should have another name, says Unitys mother, unless she is going to the bank it was decided to call her again JO ELLIOT Greta Ransom b 1933 tells grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom ballerina & LIR b 1921 her young son & Frederick Charles RANSOM grandpa at Jerusalem the tiny home Deptford Park October 1937 - of happiness

1937 SUMMER with ANDRE & JOSETTE Clacton-on-Sea is Greetha niece of Margarethe Gronlander-RANSOM-GROTE Holder of the Independent Democracy Jacopsholmen Island, Xristenshab by agreement GREENLANDERS -where we to erect the university-POUL GRONLANDER- DECREE 1770- `KEEP A HOLY PLACE & build the University POUL GRONLANDER genius polymath catechist when you will` 1933 REFUSED by Gross Britain-Denmark Nobles - killings of educated Eskimo begin - JIM & LINDSAY sniffing !

Imperial claws 1862 refused GREENLAND Independence -

it should had Independence 1790s-1800 the latest Captain Alan Villiers Oxford December 1967...

Reports/great 20th cent. Seamen/ Alan Villiers Oxford- 1967 one sail Margarethe gave us the key- Utopia-hope for the world- THEY BOMBED IT 1960 Denmark & Britain- Shame Peter ! Shame ! Tall ships not safe until I took the MAYFLOWER across 1953- before we were used as Sunday sport by Royal Navies-`AV - `Got a jump ahead of MALRAUX & General de Gaulle- used the State to carry out SIN…” Captain Alan Villiers - Newspapers reported this crime-but were visited by Noble thugs tearing out the files

19th century GREENLAND Archives/reports/records /

1850s HIGH CLASS SIN of Gross Britain & Denmark sailed to West Greenland- greedy penniless nobles objecting to THE PLAY Season in the theatre on the Holm Shakespeare/Racine etc. Schiller/Ancient Classics/ first Season 183Os ran 7 months not 6 weeks as planned- Intelligent people of the globe sailed in- Orchestra 60/40 often Greenlanders/Eskimo- depart USA when Independence Refused 1862 by Danmark/ libraries-ARCHIVES-art works-craft- Jacopsholmen Island- destroyed & bombed by G.B. & Scandinavia/rare Incunabula-pre-1800 sold off to fund BIG TIME 1930s- 1980s of Imperial big boots : Greenlander full education ? Imperial God gives sign. - ANDRE MALRAUX IS GUARDIAN JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND - Gronlander-Ransom Estate of Humanitas - October 1937 -