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1972 March 19th LIR - I have a little left of our Silver with JW engraved on it for his marriage-a very little-for it is missing in the Argentine & in London tooI am told I may not give it to you- I have some earlier from his mothers kin- (This will be SAN JULIAN/AQUIDA Basquelands/or Hesketh Wyoming???)

The Crown & Lords employee Mr Mengele is frothing at the mouth & spouting our bodies are to be burned so we do not have any Weddell DNA- ( Mr Mengele friend of Imperial Britain & Scandinavia too has been at the graves in London- Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington is rich now from this Genocide he has joined in & still we hear it has been done for the British Government & Crown- who disapproved GROTE HOMES for educating children to 18-HUMANISTS-world citizens- & the settled communities arts & crafts about them- Umbrellas of protection to meet the needs of civilized people Aunt Mag has established around the world have mainly been emptied banks raided- cries of IN THE RED from fine suited piping British Nobles & entourage-the whole Estate so terribly unfair we hear- )


Filthy mouths upper crust speak lies about the nature of THE GROTE HOMES Oh & thus they had to slay the children & take the lands the buildings the DOUGH away from Nations A to Z Independent Nations OUTSIDE IMPERIAL BRITAIN . quoth its Figures from a Morgue with Scandinavia having A LEG UP ON THE DOUGH It is said Grote Ransom were all in the way overseas of British Trade. It is the century of gross greed- by Noble Britain-THE EVIL CENTURY(ref. Jos. Chamberlain 1910-14 on British Trade/ there is none-the nation is broke from greed on top-) notes -Dr John RAY R. & Dr L I R.,

1976 Xmas `ANDRE HAS DIED OF GRIEF- before his time- Do you recall our hearing the letter read- written 1938 with a blood curdling sentence & instruction-

the heirs to Grote have proved they are able to cope very well- & it is about that Mrs Grote has been killed BEFORE HER TIME - we must therefore PROCEED IN SILENCE-

Nota bene A letter 1938 to a Norwegian Prince from a person of importance in Gross Britain - The receiver of the letter has no male heir- his illegitimate son acting as his secretary-

This young man says 1960 he did not believe his father agreed with thisThe young man (under 40 years in 1960-clearly the one that Uncle Harry Gordon calls `Henry Hall- Oh he came to see Father- his grandfather when you were 2 year , young `Un ) Henry Hall adds that as a child a young person he had been raised without stigma but from 1948 the family visitors from Gross Britain treated him as an odd job lot - what to do with him (They were all ON THE PIN - & had little education as a Dame or Grammar School understands it)

He felt now he was in their way- he was not expected to marry he had heard them say- nevertheless he had a 4 years old daughter in 1960 - now she had just been killed- before her time- He did not like Mr Mengele Harrington 1960 summer hanging about the team at Colne Engaine- or about ANDRE MALRAUX-

He had a tale about Jimmie Jong CUR James-who had come to his father when he was a small boy & offered to be `his unfortunate sons Tutor` The little guys reputation was foul & to this illegitimate child of Teresa Gordon-Gordonthe father had refused JIM as Tutor luckily ! - but it was known he JIM was the constant companion of 2 young women- Angela & Teresa Angela`s parents had been taking they & some other young heirs out into wild Northern England on WITCHCRAFT 1920 onwards

REPORTS : Others do not mince words- say from 1920s-1950s about dirty Jim `satin & lace-crowns & gowns- M. Teck & Angela-a monthly tea party the 3 OF THEM-where Mr Jong pours the tea & has something in his hessian sack that he has stolen from a Widow he is playing PAGE-Puck-Faun to& (1957 unfolding) Etties last son a car accident 1928 & JIM was the guy looked for )


Families kindly with an orderly household can often raise an animal so- & by having them from birth- CAIN Ransom our 2nd son Antigua a crocodile-they adopted him at 12-inches old- He had a cart with his toys a bed a hammock a jewelled collar for parties under the moon went to church on Sundays & 2 servant girls who adored him- He kept himself spotlessly clean in the river night & day-kept the hours of the day as if wearing a pocket-watch- He loved evening when the family would dine & sat with them & any guests- loved to hear music readings of poems & conversation- The family tried teach him to read signs- & were sure Cain `our second son` could write a poem about his happiness if only they could discover how to have him do this- adjust his eyes to letters in a book

