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Greetha`s aunt was angry & spoke of Captain Ransom having a good time in Africa.not bothering to return- ` SHE HAD BEEN TOLD THIS` we did not learn from whom ! `

( Andre Malraux ) `It had been intended by JIM the others 1940 he (FJR) die in the Philippines- a man born 1911 & attacked as all of them from birth by this branch claiming the ESTATE `from an old Eskimo whom they said could neither read or write-.. you`ve seen Philip Silverlee`s correspondence have you Peter? Churchill met the family & had an occasional exchange of letters with a woman he valued for her education & plain common senseA Goddess out of the SNOWS`

The most damning matter & where ALL OF THEM COULD BE EXPOSED was the letters from cousins Poulsen De Salle arriving 2 days before XMAS 1939 saying what had been done to them by JIM in the Arctic winter ! This tragedy was read by my Catholic wife JO- just before her death (9 November 1944) - we will leave all that aside- .. (he retired Minister of FRANCE flips over his notebook pageshis face grim & heavy shadows from ageI Greta do not consider my own feelings but only what is expectedthe present orders)

1970 PJPW has cautioned GRW minutes before the entrance of Andre Malraux Treat this as a piece of Researchyou can only upset him badly if you become maudlin or show regretsit has to be handled as a piece of science-history-researchGot it !I have been advisedI think this is best for he has a family in Californiain any case you did not stay with himyou kept leavingWe live here & above are children in bed asleepthey come first…”

Thus Winter 1970 speaks PJPW who is surrounded by MENGELE & Aristocratic dog piles from their first shock of the Whitehead-Ransom marriage Columbus Day October 1967...without any warning to any of these SCUM)

(It is known that ANDRE MALRAUX reported to General Charles de Gaulle the progress of these TALKS at The Pillar House Harwell beginning January 1970...& MORE DRAMA IN WINTER OCCURSas from Winter 1937/1938... `Always Winter& never Christmas` a phrase from Lion Witch Wardrobe perhaps-I have begun reading it to the children-five times reading of the set of books to 4 children 1970s CLARA MALRAUX has taken to calling ANDRE `Puddleduck` & Mr Inclement `Reepicheep`…… She is a heroin soak& other dopes from Mr Mengele Harringtonsince Summer 1938...

(Andre Malraux retired Minister GAUL continues)

He (FJR father of Greta Ransom) was sent off about the New Year 1940 ! But he spoke Japanese & was of immense assistance to the Armyhave you heard about the SWIM he did to speak with a Japanese General he had known as a child- they may be related- I have to ask Len - visits to his family islands at the tip of the Lusans- Pacificfar out- I have beenmy visit to Japan

He was able to delay the shelling of a hospital where they had put children & others infirm- I think you do not know enough Peter. Andre Malraux 1970- shorthand & notes G. R

1946... My poor young father & his family Ransom are told Malraux has the Will & it is a matter for he & General de Gaulle `by Noble mentally criminal savages` somebody has called them this those prostitutes & Playboys top of the pyramid British upper-classincluding the Scavenging Noble Crows from Scandinavia

1944 summer - after her mother`s murder by poisons Miss Winifred Gordon Spinster has the bastard du Cann about her with a 2-man legal team 3 years- He a heroin soak from 17 years is demanding half the Estate Orders his penniless LAW father one of the bedding HIGH CLASS SIN OF THE Roaring 1920s-CLAIM IS TO BE ESTABLISHED IN SECRET SILENCE AT LAW that this one of several bastards has the superior education ! Would that be in CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ? The family Gordon-Butler-Ransom do not know of these visits until 1960 onwards Of course Miss Win`s sister Teresa is well informed & they will look after Edward Gordon bastard`s MUM Teresa Gordon she stuck him in a bucket in East End where MARY GORDON his legal grandmother found him 2 weeks later & christened him R.C. giving him name of her dead son Edward died 9 years olddipth/scarletinaThe whole du Cann MOB have life because of MARY GORDON finding the latest Teresa bastardCHANCE-

ANDRE MALRAUX continues 1970 winter : He will say that he was only allowed 20 minutes in the Marital Court September 1946 to hear that my father FJR WON custody the 3 children- Andre He tried meet my father was told by Miss Gordon that he had left to go abroad-

