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11th century RANSOM Archives/ Geoffrey The Norman -

& evil Lindsay Earls 1900s who seem to have destroyed all the records of him / Early Christian holy young people who went Travelling can be found in Butlers 12 Vols Saints the months -of good education & their own family moneysthese references were very useful 19th century to personal ancestry- I G.R. with LIR have restored Geoffrey just a little from Family diaries read & remarks 1930s

A mass of information well known early 20th century on RANSOM ancestry was destroyed by 1940a knowledge of it did mean entering perilous waters for Humanists who were best to shut up about monuments escaped destruction- Earls of Lindsay & Crawford always destroyed the evidence of their victims having existed before TAKING THE DOUGH- They had been robbing the G.B. Treasury a number of years early 20th century- big amounts- & when found out killed all whom knew The thunderous noises from the drunken-doped High Class Sin say`th `You cannot prosecute an Earl- & not Premier EarlsYou are instructed to say this horrendous robbery of the Treasury is only that `they had too much beer`-& there must be a hush-up of the violence against RANSOM WEDDELL FROBISHER GRONLANDER SAN JULIANJIM JONG Mr Pong got lifts on the CHARNAL HOUSE WAGONS of the BRITISH NOBLES

1904 onwards - Lindsay Earl demanded THE MONEY after they had murdered Millie Frobisher Mrs JOHN RANSOM 1897 skater & removed all evidence of her little Academy of Ancient Arts with her young friends from school- BEGAN DEMANDING HALF Millie LINDSAY`s fortune. They also rudely gave out that the Old Eskimo her sister-in-Law cannot have anything OR MAKE A WILL because she is an Eskimo & her husband Thomas Imm. Grote is dead 1904- Tiggy murdered by them & cheques cashed swiftly N. & S. Americas before anyone could stop them1904 they refused the body go to New York- poisoned& tried have his grave put in a rat infested area of ArranThe local tenants guarded the 3rd HEAD STONE for TIGGY GROTE of The HOMES- & protected their `Aunt Margaret Mrs Grote` Vast records/

All bodies burned 1960s ORDERS Mr Mengele Royal Satrap so that NO DNA EXISTS to worry the KILLERS OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & RANSOM families

1890s - Lindsaybuggarhs Earls approached GROTE BROKERS New York with threats for money or British Navy is to shell its waterfrontThis Lindsay Earl is known as `HIGH POOP`- & cannot make Insurance Fraud sinking hulks easy anymore -

The respectable USA citizens owners of Grote Brokers knew the British Aristocracy were ill educated & insane on narcotics & said NO you cannot have THE ESTATE- but they took pity & paid school fees

(``they should have done them in` says Onassis 1960 )

Nota bene : Millie Frobisher Mrs JOHN RANSOM widowed age 25 years murdered age 32 in 1897- Greta Ransoms great grandma - whose sweet ghost sits on the stairs that tiny house by Deptford Park `Jerusalem` with her skating boots 1890s 1930s Len & Greta talk to her & take her outMillie who gave us life was murdered 1897 her young body handed in a blanket to her 14 years old son by Lindsay 2nd cousins from a coach- Greta Ransoms grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RansomSea familiesHusband of Jean Weddell ballerina & parents of FJR- Ivy Ransom- JRR- Thomas died infant- Len IR.- Bettina d infant

(6 children- 4 reach adulthood- of high intelligence & WORLD WIDE EDUCATION- all murdered 1969-1981 except Ivy perhaps-

1953 to 1992- Employed is Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington to see the ESTATE of GENOCIDE does not trouble the criminally insane :

I work for The Crown- a Peer in waiting…”

Known as INFIDEL-Royal Satrap-Gollum-Mengele Harrington goes abroad private visits with Duckie Mountbatten & chums

Nota bene : I Greta Ransom HEIR was 10-11 years of age when the Greek young man was with the LINDSAYBUGGARHS come to visit Teresa GORDON Ransom at THE HOUSE ON THE RECI FLED INTO THE RECREATION GROUND from them the LINDSAYbuggarhs & spoke with him a few minutes PEOPLE OF EDUCATION & HUMANISM DO NOT GO ABOUT WITH THE LINDSAYBUGGARHS or Mr PONG Jimmie JongTHEY ARE SLAYING THE GROTE CHILDREN abroad!

Nobody should ALLOW MENGELE HARRINGTON through their door !

