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FIGURES FROM A MORGUEis a phrase from MINERVA coined for THE LINDSAY EARLSshe is my GREAT GRAN ( G. R. ) raised next door to The Shakersshe is of also related to a Spanish King of South America & they write a song sitting in a market place when he had just come out of ImprisonmentOh HOW OUR RANSOM WEDDELL ANCESTRY DID DISTRESS BRITISH NOBLE SCUM ( Grandpa Weddell our line in Norway 1109. AD..)


Find if you can or force open NOBLE VAULTS for the EVENSONGS Book OF MINERVA Olivea Hesketh Mrs `Bussy ` (he a small towns business man wrote one book on philosophy) then when she was 39 years became the wife of the eldest son born 1825 of A GREAT SEAMAN JAMES WEDDELL2ND marriage of MINERVA to James Weddell II he age 59 years had a sad life until this marriage for the BRITISH EMPIRE used all its VEHMENT RACISM against he & his brother JOHN WEDDELL (grandfather of Clarke Gable actor) (The Weddell Tragedy is about British TRADE in South AmericaWeddell is invited to be FULL GOVERNOR & he & his father-in-law Acting Governor have stopped BAD TRADE by dirty British & Dutch etc Ventures some directly of Governments)

The two children of JAMES WEDDELL whose name you still read on THE WEDDELL SEA he a brave seaman who charted it 1829 has two sons his CHILDREN of the Roman Catholic & QUAKER MARRIAGE to the INCA Noblewoman AELOVEDAH Maria Miss San Julian 1824 (great-great legal marriage grandparents to Greta Ransom) ...she only child of the INCA Nobleman YAMAHAM Josef San JULIAN F. San Miguel Acting Governor Tierra del Fuego whose photo was in a Dictionary that COLCHESTER MUSEUMS & Graham Greene & Greta Ransom were shown 1952 by DONOVAN bookseller STRAND & Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis

DONOVAN Bookseller was visited by the Official REPRESENTATIVES of the British Queen(Lizzie who keeps a Pub at Buckingham Palace for evil sub-apes with Noble ordersas her MUM known as ANGELA did when she got an illicit CROWN) where Teresa Gordon her chum got handed sweetie bags full of DOPES 1940s so she would be faithful & go on harming hideously all RANSOM & WEDDELL FAMILIES including her two children heirs Greetah & Colin Frederick (they hath all labelled JOHN GORDON RANSOM a bastardeven though he looks exactly like his great grandpa JOHN RANSOM the EDUCATIONALIST of Jacopsholmen island WEST GREENLAND working at Montreal & visiting his KIN in JAPAN 1850s-1880s (murdered by Earls of LINDSAY 1890 full records & tomb) but as all photos they believe have been burned they do not compare LOOKS.Oh Jesu Henri !!!! )

Greta Ransom is the great-great-great granddaughter of the INCA BOY who plucked maths out of the air he being educated by the SAN JULIAN Monkshe is the last of the I N C A Line of the Priest Mathematician Astronomer Ruler line& his daughter is granted the title of The AELOVEDMAHshe tak`th care of her peoples her ladies her children & her INCA lands


My Response ...Greetah F.W.M. Cae. Ransom is ”…YOU PILES OF DIRTY DOGs DIRTalongside the seafront Clacton-on-Sea & about Scarlet Town…” This is a phrase the retired who took a twice daily perambulation along our seafront had for the LINDSAY EARLS & all their NOBLE SCUMAngela included1920s 1930s ... 1940sEAST ANGLIA was infested by LINDSAYBUGGARHS & NOBLES down from SCARLET TOWNat regular intervals- they`d the Bailiffs IN

1937 SUMMER George-Andresometimes he turns his head swiftly towards me & asks a question then he is this other person ANDRE MALRAUXhis face very solemn his lovely eyes too- Now no magic- just REASON- I am used to the grown-ups being grown-up & do not get in the way. Len & I speak when spoken to or if we have something to contribute that would be expected- Len is now a young man of 16- 17 years in October 1937- You do not talk light heartedly in New York to old-young Varese composing buildings in sounds & thoughts but you could say a remark on the household or The Opera The Trojans to his nice wife- Lennie & I & Grandpa Frederick Charles we had them to Luncheon at Margarethes all white inside Bridal house by the waterfront for they are her friends-Not old like so many we met- but then we met some of her young friends too- ANDRE MALRAUX is not photographed in New York with Varese until March 1937...LEN & Greta in April 1936 photos...