(FJR (G.R.`s father LIR`s elder brother) 1945 onwards is at the tremendous workload of the GUARDIAN-Malraux discounted 1949the horror of the children all SLAIN by big RN ships sailed in permission Lavatory Louis is a burden a lot of decent RN carry as well as Armybut the system is TOP HEAVY with penniless ARISTOCRATIC SCUM& others seeing this CORRUPTION take what they canHence the Admiral who put a lot of paintings aside for personal sale& the group who got money in GOLD BARSsunk them in a Scots bogthen could not get them out? )

1946 September - & Colonel Andre Malraux Widower. heard Court decision that TREASA TO GET NO MONEY because of the horrible debts- the crude spiteful selling & burning of books & furniture- Reports/citizens/ Hospital/Police/etc on her behaviour & her absences & two children Greta & Colin seen at school with malnutrition & horrible blows to face & body-

1943 & 1944 she Teresa Eliz. Gordon Ransom was put several times in Tendring Asylum Hospital- Release in 2 or 4 days by telephone calls from London- in name of a friend Angela The Palace- reason given `she is needed by her sons`

1946 September Miss Winifred Mary Gordon Spinster requested to now put her sister in Asylum ! Make arrangements for the end of the month ! Confinement while children grow upat least for 20 yearsthe matter of their mother`s death

..Because of her bastards & noble friends the matter could go no other wayVerdict Essex Courts & circles `best way to manage the matter`

..All OVERTURNED BY DU CANN father & son in secret silence -he could not have his mother locked away Such a Jolly Person..& it could RUIN Edward`s CAREER ! (Thus spake the monstrous criminals..the father ADMINISTERS THE BRITISH LAW1948 IN MALAYA ! You piles of dog`s dirt ! )

(ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister France 1970 informs PJPW at The Pillar House HARWELL)

` The same happened before the war- Teresas friend Angela WITH JIM AT HER ELBOW ALWAYSshe a noblewoman requested she, Teresa, be free when her Gordon family her husband tried get her treatment for narcotics alcohol & violence so extreme she was likely to kill adults or children- A 4 days son Frederick (Ransom) thrown in the fire was a hideous crime egged on by JIM & them (Earl Lindsaybuggarhs) demanding a 20,000 pound cheque from her husband FJR 1934 - the baby had to be shot- No charges could be brought because of her noble bastards& her own criminal sentence 1926 of which her future husband had no idea when he met her 1932...

The drug known as purple plum was given her by the family of The Earls of LINDSAY Scotland- they had built 1910 a family Summer Place called The GRAND on Clacton seafront-it had a few months ago been condemned by the Council & was now pulled down 1946- There are photographs of it- Teresa had grown up knowing the ennobled class since a small child-her mother Mary Gordon has 3 Southern Irish R.C. baronets-good families of profitable humanist occupations her cousins-The British nobles were penniless & wild on dope & booze-

ANDRE MALRAUX relates how he & Mr WINNCLEMANN often wrote Gretas father but never got a reply- they had to rely on Miss Winifred for the address- she would say she would address the letter later when she had time to go to her address book .

It was Miss Win who had allowed the du Cann family to sit in on Court Proceedings August-September 1946...she called herself `PORTIA` as directed by her BASTARD NEPHEW Ed du Cann born 1924 a heroin SOAK at 17 years of age- CAPTAIN RANSOM WON September 1946see detailshis wife to be put in Asylum for decades

The bastard du Cann & his legal team were calling Miss Gordon PORTIAThey demanded she did not lock up Eds mother Teresa Gordon Ransom- after the Court Cases were finished ! Aunt Win- Portia should keep his jolly mother out for Christmas- After 6 months another Court Case would have been necessary to get the Order AGAIN- …” (You bastards or piles of dog`s dirt)

Ed du Cann has a Law Degree Oxford-he & his Mates knew this scenarioThey should be axed at Martyrs Memorial Oxford ! On a sack of heroin ! They drip blood & gore moneys all their lives stolen by first murdering the GROTE HOMES children & mature students with families- Killings in our vast RANSOM WEDDELL family & branches- kith & kin -friends-settlers-round the globe continued into the 1980s ! RECORDS

