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MALRAUX reads in 1970 notebooks ...

`He had some worrying matters to tell me when they got backbut I was able to explain to him that what hed heard was from her sub-conscious mind- for she had (age 4 & a half) been given HEROIN that summer 1937- & Greetha had only a little time to live- Because of her tears & words on the beach the first afternoon we decided to keep her with us the week- & when we bathed her the marks of a Needle could be found on her little hip ! Right hip !

(I think this was 4 days later-when they move in with us in the house on the Corner-we had booked them in 2 rooms next to Freddies theatre)

1945 summer- I heard from Miss Gordon the child was said by her mother to be deformed in one hip ! & the treatment had been a HERBAL one to cure a limp ! I know the signs of heroin given children from living OUT EAST Peter !

(Here PJPW slammed the dining room hatch in my GRW`s faceI found it easier to sit in little kitchen & take shorthand at that height rather than a table& it clearly was upsetting to ANDRE MALRAUX my being so close- I AM JUST A STATUE IN ALL THIS- Already coming at me from the old evil Noble GANG early 1968 the usual WHO ARE YOU- nobody but a pauper- & PJPW so slow with his questions from his papers & a notebook ! I could also go on with household tasks mending childrens` clothes/ironing/preparing vegetablesetc )

1957 November (Malraux continues 1970) My staff member took her to the REC- she wanted to see it again. He my staff member (`Nicholas Nickolai ` it is ) THEN DESCRIBED TO ME- how shed no memory of the presentthe staff had to all introduce themselves to her again in Novemberthat is re-introduce themselves They had come back September to find Greta in residence since the last days of July

`A.M. GOV-Sir-` as the young staff call Malraux- listens to a description of the Recreation Ground in 1957 from our November visit- Yes he has seen it too- & he is telling us it was now being destroyed for profit- No longer what was so enchanting SUMMER 1937

Andre Malraux `A world for children 1937 & 1945-47- still so`- `1957- the boating lakes had been grassed over- I went to see it- TURNED INTO A DOGs LAVATORY -a graveyard- by stupid fools of the modern age ! (20th century noble Britain greed)

It had been a world of make-believe & magic. A model of a Recreation Ground ! Its designers had produced a thing of magnificence that any town certainly a small town could be proud of- I WIDOWER carrying in my outstretched arms the dead JO& my two brothersI COULD REMEMBER THE GARDENERS & the cricket match- & Greetah running over the clean meadow to me- leaping & singing (& yodelling but he is better at it)the first summer 1945 OF MY WIDOWHOOD Peter

Greta showing how to lasso- I tried on him- he so tall & heroic now a full man not much trace of that boy-man of Summer 1937- He had to help me with the lasso -the boys are better- Notes/text tapes/ ` & the Man was a Gardener/Gasmasks in the corner/Walk into life from the sea/A man about the house/Biggles etc./

Malraux speaks from his notebooks - 1957 November, my staff member said she (Greta) spoke of me& he was alarmed !

` I was a man who could not use a silver spoon-or hold his bread & butter correctly- I slouched- Andre Malraux- at the tea table `

This is the criticism of Teresa Gordon R. when November 1937 she found out whom I Greta Ransom had been with that summer- That it was ANDRE MALRAUX had saved my life - I had been 6 weeks with the kind 23 years old young man who had rescued she & Miss Plunket-Greene from the MADNESS OF JIM Jong & his Calais ROBBERY of the WAREHOUSE December 1924- MALRAUX-of-Asia !

Sheshe just said when she saw me `You-you still alive `SheSHE now owes G.B. Government & Crown money for she promised I would be dead in September& they gave her all the INVITATIONS from Angela spring 1937...hee haw hee haw!

Andre Malraux has already related in December 1957 he knew it was she Teresa who had stolen that parcel for Xmas 1937 that he & JO had taken such pleasure over in gathering the items- Sent to Mary Gordon her mother- It was said for 2O years to be missing’…

Also I think this is Teresa Gordons own criticism of him in Deauville & PARIS Christmastide 1924- dope-fiends cannot stop criticising others-they also wish to isolate people-`DIVIDE & RULE` Machiavelli (but she wrote a polite letter he says saying they had had a lovely time-& the money borrowed was returned)

MALRAUX- 1957 November I explained to he my Staff member that he was hearing the tiny things sub-conscious mind- she of our SUMMER 1937... shed been having heroin injected that summer- & taken off school- was to die in Manchester September. She told us she was going to Manchester to be buried in September with Mary Gordons mother her great-grandmother the Irish Plato-Harmony girl ` Why do you not know this family history Peter?