1936 New York- in April 1936 just over a year ago...

Lennie & I are to learn to be civilized after trekking from the North Pole to the Pole Sud the sub-arctic. This must be why Paul Whiteman called us `Savages` (of Tittle Tattle Land) The Mexico attack the near escape in RIO from the STUFFED ANIMALS IN A BRITISH MUSEUM catching up with us- Our misery at not being taken up Macchu Picchuu with our INCA kith & kin - Paul Whiteman hiding us in his apartment with his live duckbill platypus New York April- the midnight Opera The Trojans in German when old-young Varese & his wife came too & others who are Aunt Mags friends or are studying under one of her green UMBRELLAS

I did not know that ANDRE George as ANDRE MALRAUX had met old-young VARESE in New York in March 1937 this very year ! Neither ANDRE MALRAUX or Saint George Andre spoke this in our conversations all that SUMMER 1937-I would have risked truth from last year-even though he will say `it is your dreams`

What a lot I could have told Saint Georgehe would have needed a cup of tea & 2 Aspirine & a rest wrapped up in a warm car rug-for awhile ! & his ANDRE MALRAUX self too !

Poor JO would have stopped him saying Greetah sleeps with her door open at night & hears snatches from downstairs.. Ships that Pass in the Night

But the RANSOMS are in SPAIN this summer

a rescue that is to fail. And I do not know. They would have been with us on this holiday-three cars full & even more to see-to Deptford to Jerusalem where YOU ENTER UPON TIME- The Joos van Cleve painting of F. RANSOM who married 2ndly the Lady of Japan 1504 in Bruges where she had been educated in a Convent after her father died & then her mother died- The Lady Nihalah Yuss-shampoo an old Okinawa Royal line before young Hirohetos Fathers line-

Andre & JO would have seen Lennies Processions drawings RANSOMS from 92 AD- misty when we reach silver Goblet 7th century AD- This Father Ransom said `ALL OF YOU WILL USE MY NAME RANSOM-or I will leave you nothing from my treasury `-

1960 One day in 1960 ANDRE MALRAUX will see the

RANSOM Genealogy- The complete one at our Wedding of Grace 1947 drawn specially was not unrolled & was burned by Treasa Gordon Gordon R that night on Holland-on--Sea Jos beach- Andre saw the 14th century OLGA RANSOMabout 5 other names he later thoughthe was called to speak to guests by Miss Win who took it away at 4.30pm with presents in a big case saying firmly ` this is the Winnclemanns sitting room I cannot leave all this here for too long` she packed in a big red case & took it to her house Colne Road nearbyShe was under ORDERS from du CANN & Teresa her sister-& noble scum all ON THE PIN- Ed du Cann on heroin from 17 years old

1960s - ANDRE MALRAUX 1960s will see the diary entries-lots of precious Papers that Dr John Ray brother of my young father FJR & others have guarded-

My poor fathers vast collection he carried about to stop destruction further-as LIR- break-in & Entry in name of G.B. Government & Crown had vast paperwork & ancient records burned-as Earl Lindsay 1938 in front of Augusta Frobisher & Greta Ransom ! My father took such care of our Records- `to write upon IN MY LAMPLIGHT YEARS Daughter` From 1953 Ivy took care of our papers-books-she knew they were destroying things we had placed in the great Collections of the world-or putting their foul names on-

1962 March - IVY Ransom says-`they took everything-I had it hidden in my drawers-your Dad was about to begin work writing more up- It was after MALRAUX came here with a staff worker one evening 1957- They left a framed photo of you on the floor-crushed beneath a boot- I have not told your Dad-he cannot take much morehe had to return from the War & see what they had done to our family home-cut the joists so the upper floor fell in-the neighbours reported who they were taking our property out of the little home 2 days before1940...They could not wait to destroy our family after robbing us of our work-our property` (Ivy still did not know that ANDRE MALRAUX was an abused very good man- & that Charles de Gaulle had British Naval Intelligence stomping from early 1950s all over his country home-searching his papers-books-his FRANCE Intelligence& some TRICKSTERS were Frenchdrinking-doping fiends of Whitehall & Gross Britain illicit Crown

1968- a woman at a South Kensington Museums gathering says to Peter J.P. Whitehead MARGARET GROTE HAD NO ENEMIES Peter- except a woman called Angela & her travelling companion a half Chinese- he heard that the LINDSAYS were going to claim this Estate because a Frobisher woman had married Mrs Grotes brother- he felt Angela & he should have their share ! You should find out more- it is a travesty what they have done- to do it they had to kill all the children- no one stood up to them after that- you should not be in charge knowing so little ! ”… (She may be Dr Ethelwine Trav?)

