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1946 November- Andre rehearses the Charpentier beautifully-

MASS for Christmas Eve with The Our Lady Church Choir Clacton-on-Sea across from the Walpole Towers Hotel-seafront-

An Important Performance-I will be singing alone-he in my understanding- George-Andre Widower ANDRE MALRAUX to whom I am now ENGAGED-to marryI cannot believe something of happiness is going to happen to me- accounts-notes-tapes -

1937 I am a strong young person with a humanist family Ransom about me & a Catholic Gordon Williams Murphy O`Brien Carroll Irish side- Lennie & I as heirs Grote Homes Ransom Estate are young Warriors of Peace-

I945 I too am fragile as George Colonel ANDRE- I being grasped hold of by SHEshe- & her noble monsters all as insane as bestial mad as it is possible to be- they have slain the worlds Grote children- & are slashing our well wooded Reserves settlements seashores about the globe. Using the hideous grotesque power of a penniless self-proclaimed Morgue of Divinities

1937- I cannot study people as he George-ANDRE does-life is too busy at 4 & a half years-sometimes horrific- ask any child this age what they would do faced with these matters-they will cope according to the EARLY LEARNING- I will print up how to escape from a INCA mound-but it was the Mound at Alexandra Palace-& they were coming back that night to kill me October 1936-

I would like that bronze of the man playing croquetit sold in the 1980s I think-for not very much- The figure gave me hope ! Down the hedge I creep- find the poorer end of the road-find the poor persons Police Station-not the UPMARKET one-& give the name address telephone number of Jerusalem Deptfordgrandpa in Battle of Jutland & Tall sailing ships-name RANSOM- I was safe- & taken home -

I was 3 years 8 months old & had travelled 8 months from Poles Nord to Sud since I was 2 years & 8 months oldbeing adopted as The Aelovemdah by The INCA kin-in honour of Aunt Mag & SAN JULIAN Roman Catholic scholar the Inca boy his daughter Mrs James Weddell SEALen was very proud-his mother JEAN ballerina `The Firebird`- Jean had to agree as grand-daughter of Aelovemdah-Maria San Julian Mrs James Weddell married 1824-killed age 21 years leaving 2 boys 7 & 6 years- James & John San Julian Weddell-

1930s I must use the bolt holes in our own sweet little home Old Road- my father has arranged a climb down from the back bedroom window & I have a loose post in the fence-for when SHEshe is gone mad or Mr Pong & that evil fat little Mr Lindsay -they roll in like two nasty imps-I must run-slide-crawl away ! But I am trying to not worry Andre Saint George- He is learning what it is like to live without fear- away from Spain- he has no idea what Lennie & I have coped with all our lives bravely because we have a million children to take care of-a quarter million our grown-upsI shall be rather crushed by SHEshe & her hideous noble monsters-her sterile rubbishy life of mailed-fist greed a Class of the foul mouths-

1961 Lennie- Dr LIR- says do you remember your Flyer in the mist- October 1935- We were to fly alone-not take the family for my first piece in the Test. I had to show I could fly under all conditions-my training had been rigorous & I began my instruction at 9 years old- There was mist over the Channel lots of thick mists- so we went off into the air- the two pilots with me- did well-very well- We landed & put you all on board one seaplane with us-the third seaplane we would find when we got over Ireland-he would join us with the oil-

Aunt Mags RULES are 3 seaplanes over big waters-

Diaries Ransom : `15 MINUTES LATER WE ALL SET OFF FOR GREENLAND- flying up FOR A BEER ’… going home me GR & LIR now `FLYER ` given my Licence as Pilot when we got to Canada ”… Beer is nice & cold in Greenland -

1945 Col ANDRE MALRAUX Widower returns Summer-

Again he is making notes of how people live-the organisation of towns-countryside-peoples happiness-children in schools The STRUCTURE OF THE WORKING WEEK-wages & what people spend on the household how they arrange the weekend- There are vegetable patches-allotments & there is fishing in ponds & at SEA-small cars to maintain & bikes-small factories-Town Halls-Youth Clubs-musical activities-cinemas-choirs-Clubs of adults-Freddies theatre is not opened-we hear he is not well

