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1935 - RIO de Janeiro (December/records-Dr Hebedie-2 parts)

He is still alive- grandchildren- The President of the Argentine gave him a new identity immediately- They the Presidents of these smaller nations had all had violence to the HOMES & the philanthropic settlements & the investments of a highly revered woman of mixed ancestry He saved the lives of the twoshe & her young Uncle LIR sometimes my companion & driver 1936 this man was told to go off for 6 months or a year & acclimatize himself to the nationhe was given funds & to lose his identity

( trained in Geology surveys -only one relative he did not have to know- G.R. can see him in her memory as he pays our fares on the bus back to JEAN in our small hotel we probably own on the left of the RIO waterfront & says he will see her JEAN that eveninghe will call)

It is he who realised the Weddell branch were being murdered-destroyed first He first noticed them disappearing 1946 - It was known in your Naval circles & abroad that they had a fixation an obssession on getting their name on a Sea down there

`Yes says Peter- Its known about scientific circles- hive him (Weddell) off to a few miles-theyve been running him down for a long time-our records in the BMNH have disappeared from pre-Warhowever the Science Museum was able to trace some & prove they had existed- The connection here by coincidence was Morrison Scott- (Director BM Natural History-began career Science Museum-went in Royal Navy 2nd World War) before the War- visits made by a man & his grand-daughterI have found no trace in her memory

` I can only add what I have said before-surely Socialism is the answer-some form of ityou did not think so? ` PJPW

MALRAUX goes on& they had been giving away properties- you heard about NASA- as their gifts Crown Properties stolen back from an Old Eskimowho could not read or write JIM at first leading them on with the branch we have spoken of claiming silently legal unlawful control ` ( INDSAYBUGGARHS who go culling 19th-20th centuries) /records/Greta Ransom is taking shorthand notes-with Andre Malrauxs blessing-

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX says- 1960 WE WERE NOT GETTING OUR MAIL- 1960 winter of Januaryonwards without it having been searchedthings removed I had no idea our Courier could be searched or General de Gaulle that we should have been concerned for our Courier in his Flight from New York to France Oh dope !

The matter is they should never have known the Estate- Summer 1960 I was found very ill in Rome-it had been done with dope-things in food & drink-old gamethey had been taking the mail sent to her young father since 1933- His father had his own set of documents-he had his

ail delivered from the various Embassies

1960 March- WE (General de Gaulle & Malraux) did not receive the crucial mail- it was to come by a trusted courier- We received some information

PJPW asks `Who ?` Andre Malraux replies `Yeahh !he & I- the GeneralPresident of a. They both nodded & hands made gestures of `Ohclearly France was a 3rd world nations as far as the Nobles of G.B. were concerned`Greta Ransom shorthand verbatim-they both nod at me when I am to record- The Pillar House dining-room before all Hell broke out-4 days later-Malraux now had to hide-getting help from who were people astonished this crime was still going onFRAUD

Nota bene- briefly : GROTE HOMES for fatherless children of all nations outside Gross Britain set on the RANSOM ancient lands Reserves with settlements Farming & all that a civilized nation needs to keep its citizens wise & healthy.

They the dope-fiends of HIGH CLASS SIN of Gross Britain at the very top of the pyramid have got their SNOUTS in our letters-documents sent in the Post/mail- even presents for birthdays & Xmas from the children GROTE HOMES -craftwork-things made with their little hands- a drawing from a child who is studying the ARTS- even a piece of music-

OLD-VARESE YOUNG-VARESE New York goes down South America & slings a hammock with Ransom-Weddell families- & scholars & some of Hollywood actors technicians directors (Warner Brothers were searched & threatened with downfall & accidents) Musical visitors create with the GROTE choirsthese visits by well known musicians- artists-dancers-to the children in THE HOMES resulted in many taking these subjects & going on to teach

The charge by British Nobles & Crown with their FOUL MOUTHS & BLACK TONGUES TO THEIR blood & gore dripping boots is that

IMMORALITY is in our HomesTHEREFORE THE CHILDREN ARE TO BE SLAIN FOR THEY CARRY DISEASE.therefore this is the reason the NOBILITY OF HIGH CLASS SIN go by night to thieve the paintings/ endless reportsbeginning 1930s this picks up 1945 onwards- calling themselves British Business men ! You sleazy seedy monsters crass murderers of the GROTE CHILDRENA report from an eminent Asian scientist is given of 1966. `..GREED DOPE & MADNESS RULES Gross Britain & Scandinavia 20th century`