Andre Malraux 1970 to PJPW It was she `Portia` who gave us (Mr WINNCLEMANN & Colonel Andre MALRAUX) a day & a time when we might enter the court 1946 August- September- later I learn from Greetah`s father (late October 1957) he did not know II Andre Malraux was at Clacton-on-Seano POST/mail was received by anyoneby any of usit was all STOLENfor THEM (Lindsaybuggarhs) in the name of The British Crown (who pay no Taxes & can so easily have a MAFIA STYLE system in their double rampart of PENNILESS nobles & relativessacks of blood & gore dough go to the issueNota bene : ALL ARE ON THE PIN20th century late 19th century

1946 September - When ANDRE MALRAUX asked to meet Greta`s father Captain Frederick John RANSOM born 1911 November he was told he had just left the town It was she Miss Aunt Win `Portia` the Du Cann legal team skulking about her who forbade Harry Gordon her brother to say who the young man with him was September 1946 - It was Dr John Ray RANSOM who believed that Greta Ransom knew whom he was-& will know him again December 1946 as we wait for FJR & party to come from London-but he had been attacked 2 hours before-& was in hospital- It is Dr John Ray (Ransom) a victim of The Earls of Lindsay Crawford at one month old his genitalia slashed-educated highly USA- It is the highly educated Dr JOHN RAY Ransom whom ANDRE MALRAUX spoke with September 1946 & said later to Greetha Ransom age 13 & 7 months old. I wish I could be that clever- he has been educated in America…”

(Astro Physics/Animal Management/LAW) GREETHA HAD NO IDEA THIS MAN WAS HER FATHER-s BROTHER.he thought I didpoor soul

SHAME ON YOU U.S.A. State Department for not exposing these dirty crooks British NOBLE SCUM

ANDRE MALRAUX speaks 1970...Malraux/Ransom family histories

`It was she Miss Win who cancelled Gretas father & party coming to the April 1947 wedding- yet this man had given his permission ! She cancelled them hours before...

She did not tell me Andre Malraux- she told Greta 2 hours before the ceremony ! (1 & a half hours before) Again she told Greta not to tell me `or I would think what a dreadful family` She would say ` they had been delayed ` (G.R. has read text on to Tapes/ on this matter`The Wedding of Grace`deposited globe)

Malraux says 1970 `Neither WINNCLEMANN or I heard the entire 1946 Marital Court matters- Greetha`s Father Captain Ransom WON PeterNOW HE IS DEAD & CANNOT EXPLAIN TO YOU HIMSELF We had no idea the cruelty-the debts- & HIGH CLASS NAMES WERE SPOKEN OF- titled people who were part of the deceit to see I DID NOT SEE THE WILL- My copy was stolen from PARIS addressed to me- Stolen by a woman on an Official Visit July 1938-she Angela also stole a letter handwritten by the owner of the Estate for me to give the President of France- it was an honour to my Nation FRANCE- my being chosen Guardian (stolen by a woman & her men with an illicit crown)

Andre Malraux 1970 to PJPW The Pillar House Harwell :

It was October 1957 when this poor man showed me his diaries so carefully kept all his life with Teresa- he was attacked brutally some days after this- their intention was to end his life by damaging his liver! I have some notes from his diaries ! These creatures & she-Teresa-are barbaric! They all use this very dangerous dope ! I have been able to learn of its power to have the user-the wearer kill- says Andre Malraux 1970 Harwell-

Nota bene : Grote Homes & RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts- The 19 acres under New York were in secrecy claimed in Angelas name

`an old Eskimo had given them to her when she was a child` was the reason given- `she did not need to produce documents-`She had an Empire - Britain had fought in the War- The FRAUD begins 1941 - by 1948 Maurice brother of Clara Malraux contributes by sneakily finding information out on tenants-rents-etc- New York Ransom lands the Estate

1953 Xmas - MAURICE Goldsmit is in WHITES Club- his sister Clara may enter at lady time - They are on first names with JIM PIMP Jong from pre-war PARIS days - ANDRE MALRAUX knows nothing of his ex-brother-in-laws New York assistance in this CRIME-

JIM Steward WHITES CLUB running vice on the RUN from crimes in Kenya is a visitor to the Jan Steen Tavern Paris JIM`s mother having had a fashionable Apartment Paris with her Chinese sister pre-war- This is the rented house Paris ANDRE MALRAUX got 1946 for his sister-in-law widow of his half-brother Roland & her son & his 2 sons of the dead JO- a large staff & new décor are immediately undertaken by his sister-in-law which left him really penniless 1946 -

