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Reader may think upon the ARCTIC WINTER :

1939 XMAS - A family of 6 not allowed to take bedding or furniture or anything JIM arrogantly saying CONTENTS of RANSOM HOUSE are the PROPERTY OF THE BRITISH CROWN - The Paris family de SALLE of 2 adults & 4 children under 13 dressed only in their Paris day clothes were in 20 minutes OUT IN THE ARCTIC WINTER for CHRISTMAS TIDE 1939 - Jimmie Jong Major this & that packed the Xmas presents in a sack & bowled it down to the harbour - the great warm Ransom Family house locked up- JIM with tiny pigs pin-prick dope eyes `Kubla Khan` had claimed the Island for The British Government & Crown- (1937 the Estate is called Angelas Fortune from `an old Eskimo`) This is Greenland & the island given 1770 to POUL Gronlander & family RANSOM line as a site of education - The building of the University has been denied with massive violence- the PENNILESS SCANDINAVIAL CROWS flying in to plot with GROSS BRITAIN VERMIN KNOW THE MONEY IS DEPOSITED OFF-SHORE to build with & that there is much more moneys funding the worldwide philanthropy…“ They do not wish education for Greenland - they are HIGH in their terrible purple dope usage-copious liquor-smart togs & luxuries- have become divine

1939 XMAS - JIM Jong Regent of England is always ON THE PINhe is

is recorded sniggering at the early evening Xmas party at the back of Buckingham Palace December 1939 they will be dead in the cold by now ”….some guests who knew this creature was insane wondered where he had been - 2 made a private diary entry- A matter of the Easter luncheon Marquee at Ettie Desboroughs Taplow Court some months earlier rose in their minds

.. Mr Tate & Mr Wayland were dead- not suicide the first & the second an acknowledged kicking-to-death by thugs known to be drinking companions of JIM Jong& Mr Chartris of The Souls `not exactly brave enough to give anymore evidence & more scared it was felt of what he had just witnessed - & ETTIE HAD NO SONSJIM was to be arrested on the spot - he was talking again of burning women alive !

Matter of the car accident of Etties last son solved by 2 people-the woman suddenly in shock October 1957 Lovelace Hall - ANDRE MALRAUX sent with Greta Ransom by Charles Magowan retired photographer-classical pianist-dance bands too-experimental Colour Printing photography ANDRE courteous learned that Greta Ransom did not come on her fathers side of `LOW NUMBSKULL EAST END GUTTERS WORKING CLASS STOCK` (talk hurled at Greta Ransom by JIM - Ange & Tree too.who can drink a pub out overnight says Lord XWW October 1957...)

1957 October - MALRAUX learned something of Gretas grandfather FCR dove-tailing into lines able to come at Festivals to here Lovelace Hall (via Frobisher)- ANDRE had no idea he was GUARDIAN the greatest Estate philanthropy the Globe A-Z the children now slain & a THIRD of the Estate stolen British Nobles & Crown & Scandinavian VERMIN

The 2 people Lovelace Hall that October 1957 morning were clearly a little scared- Greta stood over by the dismal flower bed where she had been with Lennie 1938...the same blooms there- The woman at the door come from Appointment abroad was now enchanted by the courtesy of ANDRE MALRAUX

She thought we knew more than we did. It dawned on her face as she spoke upon Taplow Court quite forgotten by Greta Ransom & she knew suddenly as she described a distressing event 1928 that JIM was the person she described- a little half Chinese on a motor bike-had thrown papers in the air at Etties only son- There was a car crash-

Greta could study her face from a few steps away - We left learning the name of great-great-great Aunt Mary (buried in her husband`s hunting outfit 1938/9 it was reported to Lindsay Earls & JIM where we had been) October 1957 ANDRE MALRAUX knew something odd had been said but not quite what & INTENDED GOING TO SEE CHARLES MAGOWAN at EXETER & first would make a telephone callGeorges-ANDRE now WAS VERY WARY OF JIM Jong now called Cur James ANDRE MALRAUX COULD NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS IT JIM & HIS WHITES Club BAR THUGS HAD UP THEIR SLEEVES about he & Greta ?

