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We did not need to go so far as Jos Holland beach. We sat in the waves to eat the toffee breaking it was difficult-we were very sticky. After an hour of talking & sucking we were surprised how sticky we were. It was delicious. At 5 oclock we felt sick! Home quickly to clean up but feeling unwell. It was in our hair.

George-Andre- hee panic thus -& wondered if there was a clean shirt at home ! Some we wash-some go to the Clacton Laundry- It had a verandah chalet house with strange tall pink-mauve flowers that

Lennie says have come in with Overseas Trade-seeds caught in packing

Not sure of clean shirt ! So Andre-George washed himself in the sea wearing the shirt at first- then took it off- scrubbed it better & put it on again to dry on the way home. We made a cup of tea at home after we had got ourselves un-sticky washing everywhere- We felt a bit better. There was a clean shirt!

We will not do it again this holiday. Half a bar or less was best.

At the Railway we were on time. JO tall & beautiful in her clothes like Esther came down the platform swinging a tiny shiny shop bag on a cord on one finger- she looked happy & pleased with us-

A present for ANDRE- a tie- or a scarf- I am not sure this time.

We did not tell her JO- of our toffee eating. We were not too hungry for supper but say`th nought- Perhaps we were cured of very sweet things-

He will make reference to these small matters in the decades ahead- he the Widower & then bridegroom of the 1947 Wedding of Grace-a wedding as he explains to the families

as my mother- my grandmother & aunt would have wished me make- A CATHOLIC WEDDING- to last for a lifetime-

our sons to have the life I wished to give them-

1960 & 1970- Do you remember when we were young so young we did not feel embarrassment at the young things we did- that holiday & there was Joour JO

1937 Summer - AN AFTERNOON We are on our own again-

Jo is to rest from last night & we will be out later come darkness but I may stay in this evening & sleep if Unitys mother is staying in after visiting her father- I can go with her to see him then return about 8 pm. ANDRE said this afternoon we would go to the REC as he now loves it- (1970 `every town should have one-a recreation ground like this Peter-now they have destroyed it-cut the cost of gardeners-grounds-men-made ugliness-)

1973 ANDRE MALRAUX comes to tell Greetha The Pillar House Harwell & Peter of his Last Visit to Clacton-on-Sea & he has already asked Victoria when he walks her around The Pillar House lawn from when she is 2 years if she has seen the Rec at Clacton where her mother took him when she was a little girl?

I have been my last visit to the REC-the seaside the beach at the end Holland-on-sea- the Rec is not the same-it makes my heart ache-it had such an important role in the town & local life-they have taken parts from it-

ANDRE MALRAUX advances on 72 years of age-

1937 THE GUARDIAN is chosen we are all filled with happiness over their visit ` as JEAN ballerina grand-daughter of James the WEDDELL SEA writes to her son Dr John RAY Ransom- before she is poisoned to death 1938 end of summer-

THE GUARDIAN IS CHOSEN for A to Z independent nations the world-& they have agreed- The heirs to the Estate management were approved for a handful of years & all the Ransom families knew Greta & Lennie Ransom & we have pleased them for it is seen we are trained well & moulded by Tiggy & Margarethe Ransom Grote & THE JOYOUS VENTURE

GREED MAGNIFIED in Gross Britain Nobles 1930s- Under cover of 2nd World War 1939-1945 the GROTE HOMES children are slain- The disgusting theft following the rape of the lands by G.B. Gov & Crown & nobles swept forward -records-archives-

A Great Britain National Industry is destroying evidence of the Estate & the families are never to have existed- Plans are laid to make statements when all are dead-filthy accusations made against the character of the Ransom-Weddell-& other family linesit is being said in secret meetings Whitehall that the British Crown had to destroy the worldwide Estate because IT COST THEM MONEY- Many of the families are dead before their time` Witnesses RN-etc-

1973 ANDRE MALRAUX describes how he went to Josettes beach Holland-on-Sea & stayed alone 2 hours one morning-he had been helped by friends with small planes to escape the WATCH kept on him. Then he visited the Recreation Ground. He wore his grey hair wig & an old raincoat