& somewhat stunned ANDRE HAD NO IDEA THAT MENGELE HARRINGTON & NOBLE BRITAIN penniless ON THE PIN SLUNG A HAMMOCK WHEN HE WAS NOT THERE(reports 1957-1967 `knock you` !!! )

HERE CAME the GOOD FELLOWSHIP OF EAST ANGLIATHE GOSPELS ACTED OUT- Clacton passed the plate round & willingly helped him Andre-Georges get on even keel ! Mr Winnclemann gave him a little income & we all paid for this & that -tickets for The Flicks (cinema) to help him. It was stressed by us all at the seaside that the work he was to do with Saint Charles (Saint Charlie as Manchester-Liverpool young learned R.Cs call him ) for PEACE was what was important-

The boys two sons of he & JO were to go to Ampleforth Roman Catholic school where the writer of LORD OF THE RING has his 4 boys& SCHOOL Fees my father said would be taken care of by he & his brothers from their own EstatesFred John Ransom had told Miss Win & he had written it to ANDRE MALRAUX- but Colonel Malraux as all of us ANDRE MALRAUX - he never received his POST/mail after NOVEMBER 1937- Stolen G.B. Nobles & Crown

Stolen & fingered by British Government Lords & Crown sticking their snouts in- Still stolen at his death November my father`s WILL 1969 & photographs all documents left to his daughter G.R including the DELACROIX `GERTRUDE POULSEN MRS FRED RANSOM IN HER SAVAGE NECKLACE 1830s Jacopsholmen Island WEST GREENLAND usual disgusting SO CUNNING THEFT of Noble Britain & Scandinavia scavengers

They, British Nobs have STOLEN our RANSOM post when they could get it from CHRISTMAS 1933 -ripping open gifts-private documents-letters- with 3 men grey suits from WHITEHALL taking away all written pages-documents/

19 ACRES under New York- Ransom purchase 1801-

New years Eve 1953 Nethrington Hall- FRAUD-CLEARLY HEARD by 2 detectives disguised as Waiters- present but sometimes apart were Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom-who had no knowledge why we were there-- David S. Brown rnvr songwriter was paid by Lindsay Earl 14 & 15 & decided to act spy as this MAFIA LINDSAY was clearly with KUDOS- Brown just made a Lieutenant-Commander for work in submarines 2nd World War (a bit of nasty juggling went on here) he also had his own nasty Fraud over Arran Hebrides & was trying to outwit JIM- JIM has been promised Arran 1937 as his SHARE of the GREATEST CRIME OF MANKINDall are criminally insane- heavy dope users-& `Work for the Crown`which Jim `in his cups` is heard to call `3 Broads & a Greek`

It was the Earls LINDSAYbuggarhs who took the greater part sale 19 Acres Violent theft/murders/FRAUD & shared between 40 of them Summer 1954- tumbling without any warning the old respectable firm GROTE BROKERS established 1830 New York ! Some of the Lindsay MOB & some Lords said 1941-1953 it all belonged to Angela The Former Miss Bloody Liar- so it must proceed in silence- she was a divinity - Lindsaybuggarh Earl 14 said to his 40 Lindsay mob 31/12/1953... `it was The Fortune of a Miss Millicent Lindsay & that the family Ransom were trying to STOP them having it` /reports/records

There was never a Millie Lindsay- they know she is Miss Millie FROBISHER Mrs JOHN RANSOM m 1883- murdered by them 1897- she the mother of Greethas grandfather Ransom-

1953/31st December -New Year`s Eve That evening Lindsay 14 & 15 & the 2nd one in films poisoned about 9.20 pm the old relative shared with the Frobisher line- she & her husband were about to telephone the police after speaking with Greta Ransom who did not have any memoryor know why we had to come hereBut they had been with TIGGY GROTE to stay in the HOMES before his murder on Arran 1904...they felt the LINDSAY GANG had reformedNOW A SHOCKGreetha Ransom does not know us ! They were to phone Police & say FRAUD- COME IMMEDIATELY- S O S !