.he certainly knew Jim was half Chinesewhereas I GR had no MEMORY OF THE pre-WAR JIM Jong Mr PONGwhom I described to ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE SUMMER 1937...& Andre felt it was `A DREAM Greetha has` SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE DARK

1957 October/November MAGOWAN NOW DIES- no more phone calls or letters reached Andre or GretaDoc Mengele Harrington for The Crown went to investigate Charles Magowans negative collection Exeter - he now knew Magowan had photographed Andre & Greta in the years 1945-1947...

A National DECREE in silence says - that nothing RANSOM WEDDELL MALRAUX is to be held outside of the Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs & other Fraudsters for the Realm-

It has been made a silent CRIME from 1937 to hold anything that belongs to Angela from AN OLD ESKIMO - She is now divine therefore no WILL or scrap of paper need be presented to the WORLD until everyone is dead & in 100 years a completely FRAUDULENT account of the Old Eskimo & RANSOM families can be used for money-making& MALRAUX a noble man destroyed some more-

The ROBBERS are all criminally insane on dope -especially purple plum Divinorum Salvia Scotland from 12-13 years of age when they begin to train for their roles in life

1957 October - G.R. is now 24 years of age-pauper-no memory-some money belonging to her father perhaps-whom she does not know & her legal lawful birth is the fun of WHITES club thugs in this Reign of DIRTY CUR JIMbecause of Teresa with noble bastards

Nothing remained IN Greetahs MEMORY of an Island in the Snow& that responsibility to build the University POUL GRONLANDER Grandpa 4 times back whom as a tiny child she had so adored for his GREAT GENIUS in his writings - & to see to Colleges or University, something similar SUD-ARCTIC for JAMES WEDDELL & his INCA bride & her father the great mathematician astronomer Priest Rulers line an educated Roman Catholic scholarly man Visitor to ROME Ice Breakers Owner sometime Acting Governor Tierra del Fuego San Julians BayYahamah Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguelwho lives into the age of photography

NO MEMORY of Uncle Gimlet Eyes MAINWARRING & his family 1930swe all descended from THE LADY OF JAPAN marrying F. RANSOM 1504. That in 1936 it was being planned to have JEAN ballerina grand-daughter dance on JAMES` the Weddell SEAnot a memory remained of my Ransom grandparentsthey were removed 1940 completely from my head by constant DOPE week in week out. TO HAVE ME Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM APPEAR AN IDIOT & get THE ESTATE PASSED TO SUB-SUB-SUB APESALL OF THE EVIL ROBBERS ARE ON THE PINThey are British & Scandinavian VERMIN ! Penniless Nobles !

1938 into 1990s - in Scarlet Town the GREED EDUCATED VILLAINS OF THE UPPER CLASS SIN sport RANSOM Gronlander Weddell moneys in luxurious living & immoral livesNota bene: THE STEALING OF THE POST/MAIL by Order Crown & Government Lords of Gross Britain has enabled this obscene piece of Statecraft to continue- doped they are divine- which God would that be ?

Sunday middle of the day Dinner in the first half the 20th century in England is a very nice matter-especially in winter- Colonel Andre Malraux had Sunday Dinners 1937

1945 onwards at Clacton on sea & district- Colchester & many places in East Anglia-

JOJo&Joh has learned our Quaker phrases from the old Preacher

of the QUAKER FRIENDS enclave down the Old Road from Great Clacton on its slight rise of landit appears in Little Doomsday Book- One phrase she likes to speak & finds humour in is `FOUL WINTER DOTH COME` I tell her of church mornings in foul winter& now I go to Church very early in Summer but I tell she & Andre of winter dinners & then we can have a hike afternoons or even a bracing walk by the wild sea before a nice hot midday dinner- We seem to do all these things now in summeran afternoon to Cemetery or/& the beach- Visiting & a nice tea special cakes- or settling with a book going out in the evening air perhaps & our lovely evening in the RAIN- As writers both appreciated time to think & having order to the day & yet exciting things to see- `To watch the world go by`

