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1924 December- at Deauville Race Course FRANCE- ANDRE was just back from The East & a fearful adventure (caught for tomb & Temple robbing-prison sentence - Clara did not know better as she claimed a superior German CLASS she is HIGH on heroin& caught hold of the young husband of Josette & Greetha when he was 19 years of age )

Records & information The Winnclemann FAMILY who knew her before she was born

1957 October -at 50 Lancaster Gate SquareANDRE MALRAUX`s London HOMEiced winter coming frosts in the early dawn & mists that have fears of THAMES FLOOD the dusk over the Lancaster Gate Parks is in shades of startling lavender fading into deep iridescent greysfalling leaves swirling in the gutters

GREETAH FROBISHER WEDDELL RANSOM doth return to heeGEORGEScalled in his books ANDRE MALRAUXour Roman Catholic marriage TO KEEP US BOTH SAFE granted by a young man known to the families of THE HEIRS.. `young Paccelli` is in deep troubles .from BRITISH NOBLE SCUM who have not only KILLED THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN but are ripping off for their DEBACUHERYthe vast moneys CIRCUMNAVIGATING CIVILIZED COMMUNITIES set up by RANSOM SEA TRADERS from 92 ADwhich their DIRECT LINE the RANSOM BROTHERS are trying to keep funding WITH HELP FROM THE HUMANISTS THE GLOBEthis VAST PIECE OF PHILANTHROPYthat this BRITSH IMPERIAL SCUM HATH BEEN EYING FROM 1879.IS PROPPING UP TRASHBIG JUNKIE BRITISH TRASH LEADING THE MOB TO

THE worst of decadence of the ANCIENT WORLDS

the child age 12 years old who organises the games of the younger children after school at Saint Matthewis to be killed by Mengele Royal Satrap Harrington Paedophile GOLLUM Peer-in-Waiting The girl with blackberry shade hair & skin of moonlight has a HOP SCOTCH on the pavement outside The FRENCH Legation 50 Lancaster Gate Squareone morning the name GRETA is written in RED CHALK on this gamea woman called Angela & her chum Teresa HIGH ON DOPES & PIMPED by the LINDSAYBUGGARHS & JIM & other penniless noblesone MacMillan in Government is squatting on a DEATH PIT OF GROTE CHILDREN in URUGUAYhis HUSH MONEYS ALL TREATING LIFE AS A 1920s COCKTAIL PARTY WITH SPIKED ABSINTHE COCKTAILS ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE PIN. ANDRE MALRAUX & GENERAL de GAULLE doth know NOT that ANDRE IS GUARDIAN to THE SLAIN MILLION CHILDREN GROTE HOMESLEGAL WILLS THEY DO NOT SEE UNTIL MARCH 1962...Poor things

Memo : 50 Lancaster Gate Square is owned lawfully 2009 AD by Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese & French EmbassyTWISTERS took it from them1961- after the fake car accident 23rd Mai 1961...of Jo & Andre`s two sons Pierre-Gauthier & Vincent 21 & 18 years old- Read HOLIDAY OF THE LAST FALL Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM MARTYR with they & JOSETTE MALRAUX

Memo : We the RANSOM family ONCE FOUND AN ENLIGHTENED RULER DOWN AT SAN SALVADOR…” Uncle Captain LIAM RANSOM New Year 1937...Greetah Ransom to ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette SUMMER 1937 Clacton-on-SeaGOSPELS ACTED OUTEast AngliaA to Z the globe

1957 October - ANDRE MALRAUX age 55 years in 1957 3rd November 3 November 1901...born to legally married parents French citizens& both LINES SEA PEOPLES 1957 as in 1953...tells Greta Ransom now age 24 years many things which she CURIOUSLY hath no MEMORY of within a half hourMrs Mengele 1950s-1960s is sleeping on billiard tables a half hour with NOBLES THE GOVERNMENT & CROWNfor Doc Mengele HARRINGTON is to be a PEER