TOP NOBLE BRITAIN gloats at damage they do to our RANSOM JOYOUS VENTURE a piece of pure philanthropy running all 19th century into 1930s- They run a violent FRAUD that began 1920s the Noble criminally insane able to use the Institutions of the Nations of Great Britain & Scandinavia- Ill educated they cannot approach the humanism of the great Nonconformist Families whose Philanthropy includes the technology & inventions-creative arts & music,Welfare, science & Education funded by them & it is they made Britains wealth

These NOBLES are CROWS-SCAVANGERS-VAGRANTS-Playboys & prostitutes- COMPULSIVE LIARS-using their foul racist mouths against other nations when they hath lost in the Casinos- Some of them I have encountered since a 2 year old & can recall their GREEDY arrogant mugs 1930s 1940s 1950s They steal our Ransom moneys from Banks they can threaten overseas who hold RANSOM WEDDELL Grote Gronlander San Julian BANK Accounts

1864-1954... THE GROTE HOMES children & Teachers are

crème-de-la-crème to the world of HUMANISTS visitors happily create explore dwell in together HUMANITAS !

ALL IS HAPPINESS & the HOMES are agreed by every Nation A to Z-

Only these penniless grisly Figures from a Morgue that howl of The British Empire & their divinity disapprove & scowl that they are in the way of BRITISH TRADE

All GROTE HOMES & the Ransom Estate is purity- ALL THAT IS USEFUL TO THE GLOBEGross Britain nobles have their heads on a PIN 2 miles above their heads with Scandinavian Crows- `GREED RULES HIGH CLASS SIN & THEY CREATE EVERYTHING UNNATURAL` - (ref. Shakespeare-Henry V)

1937 SUMMER - ANDRE makes notes in his small rectangle books-he is interested in peaceful people & listens to themlikes to know about their happinesss

He took me to the Rec one day & had got me a bucket & wooden spade for beach & the Rec sandpit- & to my despair Saint George Andrew said with dignity ` You will play- I will make some notes`

This sandpit is for babies & toddlers under supervision-

I do make a mention of this softly & carefully- Andre has settled himself in an important way with his notebook- I will be very polite & dig alongside that baby not yet 2 years

I only dig for something to collect & make something with-

I have made a Castle a Fort with him once or twice, Andre-George -on the beachwhen no more serious matters are happening or he is showing JO how he built things when a little boy on holidays with the big families he comes fromJo & I are glad he is grown up now though

When Len comes to stay he does make things in the sand like islands & harbour & landing strips for his planes- but he has real ones & is working out some knotty matter as he is training for Head of Transport Grote Homes & Ransom Estate & Len will have a team drawn from our families old & some young like himself training Our 2,000 or more pilots are pleased with Lennie- I shall say nothing of thisGeorge-Andre makes notes in peacesitting on the grassy hill behind the sand pit

I tried to dig the dry sand & can see that afternoon in my head running through like a cine film- but the garden of the house opposite with a summer house & an Oak Tree drew my attention because it was all old fashioned- a woman with her hair in a low bun at her neck an old-fashioned frock of the 1900s picked roses from a miniature trellis work area

It is `The house at the end of the REC-` we move here spring 1939- & the RANSOM Gronlander Grotius 18th-19th century Greenland library came here- shelves & shelves in the drawing room- Nobles & Crown robbers G.B. & Scandinavia came as soon as my poor young father December 1939 was sent to the Philippines to die- but he was so useful- speaking Japanese of course as we are also of that raceas well as Greenland & INCA records/diaries/1939-1970s-

THIS HOUSE Purleigh/Pearly 112 Vista Road Clacton-on-sea

In the years ahead it will be in our memories as a fragile meeting place of summer 1945- These memories remain in shadows in the ruins of our lives- reminding us of others killed & dragged into this vile Fraud-violent theft by the British UPPER HIGH CLASS SIN-

Our drear memories are those beginning January 1946- ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom Detectives Colleagues recall all the life there- 1939-1945 & find some fragile happinesses- Pages of life with kind people trying to help the criminally insane Teresa Gordon R. Mad Mother Kali kept so by her visits to Scarlet Town to `her noble friends`big cars one with a Standard that come in the dark of 1943-1944 & await her to come- They are driven quietly into an empty houses lay-by off the Old Road- sometimes the Valley Road& they all booze getting out bottles & glasses spread on the front of the big cars accounts by Andre & Greta/others