Cain Ransom was born about 1791 but he never killed his brother- The original idea was to have him a pet & he would keep the river clear- but Cain had no idea these other creatures were anything to do with him- `After the hurricane came it was Cain who began to clear up the house garden the balcony- dragging things back to their places-` His family RANSOM (Margarethe Ransom Grotes father is his elder brother) felt so ashamed of themselves moaning & groaning at the wreckage they joined in restoring order- That first night a supper was held-some music-& everyone had a bed- It took two weeks to restore order to the Estate ANTIGUA 18th/19th centurydiary-drawings/readings-

1960 Colne Engaine- Dr John RAY Ransom from his great-great grandfather` DIARIES USA -

`They did not bring 2nd son CAIN Ransom up to NEW YORK when we bought in 1801 -19 Acres-

a parcil of land 19 acres to become under NEW YORK- I put the veranda on the north side when I built the chalet- & that first winter A SNOWFALL & I had to dig myself out` - drawings-Diaries F. Ransom 1790-1820-Margarethe`s grandfather Margarethes grandmother has a half-Dutch Uncle who helped negotiate the purchase of the `a parcil of 19 Acres` for fear of antagonizing the Dutch Monopoly New York

1960 Readings June - NIGHT WATCH by Dr John RAY Ransom `1830s we had GROTE Brokers handle our properties-& Solicitors Argentine- 2 old men proud of the JOYOUS VENTURE to be murdered March 1960- they were discovered when Courier for ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE intercepted by British Naval Intelligence - Lindsay Earls - for Gross Britain Imperial - who put their snouts in Ransom Grote Malraux Weddell Frobisher GRONLANDER Mannering/Mainwarring our kith & kin POST/mail since 1920s -using the Realm as Law from 1933 in secrecy

(PHILIP SILVERLEE`s DAUGHTER HAS BEEN MURDERED IN THE ARGENTINE 1960 MAYfor getting lawfully the Documents/carbon copies NOTHING SENSIBLE IS RECEIVED FROM ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE? We all felt abandoned we penniless at CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis VICTIMS & future MARTYRS we

1960 - after the MURDER in May Buenos Aries of Silverlee`s daughter Arthur Malone his Report eventide Colne Engaine to GR was `I feel that Andre & his General have LET US DOWN we should have had the GO AHEAD by 3rd March the latest

` Yet I am not sure I WONDER IF I SHOULD LEAVE HERE & GO ACROSS TO FRANCE TO TRY GET TO THEM? Trouble is we have no moneys & Philip says some of his to his Firm has been & got LOST . HE HAS TO BOOKED A PLANE HOME TO ARGENTINEIts murder her deathhis daughtera year older than youjust 28 yearsyou met her before the War I only have the Relief Detective here & he can`t cope..

I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE YOU ALONE perhaps we should have gone to VERSAILLES ???I will try discuss with some Pals in Londoniumperhapsif I can get up there without being seen`


THANKFULLY IN JULY 1960 the TERRITORIALS DROPPED BY asking `what is going on Arthur ?` & SAVED OUR LIVES& got some nasty Lindsaybuggarhs & other brutes

1960 IN SUMMER (June ?) ANDRE MALRAUX was found nearly DEAD in ROME WITHOUT A MEMORYsaved by Dr John RAY R. & others USA getting him inside VATICAN some weeksthen to a guarded place nearby in the countryside ANDRE MALRAUX RECOVERED WITHOUT ANY MEMORY as Greetah had no proper memory for most of March-May 1960...A FEELING OF BEING STUNNED IS RETAINED FOR SOME MONTHS Mengele Harrington had stun torchessee information on the SODIUM TORCHES of Sentries Great Warthis is an update 1960s eventually to STUNNERS end 20th century-

1954 summer- FRAUD - by G.B. Government & Crown-who allowed the Lindsaybuggarhs claim this estate with violence & secrecy : This is the 19 acres swe RANSOM buy 1801 now UNDER NEW YORKstolen in secret silence

(Clara Malrauxs brother having some small part in the Fraud from 1948- records- because he knew JIM JONG in Paris Pre- 2nd W. War)