1957 November Report- G.B. Naval Intelligence thugs-JIM & this queer no-doctor- broke in & stole this collection- Ivy was at work- They took all photographs- IVY did not tell her brother FJR-she said he could not take anymore. His health would give way again- then the attacks began again on him-after this he was given Police protection in the local library & told not to be out at night- MALRAUX a public figure-name in Press-work with General de Gaulle-was blamed for this casual attitude to a great EstateNo post was answered by MALRAUX-no telephone calls answered-Various members of the Ransom families were called obscene names from WHITES CLUB a vice bar running 2 flats of prostitution close by & dopes-JIM now CUR JAMES StewardAngela sent message `Greta did not have to straighten her hair anymore` -this came via Whitehall-

1940s-1950s- LINDSAYS- insisting on calling Ivy `cousin` in public-& men now drinking in that CLUB WHITES had come at her parents so often before the War with their filthy mouths- & she had to be guarded outside the school when a child - going to school & returning home to Jerusalem by Deptford the little sloping Park- 1940 the joists of the sweet house were cut overnight when 2 ex-Lord Mayors of London were getting a Magistrates Document to STOP Jimmie Jong & his dope-fiend chums breaking in- paintings were again claimed by he & the woman Angela-but Lindsaybuggarhs raided & got some off them- & some they had stolen from Montrose Ransom Farm too Sept. 1939-

Before 2nd W. War-afterwards- JIMMIE JONG-Cur James put his loot in `the Bloody Liar Dusty Mansion` France-

1960 ANDRE MALRAUX Cultural Minister of France officially emptied it of RANSOM documents-to which he was GUARDIAN- “… but R.N. thugs & Mengele & JIM broke into DOrsay Museum where he stored it all, Paris, & stole it back- Its in G.B. now- where they finger it now & then- nothing like Ransom genealogy- some of them do not know their fathers for sure…”

1937 There was a painting of Greetha sitting with legs curled by the Island Jacopsholmen- sun rising on a snow peak -Lindsaybuggarhs took that to AMERICA 1957- painter is well known-Grandpa Ransom paid for it- I sat the whole painting-we were talking non-stop-his housekeeper would come say he has to have a rest & his tea` I am 4 years-I have tea with her ! It is said to have been burned by LINDSAY branch in California

1962 March IVY RANSOM (I give her phrases from her bewilderment at my not knowing anything) `It was a dirty nation at the very top & they kept people about the globe so poorly educated-Thomas got his ideas-but Margarethe & her father had put a lot of money into the Poor- she was only 15 when she set up the Home for the widows & orphans Dussledorf-her father helped of course-

This violence & theft envythe murders of the children in their HOMES had made him your poor Dad- your Father- so ill in 1945- He would not tell his brothers & me his sister at first- but then they learned of it- others knew-the dead children- Other nations were in shock-there was no doubt WHICH NATION HAD DONE IT TO GET HOLD OF THE LANDS THE MONEYS-to prop up its DECLINE-now its EMPIRE HAD FALLEN- from their greed- Everyone was waiting for MALRAUX-but he got a job in France- we never saw him- he did not call- Your Dad says it was not his fault- messages were not from himour Detective has been good- & his friends`

1937 SUMMER- ANDRE-George his green-hazel glints & illuminations in his eyes hold my gaze but they are not always there-probably a trick of the light- does he make me think of the Greenland night-days with the lights ? 1933 November I only saw them when I was a few months old & cannot remember of course, or my christening in our Jacopsholmen Island Church for the photos have been stolen from my Father by Doc Mengele Harrington & his Dames for The Crown-The Crown-The Crown”…he says he will be a Peer 1958 for harming Andre & Greta X - (these monsters often say things in 3s)

