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1949/1951...At the N-E College Colchester I, G.R. got the nickname `MAJORsaid as Maeh-jour`a mixture of my liking GLENN MILLER records & Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX a rather SPIRITUAL ROMAN CATHOLIC matter it was felt

When I got out in the big world my name was pronounced as Gretaa short version of the Greenlandic GREETAHchild of MARGARETHEHAto some persons in the world of ART it was known at this time 1949/1951 that the figure at the foot of Delacroix`s SARDANAPULUS is Miss Greta Ransom`s Great-great GRANDMA Gertrud POULSENshe GREENLAND HEIR TO THE ISLAND OF POUL GRONLANDER her grandfatherJACOPSHOLMEN off XRISTENSHARB& that just before this last War there was a MOVEMENT to get the UNIVERSITY UP on the POULSEN RANSOM Island IT WAS FELT THAT FRANCE & GENERAL DE GAULLE MUST BE IN CHARGE OF ALL THISANDRE MALRAUX WORKED FOR HIM


1949/50 I AM COMING 17 YEARS When FJR is dead 1969 I will be told that he my father used to send me poems/letters/giftsbut the Crown had them all removed as from my first XMAS 1933 this way with much secret silence Noble Gross Britain got all the blood & gore moneys after the slaying of our million children

THE DISGUSTING DOPE DRINK BEHAVIOUR of them March 1954 wearing my 21st birthday presents is recorded by several witnesses/ photos Express newspaper tooTHESE NOBLE CREATURES G.B. & Scandinavia REALLY ARE VERY DANGEROUS& possibly more insane than Hitler & Gang The ripping open of Greta Ransom`s POST/Mail headed by EARLS OF LINDSAY was as usual FROM 1933 at the back of Buckingham Palacewhere Mr JIM Jong just made CUR JAMES has his old 2 room Apartment as from 1923...

1948/1953... LINDSAY 14 came & glared at me& the THUG that drove carriage & horses at Len & me 1938 appeared & glared- its of the LINDSAY mob but another surnamethen No 15 came simpering around-glaring ALL OF THEM HAD NO IDEA I HAD NO MEMORY OF THEMexcept they looked like thugs out of HELL by Hieronymus BOSCHthe painting RANSOM own & which they killed old Mr & Mrs Ransom so horribly for & all the INCUNABULA & other paintings September 1939 at Montrose Farm The BasinThat FARM that he F. RANSOM bought for his 2nd marriage to THE LADY OF JAPAN 1500 AD /Vast records here/

They should all be on chainsbuilding for Greta & Lennie Ransom

1950 ANDRE MALRAUX takes me Greetha Ransom now 17 years old to see a silly film on Scaremouche in brilliant Technicolor of the time-1950 Colchester- he is married to his sister apparentlyHe was amazed I have grown more& can look him in the eyehe looks neglected & sounds it too

SOON he A.M. had a mental collapse for some fiends-friends told him MATTERS WERE NOT SO ROSY in the JAN STEEN TAVERNso he ran away to a rented Chateau in Italy on a Lake & WEPT THAT HE HAD NOT GOT HIS Greetha PROPHET HIS ANCIENT GIRL OF THE WEDDING OF GRACE 1947 permission granted to KEEP US BOTH SAFE by `Young Paccelli`

ALL HIS POST/mail is stolen searched & every aspect of his life HAS THE SNOUTS OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN in FOR THEY CAN BE FOUND OUT FOR THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ~A River of Blood about your ankles young woman` says an Elder City of London 1965 ~ THAT IS WHERE THEY HAVE GOT ALL THIS DOUGH FROM- the slaying of the children frightened many people when they learned of itThe criminally insane had been allowed to assume too much KUDOS It is GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE our lands our Reserves our Vast Bank deposits THEY NOW THIEVE BLEED JUGGLE WITH in secret-silenceOur honest TRADING AT SEA began it19th century early 20th it is gathering tremendously from our 1830s investment in Transport etc for it now 1930s funds the greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY the Globe has ever had A to Z independent nations There is A SURPLUS for Greta & Len to see to the building of the two UniversitiesPOUL GRONLANDER Nord Pole & JAMES WEDDELL & his father in law the INCA NOBLEMAN Yahama Josef SAN JULIAN F. San MiguelBritish Nobles now display it in togs-luxury immorality-new diamondsall the trash of a greedy Class

