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1936 XMAS/New Year 1937 - Captain Liam Ransom continues/letters/diary/ Hitler said `we would like to retain the HOMES - they are all that is worthy in traditional German life - No they need not fight-

we know the tradition` Goering stood at his elbow the whole time Young Fred- he will see he keeps his word(they fill that area of teaching administration science technology) they know their worth - clear thinking - not tied to any families or politics…”

Uncle Liam goes on to say how he is helping a young fellow called Gogel-Kurtat Birmingham-taking in his STAR CHARTS`maths & all that- you know I like it` (Xmas 1936/7 New Year Old Road house Clacton Uncle Liam Captain Ransom`s VISIT that I am telling the VISITORS OUT OF SPAIN about -ANDRE & JOSETTE come in JULY 1937...Records )

1920s onwards - Margarethes heimat Germany & the Globe 1930s had been raided by persons of the British Diplomatic Force with Vassals - a big wig was found directing the removal of her furniture paintings to England 1934 ! There is a ROOM Whitehall 1957 where a thug sits in charge of Greta & Len Ransom `furniture` round the world- SEVEN/7 harpsichords amongst many early musical instruments that we have educated musicians able to use- This department The WHITEHALL run for Lords & Crown Figures sells-wheels & deals with our possessions of a hidden Legal Will. & the loot is divided up with no Income Tax paid

1934 The British Gov & Crown in silence & semi-secrecy had decided to remove `AN OLD ESKIMOs art works & antiques ! A penniless aristocrat Harold MacMillan (referred to as HON.) tried to steal a Greek Island Grote Homes Art works- W. Churchill stopped Lindsay Earls Crawford locking in an Asylum this erudite woman 1920s-records-he threw them out of Gross Britain-/

1940/41 BULFORD village/Army/Salisbury Plains

winter 2nd World WAR Wartime - persecution of Ransom family :

The woman Angela in a school class room threw rude remarks at the heir of Margarethe Ransom Grote - she sounded just like her friends JIM & Tree- ( MY MUMTeresa E. Gordon mother of noble bastards & Greta Ransom with a REAL birth certificateTHE IMPERIAL FILTH tried make me Greetah the become the ABORTION at 5 months in the wombRANSOM of 2,000 years WON - we go on ) Records -Teachers/Evacuees/Army Personnel & Red Cross

1910 AN OLD ESKIMO GAVE ME 19 acres under New York & all her Estate when I was a child- I need no Will…” Nearly 8 years old Greta Ransom Bulford Salisbury Plains saw a short fat woman in a tight black skirt with glaring eyes- She Angela standing in front of the Class of school-children said describe to me Mrs MacDonald- the Old Eskimos child.. It is said with Teresa Gordon Ransom MY MUM `the two of them can DRINK A PUB OUT OVERNIGHT`Jim at their elbow- ( They are Roaring 1920s penniless Upper Crust )

1940/1941 winter - BULFORD - 5.00pm after School : Mrs MacDonald A LADYcalled her Angela you scum /& more` Mrs MacDonald has known Angela since she was 15 years. ( Two Cats of Kilkenny) The report from the Bulford ARMY MESS was that the drinking went on for 9 hours - Jimmie Jong at her elbow all the time - they left together to return to The Palace `

JIM Jong James Major this-that has a 2 man Unit Intelligence at the back of Anges new address Buckingham Palace Scarlet Town. Angela Teresa Lindsaybuggarhs Jim have been in private planes to Hitler parties 1934-1936- Hitler stays 20 minutes - THESE TWO ` Ange & Tree` HAVE BEEN PLAYING AT ` MARTA HARI ` since they were girls archives/diaries

1934 Germany - The British criminally insane diplomat was ordered off the German property, the Schloss the paintings were removed to a store & the TICKET FOR THEM SENT TO NEW YORK-GROTE BROKERS . By Herman Goering. He also arranged payment for storage from another of Mrs Grote, Aunt Margaret her concerns. He writes a letter explaining to Grote brokers New York & another to the Argentine Solicitors & the third to family Ransom- Miss Winifred Gordon Roman Catholic had Grotes letter of explanation in her Letter Book in 1938 & explained to Len & Greta Ransom the distance kept in this acquaintanceship since MARGARETHE REFUSED TO ENTER GERMANY from 1934 -

There were continuing polite letters with photographs of Carine Hall from the elder sister of Herman Goering known since before the 1914-1919 First World War-

Aunt Mag had several Umbrellas in every nation A-Z for the Arts & for children studying & to assist adults. Her Estate was well thought out & recognised as model intelligent HUMANISM .