Her husband wandered about a few minutes calling Where is Malraux - they have murdered my wife- Malraux- Malraux - The Lindsay Mafia sedated him- A detective gives report at 4ooam to another-on a murder by the Premier Earls of Gross Britain friends of the Figures from a Morgue at the very top& Scandinavian Crows

Nota bene : Habitual use of the dangerous dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland has its users become easily violent killers-paedophiles-rapists-divine beings able to tell LIES LIES LIES- They are dangerously insane& never change-they pass the habit to their kids who are to be their INSURANCE for them when they become aging Monsters -part retired

Tumbling GROTE BROKERS Established 1830 New York without any warning was a serious crime/ compare it perhaps to the fraud of the Pensioners by Maxwell- The British Nobles took from 1941-1953 to accomplish it in careful secret-silence using the Diplomatic world & any departments of the British State required-

This crime which had several savage murders from 1933 take place to ensure its success has all the PAW MARKS of Lindsaybuggarhs EARLS & JIM Jong Mr Pong They should have warned Grote Brokers what Angela & the G.B. Premier Earls were up tobut then of course THE FRAUD WOULD HAVE BEEN EXPOSED !

This obscene piece of Statecraft was done in silent secrecy (quoting General de Gaulle when he found out in 1962) -Claiming the 19 acres of 1801 Ransom Estate for The Crown had to be a faceless crime or all of them would have been given `carriage accidents` if they could not be LOCKED UP IN CAGES AT THE ZOO- The nasty trickery on papers to prove this was not RANSOM property has long ago been exposed

Use of a faceless woman ensured this Fraud could be in silent secrecy = `CROWN HAS TO BE FACELESS in FRAUD-

1954 Augusta Frobisher writes a letter to a Kinsman in House of Lords `Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men.` She was murdered by JIM 1954 in her flat in Norway-he sported one of her famous ship silver earrings in WHITES CLUB ANGELA A PACKHORSE FOR THE CRIMES OF HER MEN…” (Teresa E. Gordon Ransom a camel)

ANDRE MALRAUX speaks 1970 I was deceived Peter-

WE WERE ALL PUT IN THE GREATEST DANGER- they were blaming me & the family of Greta for the deaths of the children in the Orphanages- other deaths too & some nasty insinuations got going in their Clubs about my General also having some role- IT WAS ALL LIES ! A bastard- du Cann- was also feathering his foul nest- his Uncle & others grow this dangerous narcotic- Scotland -it was talk- all over the Town in the 1950s-60sthey got it going again after a Court Case`

Research 1960 by Detectives Colleagues of Malraux-two have known Miss Win Gordon since she was in her teens- is written up in other BOOKS RANSOM-MALRAUX- Gospels Acted Out

1945-1946 ANDRE MALRAUX in East Anglia-England -the big Cinemas provide a warm night out in winter- he Georges-Andre makes friends with a young University educated Cinema Manager come to train- to progress- goes to supper with he & wife. Evenings- a supper made from The British Government Food Rations at the home of the old University educated teachers Mr & Mrs Read who came out of retirement 1940 until the end of the War -They can tell him of the highly intelligent Mary Gordon & her sisters work in Welfare- The Reads` have friends in USA Bostonone a woman friend & brother who I think wrote a book we use for history in the Primary School- European History with a Viking ship on the hard cover- I have a copy

A window on the world is at the cinemas twice weekly Pathe` Cine Movie news- also trailers of what is coming that month- new & old films- Perhaps a high-tea is taken first before the evening cinema-people often go once a week-

Compiling this Book of Summer 1937 with Andre & Josette & everybody of that LOST TIME I G.R. find those 5 weeks are DAYS OF HOPE- I wont know such happiness again- It can be re-lived in these pagesLOST TIME IS THUS RECOVERED The Lindsaybuggarhs, JIM, other disgusting dope nobles are off-shore or collapsed after the jollifications London early summer

1945/46-47 are strange fragile DAYS OF PROGRESS

1948 I retreat into a sense of Neolithic days lived- the horror of having to live again with Mad Mother Kali Orders unlawful from Miss Win & du Cann bastard & Lindsaybuggarhs that I am to live with his mother `Mrs Teresa Gordon R Sheshe` who has not been given her BIG WIN BY THEMHER BAG OF GOLDbut she can go to splendid NOBLE KNEES UPSat her own expenseThey know she has up her sleeve properties of the Estate they do not have a knowledge ofthey dangle a carrotand so doth she