They were caught by Belgium Police burning books of GRONLANDER-Frobisher-Ransom beside a Belgium River 1970s/Press reports/ JIM was seen 1953 in NETHERLANDS with another young man burning books in our HUNTING LODGEhe was told to THROW IN THE FLAMES OF THE FIRE A BOOK ON POUL GRONLANDERthen 3 blondes came in

They all take dope & it is MIXED UP by Mr Mengele Doc Harrington ( sometimes he pretends he is a worthy Doc Harrington of Edinbur` ) Mr Mengele prescribes personal dopes & has them all on his EVIL puppet strings In 1958 account by eye witnessess of Doc Mengele The Infidel harming little boys in Paris Parks- blue car prominent

It is asked WHY this INFIDEL is allowed to enter the Homes of ANDRE MALRAUX- & why he is not arrested for paedophilia - & suspected taking of Commissions to destroy health of middle-aged men1958-1960s1970s

GROTE BROKERS off Wall Street- Established 1830-

b 1930 Kenya- Whitehead identical TwinsDr Peter James Palmer Whitehead BMNH is first cousin to Palmer Sparkman (Martyr) who goes to work late 1950s- a young man his first job for GROTE Wall Street N.Y. amalgamated into another firm- the two cousins talked about the matter 1969 & 1970 & were overheadPALMER DIES suddenly age 41 of a so-called heart attack- GROTE suffered this horrendous FRAUD in secrecy on their respectable firm- THE RANSOM 19 acres were removed in silence by telling LIES- said to be property of Angela who got it as a child from `AN OLD ESKIMO`- No documents would be necessary as she was Divine - RECORDS : New York Yacht Club archives/family records/poems 725 by their grandfather JCP II mainly written for Oglebay Rhymers Club are interesting/2 copies/Would somebody like to put them on CD/web ?

The British Crown & Lindsay Crawford Earls & JIM known as Kubla Khan in New York tumbled GROTE BROKERS without any warning to the distinguished firm by cunningly slithering about the New York Underworld 1941-1954 - by using Angelas name & her MEN & some Scandinavia crows- in silence-

See below :

Lindsay Earl 14 evening of 31. 12. 1953/4 was reading out to a 40 Lindsay mob how many GOLD BARS they would getafter the Supper nosh-up with dopes that night of murder by poisoning at 9.20pm of a relative we share - a family who had saved the LIFE OF Greta Ransoms Grandfather FC RANSOM 1897 after the LINDSAY monsters had murdered his little young mother Millie Frobisher Ransom.

31. 12. 1953 Problem -neither the Lindsaybuggarhs nor ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM NOT knowing why we were present-but we saw the murderers come down the stairs- LINDSAY thugs seated at the trough panic at 9.20pm- And quickly poison the old relative who with her husband was to phone Police & cry FRAUD- this kind old couple on a far blood line in their 20s 1890s had travelled with Tiggy Grote his GROTE HOMES A-Z- & knew Margarethes Estate & HOMES were desperately needed in a savage world that had 2 great Wars erupt 20th century

THAT New Years EVE 1953 The LINDSAY MOB in panic called ANGELA IN AT MIDNIGHT& divided the spoils(records galore) -they also called in JIM JONG & toasted him-he to be made CUR/Sir James next day New Years Day 1st January 1954- They gave him some dough too Since 1953 Mr Pong is corrupt co-Steward of WHITES CLUB of supposed Gentsa Vice & dope barSaint James` West End LondonJIM ON THE PIN-TRAVELLING COMPANION OF ANGELA- The persecutors of the Gordon Ransom families since 1919...

ON THE PIN sub-humans `Read the records & you too will be able to climb up the wall & over the ceiling said Lord XYZX who now lived with Retainers about him 1960- wondering each afternoon how he had woken alive- He saw to his household- rather as JOHN GORDON did with his Retainers 1890s when they found hours before the wedding the cut off FACE of 21 years old Marjorie CAMERON by the gate-done by her evil relatives-

1937 Summer `IT WAS PERHAPS THE HORROR OF SPAIN that had JOSETTE CLOTIS fathom evil& she makes some notes-ideas about human nature AFTER DEATH she becomes Mrs Georges-Andre Malraux Roman Catholic wedding in heaven- given by `young Paccelli` water-colourist humanist- he goes on high in RomeA young writer JO a young Lady- a first visit becomes happiness for we three SUMMER Holiday 1937 Clacton-on-Sea-East Anglia where Andre Malrauxs ancestral lines both sides come traced with documentation & buildings back to 9th century AD- Why have is not all of this on the Internet ? ~