20th century - The surplus profits it was known were to build a university to Poul Gronlander on her family Island considered the RANSOM HOME, that Jacopsholmen a large Island off Xristenshab WEST GREENLAND given them for Pouls death 1770 & to keep as a holy place `& make a University when they might. `

Meetings/matters/persons overheard do make a note 1938/39 of the GREED of those attending- Lords-Earl Lindsaybuggarhs- claiming to represent one Angela & her Scandinavian in-lawsall penniless- & KNOWN TO BE UP THE SNOUT & ON THE PINshe is spoken of in erudite circles as `with an illicit crown` & is 6 years older than Teresabut younger than JIM JONGLINDSAYBUGGARHS should never be let in any door where persons are profession to be respectable ! A Report 1970 from two worldwide Medical Establishments who tested the NARCOTIC purple-plum said `we fear they may BREED INSANE`

1938 JANUARY - A courtesy copy THE WILL of Margarethe Ransom Grote was sent to the German GROTE HOMES - & to the Government from the USA- This was sent to all nations having a part of the Estate especially when big lands & buildings- investments are held- In Germany we have holdings from Hanseatic League times.

1938 ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN - His name would be seen & noted by the German Government - no objections were raised in 1938 to GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK or the Argentine Solicitors - The nations outside Gross Britain could have objected if they did not agree with The Guardian- MALRAUX was judged on his written works - a young humanist - no objections came to New York on the Guardian& Lennie & Greetah have pleased everybody in nations A to Z since our TOUR Nord Pole down to Sud Pole 1935/1936...

1930s onwards : It was the British Government & Crown who greedily eyed this Estate - the 150 islands or so we held round the globe (One was in the Caspian Sea-how did they get the ship in ?) Investments-Homes-lands-Settlements with full Welfare birth-death-Transport-Metals & minerals (our Volcano in Guatamala)-seashores-farms with tenants holding 49 percent or 51 depending if they needed added protection

But Lindsaybuggarhs had been after the Island Jacopshomen WEST GREENLAND with some Danish Vulture Vampire swinery- Decree is for a holy place of living -work- & the incredible theatre SEASON-the orchestra suited the DECREE- It is a democracy & these Vagrants - penniless nobles - knew of the moneys available to build Colleges immediately-

The British Imperial SN0UT had from 1933 XMAS been STEALING our POST/mail - it had Scandinavian connections demanding their share of `old Eskimos fortune` All these criminally insane had debts owing to money-lenders from 1890s- IMPERIAL BRITAIN WAS BROKE- & certain educated Lords hoped to control the BIG FLASHY TIME & upgrade the education of this TOP OF THE PYRAMIDin the early 1950s they gave out they had been most unsuccessful A lot of thinking persons left the shores to live away from vulgar Scarlet Town

1920s/1930s - VATICAN- `Young Paccelli` learned of hatred towards Grote Homes from penniless British Upper Classes - they had harmed-killed some bright students destined for University in small independent nations- Using Diplomatic swagger special thugs were sent to remove art works- log & destroy lands- take moneys in banks- pay Embassy bills where they could- Claim British Empire Diplomatic enclave protection for this NOTHING IN WRITING violent theft-

Many bright students nations A to Z were missing & some found dead in the street ! Filthy criticism was voiced in Noble Britain-

Big purple Imperial boots kicked at Grote Homes Ransom Estate-

lay hands on an Estate of Intelligence- Our Ransom Grote Homes Estate raised gently civilized standards of life for the globe A to Z outside a fallen British Empire which was often in obscene violent murderous decline at the top - JIM with a role-

1935/36 - GROTE HOMES - RANSOM ESTATE attacks at night robberies aggressive behaviour by impeccably dressed British creatures representing the Establishment of Britain stole paintings-insulted teachers-made foul mouth charges (Prostitution moneys from abroad often paid their family school fees)

The dirty insults of `Prostitution goes on in Grote Homes` was hurled in public at RANSOM family BY NOBLE BRITAIN FIGURES FROM A MORGUE as well as the constant RACISM slurs because of our 19th century INCA & GREENLAND grandmothers