1937 they knew such happiness in this town-`

1976 Doctor LIR- Len Ransom says `Andre could not stay away from that happiness-he came again three more times-he managed to get free-to come to Pillar House & Clacton-on-Sea- That last Visit & we all helped him was October 1976-

We all helped several times in the 1970s tThat last visit we took ANDRE to the beach- her beach-to those roads the places still intact- we drove him about- Left him alone when he asked- He wondered could you Greta ever remember how you & he & all of your friends could find her JOSETTE at her beach with her swimming things her notebooksat that beach she found contentment for she felt a life was beginning If she was not in the house or had left a note then thats where she would be -SUMMER 1937-

`1970s ANDRE had nothing now-

no young men as she JO had given him Pierre & Vincent-

I think nothing made sense at times for him Andre after their sudden death like their mother

They surrounding him were taking every 3rd page he wrote from him - AROUND him he could trust nobody !

The Lindsaybuggarhs & Noble throngs were intent upon getting at moneys & the Estate of Aunt Mag & Tig that we had all recovered & put in order 1960s - Now we learned what had been happening - They the Noble Gross BRITAIN now more crazy to have ALL NAMES information EVIDENCE to be destroyed or kept for the future when they make a million bucks from our archives-& condemn us- This all plotted for `in the distant future` NOBODY ALIVE WHO CAN SAY THE TRUTH ! & NONE OF THEM ALIVEBUT HAD themselves the BIG TIME & THE DOUGH shared out` LIR (Memo from Greetahthey intend have themselves IN DEEP FREEZEthen next century got up & deep fried back to lifeTHEY GONNA LIVE FUR IVER)

1976 LIR `my brother John murdered so horribly-

petrol poured down his throat at Montrose (1969/70) where they had invited him to call- last year 1975 they did the same to his 17 years old son to stop him claiming his Canada Estate records of Dr John RAY Ransom/Poul R. Ransom/& at Montreal the wife & mother so the Canada Estate could be thieved & trashed in the usual Gross Britain NOBLES pattern-

We tried to keep this from ANDRE but he came to hear…”

1937 SUMMER Clacton-on-Sea

ANDRE Saint George & I- we have got my yacht the Fortuna from the Old Road little house a small yacht of greengage green yellow Plimsoll line-it needs some rigging. I explain we did not own the Fortuna but sometimes took a share. It is rather a shabby little yacht well used but we will sail it on the shallow bigger end of the boating lake not through the arched bridge to the deep end for great yachts & bigger children with grown-ups. We do not need to take the old pushchair but a basket a bag-our woollies tied round our waists-its not a hot afternoon & there might be a too fresh wind off the sea-We lock our little Old Road house I hugging my little yacht The Fortuna-

The sweet little house looks so drear without a fire soft lamps the wireless on- Daddy or a kind helper cooking-I make some apologies to Andre-aware he does not know what a vast interesting place it is when we are at home here with good people-humanistsHow perhaps Lennie will suddenly come down if SHEshe is away at the Races. We lock the door & I try tell him of the happy times here for I do think he has heard too much of problems- Unitys mother has had to say some things !

Across the Old Road & up the first road before the Quaker Enclave begins we go- Andre looking carefully either way on the Old Road which is the main road heading to the town-& I explain Road Drill to him as well-but do not risk his wild Moon Eyes stare by saying `Oh in New York Lennie & IIn Santa Fe`in Frederickstown Greenland` He believes I have dreams as he did when he was my young years ! I do not wish to upset his calm moonlight face as I notice he is getting quite very pretty to gaze upon & has become much younger & more his age & I might add I feel he is getting much cleverer than he is in PARIS& China The other morning as we got to the Seafront with the newspapers I noticed a pale pink wild rose flush on his cheeks & his eyes gentle sparkling & not the `wild moonlight anguish look` Lennie & I will have to notice such things about people as we go about the JOYOUS VENTURE & our GROTE HOMESLen writes such things in his diary of the years & draws them-

When the Anabaptists-Nonconformists-the Quakers came & began their white wooden buildings they were tucked under the Rise from this Old Road which is sloping up gently to the flat cliff lands leading to the Holland Cliffs- & ahead from this Old Road they could walk to the seashores a few buildings-a Packet Boat came in- but no town of Clacton yet. The farms hamlets spreading over towards Saint Osyth Priory had fields in between.