Nota bene : Greetah RANSOM has found AGAIN ANDRE MALRAUX her GUARDIAN by overcoming memory loss awhile FOR YOUNG WOMEN IN LOVE DO NOT EAT OR DRINK EXCEPT AQUAHEE Saint Georges X again IS IN HER MEMORY. Georges-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUXthe Miracle of 1947 17 April rises but a reality...RECORDS/tapes etc Wedding of GRACE)

1924 - MEETING TERESA GORDON France About Andre Malraux`s meeting SHEshe aged 19 years of age he speaks to her living daughter Greetah his Catholic Widower bride of 1947...-

He is 23 years of age (November 1924) IT WAS December 1924 at the Races- The two girls were without any moneywe my friends & I loaned some money & it was repaid by Teresa your mother with a pleasant polite letter in January 1925

. They took them to PARIS found them an apartment & showed them the City for 2 weeks. Saw them safely on the train back to England. Andre MALRAUX & friends going into Italy- Clara to catch up with them.

1957 - ANDRE MALRAUX speaks one cold autumn evening at Saint Edmunds House 50 Lancaster Gate Square- A man of distinction put his arm about your future mothers shoulders- Teresa Gordon was her name- & -they began to talk about horses-in a spiritual way-they all were able to stay at Cliveden (say Clifton) the Astor place- a group of young & older people- a cult I Greta Ransom was glad to learn he was not her boyfriend - I can remember almost fainting as he began his novel like tale but from his notebooks got out of his secret stores

1945 - ANDRE MALRAUX WIDOWER AFTER JOSETTE IS KILLED - his world - he with no knowledge he is GUARDIAN October 1937... the world`s greatest piece of philanthropyGROTE HOMES & RANSOM SEASHORES ancestral ESTATEAll stolen by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWNwho flash-debauch- glitz- lie & gambleall in such smart trendy TOGShorses with diamonds women in flats hot stuff

1945 May - Mr Professor Winncleman warns Andre from his arrival 1945 May ` & the house at the end of the REC Andre-

I want you to walk the dog there with Mrs Winncleman if she is free-see that the three children are safe- the woman is a Virago-

Miss Gordon her sister just from the ATS is not aware perhaps - I am waiting for Elsas father to return - I think we should get her, Greetah into a school on the Continent `

(Elsa= Lohengrin - I like to hear Richard Wagner on the gramophone Mr Winncleman hashe also plays Debussy La Mer & Preludes)-

1945 May Colonel Andre widower is to meet Greta Ransom that week - & when I am introduced as `Greetah Miss Gordons niece` Malraux picks me up by my elbows & laughs & laughs - Mr Winnclemann angry said PUT HER DOWN ANDREshe is not A DOLLin tissue paperyou cannot pick her up & throw her awaySHE IS MISS GORDON`s NIECE& we play the music of RICHARD WAGNER togetherELSA is beginning to sing in her Roman Catholic Church across the Road…” A CHASTENED REPRIMANDED COLONEL ANDRE MALRAUX set me downHE IS A WIDOWER ` Soon I am in love for lifeits a hero that I hath forgot needs a motherITS PURE HUMANISM IF ITS GOT AWAY FROM EVILraised by 3 GracesFrench-Italian-East Britain Sea Traders ancestry

1945 May. SPAKE Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX widower with JOSETTE green in the graveher legs almost severeddied in horrible painbefore he Andre could get to her2 tiny boys…” to Professor & Mrs Winnclemann

She was with us - before the War- ( He cannot speak Josette`s namehe ANDRE MALRAUX THE WIDOWER OF GAUL) I had hoped to find Mary Gordon- I am saddened she has died` (Greetah`s grandmother Mary Helena has been poisoned by THE BIG NOBLE SCUMI with others East Anglia HUMANISTS of no IMPERIAL ON THE PIN big disgusting foul NOBLE NAMES. are in griefI hath told a little to Professor Inclement who is A HUMANIST

1945 OCTOBER - extensive records/added to 1960/61 Andre Malraux Detectives & Colleagues Colne Engaine Colchester.

`THE TWO BULLETS October 1945...AIMED AT MY BACKin the Clacton RECREATION ground.`