The wreck of ANDRE & GRETA OUR SHIP OF GRACE is all neatly written-parts appear here & in other Documents THE HEIR THE GUARDIAN are NOT TO KNOWall POST/mail STOLEN ORDERS Earls of LINDSAYBUGGARHS -Angela & her menin name of GROSS BRITAIN GOVERNMENT & CROWN

1948 -I came to realise I was imprisoned with a criminally immorally insane-pathetic sometimes horribly savagely violent hurling boiling water in my face, waiting behind a door with a heavy cricket bat a pokera sub-creature exactly as all of them- SHE TGR EXHIBITS EXACTLY HOW THEY ALL BEHAVE ON THIS DANGEROUS NARCOTIC-USED BY THEM SINCE BIG KIDS

Of its dope use I had no understandingno memory 1938 !

I G.R. had no understanding of quality that she TGR was having `RED LETTER DAYS` & handing out bits of this VAST ESTATE to her filthy TRUE BLUES as bribes to get herself some dough I heard things but had no memory of pre-War. & even my grandmother Gordon had faded into non existence at times

1948 ANDRE MALRAUX WAS ABOUT THE Clacton TOWN mostly after dark STAYING WITH FRIENDS EVERY 2 months or soHe`d now in March 1948 GONE DOWN THE REGISTRY OFFICE WITH HIS SISTERNumber 18 THE PRAYER BOOK FORBID ! They lived their own lives

Mr Mengele Harrington` for The Crown-The Crown-The Crown` stinking of dung in his expensive suits & accosting small boys after dark in Paris Parks with a needle of FORGET in his hand FREQUENTED THE rented JAN STEEN TAVERN PARISHe was appointed ANDRE MALRAUX`s jailor/Executioner of his INTELLECT if he could & with Clara stiff with DOPES from Mengele Harrington Supplier of G.B. Nobles both of them threaten to lock ANDRE MALRAUX up if he does not bring home DOUGH Difficult for a Writer ! ( Difficult 1950s to even think above the threats with these 1920s evil ones about usALL ON THE PIN)

To listen to the Mengele & Nobles crowd you`d never know there`d been a nasty WAR


They got his ancestry out like dirty washing` we hear November 1967...from learned scientific circles PARIS who in secret silence got 3 people to unburdenReport/

It matches the distress of `Oliver Goldsmith`s mother who paid a visit 1957...she then died of heroin Mengele saidShe never touched DOPE in her lifeher son with a tragic face came to see ANDRE at 50 Lancaster Gate Square winter 1957/1958...both in griefbut UNABLE TO KNOW WHERE THIS VIOLENCE WAS COMING FROM

-& George Col.onel ANDRE MALRAUX-a figure of winters-seas and marshlands from Holland-on-Sea to Walton-on-the Naze to Felixstowenothing more could surface because her violence & the threats of her superiority reignedshe served a woman of PURPLE RICEboth of them raised from childhood by JIM Jong at their elbowshe always looking for girls to make his fortuneHE A PIMP ON THE PINhis Chinese Grandfather threw him out of family & nation for embezzlement-violence-a murder-another possibleBefore JIM was 17/21 yearsReports-one by Doctor Mengele Harrington !

1949/1951 Greta Ransom 16 years of age got to College Colcestre-Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis- Colchester-helped by Laura Lawrence Newnham College Cambridge before her unnecessary car accident- (She is on the Rathbone pedigree) Some escape from the TRUE BLUES madness- & staff NE Technical College North Hill Colchester help- Mrs Cooke ex Cadbury Welfareshe suffering Mengeles interference for The Crown from 1953-

The first Term G.R`s girlfriends had some slight hold on Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra when they found out she was sending me in with doped sandwichesRecords/Papers/

There was some protection of me from eminent people who knew of the FRAUD & MURDER OF THE GROTE CHILDREN but I did not understand this thenWe were taught English/Drama by Major Brown father of the actress Pamela Brown whom we all admired for her role in Henry V the Olivier filmWe went to a Matinee of SOUTH PACIFIC with Mary Martin lead& I felt I was slipping into LIMBO as figures on stage wore ANDRE MALRAUX Glenn Miller USA Army raincoatsAbout me some sympathetic CLASS spoke upon GEORGEa hero French MALRAUXthey were advised not to say too was felt I had suffered shock`