FJR speaks on `GEOFFREY THE NORMAN` (Gretas father Frederick John RANSOM is 22 when she born) He my father FJR began schoolboy WORK assisted by retired Heralds` person & some scholars France

Geoffrey The Norman- no not Geoff of Monmouth daughter- This writer makes a reference to us in his notes for himself `my pottage now comes from Palestine` - Only US, RANSOM were trading out thereour straight line is thus verified I am told by the experts in this work ` FJR

11th-12th century - RANSOM Palestine marriages - Rose-Anne Roxanna & Granny Hebithiayah poetess half Greek & Arab- & `Gold Locks` niece of a good friend Arab scholar & Trader- he did his arithmetic from his head- a very honest man- a high mind& we had some of his writings on mankind

`We make in PALESTINE three RANSOM BRIDES marriages & they are Arabic-some Greek & Italian from their parents marriages mixedbut `Goldi-locks` is possibly the most Arabic of all ONE OF THESE ARABIC RANSOM LINES SENDS XMAS CARDS TO US UNTIL 1929 then Gross Britain killed them its something to do with us all looking after CEDAR TREES

Geoffrey the Norman -he has a fine mind- he goes to NOROWAY- we think he was intending to go to Iceland but he comments `a harsh land of winters & men- cold of nature- I drew back` He returns to France. JRR

11th-12th centuriesGEOFFREY he knows RANSOM Traderwe Trade Palestine- only us out there- & hold our Estate Britannie our oldest Estate held in continuityGeoffrey knows we come & go from PALESTINE & are all HUMANISTS & good men helping their fellow creatures` ACTING THE GOSPELS OUT GR

This Estate was demolished 1960 swiftly in name of `G.B. Crown Property FRAUD line` TENANT is a man & wife killed with nasty accidents- 2 daughters in teens disappearITS EXISTANCE WAS LEARNED BY THESE FILTHY MONSTERS sticking their SNOUTS into our Estate & our Post/mailOUR LIVESRecords/

FJR & Dr John Ray R. ( dates are 1938/9 & 1960 January at Colne Engaine cum Camulodnunum C.V. ) ` LINDSAY barbarians Scotland claim all our honest Estate- Margarethe Ransom GROTE is called the richest person in the world- this is the problem- these creatures CROWS & Cocktail parties should never have seen our Documents-

(Discovery by FJR 1939 summer - THE WILL (lawfully registered as British LAW requires by HE FJR the heir`s father & elder brother of the sub-heir & co-heir Len Immanuel RANSOM) REGISTERED GROSS BRITAIN June 1938 IS BEING DENIED THE CROWN HAS NOT RECEIVED IT meaning ANGELA- EARLS of LINDSAYbuggarhs & JIM JONG Mr PONG& , of course , it is nothing to do with THEMTHEY RUN FRAUD their parents before them . trouser flys undone & waving knickers round their heads - HIGH ON DOPE- ALL ON THE PIN - 20th century IMPERIAL Britain- Empire moneys going-GONE

they have stolen them our documents spoken by FJR a young man aged 28 years who has a direct line straight as an arrow from RANSOM 92 AD Dunwich his heimat was 77 AD near Gravesend BRITAIN

GRETA`s young FATHER does not know summer 1939 that ALL documents POST/mail is STOLEN from November 1937 from ANDRE MALRAUX OF FRANCE.(Wake up ! Down the Chantasleazieget off your Absinthe ! TRY PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS & YOUR GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & YOUR PUBLIC & HISTORIC RECORDS GR & LIR who held PHILANTHROPY successful in FRANCE 1950s)

Greta Ransom`s young father he doth not know - the full EXTENT OF THIS IMPERIAL EVIL ITS OFFICIAL SECRET SILENCE THEFT (with Imperial MURDERS) the POST/mail LAWFUL DOCUMENTS TO HE ANDRE MALRAUX OF FRANCE the chosen GUARDIAN BY THE GLOBEall the Nations A-Z. OUTSIDE the British EMPIREnow become PILES OF DOG`s DIRT - festering with evil that infects A-Z the globeTHEIR EMPIRE FALLINGbut the claws jaws grasp-