I PUT HER Greetah ON THE MANTLEPIECE AGAIN- the 4 year old was back !

(Andre Malraux means he now began to treat me as if I at 24 years of age as if I was 4 years old again -he felt he could cure my loss of memory -the daily memory loss- by this method - & Mrs Mengele was advising him this would be bestMengele Harrington junk-fraud-bunkum ! It was a trick to remove my memory even more !

Malraux does not consider that it may be the same mixtures as 1937- heroin & other lethal dopes getting in my system from THEM, Teresa & Mr Pong & the LINDSAYBUGGARHSthe old SCUM do this to children or old relatives TO GET THEIR DOUGH ! THEY ARE ALL ON THE PIN since 1920s

ANDRE MALRAUX will not suspect Mengele or his dame for he is not told of his crimes- yet intellectuals 1953/ 58 knew them well2 hit-run-murders-little boys-no doctor skills-false qualifications- banned from 3 London hospitals from touching a patient after a woman died -OPERATIONS LOOK AS IF HE HAS TAKEN A SCREW-DRIVER TO PATIENTS

Mengele has lists of people to kill so the slaying of GROTE CHILDREN is gradually erased from world & all memory-

(dead woman was young Mrs Hopmann wife of the dead educated friend of Gretas father FJR who used to give Greta tuition 1930s when SHE she & NOBLE SCUM were claiming I was an Ape at school)

Doc Mengele HARRINGTON spoken of as `Ops he had done looked as if a screwdriver taken to patient & had to be re-done 1953 but he has been treating ANGELA for dope & booze addiction & dangerous weight.. ` Mengele Harrington goes about with Scandinavian Big Boots & chums called Figures from a MorgueBig Boots passes Grote Ransom moneys to his relatives & children (Information- USA State Dept. workers-CIA-beginning to protect the umbrellas of welfare Ransom Estate USA & the globe-1948-1980s -sometimes regarded as leisure work time)

1937 SUMMER - I remember Andre-George putting me on the mantle-piece & say`th one day I will do it to you ! I thought I might fall ! I said I shall do it to you when I grow up ! `You George-Andre who are falling from Grace said SAY IT AGAIN- if you dare. I said ` I darebecause I am saving your immortal soul ` & got a kiss on my head & concern from the strange beautiful eyes of George-ANDRE whom I have decided to put into a STATE OF GRACE -as the soul he was born with ! Unitys mother said `Oh dont Andre-I think it frightens her- the mantelpiece `

1957 November (Andre Malraux speaking in 1970) We had her grow upit took two weeks…”

Malraux did no such thing- he lost me G.R. years off my memory all the more- & day by day Mengele Peer-in-Waiting was winning- If I have a proper memory I speak about the PAST from the 1930s, the 1940s& about the last 7 years to 1957 !!! Mengele Harrington gets vast amounts of money- as the LINDSAYBUGGARHS & the EVIL they have to share with & the creaping sneak thief Mr JIM Jong Pong

ALL OF THEM WOULD BE exterminated RATHER THAN FIGURES FROM A MORGUE DISCOVERED TO HAVE HAD GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL blood & gore dripping GOLD & said nothing 1940s about GROTE HOMES & the planned Nobles slaying of the children which was initially A LINDSAYbuggarhs PLOT with help from Naval Power et al - THE LOT OF THEM ARE ON THE PIN -

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX tells PJPW `Greta was more like an 8 years old child than 4 & a half that summer 1937-

Malraux continues the Visit to the REC/Recreation Ground November 1957... My side-kick- my staff member Nicholas was alarmed at a story of the `OLD MAN- in Aunt Winnies bed-`

( Andre & I, Aunt Miss Win, Harry, Esther could explain easily a true event of late winter 1937- before the summer with Jo & hebut PJPW will not let me hear all matters- he is reporting to Mengele & Dame & other trendy scumHE 39 years old IS TAKEN IN by his class


He was widowedtoo early said Granny Gordon- & they had to give up the house- He had been an old friend from the days of the 1900s when they were all young- perhaps hed been on the stage or in the Army-or was Irish or Welsh like her fathers family on his fathers side John Williams- He is frail & begins to cry in the tiny sitting-room at Crail . Granny says Ill go down Town Hall- they can put him in one of the Convalescent Homes on the Front- they are all empty in winter & they can put his name down for a place He can come down here Clacton or near. You and the child must sleep on the floor here- you on the couch Winnie- the child on cushions on the floor. He is to have some peace to-night- a day or two. said Granny Gordon.THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT

He stayed 4 or 5 nights & Harry went to Mrs Garage to sleep & Curley gave him a bed- Harry gave up his big front room. Granny kept the Widower warm fed & he went back to London to clear up his things & to return. Treasa dirtied it- & Mr Pong- I expect Mr Pong & Earl Lindsaybuggarhs & their pack of wild animals also made fun when they next saw Auntie Winifred Gordon in the town with respectable folk- or on the Church steps after Mass ! Granny says hes widowed too early- shes gone too early. Hell come to us-stay down here winter a bit. They can put him in the place on the front- always Vacances in winter. Hell not be expected to pay. Ill have a word- TELL BESSIEif they like he can come to us for meals-but theyll give him a good bed.

I have told ANDRE & JO of this 1937- It is before Grandpa dies in March 1937- We visit this very Convalescent Home on the seafront in summer 1937- GOSPELS ACTED OUT !

ANDRE MALRAUX speaks 1970 Do you recall- do you remember what you told me 1937 Summer on the beach- I believe that this is really HELL- they are wrong- HELL IS WHERE SHEshe IS-but although they say I dream- THUS IT IS SO- Oh thus it is so !

( & ANDRE MALRAUX wrote it in his notebook SUMMER 1937) And you wept & wept upon my breast- & we went to Mary your grandmother & got your fine clothes & you would stay with us that week- & you promised to show me the LANDMARKS-

And to be my mother for you were distressed I HAD NO MOTHER

SHE WAS DEAD. Do you remember ? You should !. For I have had all this out of her mind Peter at Lancaster Gate Square.

Please do not stop Greetah answering ! I have opened those doors in her mind with him- that devil-Mengele

Nota bene : But Mengele wants to learn what I Greta Ransom know & can recall - This spoof Doctor is well aware that he can show me photographs of myself with my big Ransom Weddell family pre-war & the memory will take overtheir will immediately BE NO MEMORY LOSSMengele Harrington is using Andre Malraux`s grief to harm us both all the more- Mengele Harrington has been promised a Peership to do this work of murdering all whom know of the slaying by Nobles of the Grote Homes children- If he kills Andre & Greta too soon he will have no work very much-others can take over- He will not be able to travel Hunting Big Game with Lindsaybuggarhs & Mr Jimmie Jong Cur James- having fun with them going robbing & killing

1936 Christmastide - The Pink Fairy- School Pantomime Saint Clares` Convent Clacton-on-Sea- ANDRE MALRAUX nearly a Minister GAUL- draws cartoons of these events from 1937 - He brings The Pink Fairy I was 1936 into the present & thus the Dragon & the General stories- Oafs-Orcs were put to search twice daily my room I pay for at 50 Lancaster Gate Square & to steal anything MALRAUX had given me- These Oafs-Orcs are French & British -they all wine & dine at the expense of G. B. Nobles & Crown Intelligence Departments of FRAUDSTERS Mengele- medical ace butcher-royal Satrap-paedophile-Clone of Golum- little boy bait Donald Duck blue car with a case of needles-poisons-stuns-takes the memory of many children & adults away His threats & violence recorded- Life at Lancaster Gate Square 1957-59

Andre Malraux 1970 speaks `That Devil- when she Greta had hoped to warn me of his treachery October 1957... I HAVE IT HERE IN MY NOTEBOOKS.but I failed to understand it ALL…”

This admission of AM is so important-for he destroyed my nerve by delivering a SERMON to me (HEIR the Globe) that I can not comment on grown-ups- in his world of (gangster) Politics HWP/

1957 December Malraux somewhat undid this rebuff to G.R.I felt in despair it was his callous understanding & perhaps he & his General were WHEELING & DEALING with the world of POLITICAL CRIME about them- of which I had been warned as all young people my age 1950s ANDRE MALRAUX he spake to me Miss Greta Ransom saying.