They BRITISH NOBLES were all PENNILESS 1937 for THEY HAD TO MEET THE INTEREST ON THE INTEREST of tremendous borrowings early 20th century-gambling etc.THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN PUTTING THEIR SNOUTS INTO SINCE 1880s WHEN LINDSAY EARLS decided to begin the killing & TAKE ALLcalling out Old Eskimos could not make a Will& that Millie Frobisher had married one that is the learned EDUCATIONALIST JOHN RANSOM(more TRUTH with records later & in other BOOKS DOCUMENTS GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE & ANDRE MALRAUX)

1949/ Charles Bronson actor Hollywood who acted so well as the mad Captain in a CONRAD film- (the old Catholic grape-vine-goes up to Manchester & Liverpool ) comes to Clacton t0 try give help- he wont give Grote money to any of THEM-it was put in a CharityHe lived ! Such a nice gentle-mana humanist 1960s Andre may have heard his tale !

1945 onwardsCUNNING : Everybody was told ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulle were in charge of the Estate-LIES LIES LIES1950s & 1960s Lindsay Earls now try rob the Vatican of records GROTE RANSOM MALRAUX in name of a CrownLists available of what should be there/G.R. for Ransom families et al

1953-57 a state of no future but drear as I have to get away from SHEshe 1956...Malraux finds me because I write letters to Mr Poulter Colchester Museums - the monsters were following me about threatening & then she mad Mother Kali begins to poison me badly- attacks on my father same years but he can get offshore to administer the parts of the Estate he & Trustees & family are trying keep hold ofTHE FILTHY BRITISH NOBLES ARE UP TO SECRET SILENCE TRICKS USING THE STATE SERVICES -

There is played March 1954 a FILTHY TRICK on FJR & his families Weddell Ransom etc over Greta`s 21st Birthday Party London in family property - I was kept doped by her & BROWN RNVR 3 weeks & THEY WERE PAID WELL BY LINDSAY EARLS for The Crownmeaning one Angela a drunk for whom Mengele Harrington regulates DOPES- with Teresa Gordon R. she can drink a Pub out overnightas Lord XWY says

19601961- Colne Engaine late winter SOME EXPOSURE OF THE PARTY for the heir`s 21st birthday 1954 I GRW WILL HEAR THIS again IN 1972 & the full details in 1981...after Mr Doc Mengele Harrington has lost in his Divorce- had to give up HALF OF HIS BLOOD & GORE moneysHe goes about the world with Duckie Mountbatten & has known Dickie M. from 1930s-ALL ON THE PIN 1950s-1970sthey collect up books Ransom/Gronlander/Weddell San Julian to burnReports - THEY ARE ALL ON THE PIN & criminally insane

1954 March - SHEER HORROR : A freelance photographer got Greta Ransom free for the criminally insane had called him in to get the usual DIRTY PICS- he reported on their dope madness- there were two of them Teresa Gordon R. & David S. Brown rnvr- & another who left as he drew up in his car- A girl kept in a flat Clacton-on-seacrouching in a corner her long hair over her face & they had been threatening to cut her face & blind her she mutteredshe had on a petticoat onlyHE SUSPECTED THE USE OF HEAVY DOPES BY THEMthe girl could not move or recognise anythingshe could barely crawlthey were calling her unpleasant names

1954 March - He took the photos but would not take dirty onesthe girl exposedHe said the girl looked ill & they had better watch she did not die on them HE GOT OUT SAYING BACK WITH THE photos TOMORROW Then went immediately to neighbours down the road-lead to Uncle Fred Potter-Masonic members & Police

AGAIN LITTLE COULD BE DONE FOR THIS WAS DIRECT TO THE CROWN who were spending this blood & gore money of an old Eskimo said to have been left to Angelagot from the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN to get at the RANSOM LANDS & investments2nd World War was used to sail the RN big ships in/endless reports by 1960s/ THEY ARE ALL, THE THIEVES, ON THE PIN THERE IS NOTHING NOBLE ABOUT NOBLES of Gross Britain & Scandinavia COPIES OF THE WILL ABOUNDEDevery investment every nation every GROTE HOME every Settlement had a printed copy sent off JANUARY 1938...