1945 October - Clacton-on-Sea REC . An island in the SNOWS still lingers seaplanes ? yes as pencil sketches on the air I Greta Ransom am threatened all 1942 into 1945... by IMPERIAL BRITISH GREEDY DOPE SOAKED SCUM - they LINDSAYBUGGARHS & NOBLE SCUM hath murdered for her NEWFOUNDLAND LANDS our school Class colleagueMiss M. `d`UFF Macdrew age 9 years spring 1942...& belched factories of filth on her landsdestroyed her church & settlement murdered her community she hath a care ofall in name of CROWN LANDS

ANDRE MALRAUX reads his notebooks of 1945 in 1970 at The Pillar House, Harwell(Greetah shorthand from the `little kitchen` for it is too painful to face across this tablenow in GAUL)

I was shot at in the Recreation ground- it was past 8 pm Clacton-dark but there were a few dim lights - & much blue light & sudden bursts of tremendous electric blues from the Railway where they work all night they were then the felt wartime safe place to over-haul on the trainssome of the famous trains comeGreetah has spoken of several by namethat she & her brothers & friends went to have a glimpse of…”

(IVANHOE/ `Flying ???? Perhaps Railway Buffs can find them from Archives? I forget them the great steam trains I told ANDRE MALRAUX of 1937 & 1945... such beautiful comforting CREATURES that were so much a part of THE PROGRESS OF RANSOM into early TRANSPORT from 1830s& our growing years

Shirley Black`s father was to come from USA & visit & investigate themShe is a Miss Shirley Temple HOLLYWOOD & knows Cousin Clarke a Weddell line. & uncle FRED MACMURRAY a RANSOM line . & he has put up little MUSEUMS of HOUSEHOLD INVENTIONS about the Americas)

.1945 October - a mild night about 8 pm by the sea PeterI had the Winnclemann dog in the RecGreta was to come & tell me if her father was in the housethen I would enterA GUNSHOT AT MY BACKbefore Greta cameI alone with the dogclearly outlined against the lighting of the tennis courtsThe House on the REC was in a direct line…”

Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX A WIDOWER is trying to have PJPW of the British Museum NATURAL HISTORY understand this timePeter a schoolboy at Radley School 1945 October with his identical twin Rowlandborn of those great Nonconformist families that made England`s intelligence17th-19th centuries& HUMANISM

1960s in both twins the humanism is being swamped by the JUNKIES of IMPERIAL BRITAIN KUDOSthose frightful apparitions making the 20th into THE EVIL CENTURY From 1967/68 winter RANSOM WEDDELL families have been trashed to this pair born 1930... by things NOBLE SCUM some via Kenya & British Empire slithering out of side-doors Palace & marble halls & smartie Vice Clubs Scarlet Town PJPW in the great MUSEUMS of the globe is not at all the person this world of British IMPERIAL trendy BIG TIME can have him treading

We must be lenient of young persons The Medieval Code had all under 27 years of age not guilty of ENORMOUS CRIMEit was a matter of the parents DISCUSSION& they who should be held responsiblethey were still deemed to `be on reins`HOWEVER THIS WAS USUALLY FOR THE WELL SHOD CLASSES

Coming up the lane to the tiny meadow Colne Engaine January February GALLOWS CORNERit was in sleet & snow & bitter winds made possible to QUESTION ALL OF THISWHEN YOU HAD LIVED WITH ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOMwith BRITISH NOBLE SCUM slithering about us

Records ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives Colleagues 1960/1961 Colne Engaine

1969 Deptford -Legal Documents destroyed : Frederick John RANSOM b November 1911 the young father of Greetah heir b 1933 his youngest brother LIR sub- & co-heir n 1921left his Whitehead step-grandchildren & his grandchildren ESTATES before being murdered by the British Royal Satrap Mengele Harrington Peer-in-Waiting mighty paedophile of the blue car

