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ANDRE MALRAUX continues speaking 1970 to PJPW- 1945 October that evening when I WAS NEARLY KILLED WITH A BULLET IN MY BACKthen another - fired at me in the RECPeter.I can see her face in my memory (Greetha) obedient but saddened that we had to part so early evening - she did as I said when we stood outside the Rec big GATES - I was anxious to get away with the old dog- I said to her in some detail as we walked to the Gates what had occurred- later she found this blurred in her memory

& I did not like to disturb a very young Maiden - who clearly had fallen in love with me & saw me as a Saint of her churchan early warrior of Freedom of speech a man she could live in a cave withI gave her some memory of pre-War the SUMMER WITH JO1937... - I felt myself to be a middle aged widowerundergoing a divorce from my first wife Claraof more than 20 years agobut whom I had not lived with for many years

(ExplanationClara older than him had made him ACT out this older man he is `still a boy`& deserved a Catholic Marriage as `young Paccelli` granted us

(Malraux 1970) 1945 October I returned the next morning at 7.45 am & found the first bullet - returned again before mid-day & found the second bullet - Greetah again came to me her Aunt Miss Winnie had said what I thought had occurred` somebody had shot at me in the dark` & that I was upset & gone to The Rec to find the bullet - Harry came that evening & he had been told by Teresa & Miss Win it might have been boys with a pop gun- `having a lark` I SHOWED HIM THE BULLETI did not tell him I had found the otherI showed the first bullet to Greta lived in my pencil tray (What did he do with the second bullet ? Mr Winnclemann may have taken it for Police/other investigation? )

Their was some talk of Ben Brittan & new work `Peter Grimes` the family & cousins of Humperdinck- he an Academic trying to warn me about BRITISH HEIRSI did not want to know- I was a WIDOWER & my brothers - two - were dead of WAR- & I HAD BEEN SHOT AT AT MY BACKTWO BULLETSI did not believe it was a lark If I had been more sociable SUMMER 1945 in the town I should have learned what I was being kept from knowing by a very few perhaps ? - When I began to work with General de Gaulle it was felt by so many people they should not approach me upon the Guardianship mattersI try to avoid thinking I have failed the girl-of-the-Snows & her brilliant companions sailing down the centuriesI, Malraux 1946 entered into work for France` (notebooks of the years read 1970 by Andre Malraux)

1957 (read 1970) - ANDRE MALRAUX - `I SHOWED A BULLET TO GRETA IN 1957 November- I kept one in my pen & pencil tray at 50 Lancaster Gate Square - I also made little drawings now & then but they disappeared when Greta put some up in her room at the top of the buildingI had decided to take up the marriage - she agreed - & her grandmothers friend `young Paccelli` had given me his time in RomeNOW I LEARNED THE MARRIAGE HAD NEVER BEEN DISSOLVED-the Vatican had put it ON HOLDdeceit & threats by Teresa & Nurse Connie Napper who seemed to be a drunk at this time September 1947... I signed something & believed myself an unmarried man

IT HAD BEEN A MOST HUMILIATING EXPERIENCEI kept my promise & remained Gretas GUARDIAN all the following years - I have come here in that role - 1948 she seemed to understand that I had `married my sister`No 18 The Prayer Book - FORBID` Georges-Andre Colonel MalrauxPJPW said he was weeping as we finished talking that evening

ANDRE MALRAUX reading his notebooks 1945 October night after 8 pm about 5 people came long the paths with dogs- we walked along with them

I said to Greetha I must return to the Winnclemanns when we got to the main Recreation Gates& she should return home but by the Vista Road a dozen houses to her home- I said she SHOULD NOT GO BACK IN THE REC- I saw Greetha off watched her go to her home-I turning to watch her as I hastened down the Vista Road knowing where I might turn off & hide-call on people in the few houses lived inShe Greta had said her Father was not at home-she had come that evening to tell me this-she had been told I would be in the Recreation ground at that timeHer father had gone to Londonhe had to see to a damaged houseI now weep`

THE NEXT MORNING as soon as it was light I went to the place beside the nets-it was just light enough to begin my search- I found the first bullet after 15 minutes-later I returned at a quarter to 12 noon-& found the second- I was shaken ! No ! - I did not think Greetha had done it !