1954 - BIG MONEY THEFT from RANSOM FAMILY & GROTE BROKERS Wall Streetby Lindsaybuggarhs EARLS in the name of Angela - later called `RUM TUM TUM` they had to give her a big share when they almost got stopped 31st December 1953 records/detectives/Malraux-Ransom others/ Nethrington Hall towards Slough- That New Year`s EVE LINDSAYBUGGARHS Earls escaped having the Police called in by poisoning the old relative they share with Ransom-Frobisher-Weldon etc. /witnesses & 2 detectives give reports- Imperial Power had it covered up-/Reports/

1936 - Argentine Diary LIR- Lennie continues- Do you remember the Flood ? You were not inured to everything at that time- But everyone had their duties their appointed tasks- no life or livestock need be lost if everyone is prepared- After the Flood everybody took a day to sit & discuss how we had all coped-what could be improved- for the next time

Nord - Sud Poles Tour 1935 October-1936 June- then Greta Ransom heir hidden by our SUFFOLK RANSOM branch

Greetah Ransom is got to safety A to Z outside Gross Britain with her loving families Ransom-Grote-Weddell-San Julian-Aquida our Basque line- .using our planes transport & shipping- After horrific attacks on me the 2 years old Greta Ransom- me- by Lindsaybuggarhs Jong & SHEShe- Angela a greedy Welsh black hog calling me an Ape & Eskimo - the Weddells are called South American Apes by British noble scum

`British NoblesTHEY ARE DETERMINED TO DESTROY BY ORGANISED VIOLENCE & THEIR LONG BLACK TONGUES reaching to their boots `the old Eskimos Eldorado `

Imperial Britain can pay their vast debts- FIX the problem of their Vagrant status by stopping the education of poor orphan children A to Z the globe-they are certain- & take from banks A-Z with official violence-

1945 June Here is Colonel ANDRE X - I see him ABOUT THE TOWN - & I noth spake for he is upon grown-up matters & I shall reach towards him when I am older & hath that learning that she & Angela hath ordered stopped because I am an Ape-

My Aunt Miss Winnie has told me to dismiss matters to do with my Father from my head - not worry Georges-Andre - my Father will speak with him September

I do not wish to shake hands with Generals/Politicians & a fashionable world until I have my education- I shall make mistakes ! When the permission to marry February 1947 has arrived PERMISSION of young Paccelli GONE ON HIGH - ROME - I am relieved of this Ceremonial- there are ladies France & England who will stand in for me until I am 22 years or so- The Pope is sending a wedding present to Andre - 2 watercolours-he says they are two of his best- I now in some fear of being called `Mrs Malraux` at school say to The Blessed Andre-George ` When we are married I shall call myself Madame X ` He contemplated awhile - moved his fag from one side of his pretty mouth to the other & said slowly I shall smack you if you say such things - YOU CANNOT SAY SUCH THINGS TO MY GENERAL…”

We would not be able to marry if he George Colonel Andre was not a Roman Catholic& his General is too-

I have called Colonel Andre MALRAUX `the Totem Pole` when he is too high & mighty- but I do know I am IN TRAINING ~

I am fragile from these years 1939-1945 with SHEshe & her monsters in Scarlet Town - they come down in big cars & drink brandy hiding in empty roads- one has a Standard on its bonnet & they are ALL known to be IMMORAL & ON THE PIN many of them have SYPHILIS-

reports winters 1943-1944-45- Teresa Gordon & her nobles-

Political Economy & science-technology can surge into my mind from that early learning I hath no memory of before the WAR when I had loving grandparents & hoards of RANSOM family- & the other ancestral lines visiting- I so often experience that sinking of spirit & soul as I hear in my mind all SHEshe says -& feel her blows- boiling water thrown at me- thrown down stairs & a hole in my head not discovered until I am 20 years- the dead baby she says I gave birth to at age 10 years& the Cat stew 1944- THE BRITISH NOBLES ARE ALL DREADFULLY INSANE & CRIMINAL & have dirty PARTIES back of Buckingham Palace from 1921...