THE WILL WAS TAKEN OVER BY IMPERIAL BRITAINfalsified& my father FJR has no correct birth certificate that he is the elder child of JEAN WEDDELL (1st marriage Spain Widow Smith) 2ndly Mrs Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM 1909 address `Jerusalem` Deptford by the little sloping Park ORDERS - ROBBERY FOR IMPERIAL BRITAIN & NOBLE LINDSAYBUGGARHS always CULLINGChurchill calls them January 1960- Lindsay a bloody nuisance since th PLANET beganif the Earl of Lindsay has a degree then I have TEN10...~

1945 October Clacton-on-Sea - ANDRE MALRAUX reads his notebooks 1970 : MURDER OF MALRAUX

I came to walk the dog for the Winnclemanns Greetah would come out of The House at the End of the REC to join me perhaps-

1. I wished to know if Gretas Father had returned-

2 . Mr WINNCLEMANN was anxious to speak with him-

We had a Convent School in Magdeburg felt to be right for Greetha- & Clara knew of it They taught partly in English - a tradition -there were no Finishing Schools now as before the War until girls reached 16-17 years of age - it was felt that we should get her away- The Convent had suffered in the War but were getting on their feet-pupils helped with the chores - collected eggs tended a vegetable garden - it was felt to be a happy place -

Mild objections came from Miss Gordon - it was Protestant - that it was German she did not mind - but she was anxious for her nieces SOUL- especially as she came from a home where her parents were unsettled in the marriage . We, WINNCLEMANN, I, & THE Convent Magdeburg could assure her Miss Minni that Greetha would attend a Catholic Church once a month on Sundays to begin with - I still feel I want to explode - after the research, PeterGreta of Arthur Malone & the others-what we came upon - my detectives Earls Colne 1960-1961`

(He MALRAUX sent moneys to pay themTHEY RECEIVED NILREMOVED BY British Naval intelligence & Doc Mengele paedophile HARRINGTON`s official NOBLE Commission to use in semi-secret silence every method to stop the ESTATE BEING RECOGNISEDall Teams to be in training for NOBLE BRITAINadvancementREMOVE GROTE HOMES RANSOM WEDDELL ESTATE from the globeAlert every Embassy/

Nota bene : anyone that questioned closely what they were to do got culledaccidents/overboard/etc- Some interesting Reports to ANDRE MALRAUX 1957/1958...but he had no idea why these young British RN on-shore gold-braid running a `good heroin quality supply business from a boring Dockyard ` were trying to help him

HE GENTLY SAID THE FRENCH PARLIAMENT WERE NOT YET ADVANCED ENOUGH FOR THIS - a daily heroin supply from the British Navy assuring IT WAS FIRST QUALITY STUFF` OH THE 20th century of a fallen EMPIRE

& a FRENCH Republic that cannot take care of its HEROESor Aunt Margarethe RANSOM GROTE`S children in 5 HOMES in France . & her massive investments in the nation & our ancestry

Records are quite full/& heart aching

AT LAST ANDRE MALRAUX EXPRESSED EMOTION 1970... stronglyhe knew that three children slept ABOVE in The Pillar House HarwellThe house where the artists livedthat great painting in the Guildhall& the creator of the immortal books for childrenL. Leslie Brooke BUT IT WAS THIS SUDDEN SWEEP OF HIS EMOTION Georges-ANDRE that had me Greetah RANSOM realise I should also be feeling strongly about this PASTSO EVIL to us 1950s

After that 2nd World WAR we young children become almost young women as it closed 1945, it was automatic to be thankful for THE DUSK & THE DAWN I think here it was my immortal youth - my great strength - that had me unable to understand Saint George ANDRE MALRAUX his feelings of SHEER HORROR from 1960

that . he had walked into thiswith JOSETTEthe result of a happy HOLIDAY SUMMER 1937it had lead to her horrific early PAINFUL DEATH caused by the BRITISH IMPERIAL SCUM at the very topof its penniless Noble IMPERIAL dog piles of rotting turds

All of them of GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA without BREEDING-MORALS-KINDLINESS- with such smart TOGS& without H U M A N I T A S