1945 COLONEL ANDRE MALRAUX WIDOWERhumanist(look up in a Latin dictionary HUMANITASG.R. uses old Doctor Smithprobably 18th centurybut then we had him on board) a young man with experience of Spain 1936/1937 & 2nd World War- & many humanist matters came to teach at The Pathfields School (Laura Lawrence (a Rathbone connexion/went to NEWNHAM a Place at Cambridgetakes we 11-12 years olds for Drama-English is become HEAD …… ( I have been put to learn THE ANCIENT MARINER UgLennie MY BEST FRIEND I would rather begin with our RANSOM- GRONLANDER 18th century thought)

1945/1946... So the devastatingly beautiful Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX now a

grieving W I D O W E R of not yet ONE YEARenters to teach a 10-20 minute session from June-July 1945 to The Pathfields School Clacton-on-Sea & to the Catholic Convent of Poor Saint Clares` Clacton seafront 1945/47

He ANDRE MALRAUX whom we romantic schoolgirls FEAR will take the ROBE/or the veil with that voiceto be addressed as Colonel Andre or Colonel `George` decided girls & staff-& Mr Professor Winnclemann

1945 May - THE WIDOWER ANDRE MALRAUX A MAN OF ENORMOUS GRACEof France was kept occupied by fellow humanists& he wished to learn about the infra-structure of EAST ANGLIAwhere his mother`s ancestors from 9th century AD can be traced easily back at that time

1945/1946 - With Mr Armstrong Geographer, Cambridge University- who has taught in Clacton the wartime rushing about in his car school to school several schools - ANDRE goes to the Oratory Suffolk a big boys Place & to Dovercourt Girls High `hhmmn`big girls too - & there may have been other schools- He was also delighting Nuns Saint Clares` with his naturalness & courtesy - & elsewhere - & he sings in the Nuns Private Chapel !

Voice like Alfred Deller plus boy soprano range- a well known trick to continue singing thus, is that you do not eat 2 days before performanceto sing high ! He is a widower !

I PAUPER Greta Ransom am 13 years in March 1946 -

We The Colonel Archangel Malraux & I are not engaged to marry until November 1946 - & THEN I AM IN TRAINING as I am younger than he Saint George Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX - his name is Andrew Marlowe if nasty monsters are near -

Colonel Andre of Spain He was teaching about WAR & PEACE a 15 minutes January 1946 the Convent Saint Clares` & I am the pauper girl who sits at the feet of King Carpetua GREETHA Frobisher Weddell RANSOM her/my name no longer known from 1940 age 7 years I was falling under my school desk at Saint Clares` Convent October 1945 to spring 1947but then each morning SHEshe this Andre`s monster chum of Deauville/Paris 1924 December is sending me to SCHOOL filled with MEMORY LOSS DOPE

SHE Teresa Elizabeth Gordon IS PAID. with RACING CREDIT BY HER CHUM ANGELA & THEIR MENto see I HEIR do not do well & they assure her ALL POST GOES TO THEMPARTIES OF ABSINTHE & DOPES are at the back of all these GREAT MARBLE HALLSScarlet Town...War ending 1945 they are OFF OVERSEAS with empty goods wagons behind themBritish Trade

(Nero Emperor of ROME 1st century AD is a Beatrix Potter loveable character compared with this horribly DANGEROUS IMPERIAL CRIMINAL MADNESS ) He MALRAUX A HERO not intelligently known to FRANCE who now leave he & General de GAULLE in horrible danger by the 20th century habit of forelock pulling to IMPERIAL BRITAIN always ON THE PIN or UP THE SNOUT

Andre MalrauxHIS WORTHknown only to those who had to live with the SPANISH WARS& FRATERNITY& the 2nd WORLD WAR

1945/1947 CLACTON-ON-SEA Georgie ANDRE MALRAUX is learning of education & has Sessions in the teachers homes - many of them are University graduates - we even have 2 Art Workers Guild members - THIS IS MALRAUX`s mother`s ancient landswhere he & Josette 1937 found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT

(All of these humanists teaching in Clacton & district schools & East Anglia to be persecuted by Mengele Harrington for the Crown 1953 onwards/The Crown have got stolen blood & gore moneys & quite vast- they cash cheques overseas on our banks- a third of the Estate is missing 1960 & so many seashores & Reserves Settlements TRASHED for quick profit in name of Captains of Industry & other little smart suited mobsters of Gross Britain NOBLE CLASS- it has become the National Industry of the Upper DOPE TAKING 1920s MOBS- `& the new issue`ALL ON THE PIN or up the SNOUTas always- some of them since KIDS)

1945/1946 - Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX He will get a supper & thus Mrs WINNCLEMANN Martyr (a gentle intelligent Staffordshire woman) does not have to manage something too often from `the Rations`- His social & world of learning here is a world of grown-ups to me age 12/13 years - I know I have much to learn & do not expect to keep late hours with him - I shall be told what he & the Winnclemanns wish for my education-I prefer the guidance - I would find it embarrassing to step alongside him too earlywhen I do it is as a figure of 2,000 yearsthey whom have come sailing down the Ages RANSOM& the input of the Colchester Museums1950s until HAROLD Walter POULTER is poisoned by themIMPERIAL BRITAINwho are carousing in blood & gore moneysRANSOM-Gronlander-Frobisher-WEDDELL- San Julian INCA

Teresa-Treasa is the only monster in our families - she mixes with NOBLE bad blood families whose tradition is to rob - abuse others, believing they are the chosen of a God who wishes their High Class Sin & extreme greed & ignorance TO rule the globe-

1930s many good people keep trying to make her Teresa/Treasa better- to teach her she has married the most illustrious family in the globe- If she will stop the violence from the High Class Sin she has got in with from her extreme youth she can have lots of things- travel-kind people about her- fine culture- She might like to come & do such lovely worthwhile things as we all do for this living miracle-GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts a delicate flower garden the globe, a girdle twice around it- NO ! SHE HAS PIMPS ABOUT HER OF THE NOBLE CLASS G.B. & Scandinavia

1864 - first GROTE HOME for fatherless children is OHIO -with Tig`s father alarmed at he using FUNDS Ransom 19 acres under New Yorkhis firm GROTE BROKERS WALL STREET hastily give Tiggy GROTE HOMES a near 4 acres under the future CENTRAL PARK(a thief may have got DOUGH for this 1980s/90s ? )

The founding of The Homes by TIG & his worldwide friends of high intelligence went on -Tiggy, he might be called in A-Z the globe 1860s-1904 -for advice- thrown the newspapers or crafty documents by even miserable old Arabs & Russians any ideas TIGGross Britain up to something ? 9 times out of 10 TIGGY got it right - & some nations they doth survive the latest persecution for profit - for the British Empire Trade is nil almost /Joseph Chamberlain comments 1900s- Tiggy Grote had 19 languages by 25 years of age-he had over 100 by 50 years of age- he was murdered Arran by Earls of G. B. - records complete-gathered 1904-1960s

1841- 1904 Tig had 110 languages- he learned them because he had a GROTE HOME for orphans there & he also learned rare local speech- the Marsh Arabs others out there- Classical languages of coursehe took his degree in German but he was not brilliant in his grandfathers tongue- You can see TIG in a photo hunting with Kaiser Willi-

. Tig had ringworm so he always wore gloves in society- he was welcomed everywhere the globe as humanist common-sense-but a pioneer- a man for the STARS- as his wifes great great grandmother POULs motherOh dont you knowthis dear little Eskimo part French lass read LUCRETIUS-early 18th century…” ?

No ! no savages up there in Greenland - only the carriage creatures breaking inwho had to change clothes 5 times a day- Hell bent on getting the Island for nasty recreation-`stuff taking`-all gone over to Devil by 17 years old- British establishment hated The Grote Homes- Wanted Greenland for profit- especially the Islandeducated folk up there-it was not to be knownthe libraries they had from 18th century GREENLANDour Island ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian to this site for a University & where the miracle of THE PLAY SEASON 19th century had Gross Britain & Scandinavia order VIOLENCE wanted for dough - fishing hunting-chasing the women for some are very beautiful solve the gambling debts-buy `em more Crowns- old Noble women at the start of it (20th century)Albert educated -dies”….