1935 October - When we flew up to Greenland in our 3 Seaplanes it was daylight- we went up for our NATIONAL DAY But Margarethe girl of the SNOWS who looks about 49 years in her 90s & rose like a dancer from her bed- has told me about the Greenland life-the lights-the happiness when she was a child on the beloved island & everybody sailed up for The Play Season which sometimes overran-the first year the 6 weeks was 7 months ! -She had written in her autobiography- & there were thousands of photos in our libraries- Margarethe Ransom married Tiggy GROTE her Fathers Ward in our Church 1863 - Greenland has been refused its INDEPENDENCE again 1862-The Danes are broke ! They have had another War- They want to abuse the Northespecially Greenland more & more to get dough- I did not know the Lindsaybuggarhs role completely when I was 3 years but at 5 years 1938 I know it well- thats why they attack me- as they do lots of children in their Mob who have some moneys They should be axed-or put on chains to build our Universities to POUL & to Aylovedmah-Maria & her husband JAMES the Weddell Sea-North Pole & Sud Pole

1947 Summer -Mengele Harrington broke into JOS CUPBOARD IN THE near Tulles CHATEAU- here are her writings-He went through everything taking a current boyfriend- Andre did not know until 1960 about these break-in & Entries for The British Nobles & Crown- It is a building & garden sacred to ANDRE & JOSETTE their two sons Pierre & Vincent-their home ! It was on French TV c 2005 AD

Mengele Harrington this paedophile sadist a bestial obscene ex-prisoner ex-Asylum for psychiatric criminally insane paedophiles

Is an Employee of Great Britain Nobles of Government & Crown from 1938 friend of Angela- he went up to Balmoral on one visit of 4 days 1950s- (I suppose he has a first name-I never heard it- he is always Mengele to everybody who has had to meet him- he is a member of a FRENCH Cult of Saint Michael Fallen-the DEVIL.perhaps he began it.)

JOS PLACE- the Chateau ANDRE MALRAUX has bought- where they lived until her horrible death on the railway line-JO threatened by 2 Gunmen sent by the British Consul to kill she & Andre-they demanded the Post/mail received from GROTE BROKERS New York October 1944...

1938 Summer Mr Harrington is sent by Great Britain Government & Crown & LINDSAYBUGGARHS & MR PONG Jim Jong of course to SPY on ANDRE MALRAUX & his families French Citizens some 2nd 3rd cousins Italian.

1947 Mengele calling himself Doctor Harrington will have taken Clara perhaps to JO`s Place - They both were in a horrible rage at the Winnclemanns` at Clacton-on-Sea July 1947- Threatening them `for the divorce Andre had got from she-after the marriage when he was 20 years-he now 45 & wanting a wife who did not `go on the town painting it scarlet-every town including Moscow.`

Harrington-Mengele & Clara- he her toy-boy from 1938- they are both insane on heroin & all the other dopes used by them & that mileu-starting often as early as 12 years of age/records/

Mengele begins to SEARCH through JOs WRITINGS in the cupboard- to destroy references to SUMMER 1937-

1937- he will have come upon the Autobiography of Margarethe-girl-of-the snows RANSOM-he is earning big moneys spying on ANDRE MALRAUX-but his Noble British Employers have not told him the truth- It is November 3rd 1953 when he know all-& vows to destroy all of the name RANSOM-Weddell-San Julian-Gronlander-he is told he will have an Unholy Order-become a CUR or a Peer-a LewdMr Mengele Doc Harrington takes a vow to destroy all distant branches-all who know of GROTE HOMES- RANSOM line- given birth from a girl Ransom- is on the 1st voyage with Columbus-the little ship that turned backrecords/Captain Alan Villiers knew this too- Mengele has contracted to receive a great amount of moneys & to be able to use our properties overseas for his dirty life-hunting little boys-killing people with his case of poison needles(by 1960 Mengele is supplying Nobles & middle Classes with DOPESthey ALL pollute the globe- they all know the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN have been slain the globe to get them dough)

1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX His eyes Andre George do remind me though of the marsh gases pool which we have seen this August- & we will again summer 1945 with JOs presence her spirit her voice in his ears

1945 In this first year of his widowhood he very fragile in his body movements- a slow grace hath he- wrapped in sea-mists in his grief- Not as 1937 swaying sweeping into each day. As in 1937 here at the seaside again in 1945 Andre Malraux is studying people- infra-structure working conditions what people all about the town the lands think about everything in their lives & what they read in the newspapers & think about Spain in 1937-Entertainments for grown-ups-children-activities in the countryside Now Colonel ANDRE eagerly talks to anyone- learning what they will do now WAR is over- 5 years of War just ended

Ravels Pavanne for a Dead Princess is the music of summer 1945 & Debussy Preludes & La Mer- Glenn Miller Moonlight Serenade- Victoria Calendar for the Church Year & Claudio Monteverdi- Gounod- Marc Antoine Charpentier Mass for Xmas Eve-