1937 onwards THE in-bred gargoyles COULD NOT STOP THE HATE at us all because of the other female RANSOM BRIDESespecially the three CHINESE girls Mrs Ransom15th century & JAPAN 16thDocuments stolen from our dwellings were jeered at by Angela as `RICE PAPER`

.she was ON A HIGH & the EVIL PACK of them were sending Teresa Gordon R. my father`s wife back full of DOPE & CRIMINAL MADNESS to do violence to we at the seaside

Teresa GordonShe had made a marriage to the FAMILY with the most GOLD in the world& they THE PENNILESS BRITISH UPPER CRUST were intent upon USING HERALL OF THEM ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE since teenagers & their parents should have been locked up in cages GR

Philanthropy was only admired amongst the NOBLE UNEDUCATED if it gave VAST ENTERTAINMENTS for the noble penniless & loaned them PLACES/transport/PLAYED CARDS with them late at night- let them win at DICE

Mrs Grote was referred to as `old Eskimo in the way of British Trade` (have a look at statistics early 20th century)

1890s-1980s The Estate was eyed by the penniless Nobles, not as a great civilizing contribution to the nations of the globe but as A FORTUNE- Eldorado- something that British Government Lords & Crown had a RIGHT to take- they disagreed with education for the fatherless to 18- & dealt out bestial violence after nightfall ! In arrogance Lindsaybuggarhs Earls & JIM Jongother thugs they knewbreaking in our own Homes & stealing recordsTHE ABUSE OF GRETA RANSOM from birth first at a week old& earlier at |LEN is recorded by various hospital Reports/some abroad/

(I should be allowed to AXE them allGR- or put them on chains to build IN THE SNOWS)

1920s/1930s - `Young Paccelli` was getting Reports from GROTE HOMES & a half of the 2,500 big Homes are in Catholic Nations-& there are schools-hospitals-religious centres & communites-arts-sport-TransportTHE WELFARE facilities give safety cradle to grave- The Estate is so well run PROFIT is not essential in every nation-climate & all disorders of the globe are coped with by the whole wonderful GARLAND ROUND THE GLOBE- A flower garden the globe is how the old ARGENTINE Solicitors describe it February 1960...but March onwards they are killed by GROSS BRITAIN NoblesRECORDS TAKEN FOR BRITISH CROWN ! THE GOVERNMENT & CROWN NOBLES had its SNOUTS in the Post/mail AGAINthey had somehow missed the old Argentine RANSOM solicitors importance 1940s onwards

Nota bene : BECAUSE OF THE ROBBERY BY IMPERIAL BRITAIN of HIS POST/Mail - & RANSOM families - Georges-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX citizen of FRANCE returns a Widower in 1945- Returns to the shores of SUMMER HAPPINESS 1937...where they felt safe from the horroRs of bloody spain

1944 October - Josette Malraux Roman Catholic wife had been insulted & threatened by 2 gunmen sent by British Consul France late October 1944 demanding papers letters collected by she in Paris for ANDRE MALRAUX a few days earlier- Ships that Pass in the night- `If they had ONLY gone together to collect this mail-but ANDRE had just left Paris-they had just had a thought there might be some letters at an address they had used in the mid-1930s Andre had left for War work -she did not know where - did she read the GROTE Brokers & Argentine Solicitors letters - study documents on the train back to Tulles & the chateau ? She had to be back to the children - her mother arriving in 2/3 days to stay 2 weeks-`

Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux-Colne Engaine 1960-late winter in France gather information / much help from human beings -

1960 March Colne Engaine/Camulodunum C.V.

ARTHUR MALONE/POLITAN in great distress as they all were.` That girl Andre`s Catholic wifeShe fell from train-her legs were run over 1944 - the morphine at the hospital did not work for hours - she knew she was dying-leaving two sons 4 years Pierre Gauthier- baby Vincent a few months - ANDRE away- War - Message she sent him was received after her death( he did not understand it until CHRISTMAS 1959/1960 ).She knew the documents of THIS ESTATE she was learning of/reading of/ in his Correspondence, Andre`s letters she had been told to open by him were upon all the child Greetha Ransom had spoken to them SUMMER 1937-

JO` She had collected the post after they had parted in PARIS - THE MESSAGE she wished so urgently to send ANDRE end of October 1944 had to go word of mouth 3 resistance agents - they would not risk carrying written message - the last courier could only remember she was worried about an Island- a little more was gathered months later from the courier before him - (1945/1946) at that time it did not mean very much to Andre for HIS mail was now stolen again