1944 EAST ANGLIA hopes to get rid of EARLS of LINDSAYBUGGARHS & THEIR NOBLE SCUM I go for walks where there is only landscape-trees-seas to watch- play in the Rec with the younger children- This last winter it has been two main games `In enemy Country` in the dark & Ancient Britain & Queen Bou-diceaBut Cops & Robbers if there are a number of small boys waiting for a parent to get home at 6pm- Sliding on ice is fun- the cold house At The End of The Rec is not fun/records/& notebooks ANDRE MALRAUX 1945...

1945 - I do not go to lonely places for ANDRE Colonel George has warned me young girls must not go too far alone- Keep away from the Martello Towers- take a dog with you on the beaches

I do not tell him of the past years & how she throwing me out as pre-War into the freezing nights I unhappily play RED INDIANS & ESKIMO- he the WIDOWER OF JOSETTE has his terrible burden of his dead constantly in his mind- He has 2 dead half-brothers & JO mother of his 2 baby boys but they have to be `HIDDEN UNDER THE VIOLET LEAVES `

AN ATTEMPT TO KEEP GUARDIAN & HEIR SAFE When permission from Vatican comes February 1947 it is for `early wedding allowed` for 2 persons raised from childhood as Roman Catholics- The Consideration has included in the discussions many local humanists & educated people speaking on the sense of it- As Andre says 1970 `I think that Old Winnclemann had this in mind the moment he knew I was not dead- She had grown on me- she had no future with Teresa & her kind- the penniless Nobles of the Races -

( Malraux reference to : `that gambling world that DICE for the world outside the IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS FALLEN EMPIRE - ALL ON THE PIN)

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX 1945 1946 1947...I WAS NOT TOLD OF THE INHERITANCE by Miss Win Gordonor by her sister Teresathe rest of the family & our acquaintances believed I knew & that it was now a matter for General de Gaulle & myselfWE WERE ALL IN TERRIBLE DANGER -

I had accepted Guardianship of Greta October 1937- When the old cottage was bought Holland-on-Sea & I told we could choose a Manor house- two would be available in 4 or 5 years-I accepted that she & the family were not financially as I was- I had responsibilities - expenses in France- I was assured no moneys would be require of me- everything was easily to be taken care of- her Father would be speaking to me- he had given his PERMISSION-`Andre Malraux

Nota bene : The young lady Josette dead November 1944 is given a Catholic husband in 1947 described as ` WIDOWER - Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX` JO is accepted as his Roman Catholic wife by Pope Pius 12 & VATICAN-

1947 MARCH INTO APRIL - We had 6 BANNs read on Sundays to the Congregation in The Church of OUR LADY , Clacton on the Cliffs& he is spoken of as `Widower Georges-Andre MALRAUX WIDOWERthe notice pinned up in Porch spells his name correctly MALRAUX & the names of his parents were spoken & written in full - Son of Bertha & Ferdinand etc

1945 October- Widower Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX is nearly hit in the back with two bullets October dark evening 8pm walking the Winnclemann dog Clacton Recreation Ground Vista Road- I Greetah came to meet him a few minutes later from the big Edwardian house 112 Vista Road at end of the Rec- He Colonel Andre was in some shock by the tennis courts- I helped him search- some other people came with dogsreport from he-Greta-& later years

It had to be Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R or a monster with her- TO GET RID OF THE GUARDIAN TO THE ESTATE- You can bet as usual in a London bank will be about 5,000 pounds deposited by Imperial Britain that she can have if she kills MALRAUX Guardian- my Father has his Army guns on his bed ready to TURN IN at Colchester Barracks- she tried get Colins fingerprints on them 2 days beforeNOBLE BRITAIN IS ALL ON THE PIN-

1941-1945 during 2nd World War in Gross Britain- Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali Teresa Gordon Ransom is still jeering her foul mouthings at me & especially when she returns from her NOBLE FIENDS

`You You-YOU are to do nothing-I-I-I am in charge-you are an Ape-God-God-God knows what I have had to suffer-having you-I- I- I - only wanted BOYS-SONS-Sons-sons- you bitch you -Oh you bloody bitch-I could have married a rich man-but for my mother making me marry HIM-Him-himI-I-I- was BORN to be somebody ! I should not have had HER my mother- MY FATHER was caught by her-Irish-gutter gutter gutter- (human biology ?)