ON THE MONDAY after near a month`s absence I Miss Greta Ransom went to my work Colchester Museumsa shock to the Curators who quickly knew ` I, Miss Weddell Frobisher RANSOM HAD NO IDEA I HAD BEEN AWAYTrustees & others now held evil at bay as much as they couldfor they wished to SUPPORT ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom heir

Mengele Doc Harrington & Mr JIM JONG Cur JAMES were trying to REMOVE FROM COLCHESTER MUSEUM The Castle the important exhibitsthey had been FINGERING the Silver Mercury & the tombstonesTHEY ARE ALL ON THE PINbut DANGEROUS because they know 3 Broads & a Greek & can BOOT INpay themselves down The WHITEHALLas pre-war

(Nota bene : I Greta Ransom want 50 Billion pounds compensation from you Gross Britain Government & Crown- to start withfor this savagery ordered so dope fiend NOBLE BRITAIN CAN trot out all done up like dogs dinnersgambling offshore with our ESTATE moneys& robbing all small nations A to ZSETTING THEMSELVES UP & their kidsbut at least half of our honest moneys TRASHED IN YOUR DISGUSTING BIG TIMEtrendy livingALL OF YOU ON THE PIN)

Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom had tried have a LIFE 1945/1947... again with permission the employer of Andre Malraux General de Gaulle November 1953 March 1954 we were again victims of horrible tricks & THEFT our LIFE smashed again... Records of all this time are from several people are horrific- they can be read/ Its done for The British Nobles Lindsays & this Crown of debaucheryThe killing went onof all those who know of the Grote Ransom Estate

1957 November - ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM are called `The Immaculate Conception` by observers about LONDINIUM-suddenly a cold misty evening I seeing him tall & beautiful & pure of SOUL come from Gaul- looking at me with those eyes-Mengele is not in the Catholic building or he would DOPE ANDRE MALRAUX in a cup of tea to keep us apart for the next 4 days ` I spake`this miracle- its us- its YOU- its us- this miracle- its really you` I say to George ANDRE MALRAUX 50 Lancaster Gate Square- some memory rising for Greetah from winter seas & we walking along deserted beaches Clacton to Holland-on-Seaa beach he calls HER BEACH……( JOSETTE`s BEACH)but present fears brought to this holy house by Doc Mengele Harrington & his evil damesthose he has on narcotic LEADShas me re-act like a young person of my 24 years You look rather than speak for you are NOT AT ALL SURE OF THE WAY

And gratefully he kisses the top of my head as my memory so ethereal came together one week

(Mengele has been poisoned by an old boyfriend sick of his scrounging & his Dame is searching for the CLINIC he has been grabbed into) - as sketches on the seas of winter-the London mists across the Parks as I go to the great Museumssit awhile with Albert & all the FIGURES OF WHITE MARBLE about himbegin my learning in Science Museums/Geological/the VIC & BERT& perhaps in the afternoon a performance of William Shakespeare at THE OLD VICTake a straight line from 50 Lancaster Gate Square to the Natural History Museum-Science-Geological-V & Asay a prayer with Albert an educated man trying his best - BIG TIME took over

1957 autumn/1959 summerBut Mengele & his filthy helpers rose up again from HELL-

Then for G. R. some memory fading or rising when he George-Andre was near me speaking- all as seen in mists sometimesbut there was again DAYS OF HOPEMengele Doc Harrington had been poisoned by an old boyfriend sick of him robbing him- he was taken to a Nut House outside London after he managed to get himself helphis Dame found him & got him given a resurrectionBut we got 2 weeks of fragile usGeorge & Greetah- ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom-

1938 (LIR diary) `But RABELAISIAN GLEE & MERRIMENT at Clacton-on-Sea gave way to Rabelaisian madness in Scarlet Town too, WHEN THEY HAD THEIR HANDS 1938 Summer ON THE WILL FOR ANDRE MALRAUX-Guardian- getting Angela to Receive it from The British Ambassador PARIS on her State Visit July 1938` That summer 1938 into autumn the LINDSAYbuggarhs & their SCUM would bare their bums at us when nobody looking- The burning of our records- destruction of books - graves- paintings were horrible- British & world history being changed THE MURDERS BEGUN AGAIN in 1933 were into the branches of RANSOM & all whom knew too much

It was the paedophile attacks that had W. Churchill act January 1960- he was assured by Markham Makepeace (later Lord) of this happening from LINDSAY mob in Essex 1930s to many children- Churchill took 98 thousand pounds off Lindsay Earl 14- British Territorials left him castrated in a wheelchair 1960s

1960 JUNE .British Nobles- Lindsays Premier Earls- Crowns- Denmark Noble Carrion Crows some related -etc- After emptying our property into British & Danish Nobles yachts 1950s they had Bombed Jacopsholmen settlement 1960 without warning- some Press Reports seemed genuinely concerned about this BOMBING OF GREENLAND Island known to have been a shrine of Greenland history -