1946 - Later I learned as the Winnclemanns did- Oh a year later- that her Father returned & quickly departed to London & that all his Guns from Africa were spread out on his bed - he was sleeping in the Nursery- Greetha was being dragged into the double bed by her mother-have you not heard Peter ?

(Malraux continues ) THE HOUSE ON THE REC Greta had a Virgin room of her own- Yes I saw it ! she had a bookcase her father had made with statues of the Holy Family & fresh flowers she put in tiny vases - we collected them in the garden - YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD LIES !

This poor young man who had escaped with his life in the War found his parents home fallen down - the joists had been cut overnight- 2 eminent people had a Magistrates Order to stop the theft of family documents-a painting Joos van Cleve of him-married Japan-taken 2 days before the Document was expected ! She & JIM-with 2 cars- many things taken away…” (the slut of the Mall as Lord XWY calls her 1960Angela who is JIM`s chum ) -

neighbours reported & an Air Raid Warden kept watch- I have told you earlier`They are all mad since they were young- there is the use of this narcotic (Divinorum Salvia Scotland) - I had to halt 4 of them burning fresh corpses in Scotland by a Loch- Greta & I got drawn into it that winter 1957...I had no idea WHY WE WERE BEING PERSECUTED (REPORTS- MANY)

Mary Gordon explained to me 1937 adequately the madness of Angela & JIMIf you are told otherwise about the Gordon households then it is LIES- these creatures are said to have Vagrants (commit crimes for them ) & hide them from this crime by using their (NOBLE) kudos They had no money ~ (he is in angst/distraughthe suddenly with remarkable calmness & no glances at Greetah anymoreturns the pages in a notebook that he has before him & marked with strips of paper in betweenThe Pillar House HARWELL WINTER 1970 ) She (ANGELA) was heard spitefully saying 1939 `People in small houses should not have works of art`the night of the theft of the paintings No - some have clearly been destroyedDelacroix-others-the 3 Gericault burned on the Island 1933...I saw them in a magazine 1920sbut did not remember the name of the owner- perhaps it was not given`

What they owedIt was always known- I have now seen documents of their debts-some taken with USAit was known early in USA where they were trying to rob Grote-others…”

To return to an attempt upon my life 1945 October (Andre Malraux) From what we learn later - IT WAS AGAIN HELL for this young man FJRSHE SET ABOUT BLAMING GRETA & COLIN a boy of 7 years !!! She Teresa had been given the cold shoulder by her top Noble friendsthey had got her help but did not want her to have any KUDOS after the WARShe had to step down to du Cann & others to get DOUGH

I & the Winnclemanns expected he (Captain Frederick John RANSOM) would get in touch- when he did not we wrote- there was never any reply ! We also put letters by hand into the abandoned house after Teresa had left & taken the 3 children with her - she was promised a lot of money & a house if she would do this-her friends in town - one is Angela - `

`She Teresa now went into a room with the children nearby & a rented flat the other side of Mary Gordon`s house Walton Roadshe whose company I valued with JO Summer 1937 moved October 1939 without her permission from the home with the great painting by her husband on the North Wall - she, Mary Gordon was so ill in October 1939 when she came roundto realise she had been MOVED FROM HER HOME `Crail` the Skelmersdale Road she took off on the train to Manchester to her sisters families fearing for her life -

I AM ASSURED OF THIS INFORMATION FROM my Auntsmy intellectual equals Peterthe Misses Bessie & AnnieI am sorry you have not been told any of the visits to my LONDON HOME by Bessie& our connections to the Catholic church nearby.You should know these things/

1945 OCTOBER Greta & her brothers had their father FJR still in the countryoccasionally staying in THE HOUSE ON THE REC- he poor soul had a family home pulled down & threats about him from THEM that if he dared say a word they would kill everyone(LINDSAYBUGGARHS)as an Army Man 1927-1932 he was valued for his trainingGUNNERY & STORES - `

Greetah told old Winnclemann the end of September 1945 she had asked her father to come to talk with them but he said quite angrily he had no time for `social calls `

YEAHwhy did she not say I ANDRE MALRAUX was in the townI think by then her poor head had been so bludgeoned by Teresa with DOPE to remove any memory she could not recall any connectionnot from before June 1945 when two of her school-teachers had tried mend her faulty memory of before the WAR You might ask exactly what was being used? Peter !.