The booze talk of her noble true-blues using her to harm her own families so they have nobody objecting to their violent crimes against the Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts the globe Sounds as if Uncle Sir John Edmond OBrien has given her the thumbs down at that lunch he gave her at the Savoy 1944- expecting her to bring Greetha & Colin RANSOM

And this Nobles` Cocktails Talk can go on & on- late at night-before I leave for school-when I am invited to a birthday party-or there is a school End of term exam ! 1943 I came TOP in Science-she roared & kicked me `You will not do those things-only my sons-my sons-my sons- you are a bloody bloody bloody girl -I am told what you are by my my my friends in LondonMY MY FRIENDS-who are somebody somebody-YOU ARE GUTTER-a RANSOM

If I can I flee to the REC- no good saying to her `shall I make you a cup of tea`- Shes got sedatives/dope/poisons in the big kitchen cupboard THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC 1940s-

1957 autumn-winter- She carries her beverages about with her in her big black bag- she squats on Andre & Greta 50 Lancaster Gate Square. Mr Mengele Doc Harrington & his entourage dirty Jims bar WHITES Club supply her with all the updated narcotics she needs-to use on her only live daughter heir to Aunt Margarethe-girl-of-the-Snows- Mad Mother Kali she prefers criminally insane of true-blue Gross Britain-who supply her with Divinorum Salvia Scotland-

A pellet up her snout & SHE WILL TURN INTO MAD MOTHER KALI waving 50 arms- seizing anything heavy & advancing on me & little Colin-e ven Johnny Gordon R. in 1945 when her noble dope-fiends all so noble titled were not giving her big moneys- but they were spending & boasting- Milford Haven others- coarse purple-plum narcotic monsters who all behave as she on this dopeTHUS they have slain the Grote Children the globe

She Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon as THEY NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA et al are insane from these drugs since they were in their early teens first quarter of the 20th century- Angelas parents grow it - JIM always has it to tempt where he can & get himself DOUGHTreasa`s noble friends all with titles are no more use to the globe than those piles of dirty dog turds you see in the streets- fly blown- They the highest in the land- Scotland Nobles & old bilge Rats have the monopoly growing this dangerous narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland- `it pays the yearly bills`

Nota bene : the 21 years old heiress bride of the to-morrow Morning Wedding in 1891 Scotland is a Marjorie Cameron to be Mrs JOHN GORDON at the bridal table breakfast- JOHN GORDON who the morrow would bring her back to the comfortable home- he & faithful retainers had the Place adorned for the coming of the bride-

a marriage of love. The Cameron branch had laid her lovely young FACE by his gate- by the door- they then took all her Fortune. She was born of a branch of Cameron : they grow Divinorum Salvia Scotland & stuff it up their SNOUTS to go robbing others- She would be on the morrow sister-in-law to Mary Gordon nee Mary Helena Murphy O`Brien Carroll Williams born 12/13 Sackville Street 1870 to John Williams & Teresa Carroll she a graduate of studies in PLATO & HARMONY- Dublin- records further on-

1957...Jim & Angela & LINDSAYBUGGARHS were still saying disgusting things about the families of the heirs Greetah & Lennie RANSOM & about ANDRE MALRAUX their GUARDIAN too -

& the old SLAGS & sleazy buggarhs had their long black tongues going into 1980s about Gretas grandparents to Peter J.P. Whitehead BMNH- beginning December 1967...into 1968 & onwards

Peter has` `walked into all this`-

All Post to The Pillar House HARWELL was stolen the first 3 years daily - so PJPW never got 1968 copy of the legal WILLS- other documents- letters- & it went missing frequently when he tried get it all to THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM All of which leads to the murders of several more people/lists about the globefamily & innocents who knew of GROTE HOMES children & the great value to the world -some also knew of the slaying by IMPERIAL BRITAIN`s penniless noble thugs-

2008 AD This B0OK of SUMMER 1937 is for ANDRE MALRAUX & his Roman Catholic wife JOSETTE Clotis Malraux- They found 4 years of happiness & have 2 sons- to be killed in a fake car accident 23 Mai 1961 ages 21 & 18- Criminally insane Earls Lindsay- JIM Jong- & Imperial Britain are responsible- all ON THE PIN & frightened of exposure now that Malraux has the evidence 1960 he was the accepted GUARDIAN October 1937 to this vast Estate of philanthropy- & from November 1937 THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN began the THEFT of his Post/mail organised by kudos of the British NOBLE Realm

Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues Colne Engaine 1960 January onwards RESEARCH- Book I-

1962 History shows Andre Malraux & Mona Lisa painting visiting the USA- he has had his sons killed 1961- In 1944 November the evil noble Class of Gross Britain had Josette lose her young life because Andre Malraux Guardian GROTE RANSOM ESTATE A-Z the globe

1937 SUMMER - & as Widower SUMMER 1945 -

Georges-COLONEL ANDRE MALRAUX enters upon the presence of SHEshe Teresa Gordon again- whom he was not impressed by at Christmastide 1924/25 at Deauville & ParisSheshe met by young intelligent honestly married ANDRE MALRAUX with a Miss Plunket-Greene `a girl who trailed behind never said a word greasy hair & a grey face ` - (She & her brother stay sympathetic to Teresa to 1934...again 1944...& she to ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 MINISTER OF GAUL `Thank you my dear ANDRE for looking after usI was nearly blind for a monthit was JIMhe put something in our drinks at CALAISTHEN ROBBED THE WAREHOUSE.`/RECORDS )

It is she & her brother ( who own a big decaying PLACE & are oprhans ) THEY EXPLAIN 1934 to Frederick John RANSOM 23 years of age `his wife is surrounded by PURPLE MANIAAngela & her IMPERIAL penniless SCUM& JIM Jong thrown out by his Chinese respectable grandparents)

` The two girls XMASTIDE 1924/25... had Andre somewhat understand ( Andre Malraux 23 years of age & friends same ages) & he learned a little had been robbed by JIMMIE Jong at Calais - on his Way this JIM to The Bloody Liar Dusty Mansion France now a Museum of stolen goods including Mrs POUL GRONLANDER her dolls that acted out SHAKESPEARE


full records Secret Services/ ………continue

1924 XMAS TIDE & ANDRE MALRAUX FRENCH CITIZEN ` to deposit a sack full of money & things from a robbery hed made in England- A N D He JIM half Chinese British RACIST . Oh so close a fiend of ANGELA her parents & HER LINDSAY MEN he JIM made another robbery CALAIS in the early hours of the morning December 1924 - leaving them the two girls 17 & 19 years old rather very ill from drinks he had bought them & clearly DOPED- he stole their RETURN tickets to Gross Britain & their moneysclearly meaning to get them arrested if necessary for VAGRANCYHE CAN THEN PICK OFF WITH ANGELA BRITISH CROWN THE `OLD PLACE` of this girl Miss Plunkett Greene & her brother & using Angela`s KUDOS start an INVESTIGATION of Teresa Gordon her mother`s cousins MURPHY O`BRIEN CARROLL .

They of SOUTHERN IRELAND somewhat DEMANDING ITS FREEDOM FROM THIS DIRTY FALLING EMPIRE SYSTEM( Carroll have a Castle- our Armada LettersTeresa Carroll Graduate PLATO & HARMONY great-grandmother of Greetha Ransom & her brothers) 3 baronetcies SOUTHERN IRELAND of Murphy-O`Brien are cousins to Greetha Ransom`s grandmother MARY HELENA MRS George Gordon have THEY RAISE RACE HORSES HAVE YOU GOT IT READERPIMPS OF THE late 19th the whole of the 20th century RULE THE GLOBEESPECIALLY GREENLANDPeru & Tierra del Fuego& A to Z the globe


He JIM JONG (CUR JAMES 1954 - Oh try & insult the British nation & the GROTE HOMES slain children some more !!!! ) in 1924 has a 2-room apartment at the back of Buckingham Palace- until 1956 -& he & LINDSAYBUGGARHS & 2 Ramparts of PENNILESS BRITISH NOBLES encourage VAST GREED amongst the JUNKIES of poor educationamongst Angela`s kind This Apartment ?- Oh the Press dared say the person will be removed for hitting a woman with a spade in the backyard there - but has several woman friends in private apartments & slips in & out as he has done since 1920- records-& many to be found offshore