I tell him Andre, she was a Princess Osyth & did not wish to marry! So her father built her a Convent with a Church. I say that must be nice to have a Convent but I have a lot to do when I am grown & I think I want to marry someone like POUL who was 6 feet & 5 inches tall- ANDRE becoming Saint George nods in understanding.

1970 I hear ANDRE MALRAUX telling Peter J. P. Whitehead in The Pillar House dining room Harwell Village-

Paul of Tarsus was all I could think she meant- she spoke of Thomas who went round the world with Jesus & Lucretius- She was 4 years- 6-7 months- She was in love with POUL- she gave me the spelling- (Yes there is a van that has Poulsen on in Essex-)

I did not connect a real island in the SNOWit was bombed 1960 to stop us all- the families- opening it- I would as Legal Guardian have been able to get immediate help to defend it-we did not receive the documents-they went missing on the way to us in France the end of February ”……

He Len…… He was told arrogantly by Denmark he could rent it They began denying the Charters of 1770.` says Andre Malraux. There is no courtesy amongst any of themrough-necks with lavish tastes-all on this dope…”

Nota bene : 1960 it was intended deposit TOXIC WASTE on our Island Jacopsholmen, off Xristensharb West Greenland - Noble crass monsters panic at the idea of GREENLAND having a CULTURAL HISTORY- That this island had a PLAY SEASON 19th century where intelligent humanists from the rest of the world sailed in to stay some part of the official 6 weeks seasonIT WOULD BE IN THE WAY OF THEIR DIRTY TRADE mentality 20th century & their refusing GREENLAND its Independence& the 20th century had thousands of persons they DID NOT KNOW who could begin to replace this vast lost history THE PLAN WAS TO DESTROY EVERY SCRAP of evidence to keep themselves spending on All of the villains have been seen to insert a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts at sometimeRecords/

Dr Len I. RANSOM heir & co-heir to Greta Ransom- Len tackled Noble CROWS-Vagrants-scavengers-at their disgusting debauchery 1950s-60s on our Island& not letting the de Salle Poulsen girls go free keeping them out of our great warm house !

1970 January After 4 days PJPW insists Andre Malraux does not use the names of Greta Ransom`s family- ANDRE MALRAUX wishes to give me G. R. my memory back-& comes with photographs-notebooks-wishes to make visits with the family members still alive ! He is told I am not to have a memory back-only carefully some things if it is possible-

Peter has monstrous creatures about him from December 1967 ! Some well dressed thugs his Class (see Debrett-Burkes Peerage) outside BM Natural History Museum in the dark have promised him death-he cant find out who is RUNNING THEM or in whose name they do evil for

`1960 the noble criminally insane of Scandinavia-Gross Britain began denying the Charters had any relevance-Denmark & The Lindsay Earls owned the Island ! Or was it Gross Britain Crown ` They are all ON THE PIN-& deformed in education-

1961 `I MALRAUX as a Minister of FRANCE came to London to represent General de Gaulle President of France-

A greeting by Nobles on high was to occur- I was side-stepped by an ugly womans son-in-law- he meant to insult me- My two boys dead that year- because of this violent robbery of a woman of high erudition- She in 1937 October appointed me GUARDIAN HER ESTATE- She held USA citizenship from her marriage many years ago- These men & women your countrymen-some from Scandinavia- are on DOPE-one dope in particular which has them believe they are divine-they grow it in Scotland- I have seen it growing-we were taken to look by a family who did not agree with this crop`

This Playboy & many of his henchmen knew that I & the President of France General de Gaulle were having our Post/mail stolen in his name & that of his ugly boozed-up Mother-in-law- She has been JIM`s companion since they were children

He was used to insulting the legal owners of this Estate expressing his lordly anger & fingering their vast ancestry which he was well aware established the credibility of this miracle of Philanthropy & Investments around the globehe began to break into it in Scandinavia at the end of the War(1939-1945) He was well aware that RACISM is used to justify the FRAUD-theft He was using your Nation to commit FraudHe did not begin it they Lindsay did finding it late 19th century -from 1944 he had often the opportunity to halt it- `