1945 October I GR correct him upon our residence 1960/1961 - `its Colne Engaine/Engayne- very ancient- the Gallows was there` Malraux adds ` Ah I did not know it was called that- Yes I know it is Gallows Corner for I returned to it after you had gone into Kent with the Caravan you described what you felt to me one night I took the NIGHTWATCH that January 1960- & said something to your Detective Malone - I hired him for you - at Lancaster Gate Square-when you came to live in my home - I think you do not remember many things of those years `

(I Greetha-Greta was quaking Feb 1970 as he spoke-a door opened on a world I had not been allowed to remember- some seconds in MY mind in WINTER mists saying `you are in the wrong life`& a knowledge `evil wins- it doth`there are unknown dead heaped about the shoresIT FADEDI was required to be calm & remember the present & I had always been a pauper as Noble Britain told me)

1970 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister of FRANCEis trying to have the young person of The Wedding of Grace step back into a memory destroyed since that time & always destroyed whenever we were seen TOGETHER - an October evening after 8pm 1945 Clacton-on-Sea Recreation Ground Vista Road to Valley Road leading to Josettes Beach Holland-on-Sea- The REC bordering the railway lines to the globe` & THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC `

& he Colonel AndreWIDOWER OF JOSETTEshe not a year in her grave in France

Greetah is now 36 years, 37 in March 1970...& he Andre George is 68 years his birthday in November the ages do not matter if we are allowed to speak to one another alonethen my memory is given backthis is what is still FORBIDto keep UNHOLY CRIMINALLY INSANE BRITISH NOBLES freeunchallenged of their GREED CRIMEthe slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN for dough2nd World War & ongoing of those who are former GROTE studentsorphansand have done well science etc

1945 - MURDER OF ANDRE MALRAUX intended -

Malraux notebooks- 1970 reads : `IT WAS A STILL NIGHT there were some electric lights in the Rec- but shining on the paths only- people came for a walk with dogs the evenings now the War was over - I had a shortcut from the Boating Lakes to the paths by the Tennis Courts leading to the broad Avenue lined with small trees & shrubs - I KNEW THE RECREATION GROUND VERY WELL FROM OUR VISIT 1937...

NOTA BENE : 1937 some evenings he came with JosetteTHE REC, Clacton-on-SeaVista Road

I Greetha having some early nights for with Saint George ANDRE MALRAUX I must at dawn accompany him before ROSY FINGERED DAWN PUTS ON HER SAFFRON ROBEA visit FOR ALL OF US before 8 pm to Unity`s mother`s father in the Convalescent Home on the seafront to settle him down for the nightfor he must leave beautiful LIFE then we go back to his House on the Corner off Marine Paradewe leave the young couple an evening to themselves

HE ANDRE MALRAUX has wandered in the dusk here with JosetteSUMMER 1937 when they found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT a walk down the rough meadow brings them to The Valley Road& thus to JO`s beach at Holland-on-seaTHEY COULD KISS

Nota bene : recall they have me & my True Tales of the Island in the SNOW sleeping at the bottom of their beds it is their idea

HENCE October 1976... he ANDRE MALRAUX is brought by Dr Len Ransom & friends to THE REC the last of it left

IT IS A HOLY PLACE here he was with JOSETTE his chosen Roman Catholic wife


(Greetah Ransom has told him summer 1945... The Royal Way for our Wartime gamesor the Road to the PLACE of the High Kingsor the Neolithic Times way to the cliffsor Anglo-Saxon times to our church & village…” I am telling him June-July 1945 as I lassoo him Colonel Andre X)

1945 October I Andre Malraux widowerstopped by the Tennis courts with the dog -& I might light a cigarette- I had behind me the Railways & the big Shed where the trains came for a re-fit an overhaulI turned at a sound not unusual- a cloud of steam with a great noise hissed into the night air where blue lights lit the great shed- As I did so……

I HEARD THE CRACK OF A BULLET HITTING THE WIRE beside me -a close mesh net so the balls could not fly - then I thought I heard another as I dropped to the ground ! I was sweatingfearfulI had enemiesI had left some I felt