Dr JOHN RAY RansomColne Engaine Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues 1960/1961... (3 degrees Astro-Physics/Animal Management/LAW USA citizen & education from 1920 because of an ATTACK ON HIM BY THE LINDSAY WOMEM.middle son of JEAN WEDDELL ballerina grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL sub-arctic WEDDELL SEAa brave Marinera QUAKER who made a Roman Catholic marriage to AN INCA NOBLEWOMAN HIGHLY EDUCATED ) ( JAMES WEDDELL pedigree 1106 AD - visiting NOROWAY)

1960 January - NIGHT WATCH - Dr JR® from USA State Worker-

Nota bene : Greta Ransom thought it was ANDRE MALRAUX taking Night Watch & was joyful 1970 `GR to be THE BAIT Peterfor they have been warned from Scarlet Town ATTACKS WILL BE MADE ON GREETAHto see she cannot find out` AMx

Dr JRR I want to step back to a marriage 1883...& the EARLS claiming IMPERIAL kinship to Miss Millicent Frobisher of a brave decent line marriage to our grandfather JOHN RANSOM widowed- Sylvia had died after 14 years probably a slow cancer- we are checking Montreal-

( Henshaw- Doc Mengele Harrington went to savage this line remove all photos-papers-memories 1954/1960s -he was paid big money for this by Crown Office & WHITEHALL for IMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA)

Dr JRR They Millie & JOHN RANSOM were helping Japan with education 1870s onwardsAfter the marriage- the honeymoon Halicarnassus visiting kin Japan- then round the globe to our Island Jacopsholmen off West Greenland- to open up theatre get the University building-no money worries at all - it is all set aside

1884 - Earl Lindsay tried take everything off Thomas Grote & Margarethe his wife & her brothers JOHN & POUL RANSOM highly educated as soon as Millie FROBISHER married JOHN RANSOM

Then they killed her brothers-in-law the brothers of her sister-in-law (becoming THE RICHEST WOMAN ON EARTH) savaged Millie widow & CLAIMED SHE WAS A HALF-WIT A WHORE & WAS TO BE PUT IN AN ASYLUMEARL LINDSAY DEMANDED ESTATE TO HIM- Margarethe an Eskimo & not allowed to hold properties according to Gross Britain & DANMARK

& then tried kill our father Frederick Charles all his childhood but the 1st World War intervenedTHE LINDSAY Earls ARE INSANE

Nota bene : Records 1930s GR Jean & LIR) ` It was a distant Frobisher connection got him (FCR) to safety- changed his name to Weldon Frobisher- finished his education on the hilltops Derbyshirehe then got to Aunt Margarethe & became her accountant with her son in Francethey got to safety ROME- `Then Dad went up to Greenland to his cousins& got the education of a high principled MAN- these creatures are NOT men- ` The island they have coveted since 1884- these Earls of LINDSAY have them fight with Denmark - they wish to use it as a dumping ground- They will not give Greenland Independencein their silly heads is only GET A HEAP OF GOLD & FLASH ABOUT AT THE RACESAll of them are mad& criminally insane- `



1938/9 & 1960 FJR & Dr JR® `1900s Lindsay Premier Earls came to France with shears- they took two finger lengths of the MSS on Geoffrey The Norman- he wrote of us- RANSOM of Palestine- They then attacked our tapestry that Millie & JOHN had put in the Workshop to be restored-they cut two panels out of it- Osbert Ransom & wife Alice- Alexia sister-in-law a shrew`

(10th-century-Satteus Laetus is the RANSOM motto then) (13th century we marry Family of SILLITOE girl & this motto may still be used-I do not know)

` Lindsay Earl & the others boasted they will sell bits to Monasteries in Asia- where it will be believed perhaps it has holy powers`

(Lennie & I as heirs have lessons weekends & holidays-a curriculum set by the most humanist minds OFF SHORE of evil Gross Brit)

FJR - who has saved his father-Len-Greta daughter from a savage attack on us by this noble scum 1938 is speaking

`LINDSAY EARLS - you can smell them on the stairs- they do not wash from birth to death- their women appear alongside them with a nostril dripping- it is the purple-stuff (Divinorum Salvia Scotland) -

They LIVE BY THEFT- they kill so they can swank AT THE RACESthey have now vowed to take the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE off us- We have no blood line except that of Millie Frobisher & that from one grandparent- IT IS FAR TOO WAY OFFScandinavia now steps in- OUR Norway moneys are vast & it is these they are after- Crows we are told by an authority are now flying in- scavenging- WAR IS COMING- they could have stopped Hitler ranting- if the GREED had stopped`. 1960 FJR & JR®