Mr Mengele has got control of all the MALRAUX household moneys & can lock me up- STOP THE BOYS HAVING ANY OF MY MONEYS & he has STOPPED THEM COMING TO AMPLEFORTH TO SCHOOL …”

because of the MARRIAGE OF GRACE to Miss Greta Ransom a person not in his/their class (of dirty debauchery) at the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Our Lady Clacton-on-Sea17 April 3.15pm 1947-

MALRAUX said Now I have been to see The Pope & we have been given Permission to TAKE UP THE MARRIAGE in silence & live here as my General has agreed WE MUST SHOW THEM NOBLE BRITAIN WE ARE CONTENT & are not wishing to ENTER THEIR NOBLE WORLD…” ALL ON THE PIN WHITES Vice bar-dopes bottom shelf JIM`s cupboard under loose floorboard.



PERMISSION `young Paccelli` WHO WAS TRYING TO KEEP THE GUARDIAN & THE HEIR TO GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE THE GLOBE A-Z SAFES A F E knowing that over a third of the HOMES had the children now slain by the falling BRITISH EMPIRE scum 1929 onwards & especially 1933... `Young Paccelli knew of the NOBLE falling British Empire SCUM on the pinrobbing the globe of the Art Works in GROTE HOMES& especially Germany & some non-accidents to members of RANSOM familieskith & kin (refer to some extracts included in THIS DOCUMENT Book of Summer 1937...others.

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX in The Pillar House Harwell - trying to explain the PAST to Peter J. P. Whitehead (British Museum) Natural History FISHES/Greta allowed make shorthand notes sometimes/

that devil (Mengele)when she Greta had hoped to warn me of his treachery 1957 OctoberI have it here in my notebooksI failed to understand…”

Andre Malraux means spoof Doc Mengele Harrington who from October 1957 arrives with 2 bottles of champagne & a hidden `needle` in his pocket when HE LEARNS `his patient HAS ARRIVEDgiven him by mad CLARA a heroin addict & her brother who helped tumble GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK`

Arrives THE DEVIL Saint Michael Falling- SAINT MICHAEL FALLEN representing The Crown-The Crown-The Crown .THUS Mr Mengele Harrington styles himself after MIDNIGHT

OH YEA RING THE BELLS OF LONDINIUMANDRE MALRAUX arriv`TH A hero they are bent on destroying for DOUGH & FUN ANDRE MALRAUX an intellect that strides the AGES has ARRIVED at this Catholic Charity heimat Where these sordid killers should never have been allowed to enterthey now boast of `serving 3 Broads & a Greek& the Establishment down Saint JAMES` INFORMARY` ALL ARE ON THE PIN - SHOW THERE FACES IN SCARLET TOWN & STRUT the former British EmpireTHEY SLEW THE GROTE CHILDREN FOR DOUGH


1937 Summer (ANDRE MALRAUX notebooks) Do you recall telling meyou were to wet your bed- She & a man held you down- would not let you go to the lavatory- you then went to sleep in the wet bed but you may have tried to climb into your brothers cot or go downstairs to sleep- SHE CAUGHT YOU- she hit you- she threw you against the walls. She often did this-then told you that you dreamed ! You told me this on the beach that first afternoon- as you sobbed on my breast telling me you were to die in September Greetah was taken to her grandparents often- Peter…”

1930s- L.I.R. diaries/FJR diaries-Andre Malraux & others :

LETTERS FROM JEAN to Dr John RAY Ransom her middle son attacked c1917 by Lindsay Earls at age 1 month-educated USA for his safety

Letters up to 1938 August when Jean Weddell RANSOM was murdered by 3 monsters of Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their snouts- That last summer of Jeans life I Greta Ransom hear much Family Histories both sides from JEAN my grandmother ballerina grand-daughter of James Weddell THE WEDDELL SEA & his marriage 1824 Roman Catholic & Quaker Aelovemdah Maria Miss San Julian INCA `THE ICE WHITE BRIDE`I Greta heard in the daytime from JEAN what she would write that evening when I was in bed to her `little Johnnie`(description Aelovedmhs wedding gown & trousseau futher on)

Dr John RAY hears in A LETTER FROM JEAN that ANDRE MALRAUX is Guardian-to The Joyous Venture GROTE HOMES A-Z twice the GLOBE-educating to 18 years orphans as humanists of the globe-` Ransom archives/various Secret services-globe/

1953-1954 THE FAT TINY ORC-MAN I DID NOT RECOGNISE WAS MR PONG Jimmie Jong in 1954 Cur James a half Chinese racist chum of Lindsay Earls from childhood who kills with a sharp knife- poisons- or car accidents- guns since 1919-

I GRETA WORK AT COLCHESTER MUSEUMS from 1952They THE THIEVES ALL ON THE PIN all their hideous lives WANT Margarethe Ransoms heir 1933 locked up in an Asylum-