1945/46 winter Andre Malraux ` THE HOUSE IS AS SILENT AS THE GRAVE-tapes AMx & LIR/G.R life- & with Andre At that time it was as if a whole lifetime for me G.R. has been lived there-the war years-the terrible destruction & robbery of this beautiful house its contents by SHEshe & her noble scum harming Colin & me because her noble friends extract signatures from her- give her invitations & this most dangerous dope- Lindsays & Angela & mob all of them old horsey chums from childhood- they have no intention of giving her Teresa half this Estate which is what JIM told her 1930s & that he would share with her- ! A Social Calendar 2nd World War Gross Britain- shows SHEshe Teresa Gordon R. goes to a party on Aircraft Carrier- Clifton/Cliveden Christmas 1942-3 with Top Brass-usual parties-takes tea at Holloway Prison with Mosley- `gave his wife a chance to go out shopping` -they used to give little Johnny Gordon R. some nice toddler clothes in the 1930s- /Accounts-Life of-Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra-Old Mother Ransom Riley/Roaring 1920s GREEDY EVIL criminally insane True Tales for Grown-ups

1944 Medusa/jelly fish of 3 feet long stung GR Clacton-on-sea-wrapped its cotton-wool like strands about me

SHEshe Old Mother Ransom-Clytemnestra let me be in a coma 2 days- Little Colin & friend told Auntie Win ex ATS- Still SHEshe insisted I had made it up- the scars used to rise in hot or cold water until I was in my 30s- I showed them to ANDRE MALRAUX December 1957- He wanted to bathe me in the kitchen sink again ! I said I can pick YOU up-he let me try & I did- next time I sit him on my knee- he is so cosy comely & has no mother -

1943/44/45- G.R. locked out a few winter nights-she & J.G.R. hissing `we will say you ran away to the Police` No blanket !

Account for Andre Malraux Winter-Clacton Seafront-2 policemen meet at 2 am-discuss-have ham sandwiches/flask-cycle off-I hide` 1944-

I have made a written record of this cruelty for nations A to Z who had Grote Children slain. It shows the power of this narcotic grown by British Nobles in Scotland-abroad-& worn as pellets fire blown up their snouts- Arthur Malone/Politan- got written confirmation from Clacton Police Hospital & schools- `nobody is allowed to lock up SHE Teresa Gordon R with noble bastards & fiend-friends-` Andre Malraux will make extracts from my Fathers Diaries FJR autumn 1957 before attacks on us all by top scum-Mengele a leading role-

Our Estate the globe robbed in official secrecy children slain by CROWS & VAGRANTS- noble scum of Britain-

1945 May & -June - here entered he again to Clacton-on-Sea now a Widower Colonel ANDRE again to be called George-Andre or AndrewI have written him the diary pages of Summer 1945-47-to add to his notebooks

1948 THEFT Earl No 14 & heir 15 Lindsaybuggarhs & Scandinavia-stole our Canadian Transport Investments-Grote Brokers USA were waiting for Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM to come & take over to New York from 1946-

NO POST- & his big brother FJR threatened by Lindsaybuggarhs & their FRAUD team scum `ALL OF YOU WILL BE BURNED IN SCOTLAND-` Margarethes father FRED RANSOM began all this CANADA infra-structure with friends 1830s onwards/ 1948 onwards our ZINC Shares-EMI-many transport investments the globe-Norwegian bank moneys-Capital stolen for Angela-Lindsay Premier Earls of Gross B. Kudos of British Realm-all in silence & secrecy-

Press get threats of more accidents- divinities do not pay tax-

1960 Colne Engaine June-July- Lindsay Earl heir No 15 on his dope says (recorded tapes by Territorial Army members & some of the Nobs own mercenaries who changed sides & came over to Malraux) After Midnight outside caravan `Mistral` & I did not want Canadian Railways-I wanted to go round & round like Uncle Thomas-it was my father & Angela who told me to take Canada- they were breaking up the Estate & sharing…” (Nota bene: they have murdered the Grote children 2nd World War to get the lands-remove art works-burn books-papers-threaten-continue with the kudos of the British Realm STEAL post- attack in the dark hours good citizens- the nobles live in luxury on blood-gore dripping moneys