Records/The Shrimp Pot factory/& many other accounts-his East Anglian life 1945/46- he still finds everywhere The Gospels Acted Out- except Teresa Gordon R. & her mutterings of her kind-

Mornings he Colonel Andre may go & write in the Priests Library-a big room in Montfort Lodge-where the Housekeeper comes round twice with good SHERRY got in a Pipe via Portugal-the wartime- Here Andre hears old Missionary Priests Tales which outdo his own- Father X who got put in the African Pot for their supper-but they let him out- One who was young in China 1880s- They come for a Vacation by the Sea & are hale- 90 years plus more old

1945 autumn into winter - we go to the British Restaurant Clacton-on-sea town centre with a view of our famous Tree with the seats aroundwhere JO would put he Saint George ANDRE & Greetah to STAY PUT & not run off Summer 1937 as she went `ROUND THE TOWN` with her shopping basket.

1945 - Colonel ANDRE does not mind horsemeat- it may not be- & I have thick soup & sturdy Pudding only - Aunt Miss Win has given me the money to pay his meal she & Mrs Winncleman are thanking him for his War Services & there are things I will not know until some months later-

Mrs Winncleman a Staffordshire lass is making a paste to spread on toast from puff-balls- it is an old Austrian recipe I have guarded a big one growing in the REC& a Groundsmen helps me - he knows she makes this paste- she is English so he trusts her !

It gives her something to offer at Teatime & Colonel ANDRE will have some toast fingersshe & Mr Winncleman were imprisoned on the Race Course at Epsom for the 2nd World War-but let out late 1943...she had to insist he the Professor be given some writing paper. A NUTTER a screwball - a loony official Whitehall had all foreigners `put away` !

1945 September ANDRE W/Andrew the Winncleman boy plays cricket- but SHEshe whom he met December 1924 Deauville-Paris- turned up & sat glaring at him-she looking like the Hangmans wife-so he had to stop playing after a bit-it was not his nerves it was just her face glaring in full narcotic madness- I saw it- She pushed me in the back& I have a hole in my skull from her throwing me downstairs in March 1945...a hole where the brains could squeeze out if I lean on itnot investigated until I am 21 years of age

Andre has refused her invitation to Escort her & her crowd

dinner DANCE Dedham- Oh everybody goes Old boy…”

1945 September - ANDREW-George Malraux sayth `I AM A WIDOWER-Teresa- it is not yet a year since my chosen wifes death- ` she has spoken of his `illegitimates`

SHEShe ordered me away from the Cricket Match hissing ` You-you what are you doing here- You YOU are not wanted ! My-my-my relatives are ashamed of YOU-you bloody bitchNobody wants YOUR FACE around OUR TOWN- get out GET OUT get out ~I will have you sent to REFORM SCHOOL~ I can have him arrested MALRAUX ~` (She knows that he ANDRE MALRAUX is legal Guardian me & the GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE A-Z GLOBE

SHE USES DOPES from LONDON TOWN- they at the top of Noble Britain give them to her-SHE KNOWS PARTS OF THE ESTATE THEY DO NOT HAVE STOLEN PAPERS UPONLike all of `em she has slept with Harold MacMillan-Anthony Eden-Lords Earls galorerich nobs climbing up to some dustbin or chamber pot on the head or hung on an ear

1945 that SeptemberI remember feeling so crushed by her ugly presence I was glad to go yet did want to stay looking at him & his tall graceful figure- I look at him ANDRE Colonel George X from a distance- he is so beautiful

SHEshe often (like every day) tells me I am a pauper a nobody ugly with orange peel skin & I have rickets my eyes the colour of Thames mud (they are blue-pearl-turquoise)- She kicks my legs at the front saying `Your bloody father gives me no money` I WANT MONEY YOU BITCH ~ you wont have Betty Grable legs-I me-me-ME- I come first !` SHE TAKES DOPE !