She, Teresa, her two Ransom sons got to a school in Surrey a reward for their father`s Service in the war winter 1945/1946 her daughter clawed at by she & Greetah told she was AN IMBECILEAS HER FATHER & HER MOTHER HAD ORDERS FROM NOBLE FRIENDS TO SEE SHE DID NOT GO AWAY FROM HEROR THEY WOULD LOCK HER UP IN AN ASYLUM…”

Greetah will be 13 years in March 1946 & I Andre Malraux was with her just before her birthday the 11th & afterwardsmy son VINCENT is born 10th MarchI know you have been told I took a knife to Greta`s armthis was explained & understood in the Marital Court 1946 ... Greta is blood-brother to my brothersdead in the WARnot to me I took her legitimately to Church…”

Greta that Christmas 1945 did not tell Mr or Mrs Winnclemann her mother had taken them out of the family houseTHE HOUSE ON THE RECshe may have been threatened again by Miss Minni to say nothing about family mattersShe Miss Minnieseems to be protecting the good name of the Gordon family in the townI AM NOT TOLD THE TRUTH before XMAS 1945 (Tape January 1946 THE HOUSE IS AS QUIET AS A GRAVE says Colonel Andre-George)

It was Fred Potter got Greetha away from her twice - this is Esther`s husbandTHIS IS MY FAMILY TOO Peter!

Nota bene : All NOBLE SCUM can destroy ANDRE MALRAUX`s integrity with their FOUL MOUTHS they hath been threatening him with this the Noble British & Scandinavian PERVERTS SCAVENGERS VERMIN since AUTUMN 1947.`he alongside General Charles de Gaulle R.C. married a school-girl` & it did not last ` ( THEY SHOULD ALL BURN IN HELLlow levels)

March 1946-June 1946 (Andre Malraux) he, (Uncle Fred Potter) good soul, did not know what was happening- he had to be away & take Courses for Boots Chemists after the War & was away when I was there at the seaside but I meet him at the Cricket match September 1945...& they gave us a luncheon after our EngagementI have it in my notebooksit is January 1947

To return 1944 into 1945...Miss Gordon had told her niece Greta to stay with her mother & help her with the servants work.

Greta told Mrs Winnclemann this eventuallybefore our marriage spring 1947a legal marriage in the eyes of the Churchit is the Church of FRANCE too Peter - Greetah was to go to school 1944Miss Gordon informed her she did not try enough& was to be otherwise at home helping her mother- who was often NOT THERE in THE HOUSE ON THE REC

where you have been told I ANDRE MALRAUX entered summer 1945 ... WITHOUT Teresa knowing or giving her permission BUT THIS HAS ALL BEEN DISMISSED IN THE MARITAL COURT & she was to spend years in a confined Asylum/a NUT HOUSE as Greetha & her young schoolchildren called such places (Loony Bin/ Crankie house/ Bats in Belfry placeearly 20th century slang)

` Teresa has Prison sentences - albeit because of all of themFILLING THEIR SADDLE BAGS& she in the way of windfalls `

`.after the savage removal almost XMAS EVE of Greetah & her two brothers from THE HOUSE ON THE RECa rented ground floor apartment came to her mother after Xmas 1945 & they left a room in her dead grand mother`s Walton Road home allowed them by Miss Minni - Julie came to know of the invasion & OBJECTED with help from the authoritiesthe Town HallFebruary 1946...GRETA NOW ATTENDED THE CONVENT SCHOOLwhere I could come & receive kindnesssingthey were my friendshelping me the WIDOWER`a Catholic raised young man - as Josette` I think you do not know all this PeterYour family are Quaker then various Nonconformist Groupsthen to the State Religion if requiredof your nation (Georgie-Malroohx he knows a lot about religions & from H.W. Poulter CAMULODUNUMQUAKERS & nonconformistsOUT ON OUR LANDSEast Angliahis mother Berthe`s ancestral lands…”

1944 June- I want to tell you more Peter of MARY GORDONher family troubles) she Greta was told by her aunt Win 1944 after MARY GORDON deathto be attending to school &.. looking after the two boys John & Colin Ransom -later 1946 they go to boarding school- Miss Win has been told a lot of lies by her nephew a bastard du Cann-& other non-menhanging about her without the family knowing-after MARY GORDON`s poisoning June 1944 - her death ? - I have read the records from the hospital - removed now - THEY- a family of impoverished persons in the North WANTED MONEY - from this Estate- Teresa ? - an encounter with them- before I met her1924 December

Nota bene : ANDRE MALRAUX is trying to insert compassion & H U M A N I T A S into this true history of facts1937-1970...