I crawled slowly towards the paths - then I heard the sounds of

voices coming from the other direction-I got up-found the old dog`s lead he had been with the Winnclemans in their Internment the Race Course Epsom-Oh a piece of failure-someone in panic Whitehall- I quickly went towards the people 5 or so - then another couple with their dogs & said to them what had happened - I did not know them- I walked with them- (he was more shocked than scared! )

It was after 8 pmGreetha came across from THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC she told me slowly her fathers Army guns were all laid out on his bed Peter& her mother had showed them to little ColinJohn was told NOT TO TOUCH THEMI learned some this years laterHe Captain Frederick John RANSOM intended taking them to Colchester (Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis) to have them checked in - Army rules Greetha & Harry said - He also had a collection of ancient guns he had made in Kenya - he trained in Gunnery as a young mana teenager - Gretas mother we years later heard had tried get little Colins fingerprints on some of the guns that dayby then it was known she went insane after she had been with her Noble friends

She was still giving signatures to her noble friends-they promised her a fortunethey came down in big cars after dark 1943 & 1944-the town had rows of houses shut because of the War-fearing Invasion-You know about the plane crash that first year of the Waron the Holland cliffsI spoke with him in Germany & his family- he came back to the Clacton beach -they had saved his life by directing him with search lights towards the beaches the seaTHEY GAVE HIM LIFEGreetah saw the plane caught in the searchlights from her bed the tiny room facing East in THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE RECIt has stayed with her because she learned there was not total loss of life - SHE COULD ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT when she lived with mein my London home(1957-1959) .

(THE BEACH IS JO`s BEACHof course)

1945 `That October evening - It was about 10 minutes later after the two shots at my back that Greetha came quietly & found me- I had crawled to the end of the heavy metal nets & got up very slowly when I heard their voices coming towards the paths - otherwise I was going to crawl on hands & knees to the entrance of the REC- or perhaps the other way to the ancient Farm House friends of Esthers husband Fred Potter.Greta came in her school raincoat & Wellington boots all she had to wear that summer 1945 - until she was given some shoes that fitted - She came like a wraith called no greeting only a calm smile to me & a bow of the head but this was her LANDS & here she played her games of what I was told in early 1945 June by Miss Win were MAKE-BELIEVEshe stood a little distance from the people I had gone to stand amongst- (I age 12 years am shy & he Colonel Andre is clearly a NOBLE MAN)

I called to her by her name (Greetha) & said quietly I wished to go quickly to the Rec Entrance in Vista Road & return to the Winnclemanns - that she should go home & I learned her father was not there & had left days earlier for London she feltshe seemed to have forgotten I needed to speak with himand Mr Winnclemann

(I Greetha Frobisher WEDDELL RANSOM can see him OCTOBER 1945 , re-live that timehis face stern & carved as if in immortal timeI & classes are given to this thought pattern because EVIL HAS GIVEN US THAT WAR& I hath a woman with a disease the educated upper class call GREED baiting me& she has stolen my 15,000 pounds from GROTE BROKERS& spent it on HER MEN & 2 fine horsesher kids have purses FULLwhich explains the RUDENESS spring 1939 from themNevertheless I spoke to BBC fast & told them of GROTE HOMESthey had not had time to read to me the QUESTIONS they had prepared & WERE ALMOST STOPPED in this planned interviewLENNIE is not hereANGELA has insulted his just dead 1938 aged 52 years Mother JEAN WEDDELL ballerina Mrs Frederick Charles RANSOM- widow Smith in Spain a year 1st marriage c 1901... LEGAL grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL THE sub-arctic SEA with JIM her travelling Companion determined to get A SHARE of `The Old Eskimo`s Estate & NOT LET THE LINDSAYBUGGARHS TAKE ALLtHEY are all called `greedy VERMINby educated persons the globe` since Lennie Immanuel RANSOM 9 years old 1930...he a G.B. & citizen of The Argentine