` Detective Arthur Malone/Politan Reports `JOSETTE reading this correspondence knew that all the child (Greetah) had said was true- Thomas & his orphans round the world - an island in the snow - her visit N & S Pole relatives the year before - months away -

SHE & ANDRE- THEY HAD NOT HAD ANY WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCE REACH THEM IN FRANCE - or from the Childs fathers family- Andres correspondence after they left September 1937 had been with Mary Gordon - there had been messages brought by their hostess from the child Greetah written for her by an Aunt Miss Winnie Gordon` 1937 to Xmas 1938... `WAR clouds`---WAR CAME September 1939

(1960 MARCH The Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 MARCH Colne Engaine & Overseas

They go to see Miss Win Gordon , 5 Colne Road Clacton- Patrick MacDrew & Philip Silverlee have known this daughter of the GORDON family pre-war1930s they would come weekends to lunch or teathey knew of an Inheritance NORTH POLE

Patrick MacDrew`s niece born 1933 Miss M. d`UFF MacDrew was sole hairess Newfoundland Estate 1942 & MURDERED by LINDSAYBUGGARHS /Full Reports gathered USA & others 1948 onwards The child at 9 years, she went to Greta`s school & was in same ClassPat MACDREW good soldier is distressed spring 1960 at Colne Engaine& his ATTEMPTS WAKE UP THE MEMORY OF GRETA RANSOM were STOPPED by Mr & Mrs Mengele HARRINGTON who had a key to the caravan (as to Greta`s room 50 Lancaster Gate Square) & rubbed MEMORY LOSS DRUGS on the beddinghad special candles & nightlights made by a TAME manufacturing Chemist they RUN for THE NOBLES OF GROSS BRITAIN& put MEMORY LOSS in all sugars-coffee--cocoa-Horlicks- Bournvita- & emergency milk powders-& the Roses` Limejuice CONCENTRATED (OLD TRICKS of NOBLE BRITAIN householdsto get old folks jewels & moneys& to stop the SERVANTS chattering when the PARTY HAS GOT WILD& many other reasonsBOARD ROOM tablesHERE COMES JIM to pour the TEA He lives Wartime back of Palace & runs a special 2-Man Unitpours Teavast records many from various Secret Services FOREIGN who used this AMAZING ROBBERY as their leisure time occupationA TRAINING GROUND OF EVIL)


1960 - Summer - Patrick MacDrew`s mother was poisoned for daring to ask THE BRITISH HOME OFFICE `WHERE is my grand-daughter age 9 years buriedI have been trying to get a reply from you since 1942 !!! Why is her ESTATE NEWFOUNDLAND in the Name of The British Crown& why are LINDSAY EARLS drawing INCOME from it ???? Records/Press too/all removed by Mr Mengele HARRINGTON as much as he canhe is a PEER IN WAITING)

(MARTYR Miss 9 years old M. `d`UFF MACDREW murdered 1942 Castle-Sible Hedingham to supply MONEYS to penniless NOBLE BRITAINfull reports of TAKING FLOWERS to Castle-Sible Hedingham to the verge by the lane where his niece was murdered 1942 by Lindsay-JIM-another/ SAY A PRAYER !~)

but Mr & Mrs Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON are slithering about in name of The Crown & EARLS OF LINDSAYBUGGARHS

1960 Feb-March- Brown rnvr is used by JIM JONG Mr Pong CALLED since 1954 January 1st CUR JAMES dirty JIMMIE) SEE BOOKS 2 & 3-

1938 ( OF COURSEfellow HUMANISTS OF THE GLOBE - HE blessed George ANDRE from October 1937 when he ACCEPTS to Mary GordonIS NOW MY GUARDIAN & MARGARETHE RANSOM MRS THOMAS Immanuel GROTE girl of the Greenland SNOWS& Daddy & others are anxious he ANDRE MALRAUX corresponds with GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK if not time to write to us the lowly RANSOM Weddell Gronlander familiesbiggest ESTATE of Philanthropy the world hath ever known A-Z by agreement with these nations WHO HATH DARED NOT SURRENDER TO GROSS IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS BRITAING.R. heir has a few thoughts here)