1960 JanuaryMALRAUX official GUARDIAN & General de GAULLE of FRANCE had been alerted to THIS GIGANTIC PIECE OF FRAUD BY GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES GOVERNMENT & CROWN. The intention by Gross Britain THIEVES was to QUICKLY was destroy all memory of the great civilized & cultural life organised by Fred Ransom whose wife was grand-daughter of Great POUL GRONLANDER Catechist-polymath-genius- & in Pouls memory the University was to arise on our Jacopholmen Island West Greenland- granted by Decree 1770- but Greenland brought the un-educated nobles DOUGHsince they refused Independence 1862...for they had BILLS to PAY said Royal Danmark Jacopsholmen island West Greenland bombed 1960 to hide the Noble Monsters crime of slaying the Grote children in their Homes TO GET DOUGH & lands- undercover of 2nd World War Greta Ransom & Official Reports of others/records stored

`British Nobles with long black tongues were crying `OLD ESKIMO IN THE RED-no Will-Angela takes all- & Uncle Lindsays` tried cashing cheques on every bank in names of MRG hurried into death too soon- & the heirs GFWMR & LIR`


THEY ALL HAVE BIG BLACK TAILS forked- they have slain the Grote Homes children- TO GET DOUGHthey should have been tied to cages by their tails- they will slither evermore to escape that THEY HAVE MURDERED THE GROTE HOMES CHILDRENTO GET THEMSELVES DOUGH- The British Nation is high-jacked by creatures born of a whiskey Still & absinthe barrels which are the 1920s DOPES REPORT A Robbie Burns Tavern after midnight- half a dozen Lindsaybuggarhs at the bar- free whiskey from a moonlight jollification- dead left everywhere -but all funYah know…”

LINDSAY Earlif he has a Degree then I have 10...LINDSAYs` A BLOODY NUSIANCE SINCE THE PLANET BEGAN` W. Churchill 1920s- He saw Mrs Grote his landlady went free- to sail the globe taking care of her husbands homes & her father & mothers Estate A-Z

1959 February & forwards- ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of GAUL-& Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom- nothing but silver black landscapes in greying darkness he was becoming to Greetah -where the only DAWN came from memory down tunnels reaching back into thousands of years agoI could understand sometimes what was happening to me by the afternoonwhen the morning DOPE in my beverages wore offan afternoon in the Geological Museum had me with some comprehensionknowing we had sometimes met by the MOONSTONES CASE 1957 & at the British Museum by the Gates of Nineveh once going up to URall fading fadingas people who had once dwelt in UR I seemed to be walking sometimes in the Ordivician-SILURIAN perhaps- all alone The Mengeles were the EXPERTS in controlling human beings with his mixtures of DOPESMengele Doc Harrington now far outdid dirty JIM Jong pre-war with STUFF IN CUPS & Teresa & Clara - (Records/dairy/notebooks tell of this time/)

This was the effect of the DOPES that Mengele Doc Harrington royal satrap-paedophile-Golum PEER-IN-WAITINGused every 24 hours on the Grote heir when he & his filth could- & used on ANDRE MALRAUX- his patient granted him by the Malraux women from 1938... He takes expensive toy-boy holidays with Clara- (Andres Aunt Mary/Marie tries protect him 1938 to her death-1940swith she the RECORDS of his family disappear)

1950s - We ANDRE & GRETAdo not know of the robbing of the great miracle GROTE RANSOM ESTATE The Joyous Venture in 3 Parts the World that is galloping on- A third of the Estate had been stolen by 1954...LINDSAY Government Lords & Crown having slain in horrible ways the 1 million & a quarter children staff settlers A to Z They had used the 2nd World War- Given authority to have Ships RN sail inteams of thugs on board on `special duties`& other recruits given a drink of knock-the-memory & powdered purple narcotic- DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND-morphine etc -mixes fashionable obtained from Mr Mengele

1960 JanuaryAndre Malraux was to hear all this December 1946- Of the Wartime 1939-1945... Grote-Ransom Genocide. from 2 Admirals & a Rear Admiral at 7 pm a December 1946 evening at The Old Quaker Rooms Old Road Clacton-on-Seabut my father Army Captain Frederick John Ransom & his relatives-friends-were in the hospital at his bedside where he had just been found in a London street-attacked savagelyIT HAD BEEN PLANNED.Malraux was hurried away to GAULThe Weddell genocide extension is about to begin- October 1947- 19 Weddell family some in RN-3 in Ocean Scouts & Sea-scouts had been slain-given accidents-so another name may erase WEDDELL SEA on world maps- dope madness went on Gross Britain nobles & Scandinavian scavenging scumrecords/