1928 JIM with wives in other nations has already tried marry Aunt Mags grand-daughter then abused her & killed her- ALL happening before I G.R. am born 11 March 1933...then he/they will claim the Estate & be rich for ever & ever- 1954 HE IS AFTER ARRAN the island & has set up brutish tricks on it with David S. Brown RNVR- they have met IN KENYA 1940s

I Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Ransom have NO MEMORY of hearing & seeing these brutes 1937-1939 - Here is one of the Devils who used to be talking as they drink from 6 bottles & sheSHE & he make hot bacon sandwiches & sometimes they have ham ones as well- In the 1920s they used to do this when they were very young-in other peoples houses- one was a big place in London called Buckingham Palace- they also could enter Alexandra Palace & have dirty parties with the syphilitic throng-

1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX believes Mr Pong is an invention- or somebody I hath heard of when I should be asleep-he does not take it too seriously- he does believe Teresa can go this insane- he recalls her in Deauville-Paris 1924- G.R


1970 readings- ANDRE MALRAUX - he reads his notebooks of 1937 & other years up to 1962 - he requesting Greta with shorthand book to be present / Peter with notebook-

I always kept notes on her speech (Greetha) Peter for she opened doors for me in her games- Old Winnclemann told me to listen to her- hed studied her in her games in the REC the previous year 1944-.& HAD HER IN TO LISTEN TO RICHARD WAGNER with he & his wife

Greta Ransom/notes The House on the Rec 112 Vista Road Clacton-on-Seamemory from exploring 1943-45 in the library from Greenland- we have a libretto from the lst performances of RIENZI /PARSIFAL/LOHENGRIN... - another performance when Aunt Margarethe is 11 years old & with her Ransom family had gone to in Germany is RIENZI in a small gold theatre- In some books Tiggy has signed Grotius- a postcard when he was in disfavour reads `Tigulanus` it was his way of saying he was wrong…” Aunt Mag on telephone 1938 to G.R & FJR & LIR

Andre Malraux Shed known a libretto (Greta) -not the performed works- Thats why he called her ELSA (Lohengrin)- Whitehead twins born 24 June 1930 Mia Carberry Clinic Nairobi- identical twin Peter James Palmer, mother American old family West Virginia is finding the Top-notch British Nobles who have given him information on his wifes heir ship failed ARE NOT AT ALL CORRECT- nevertheless Peter is told by noble swinging Britain his Ransom wife is an ape an Eskimo of too many races & a half-wit- & so on & they pour him another flagon full at The back of The Palace- PJPWs training as a scientist will have him keep his life- but not his health ANDRE MALRAUX- a complete Noble gentle man continues from his notebooks

` The wedding- I think old Winnclemann had this in mind at the beginning-WHEN HE FOUND I WAS NOT DEADTeresa began it-destroying it- they lead me a merry dance…”

Greetha- Greta(Andre Malraux eyes kind-anxious-leans forward over the dining-room table knowing what I have just realised that PJPW is not allowed to know some things in this long journey of our lives- but not to awaken some parts of it-) Andre Malraux continues

`It was daylight 1937 when sheShe had another man, Greta- come to see youhe was her doctor

` her doctor- 1937 end of winter- He told you with eyes blazing on stalks that ` YOU had wetted your bed again - & you had hit your mother ! You denied it ! YOU TOLD ME THAT SUMMER 1937 when you were ill from somebody injecting your hip with a poisonYou went on & later I learned the truth `he was the big flashy Canadian she goes to the Races with- & he was hoping to marry an heiress`-`to meet one through her acquaintances from her youth`I Andre Malraux learned later(1945 & 1960s)`He arrives Peter 1934- some medical disgrace in Canada` Andre Malraux textfrom his notebooks 1937...1945/1960

My detectives-colleagues-friends-had me speak with people 1960-`

Yes, George-ANDRE I remember trying calmly to tell him it was not so-both my grandmothers have advised calmness clear speech. HE & SHEShe WANTED ME PUT IN AN ASYLUM-she has done this with others to Jack Gordon ! Then her true blues took all his 60,000 pounds & locked up a 3 year old normal little boy-pushed his father an older medical man RN overboard- These crimes 1920s were not unusual by the penniless Vagrants Nobles of Gross Brit Clarke- He is dangerous- a member of the Society of Hypnotists & will come to know Mengele Harrington paedophile 1950s-Clacton people had more information- I am only born 1933-