` feel weary & grown old` /Browning poet/Venice spent what Venice earned` Records-photos-diaries-letters- readings 1960-1961 Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues Colne Engaine Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis1970-

1932 a young priest employed by VATICAN known to Family Gordon-its Southern Irish & Manchester branches as young Paccelli - had a dilemma-- a choice between two evilsAs young Hirohito found out 1930s `IT IS GETTING WORSE AT THE TOP- WORLD GREED` Liam Ransom has been sailing in from 1880s

VATICAN 1930s - He young Paccelli knew the Nazis would not destroy Grote Homes- It seemed the worst of them with their Cult (letters-cards-oral to 1936) valued everything young Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote richest person in the globe had given the nation from 1850s...when she found a widow & 2 tiny children in the street (1856) Dusseldorf & with her father set up the first sheltered Home for the Industrial accidents families - She was 15 years of age.

She was being educated for her Nation & its expected Independence West Greenland-& her home was her Family Owned big Island Jacopshomen off Xristensharb- her mother Gertrud the grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER genius-catechist-polymath & TRADER-scholar-HUMANIST

1841 onwards - Margarethe & her brothers John & Poul descended of a line of English SEA TRADERS dating back to the First century AD, Ransom held lands German coast from Hanseatic League times. A wall painting of `the Maniac of Mainz` shows Aunt Mag`s grandparents of the time of Kingdom of OttoThis 15 years old girl took an axe to defend her brother on the Castle steps- She married young JACQUE (Jack) RANSOM he with gold curls is with her in the painting- This wall painting has been restored - It had their names on 1880s-photograph that time- (Grandma of Len & Greetah too)

Margarethe`s father is Fred Ransom & his forebears in a straight line had often married foreign girls & held a piece of dowry land around the globe. (Len & Greetha`s Forebears toowe have 3 books with photos & drawings on the go in 1938 ! & we travel for our information & get it from `IN SITU` from our INCA 19TH CENTURY GRANDPA`S LINE TOO !

Paccelli had spoken with her Margarethe Mrs Tiggy Grote widow when she came to call on the Popes since 1740s an open invitation to the families first given her great Grandpa POUL of Gotharb WEST GREENLAND - & his wife Margaret Yates ship owner`s daughter of Carlisle Poul`s mother had been to VENICE as a young child 1700s

Gronlander-Ransom Families had a link to the Vatican since POUL Gronlander catechist-polymath-genius-trader-multi linguist swum a half mile in the sea off Gotharb & taking a line wrapped round the mace rescued 5O-odd Italians cat & dog bringing them in along the line in wild seas

1740s GOTHARB On shore everyone tying more line in a hurry as POUL catechist multi-languages Traderhe has re-written HAMLET by W.S. `for the Greenland MIND`began the swim - 20 minutes left before the ship might begin to break uphad he gone underno he reached the rock& POUL went on` (Finn Gad teaching Greenland 1942 has 4 vols on Greenland- & was threatened 1968 not to write anything about Jacopsholmenas it belonged to FAT ANGELA & some CREEPS she is an in-law to in Scandinaviaall dripping blood gore moneys from slaying GROTE CHILDREN the globe..)

1851 (age 10 years) to 1936 (in very good health) Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas Grote of the Homes the Estate of Humanism world wide she came into lunch or tea to tell the Vatican of Grote Homes & the world. As Tiggy her husband had from 1870 when the Grote Homes began in Italy & South America. He was murdered on his wifes 98 acres ARRAN Hebrides by greedy British Scots Earls 1904- some dissolving into Wales territory. Her parents had visited the Popes- her mother is Great Pouls grand-daughter by his legal marriage Frederickstown to his wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle only daughter of a Ship owner-trader by his first wife who diedPaul 6 feet and a half tallthe Northern Chinese genesMargaret golden curls & blue eyes & not above 5 feetshe came `as his sister` to help with his MissionThey were both 19 yearsher father had gone to cork the ship& brought her wedding things from FRANCE`

Margarethe Ransom GROTE who has a house Rome `by a Fairy temple-a big mouth at the foot of the stairs-by a big Gate` & young Paccelli & she had a matter under discussion from 1920s & Grote Brokers New York were also to be informed