Esther-Estelle at the peak of her beauty at this time 1940s kindly asked me later why I left -

Professor & Mrs Winnclemann heard from Colonel ANDRE that I had left the cricket match & they said I should have stayed to give him support- for you suit him Elsa & he is at peace with you- you are friends( Yes that is a way of putting itactually I FEEL I AM GOING TO FAINT AT HIS FEETits called LOVE)

~ Aunt Miss Win said well, he did not quite know what to do when you left- we think he wanted to have you see him play cricket- he did not really want to talk with your mother…”

OH HOW I DOTH SINK INTO ANCIENT STONES- Colonel ANDRE so beautiful & I am already a forlorn weeping spirit in an ancient Place where I shall live my life & my thoughts dwell upon him-

His stern face is always nowadays & tall & bigger is his frame it seems since 1937- here he com`th haunting these roads my walks along the beaches- & coming into the schools & I with red face had to hide my bow & arrows in June under the school hedge & walk back to the Winnclemanns with him Colonel ANDRE & be a grown-up-& take a prepared tea& Richard Wagner music which I like- especially dramatic parts !

On the Sunday the next day he say`th I will meet you from school this afternoon. the place where you hide your bow & arrows…“ I felt age 8 or 9 years !

Colonel Andre to be called George by we school children he emerges from Montfort Lodge the Priests House & I can only gaze from the other side of the road- not a greeting only the eyes meeting- (tape/accounts-`I SAW GEORGE` ) It is for me far more than APRIL LOVE as in Arthur Hughes painting- I have SHEshe & she says I shall never get away-& she is going to lock me up- for she hisses `YOU ARE MAD-like your bloody father`

I saw Auntie Esther later that week & she said ANDRE had called- She said cheerfully & not as a reprimand we were making tea for the cricketers & those come to watch & you leftwe would have liked your help` She said that now I am in the big school I should take my part in these activities of the town & the district-` This politeness gave me some confidence

1945 September.THUS I have decided not to go back to the Pathfields school this Autumn Term but put myself in my Convent School where I attended first Autumn Term1936 after the 8 months abroad- I began CLASS at The Pathfields September as they started earlier than The Saint Clare Convent- so I began the Term but said little until the last Friday & then took me G. R. to the Convent at half Term

I just turned up at the Saint Clares` Convent after Half Term in October 1945- they welcomed me- I had told Treasa Gordon & Miss Aunt Winnie that if there was NO MONEY FOR ME TO GO TO SAINT CLARE CONVENT then I COULD GO AS A PAUPER CHILDA POOR CHILD& not have to pay.

Clearly this was too much for Win & Esther would hear of it

Colonel Andre Malraux-George followed me- announcing he is Greta Ransoms Guardian for her Aunt & Grandmother Mary Gordon dead last year- Soon he was singing in the Nuns special Chapel-they adore him- He could not remember the name of the Aunt signing the letter October 1937- Margarethe Grote-the woman owning pure philanthropy A-Z the globe-

Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra-Teresa Gordon Old Mother Riley Ransom (names the schools call her) does not want me to go back to Convent School- & I am not walking all that way to Pathfields across lonely farmlands anymore or going the longer route by those awful depressing streets full of empty houses & returning in THE DARK IN Winter Terms the Lindsaybuggarhs put souless streets around the Town in the 1920s so they could make quick profit /diaries-/records/

1945 AUTUMN- George-ANDRE George Widower Colonel Andre to the schools- He has all summer had the peaceful house of my Great-Aunts Bessie & Annie Misses Williams Stella Maris to call at write his notes etc- They named it for Stella Maris Conder wife of Charles the artist from Australia-Annie did the gravestone & they told her when she was dying `we will never forget you`She got burned at home-

ANDRE George has the drawing room mornings or afternoons to himself with the gilded piano & a good table to write upon- blessed peace. He can go & find Annie in the kitchen perhaps & she usually has some drawing going on- her big wood spoons laid on the kitchen table as The Cross- she can tell him of The Art World Manchester Liverpool 1890s onwards- My Great-Aunt Bessie whose girlhood bible was also Mrs Gaskells NORTH SOUTH novel likes a hot Midday dinner & Annie Agnes Artist must create this too-from the rations-but there are plenty of vegetables to buy & she has a few in the garden -but says Auntie Win `sometimes they can only have vegetables & a piece of mousetrap cheese`

Bessie dashes about on Church or Welfare matters-rushes up to London to see her old retired Priests in the Oblate Saint Charles- at the back of Lancaster Gate Square ! Both of them are over 60 years & came to live at Clacton 1923 when the building of this great Catholic Church began-completed 1929.