1968 In his Roman Catholic divorce Lindsay heir Earl No 15- had his solicitors swop these stolen investments-transport etc - Thus the GROTE RANSOM- Weddell-Gronlander names could be lost in the paperwork hereafter-another change & the rightful owners are removed from history- It was the talk of Scarlet Town- `now all the Law will take an interest in how names are lost`

1938 Clacton beach- The 12-13 years old David Lindsay (Earl 15) whirled a metal big boys spade at me Greetha Ransom coming 6 years give me THAT money you Ape-my father says it is MY money /

Some people we are not related to cut his Uncles liver out 1946- he had poured paraffin down the throat of an old lady as she tried telephone to get Police to stop him taking paintings he had no right to- She took a month to die painfully- he in 3 hours watching his liver put in front of him on a string He was at my 2nd christening 1933 to see the names Frobisher Weddell were not added to RANSOM againI have 4 christenings in London, Clacton, Greenland & PERU

D. L. elder wears Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up his SNOUT`/ records are written up by George-Andre Malraux & later for him- He who heard Summer 1937 about the danger from MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP-in their GRAND-

1940s - diarys-records-tapes /GR-AMx-colleagues-families/ A Man about the House/The Gas Masks in the Corner/The Hotspur-Biggles & other books/ The Greengrocer on the Corner/A walk in from the Sea/High Tide on the Lincolnshire Coast-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX teaches us at school/ SEAWEED-Salvage/-then 1946- The Bramble Patch & to the Gallows/The House as Quiet as the Grave/Ghost Train-tunnel of Love/Xmas Eve 1946 Charpentier Mass /Letters one Friend to Another/Wedding of Grace/etc etc. I have read these diary accounts on tape/CD- AM & GR

1930s-1940s MUSIC at Clacton-on-sea & district that Andre Malraux hears & takes part in The Music many times played on the Wireless 1944/45 is Pavane for a Dead Princess-Ravel- Also much Debussy-Hindemith-Glenn Miller of course-all the big bands- & at Church Monteverdi-Gounod- Victoria-Palestrina

At the home of Professor & Mrs Winclemann (The Chemist Murray) we hear records of Debussy-Richard Wagner-Brahms-Schoenberg-Dallapiccola-

At Charles Magowans home with his 2 then 3 Grand pianos- he & friends play Dallapiccola-modern French composers-Scots ballads-jazz

At Pathfields School Raymond Salt Roy.College Music gives us Ben Britten-Vaughn Williams-Villa Lobos- Elgar- Debussy- Schoenburg- Dallapiccola-

I Greetah own some records of Mossolov- Paul Whiteman- Glenn Miller -blues jazz & DebussyThere are some 19th century theatre programmes of Richard Wagner Operas/ballads by MINERVA my fathers grandmother & 5 editions of her EVENSONGS 19th centurya Piece of sheet music sent by Edgard Varese with the Art Deco ship on that he has drawn

A second cousin of HUMPERDINCK & his family put on Hansel & Gretel 1945 near Clacton & Andre was involved

1942-1944 at Captain Commadaore Learoy`s school we had lots of music as his earlier pupil was Ernest Dove `Oh for the Wings of a Dove` an HMV recordAs well as the contents of Mrs Alexander`s Hymns Book we had much Folk Music of the British Isles

None of us consciously divide Classical & Jazz- folk music-early historic music upI think this was because so many people played piano or an instrumentthe Saturday Dance band had the trumpeter playing/swinging The great 1610 Mass Monteverdi on Sundays !

Fred Ransom & Gertrud my great-great grandparents 19th century began a HOME for retired Musicians in ITALY -beyond Rome.. It was well funded-It may have failed 1970s from BRITISH NOBLE cunning THEFT

IF SO - SOME British Scandinavian related CREEPS HATH STOLE THE FUNDING & are a big part of the British Noble Scum- including :

Mr PONG Jimmie Jong Cur James & du Cann who is just one of Teresa Gordon-Gordon`s BASTARDS All of them are in all the CRIMES AGAINST RANSOM GROTE ESTATE FOR SOME PICKINGS even for just FUN The Royal Satrap GOLLUM Doc Mengele Harrington Peer-in-Waiting always put in FEES for Secret Crown Services to WHITEHALL & travelled to take HOLIDAY WITH BOYFRIENDS as well as this WORK tills of G.B. Government & Realm rang open for all of THEM THEY ARE ALL OF THEM ON THE PIN FIGURES FROM A MORGUE