1937 October Andre Malraux appointed legal GUARDIAN to The Worlds biggest ESTATE of HUMANISM- philanthropyso well funded of course ! Gross Brit & Scandinavia in-breds can pay their debts-mend their roofs& support THEIR CLASS

Nota bene : a vast amount of the worlds history destroyed so that Gross Britain buggarhs & bitches can have big time-

Staged CAR ACCIDENTS feature - from 1928 the 1 son only of the kindly `SOULs` Aesthete Ettie Desborough etc etc/ 1938 Cousin to JEAN WEDDELL Clarke Gable his first wife Carole Lombard actress Hollywood - he was to be driving back with her from WEDDELL KIN - he said at last moment that he would catch her upshe was pregnant -1938/ A horrific hit & run Ivy Ransom (Rawsthorne the composer short marriage) son in Switzerland- IVY picking up the pieces of her child all over the road- & records many others / down to 1961 murder of the 2 sons of Josette & Andre Malraux.

1953 this is the full time Employment of the PIMP & PONZ paedophile Doc Mengele Dr Harrington Royal Satrap Infidel/Gollum/chum on tropical holidays of Dickibird & Duckiebird Mountbatten & others whose education has never begun

MENGELE Doc Harrington PAEDOPHILE full time ` I work for the crown` from 1953 November had sadistic crimes soar- with Jong & LINDSAYBUGGARHS Crown & the other SCUM - often they went abroad bragging of HUNTING BIG GAME- that is human beings linked to GROTE RANSOM ESTATE or others whom they are destroying TO GET DOUGH : They claim Diplomatic privilege as Earls & Lords paedophiles etc etc -Counts !

1937 SUMMER - Andre & Josette MALRAUX two young people with civilized upbringing from GAUL entered into GREENLAND & THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT EAST ANGLIA They entered FROM BLOODY SPAINwithout knowing. into this violent obscene criminal insanity organised by GREAT BRITAIN penniless Nobles in name of Gross Britain Government & Crown- plans begin 1921 -by bad blood Noble families-penniless- living by violent theft-

1860s-1934 Edgar Gordon- born 1881 the youngest of the 6 sons of John Frederick Gordon & Matilda `nee Kellow Edinburgh is raised at The Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich- Father JFG was Mine Host to the Whitebait suppers Houses of Parliament-a traditional Annual visit by State barges Father JFG dies 1891 leaving a family between ages 10 & 30 years - ` Edgar & his brothers had an excellent education at Dr Bells Academy Greenwich - where Anna Siam put the Crown prince & brother for two years - the class mates always kept the SIAM (Thailand) National Day yearly- `

`Edgar spoke Continental languages & was an aesthete- He worked as Valet to a Sackville family member `& travelled widely with his Master` - Edgar would be invited into the drawing room after dinner- he read intelligently- went to Plays- lectures- he had travelled in USA- he may die 1939 & too soon- a victim of Lindsay 14 & Jim Jong `

`JIM Jong first contact with Gordon family Ceremonial & Horse Training Ground outside London- Teresa was going to be a good horsewoman- it showed by 6 years of age- born 24 November 1906-


1954 January ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom our Account Uncle Edgars Hat- . when we visit EDGAR GORDONs cottage to get some paintings he has left the family- they are mostly his brother George his paintings & their eldest brother Frederick Henry Gordon who had a painting in an R.A. Summer Exhibition 1930s of Betty Gordon his daughter- (issue 2 children in Police 1960s Sandra & Gordon)

1953 autumnEVIL SETTLES ON HUMANISM DRIVER FOR ANDRE MALRAUX & Miss Greta RANSOM is unfortunately the newly appointed Lieutenant-Commander David S. Brown rnvr given his rank for a 2nd World War Operation in 1953...after he is seen alongside GRETA & ANDREhe is very trusted BY ADMIRALTY BUT USED BY SOME NOBLE CREEPS TO HARM ANDRE & GREETAHkillings now go onALL THESE EVIL ARE ON THE PIN-

Nota bene : The aboveFrederick Henry Gordon can be found briefly in a friends BOOK `THE CASK`1920 - the first modern Detective Novel/Penguina good read