Nota bene : Whitehead twins have only just gone to Radley College 1945 age 14 (Mengele Doc Harrington since 1967/68 Xmashas them both by the short & curlies- twin grandsons of REWtheir grandpa Sir REW has been killed in this FRAUD of the British Government & Crown1939/ JIM & SCUM) Records are full/

1970 ( MALRAUX reading 1970 ) ` To return to 1946 late January& again February 1946...Greta taken away by Fred Potter Esthers husband now became the paying guest of the young Napper couple who lived in the house next to her dead grandmother Mary Gordon where she had lived with her from the RETURN from WiltshireJanuary 1942...You know the tricks about Teresa ?

These are nice young people - she very kind - 21 years expecting her second childupon our engagement in the choir of that church where I sang she asked me what colour I would like for the cushions she would make us & embroider for their wedding present (Greta text with ANDRE MALRAUX-& on tapesWedding of Grace April 17th-21st 1947...)

1946 XMAS (They are Navy blue & he chose the design of flowersthey will be on a sofa to be given us- antique- for the first house RANSOM-MALRAUX out on Holland-on-Sea marshes where

9th century foundations of a first HOUSE will have the 4th side of the MOAT put back at the expense of the Councilwho should never have done such a silly thing to put the road across it they say ROAD WILL SWERVE OUT FOR THE YOUNG COUPLEhe of bloody 1930s SPAIN Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX& `LITTLE MISS NORTH POLE`

(Greta Ransom adds : ` We were all set FAIR to SAIL the globe but SHEER GREED has killed the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN on the RANSOM estate ancestral seashores & other lands/investments THE GLOBE

EVIL -Gross Britain & Scandinavia now requires 1946 that the matter is ERASED on THE FLAT GLITZY GREEDY IMPERIAL EARTHthe big spend IS ONall of them drip blood & gorehave PURPLE PLUM UP THE SNOUT)

(Andre Malraux 1970 ) 1946 Novemberthe Walton Road house where Greta has a little room upstairs facing East I COULD HAVE WEPT AT SUCH KINDNESSThe expenses were paid by the family & reimbursed by Captain RansomAGAIN I WAS ASSURED I HAD NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MONEYSit was understood I HAD TO PROVIDE FOR MY FAMILIES IN FRANCE…”

He that young man - born 1911-murdered 1969 Peter FJR- you have been told the situation ? You have not ! When he returned in September 1945 from KENYAwhere again he was to be killed !

He had to rally his family to `SAVE WHAT WE CAN`The children overseas had been murdered or were missing-` ` You do not know these things Peter - JIMthe woman he has known since a childtheir noble friends & Scandinavia who required moneyswere told to destroy Greta - halt educationthe curriculum of the HOMES had been begun from her birththis is an educated familythose who committed the Fraud are not educatedThey prey on others.

(ANDRE MALRAUX reads 1970... a repeathis notebooks 1937 into 1960/1962...)

` It is this Walton Road house close to the REC where Jim & Teresa moved Mary Gordon October 1939 when her son & daughter went away to War Servicethe house I knew 1945... then in a few months Win with Julie Butler cousin moved to the very big house near the Clacton seafront - Colne Road- they began to run a Guest House with an ATS loan- The house where Greta lodged was next door to the house where she & John- Colin- were raised by Mary Gordon January 1942 to 1944 her daughter Teresa was forced by Police & Clacton Hospital back into THE HOUSE ON THE REC-

.She used her mother as her servant & was harming her health-although on leave from a Prison Wiltshire she continued to lead a SOCIAL LIFE IN LONDON & at CLIVEDEN The Astor Placewith her NOBLEMENHER FRIEND ANGELA GOT HER FREE AFTER A YEAR& the COURT RULING THAT SHE BE SENT TO AN ASYLUM UNTIL HER HUSBAND RETURNED WAS OVER-RULLED BY ANGELA & JIMMIE JONGhe JIM with a 2 MAN UNIT CALLED Intelligence at the back of the BUCKINGHAM PALACEwhere he has daily access to The Kingwhom he has known since 1913...!!!