1945-1947 ...ANDRE MALRAUX wanders in & out of the Church Clacton `OUR LADY` on the seafront to see he is really seeing what he sees- He cannot believe that anything so magnificent so CLASSICAL is really to be found outside Rome-& the roof of black Brazilian wood is vast- he begins to sing here in June 1945- in July he sang with the choir- & me too- the 1610 MASS of Claudio Monteverdi for JOSETTEtheir sons

At Stella Maris are the 12 Vols of Butlers SAINTS the months-

& all the old Gaelic Celtic ones & the young who travelled the East-as well as some rare French ones.

When we are engaged November 1946 I will set about finding names for our 15 children in these volumes. George Andre Malraux one morning found some I had not got which he approved-he found another girls name beginning with an O. He looks at me with solemn eyes when I say we will have 15 children- I say well at school they used to say I have not to worry about the money…”

All Miss Win said is you two will have to open an Orphanage-all these names- she did not hand ANDRE MALRAUX her Courtesy Copy the Will she has had since January 1938- making him GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE & Personal Guardian of the heirs Greta Ransom & Len Immanuel Ransom- until they are 25 years of age- or older if it is thought we need his absolute guidance

1944/45 Miss Winifred Gordon has heard some of the children have been massacred from a woman whose husband a British Officer refused to kill them- a Lindsay Major or Captain had him shot the next morning! His batman got the 2 letters out ! She briefly told me bits- something to do with my Father I cannot recall-

ANDRE & Greetah are therefore in the most horrible danger because we do not know many things& so are all the family because Miss Win does not hand him this Will !

Miss Winifred Mary Gordon spinster R.C. is in secrecy visited by her bastard nephew Edward du Cann born 1924- he has taken no notice of her ever & now sweeps in with `Aunt Winifred`he comes with a 2 man legal team- & wants half of the Inheritance- saying he has a superior education & The British Crown & Government are collapsing the Estate- they cannot have this- private Empires ! All the money & investments are needed for BRITISH TRADE & he and his penniless DAD are given MALAYA by ANGELAa whore

He is only one of Teresa Gordons bastards- & is bragging January 1954 in front of Greta Ransom that he has been taking heroin for 11 years-his doctor approves- `it gives you zippy zing` He began heroin at 17 years-the nasty little RAT !

His uncle grows Divinorum Salvia Scotland in Scotland with 4 others-they break the law-export it to nations using slave labour & running sex-it was also used in G.B. sex places London-WHITES CLUB-round the corner- Still growing it in Scotland early 1970s (The bastards only got life because Teresas mother is a Roman Catholic-)

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX is explaining to Peter J. P. Whitehead at The Pillar House Harwell that Miss Win threatened Greetha June 1945 saying that SHE WAS NOT to say a word about the Estate & later it would come from her Father to me ANDRE MALRAUX- Greta confided to a teacher at school- the threat gave Teresa time to inflict memory loss very severe on Greetah. However at this time Miss Winnie Gordon did not tell her sister that I MALRAUX was in the Town ! .. I did not meet Miss Win Gordon 1937 with JO- Mary Gordon her mother said she was away with her cousins Manchester & Saint Anne`s Beach-

Whether it was the force of Mr WINNCLEMANN (a great humanist) & her own relatives her brother Harry-people in the town public life- I do not knowbut she kept my presence a secret from Teresa I was in the townmy presence was considerable that first summer 1945...I had JO dead the previous Novemberhere we had found a summer of happiness & began a lifetime intended`

`THE MURDER OF MARY GORDON BY POISON FOR THE BRITISH NOBLES & CROWN who are killing the GROTE HOMES children around the globe outside The British EmpireFOR WAGONS OF DOUGHto trash--mine-log- murder communities on RANSOM LANDSgathered from brides marrying RANSOM the last 1,000 years

Nota bene : to all those related to this GENOCIDE crime DO NOT DO ITthen you won`t get named

(Andre Malraux continues) Mr WINCLEMANN got from Greetha that summer 1945 that she was worried about the poisoning of her grandmother Mary Gordon- it was known to the Hospital she was poisoned- She (Greta) said her Aunt had told her not to speak of thiseverybody was waiting for her father`s returnCaptain Ransom had been ORDERED by the WAR OFFICE to return to HOME DUTIES But then Miss Win