`I needed another character last night , Henry so I have had to write you in- Hope you dont mind` - They work for the RAILWAYS-19-teens

1937 SUMMER - I Greetah TELL JOSETTE of last year 1935/36 when I am Nord-Sud Poles tour GROTE HOMES

while we are at household tasks Unitys mother goes to see her father every morning at the Convalescent Home- help get him up for the day- we to the breakfast table- washing up- make beds tidy house put things in the cupboards- clothes tidy- wash small things &the rest can go to the Laundry of the Clacton Town- I tell Jo of tall strange pink-lavender flowers by the Laundry

JAMES WEDDELL Quaker-Master Mariner-WEDDELL SEA-Born Ostend- mother is of well known Quaker family London PIERCE- brother Charles 9 years older in RN with issue- blood line reaches back to 1106 AD staying in Noroway sometime 1824 Catholic Quaker marriage to the highly educated Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian he her fathers friend Ice Breakers Owner who always goes to SEA to guard the young sailors who can be RASH cutting ICE- SAN JULIAN BLOOD LINE to title INCA Mathmatician Astronomer Priest Ruler line-scholar-educated by San Julian Monks- goes to ROME with his family /Reports later from Graham Greene novelist who had a friend IN THE VATICAN 1952...THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE ABOUT THE VAT

1936 January LENNIE SAID 1972 - do you remember the Weddell Billy Goat- how he was in the household & came in at supper time-helped move a couch to arrange the room with the children-when we had just arrived eventide- They had him since he was a few hours old- his mother died- he had perfect manners never a dropping in the home-took care of the goats but had his own apartment alongside them- my kind Weddell cousin 13 years old - I am going to marry her-soft brown hair-she wants to be a nurse- we had a son-they killed him age 12-electrocuted him- made 2 attempts to get us all…” (Renaissance Party The Pillar House HARWELL 19th March 1972 to ANDRE MALRAUX & others/PolitanGR)

1960-77- Dr Len I. Ransom NEVER AGAIN SHALL WE SEE A WEDDELL on a snowy morning come along the lane with a billy-can full of milk coming down the hill & Billy Goat Weddell happily beside him. Remember how he was sent to the hospital when young & how the children all got better with him so fast ! He had his duties & the hours of the day were orderly & no strife about him- My mothers Weddell kin always a great natural humanist branch- Cousin Clarke had come for 2 weeks from Hollywood with a friend taking a rest- now theyd drive back- He called you`you stout child ` who carried his oil cans to his car- he approved Aunt Mags heir & said `with Len`we were a tough pair - going to keep everything running - everyone happy-

he had a film called San Francisco at that time-`

Lennie - Young men at the Manor- think of the drawing for Kiplings Puck of Pooks Hill Tales- 1960 Malone others Colne Engaine report that now are all Weddells slain-no graves-GR

1936 The Argentine - The Weddell Billy was amongst the children the family the evening we arrived-he looked at us with kind interest as all the others- they had not seen Greetah new great-great grandchild of the SEA before - fair hair-blue eyes- The family was now half & half in appearance - The INCA features not dominating all the time as with Cousin Clarke Gable (See Hollywood films SAN FRANCISCO & GONE WITH THE WIND)

1960 Night watch - Dr John RAY R Colne Engaine /speech/

And LIR 1972... ARGENTINE 1948/1957 ... I arrived

I hear the Weddell Cousins were visited one long weekend- they were said to have been taken off in a truck by the Argentines but they were all dead... The black smoke went on for 2 days -not a scrap remained of the Estate - the main house the other homes of their relatives & farm hands all goneA murmur of British Crown properties-

A modest place that would not fetch much money - just a living to be got by careful husbandry- good sense-


They acting for the Owners G. B. Gov & Crown burned all the furniture - every scrap- no gravestones could be found - no records -it had clearly been a big Operation to remove all evidence this branch of JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA had ever existed. The place lay desolate 2 years then went To Sale for a pittance - the ashes could still be seenIN NAME OF GROSS BRITAIN CROWN-

1960 January - Colne Engaine Night Watch -

We hear now that there is `a matter of James Weddell not having all that SEA -` we read he was a drunk who never married could barely read & write & could not have written that book-

Of his brother 9 years older Charles RN & his many children & descendants we hear not a word-I have their names in my earlier address books- Of their Quaker London family their mother a Miss Pierce of a respectable household not a word is spoke-