1946 Gretas Lodgings spring 1946 belonged to the young Napper couple with their first sonGretas room here was known to me -

I saw that it was suitable for a young school girl TO WHOM I AM GUARDIAN FROM OCTOBER 1937...

Mrs Napper 21 years old impressed me with her kindness & common sense - From here Greetha walked to our marriage - she wished to say a prayer over the gate of the house `Crail`where Jo & I entered freely 1937 to talk with Mary Gordon whom you have not known Peter I THINK YOU DO NOT KNOW VERY MUCH OF ALL THESE YEARS OF MY LIFE`

1947 19th April - a letter from ANDRE MALRAUX written to FJR Greta`s father is handed to Aunt Win Gordon -

1946/1947.Miss Gordon said she had heard Greta`s father was busy in London - he had a brother - she would ask her sister for his address - Letters were given to she to write the address upon the envelope- We had no replies old Winnclemann & I at any time……February 1947 this poor young man gave his Permission for the `Early wedding`. I older than he to THE HEIR he knowing my FULL GUARDIANSHIP

1946-1947... I HAD TO GO TO FRANCE every few days ! I was over monthly - to a community Essex who had welcomed JO & I - in 1937- & as I have said ` where we found the Gospels acted out`

Captain Frederick John RANSOM ? - I was never told he was an educated man- he was spoken of by his wife Teresa as a rough man- he spoke a dozen languages Peteras they all doJapanese toohave you not heard of thisTHE SLAUGHTER TO THAT LINE before WAR began! ?

I WAS A WIDOWER with 2 small boys-I had to have a home a base in Paris-my 2 brothers dead in the War - I had to leave it to the Winnclemanns - We never received an answer to our lettersTHEY WERE NEVER DELIVERED TO HIMthis poor young mancoping with A GENOCIDEPeter !

( Andre Malraux 1970 ) IT GETS TOO DISMAL - I WILL WEEP - The man younger than me- Gretas father could run a small Republic- like France-better than me- I discovered this October 1957 - I told Greta that first meeting I had with himWE ENTERED SWIFTLY UPON HELL again - we were never left alone by their scum - every word spoken was heard by them - he FJR was attacked again - the flat broken in - the collection of histories he had out to write upon taken - some photos trodden underfootI HAD TO GO TO FRANCE every few days sometimes I was only back a few hoursthis was often DELIBERATEto get me away…”

1969 - He Andre Malraux had no idea until after GR my father`s death that he had been robbed by Mengele Doc Harrington ( for his masters of the British Crown ) of all his OWN MONEYS deposited in the Argentine..Mengele & this doped up pack if violent PIMPS & VERMIN call it GROTE MONEYS & property of themin secret silenceTHEY ARE ALL JUNKIES HIGH ON DANGEROUS DOPES 1920s-1980s)

(Andre Malraux 1970 ) The British Government & Crown HAVE STOLEN MY POST/mail- with great skill- from 1937 onwards - they have often threatened my lifeothersdied

.so they could kill the children sell the lands- it has never stopped- I will weep.

Diaries/Colne Engayne 1960/61 “…where a Roman took his Grant of Land Child-stayed on with his British Family - after his Service ended in the Army - after ROME fell …” Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums- June 1960...civilized people like HWP were robbed-attacked-abused-poisonedrecords of the GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES children in their HOMES A to X the globeestablished 1864...destroyed by British Nobles 2nd World WarLindsaybuggarhs leading/records/

1938/1939 wintermurders begin of whole HOMES in Noroway winter 1938/1939 children put on low lying ground/Records come from Berlin-photos 3 children saved

Then Holland/Netherlands& the one HOME in Afghanistan established 1881...`ALL Tribal leaders were proud of this HOME for a 150 orphansthey came out able to help with the most useful thingsmedicine-animal care-education-music & arts & literature etc TIG was murdered 1904 by Earls Lindsay/Arran & other SCUM penniless & big gamblers`sorely missed in Afghanistan` TIGGY Grote spoke 110 languageslearning from age 11 years when a WARD to Fred & Gertrud RANSOM Jacopsholmen island- his father GROTE BROKERS New Yorkthey take care of the RANSOM 19 acres under New York bought 1801...

( the University was several times attempted from 1850s to 1933...hi-jacked with threats by Scandinavia & LINDSAYBUGGARHS Earls & other Noble SCUMit would be IN THE WAY OF THEIR Noble TRADE)