` 1937- that Summer I DID NOT KNOW WHERE HER FATHER WAS - I from SPAIN they gone to Spain until my detectives colleagues learned from that poor young man FJR himself- it was now the year 1960 ! The rescue Spain 1937 -the poor parents Murgatroyd in London- trying to meet me 1950sMengele tearing up invitations-earning himself a fortune & spending it offshore-destroying the health of Greta & myselfothers- deathswent onon & offshores

PJPW cannot grasp this- he has been lead by the trendy society of Blewbury from autumn 1967- Scarlet Town- Palace-Westminster & Whitehall to believe Malraux is a bit whacky- Nevertheless he is touched by some of what he hears- CURIOUSLY critical of my Nonconformist ancient accents 17th century .curiously Approved by Colchester Museums / notes/diaries/etc/ The speaker must throw some words or phrases upon the air .they must linger as musicit is a matter of politeness in conversation


. ANDRE MALRAUX speaks January 1960 NIGHT WATCH Colne Engaine We were therewith she JO& these STARS above ussuch a short time ago we were thereat the seashoresClactonwhen we had a heimat for free & a garden where grew things we could eat & became a Unit a Family & you showed me many things & told me many things& ABOUT AN ISLAND IN THE SNOW

ANDRE MALRAUX - ALL MY POST/MAIL was stolen by the British Government & Crown from 1937 Christmastide- for the rest of my lifeI have to say

JOSETTE MY CHOSEN WIFE DIED BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE RECEIVED from the RIGHTFUL OWNERS OF THE ESTATEshe fell they saidon a Railway line & the train ran over her legsshe died before I could arrive- leaving me our two sons (9 Nov 1944) `

MY TWO SONSTHEY DIED IN A CAR ACCIDENT I was told After de Gaulle & I were certainly GOING TO RECEIVE WIND OF WHAT THE WHOLE MATTER WAS ABOUT at sometime ` The killing has never stoppedTO GET THE DOUGH…”

I- ANDRE MALRAUX to be used for a source of knowledge- so they might learn of my work- or of others trying to have me know of the GUARDIANSHIPNo NOT A SUNKEN TREASURE PETER !

A great miracle of philanthropy- THEY ARE ROBBING TO THIS DAY There have been many attempts on my life- & Greetha-others- to see I ANDRE MALRAUX did not learn of the Will- `(records/diaries/explain the years

There was antagonismPeter slammed the hatch from little kitchen The Pillar House into the big dining-room in my face-I had explained it was difficult to take shorthand at a table-I needed a certain position-His direction of information was embarrassing ANDRE MALRAUX & Iwe both knew Peter J.P. Whitehead BMNH was limited in his understanding of our decades- I could grasp this even though I had little of use of my previous life pre-war- that was the problem-


claimed by Angela a woman described as `Angela A PACK HORSE FOR THE CRIMES OF HER MEN` who drip blood & gore from the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children- She ordered 1938 `I I I want the GROTE HOMES Emptied-the lands sold & the moneys given to me` She ANGELA also stole a cheque for 15 thousand pounds sent from Aunt Margarethe for my G.R.s School fees to 18 years- & bought herself 2 fine black horses trotting them about records/etc

Nota bene : The weight upon human beings of this past of murder for GREED-DOUGH is horrific - I G. R. am allowed no photographs- objects- & am scorned over me having no family - yet PJPW has been handed by LIR photos- gifts-& the letters were tremendous coming in with congratulations on the marriage October 1967 which had been with only 4 persons knowinga quiet matter for we needed the money for the home & his 2 children/

1967 November onwards : PJPW & his twin Sir Rowland are to be advised by the Palace Upper Class fiends of the side door- they who drip in blood & gore moneys from the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID DOES NOT ALLOW A SIGHT OF THE LEGAL WILLSPerhaps they are lost in the Scandinavian SNOWSthe poor things cannot mend their roofs because of their CASINO visits!!!

ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 tells Peter Whitehead Harwell how he & I Greta Ransom got up at DAWN 1937 to get his newspapers with him `then Greetha had to be first footsteps on the beaches if possible ` WE ARE TWO YOUNG PEOPLE ON THE SHORES OF LIFE-

THIS ACCOUNT OF THOSE DAYS -1937- IS A WRITING ON WHAT IS CIVILIZED for human beings in relating it in these pages with dates of the years the reader can see the STRUGGLE WITH EVIL GREED that we encounter all our future lives THEIR IMPERIAL KILLINGS FOR DOUGH