SAXMUNDHAM HALL is one of the Places associated with ANDRE MALRAUXs mothers English Sea Traders ancestry- Castle Rising-King`s Lynnthey fished The Wash & had some farming- His fathers line also reaches into English Sea Traders-fishersBoth lines go up North

The Wash- East Coast Britain was a most important fishing ground-turn to Little Doomsday Book-you read that 24 Frenchmen hold land at Dunwich-

Biographers of ANDRE MALRAUX in his lifetime were often `getting his SEAS ancestry out as dirty washing` -

1970 He ANDRE MALRAUX is telling PJPW The Pillar House Harwell some of his family history - Greetah Ransom W. is taking shorthand notes- 3 children sleep above- little Peter Rathbone Whitehead is to be born 21st August 1970...he dies May 19 1998 as a result of the disgusting removal of Records & of our Whitehead POST/mailof interference with the new family Whitehead, The Pillar House Harwell from February 1968...& all our connexions MENGELE Doc Harrington paedophile Peer-in-Waiting CLONE OF GOLLUM able to use a massive Secret Team Naval Intelligence & other scum sets a spy system about usas beforeas I have just come from in Scarlet TownThe ESTATE GROTE RANSOM & its HEIRS are not to be known

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX retired `Burgermeister of PARIS`

(I think he says beginning `do you recall me reading a Review ` ) Oops- its a book- long again- Im SO LOW- & SO ILL BRED- all I do is lead a Revolution ! SPAIN- Spain was my-my revolution !

When I met Miss Teresa Butler (December 17th 1959 at Thorpe le Soken/records archives ) a hugh BELL fell on my head `

They up there had all known the WILL was stolen from me 1938- & were satisfied that the British Realm had me persecuted & destroyed- so long as they might have big spending all their tawdry lives-

They also tried incriminate my General (General de Gaulle) over the deaths of the children in the HOMES Adeneur confronted them- he had some British RN & German Navy on his side- Oh- they RN would be given accidents-retired- Your nation does this Peter &others- We did not get the full picture at that time- Greta swiftly had no memory- she arrived at the little meadow Earls Colne (Colne Engayne Gallows Corner) with not much of what her Aunt Miss Terry Butler had said`

Until we saw the WILL- WILLS- 1962 March- of She (Margarethe girl of the Snows) & her husband- him the HOMES - her father & mother……de Gaulle & I were at a lossawaiting ORDERS from my detectives colleaguesthe families

Nota bene USA research 1950s/60s `It had become a NATIONAL INDUSTRY G.B -removing evidence of this Fraud- this horrible robbery-begun with killing kids `

Berthe Bertha Lamy Malraux- Andre`s young mother

She had letters photographs of the HALL Saxmundham- descriptions of the inside-life there & the garden & grounds-the village from 19th century relatives- I G. R. have seen the photographs in the 1950s & the folded letters or it may have been some shown 1937 to JO & me Mr Poulter would have them & any information spread out on his desk in Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester in the downstairs Study at the time they were to make a visit winter 1953/54-

Graham Greene was in & out of the Castle at that time talking with Andre. They are to make visits- 3 cars & some prominent local Quakers who probably sing in the Madrigal Society too- A nice day out in winter was to be takenchasing ancestors of Andre Malraux . They found two people of the HISTON family- one of his mothers strong lines from 10th century- Sea Traders always know their ancestors- you collect perhaps a piece of land from a bride- have cousins with Ships too- Everyone can always read & write-in Latin before 13th centuryperhaps Arabic too ! Records/archives

1945/46 Mr Armstrong Geographer will take Andre over to see SAXMUNDHAM HALL-I G .R. recall this- he our teacher of history & geography has petrol for his car & rushes about East Anglia teaching us from 1943 & goes to several schools teaching older children all Wartimeas far as The Oratory Suffolk I am not sure if Andre Malrauxs mother as a tiny girl went on this visit to distant relatives Saxmundham Hall or if it was her father or mother- A lot was spoken about it- & I have given some details- or an indication from files/archives/records placed in safety the globe 1960s-onward- where hopefully DOPE MADNESS cannot destroy !

this BOOK OF SUMMER 1937 I g. r. have COMPILED with readings his notebooks of his life- DIARIES OF HUMANISTS- & MARTYRS

I also quote the evil- their coarse criminal violent crafty & insane black tongued noises-

George-Andre Malraux in this Document 1937 Book of Summer speaks sentences I hear from 1937 July -1976 into October - I have taken his words down in shorthand sometimes- or others made notes I have written because of Andre-George my STARK LINES of 1957-1962...a form of George Sefris the Greek poet thinking perhaps` a diary of `behind the letters received the visits made you are always there` I G.R. am then 24-29...Mengele stole them & published them in a Norwegian dialect as his own !!!