Notebooks USA & other Secret Services` His dope consumption is always too high & his extra marital matters give his circles a scare from time to time he has little education as those about him- HE HAS JIM AT HIS ELBOW IN THE EARLY DAYS then Mr Sinister Satrap old Doc Mengele- who is full of MALICE towards ANDRE MALRAUX`

( NO HUMANISM THERE he needs a Grote educationanswers G.R. great-great grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA & his INCA `Ice White Bride` Miss AELOVEDMAH-Maria Miss San Julian INCA of the R.C. Catholic & Quaker marriage 1824& Fred RANSOM & wife heiress Gertrud POULSEN legal holders of JACOPSHOLMEN island West Greenland a democracy from 1820s)

THEY KNEW, PETER, THAT MY GENERAL & I DID NOT HAVE THE PAPERS THE WILLS SENT TO US late February 1960violence from them continued at us & at everyone who is entitled to PROTECT this VENTUREshe called it `The Joyous Venture` when it began They had used their enormous kudos to employ criminals- & others from Naval Intelligence- to deceive other nations & remove legal documents- & they continue their obscene lies about the Properties- homes for orphansHomes- You do not know these things ? I am surprised Peter

1970 Andre Malraux-Harwell The Pillar House(The Pillar House post/mail stolen for 3 years- 1968-1971...PJPW stopped it-it went missing 2 or 3 times again into the late 1980s -report PJPW 1981-he had tried get it all directed to BM Natural History)

N. B : GROTE HOMES 1864-1956 educating to 18 years-in humanism nations A-Z outside the British Empire-Great Britain has OUR million children accused of prostitution & slain in well planned OPS taking off from well placed British ROYAL NAVY ships

Reports 1946 the most disgusting use of the Navy in all its history since ALFRED King 1930s Fraud-violence-deceit & G.B. diplomats told to use KUDOS & G. B. institutions against the legal owners RANSOM & to make nasty charges that they could not read or write being Apes & Eskimos & SLIMELY TAKE FROM OUR BANKS ROUND THE GLOBE expenses paying the Embassy BILLSthen down WHITEHALL comes tramping THE COLLECTORS WITH A GOLD BIN & a SHARE goes to THE PUB named LIZZIES back of a place where you needed a PERMIT to go to the back of it saying you might risk your life in DANGEROUS TERRITORY G.B. MOST OF THE BRITISH ESTABLISMENT IS STIFF ON HEROIN cocaineabsintheInformation from Various Secret Services who have a new weapon called A TAPE RECORDERSometimes this was their leisure work unpaid

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX STUFFED ANIMALS IN A BRITISH MUSEUM he has called them this…” (I Greta have the little kitchen hatch to dining room open & see him Malraux delicately turn a page in his notebook recordings here ) he was told by them to catch the girl & boy-the boy to be killed-the girl to be returned to THEM

No Peter ! Teresa she did not want her returned ! A Q.C. & Team set to get her divorce & a good Settlement- custody child to the two sets of grandparents .

TheyLINDSAY & JIM & his female travelling companion- a woman who had been slandering her brother-in-law arranged kidnap back- summer 1936- A woman employed by Whitehall & the usual Diplomats.I interviewed her this woman 1960- Returned the Passports taken of child & father Argentina & other nations would not allow the passports of other family members removed- They some of them had duel citizenship here- Argentine-USA -one grandmother also USA-

You know that Mary Gordon is an Irish Citizen ? That surprises me you have not been told these things She held an Irish passport from 1932...there was to be help later thereIn June 1944 she was poisonedGreetah knows about thisshe saw & heard her mother calling at the moon at midnight `you won`t live to see the sun rise old girl`

.A woman calling herself Mrs A. MacMurphy had been sailing about the Irish shores- with JIM.`she owned all from an old Eskimo in secrecy` was told to me when I began to ask questions 1960s`Yes I will agree to your making photo-copies of some of my notesI trust you not to look at other pagesI have marked here with slips of paper those you may take a copy of…”