(House left to Greetha my clothes from the PLAY SEASON on our Island are in the wardrobesI have the Imogen dress there - it is yellow silk edged with goldthe clothes have to go to Paris to be cleaned & cared for…” MRG 1937 XMAS/ house stolen 1960s)

1934 Margarethe RANSOM GROTE She had written to

the Goerings `1934 saying she would not enter Germany again because she did not agree with the Jewish hatred & that was why she left her Schloss/Castle/Chateau/ that morning before Hitler came riding on horse with his Entourage to greet her `He HITLER was told - she had left 2 hours earlier` (Letters : description of him Hitler riding along the edges of the fields to Aunt Mag`s Schloss sent to `JERUSALEM` (Deptford Park- Mill & John Ransom`s home end of the 19th century) & read to LENNIE & GRETA RANSOM 1937/1938 as part of our EDUCATION IN THE MODERN WORLD WE ARE ENTERED IN from birth 1921 & 1933... for WE ARE THE HEIRS OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN a million A to Z the globe they are in our care & our quarter a million grown-ups the globe

1890s-1930sLetters1934- record HITLER`s excessive politeness but dismay that Mrs Grote `Aunt Margarethe` had to leave but he understoodshe had a care of her husband`s WORK around the globe` ( If she GODDESS FROM THE TOP OF THE WORLD, Poul`s great-grand-daughter had stayed & spokenmight not world history have been different ?SHE IS THE RICHEST PERSON THE IN THE GLOBE (Onassis 1960 can tell you so)

(We possibly ? can deduce that he genuinely admired a girl of ancient German blood whose 9th century ancestress was a wall painting MAINZ that he could easily have seen as a young person with the names on ither husband is JACQUES RANSOM English Trader with his red-gold curly hairShe took an AXE & defended her brother on the Castle steps at age 15 yearsthey had 12 sons & we descend from the eldestshe enjoyed sailing about the known world & getting away from cruel winters she has to have married a grandson or great-grandson of `Aurora RANSOM issue 5 children BERBER young lady - `eyes the colour of the DAWN`. CASTILEshe daughter Of the small Trader Official Town Council & Harbour duties 8th-7th century

Nota bene : HITLER had in his upbringing ART & Richard Wagner & HEROIC histories KEEP IN MIND she is Margarethe girl of the SNOWS the richest person in the world

(Hence the BRITISH IMPERIAL SCUM is determined to take it all such a pack of SCUM - the lot of them on the PIN )

. & it was known FROM late 1850s in German Society of Intellect she was at 15 years old a perfect HUMANIST She like her father & her mother of Greenland had a purity an integrity understandable in GERMANY & Europe ?

? Hitler & his Nazi Cult had in early youth this humanism education from 18th century Germany/ Ask the historians/literary persons about all this / A new biography on Winifred Wagner (a Welsh woman) may say words upon these matters- I read a review TLS../

NOTA BENE : The slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN which is given in earlier volumes is as EVIL as the NAZI DEATH CAMPSsome human beings 1946 SAY MUCH MOREbecause it was done for GREED -

& FUN by NOBLES OF GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA nations that have so muchAsian Scientist Report 1966 BMNH

1920-1930s…“ The young brother of her acquaintance Miss Goering the elder Herman had earlier said he had a plan to put a Jewish homeland/heimat in Tanjanika- but the British & Dutch etc would not agree. Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote escaped meeting Hitler by leaving one of her German Residences a half hour before she was told he was coming on horseback across the fields- ` The Goering family she had known since a Miss Goering began to help with the HOMES at the turn of the century.` She received no future animosity. Or her cousin Captain Liam Ransom 1936 gone over with The Norwegian Mission - a rather demented Hitler saying IF there were ANY orphans in the HOMES half Jewish-get them out if they looked Jewish or not- Yes take them off- have you your Ship ? No ! Well so long as Count Poulsen is over in 2 weeks- Yes - yes take them off to South or North America- It could make TROUBLE for the others in the Homes-` Ransoms` speak German Japanese Spanish French Greenlandic etc-records/