`TO LINCOLN 1937 we three go Andres ANCESTRY & a

monument in the Cathedral- seascapes- towns `

1945/6 - Notebooks SUMMER 1937- I could not remember our Itinerary- perhaps landscapes he told me of came back into my young memory sketches upon the air- the sea waves- He had his notebooks -others about us spoke on the VISIT 1937 with `the young lady his Catholic wife`

1945 May into summer- Colonel Andre is in such pain from JOSETTEs death-

He would not wish to raise too much with me G.R a schoolgirl 12 years old in March 1945- then he quickly learns from observation & talking with Mr Professor Winnclemann of `the Virago- `Elsas mothershe should not have such a daughter Andre- she uses Greta as a kitchen frau & stops her going to school & there are other matters that worry Mrs Winnclemann & myself- & others in her Church across the roadI have spoken with Miss Gordon- I need your help`

( Old Winnclemann had this in mind-marriage-when he learned I was not dead…” says Andre Malraux 1970...`Yes George-Andre because I am hundreds of years older than you & a humanist` THUS A MARRIAGE OF GRACEpermission `young Paccelli` 1947)

1954-1961 Harold W. Poulter of Colchester Museums speaks with sorrow `We hear the Hall has changed hands-everything stripped out-Master Greene has been slipping in- all the young Hero Andre had in those letters from his mother Child- gone ! You went with him before the War to see his Ancestral Places-long line-she reached back up on The Wash to 9th century- I have a NOTE of it somewhere- I gave him all the information when we made visits that first winter-when he came again in the clothes of a Bridegroom- wishing for your hand Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester Museums- `Out East 19 years Child-China 2 years- before Boxer Revolution- studying bronze making with a friend- felt we should do something useful- not just worldly pleasures- learned some Mandarin-SET OFF ...

NOTEBOOKS1937 SUMMER- ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister of Culture FRANCE- reads his notebooks-speaks-1970 winter The Pillar House Harwell- PJPW- Greta Ransom W. shorthand sometimes-


Tapes-handed to The Pillar House APRIL-MAY 1970 of he reading these notebooks- speaking what he wishes to write about on the Greatest Crime of Mankind- he is travelling in time from meeting Teresa Gordon Deauville December 1924- At times his voice ascends- descends into such grief- I could only liken it to Ezra Pound reading his poems- Later we hear I was given dopes to stop me recalling himI was quite ill May into July 1970...little PETER Rathbone Ransom WHITEHEAD is born 21st August 1970...

1970 JUNE Local Berkshire/Oxfordshire dignitaries got dirty JIM Cur James banned from approaching Harwell within 5 miles- reports children adults, Cow Lane Harwell- whiskey bottles man drinking in a car & with a gun . Police Order 2 years

I was urged by Treasa E. Gordon R. on the telephone one sunny morning JUNE 1970 to take a walk with Victoria 2 years old down Cow Lane Harwell- Mad Mother Kali SHEshe kept on & on & on REPEATING ~ it was such a lovely morning & I & Victoria did not get out enough -

Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R. & JIM Jong Cur James Mr Pong- with the Premier Earl Lindsaybuggarhs- the contract killer Doc Mengele Harrington- & various dope filled Lords-Crowns-Gross Britain & Scandinavian carrion Crows- noble bastards- ALL EXCHANGE CHRISTMAS CARDS The Plot was again (as from 1933) MURDER of Heir G.R. & her children little PRRW about to be born-& they are murdering anyone they can who might know of their crimes & THEY GET A PURSE OF GOLD FROM WHITEHALL - & XMAS CARD. (This is called black humour/comedy& GENOCIDE)


1957 November- ANDRE MALRAUX has his staff member of this Catholic Charity & hostel 50 Lancaster Gate Square take Greta train to Clacton-on-Sea Recreation ground full account-archives/