1944 JOSETTE knew as she read this Mail from NEW YORK a sense of mounting sheer horror as she read they believed ANDRE had CASHED GREAT GREAT CHEQUES on THIS ESTATE 1938 & 1939 JO with her head whirling she felt NO he had not


she said she had made him Guardian to her niece-HE REPLIED TO MARY GORDON HE ACCEPTED- there was no address-this was before the Christmas parcel had gone missing-they had intended returning in 1938-` (Perhaps this was Harringtons first evil Commission from Lords & Earls of Gross Britain-SEE MALRAUX DOES NOT RETURN 1938...) Arthur Malone/1960 March

1944 Summer - Correspondence to a PARIS address from Grote Brokers New York- ANDRE is asked to enquire matter of the De SALLE family of PARIS - 1939 December turned out of the Ransom big warm house Jacopsholmen Island by British Army -in charge a man they knew called JIM- 2 Letters received from them 23rd December 1939- SINCE THEN NOTHING- it was said the two daughters in their early teens had been seen living rough-stranded there on Greetahs Island in the snow& the British Government has a blockade will not allow anybody to land on the 78 miles & get them off - it was feared the parents & 2 younger children were dead- ` Coastguards reports too /Canada/ who report MISCHIEF

1944 by early November JOSETTE , SHE KNEW THAT ANDRE WAS IN DANGER as she read on-

Two GUNMEN TURNED UP - & demanded the Papers - they wanted to know whom she had told - where was MALRAUX ?

Her mother arrived hours later (or at the same time ?) `

GUNMEN of the BRITISH CONSUL ???? Josette tried get help, as asked in this correspondence Summer 1944 by GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK SHE TRIED GET HELP for the PARIS de Salle Family parents & 4 children stranded December 1939... on the RANSOM ISLAND West Greenland

Did she telephone ? Or ask help of someone she knew well enough ? THIS ATTEMPT AT A MERCY MISSION HAS TO BE WHY THE BRITISH CONSUL FRANCE ordered THE ARRIVAL OF the 2 GUNMEN to KILL the woman & ANDRE MALRAUX FRENCH CITIZENS!!!


1937 winter into early 1938 onwards - ANDRE MALRAUX had never had his lawful POST/mail since winter 1937 BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN learn he Guardian - stole in Paris the WILL SENT TO HIM - letter to French President for Andre Malraux to deliver - hand-written by the owner of the Estate Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grotewhich is with her lawful Will she had signed for Malraux 1 of 7 signed Wills sent & delivered N. & S. America-Asia-

Aunt Mag Ransom who is the admired Mrs Grote of Greenland had heard of the SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937- many people found he was most perfect for role of The Guardian- A reading of Andres books by the Brokers-Solicitors-trustees & families about the globe had everybody satisfied that here indeed was THE GUARDIAN they had been looking for-& he came of Sea Families too-Greetah is her heir & Lennie is Gretas heir but they are also co-heirs in the Estate- if a death deaths then the Ransom family can provide other heirs- The whole miracle piece of philanthropy is to remain run by the Family Ransom & kin-many of them aready help with the delightful work & responsibilities & have ALL SKILLS REQUIRED-

THE ESTATE from 1937 was being cunningly robbed - criminal creatures at top of British Pyramid HIGH CLASS SIN were seen in luxury they could never afford with their terrific debts many from the generation before & also there own continuous big spend-

It is a most foul bloody crime in any century -

The plans were made 1938/9 to kill all the children-

Greta Ransom (age 7 years) sent the message across the Atlantic/teachers helped 1940/41 Christmastide after hearing Jim Jong Mr Pong telling Treasa-Teresa SHEshe we have a big table screen big room here Wiltshireanother the same near London- it is being carefully planned-they will all be killed at the Homes-we shall say the nations rose up against them-it was immorality going on-some will be sunk in nets-then the lands can be logged mined sold off` He asked if the 3 children were asleep-she assured him they were

SHEshe only said huh-huh-some money to come then at last…’

JIM & Lindsaybuggarhs give her this dope plum pickle- Divinorum Salvia Scotland which nobles grow - Angelas parents grow it tooJIM He has a 2-man Unit Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace & works for Angela & Noble families -his close friend is Lindsay - 1943 Earl 14 - those 2 evil little jack-in-boxes of Clacton town & district-operate all over East Anglia-theft-fraud-violence-do not have them pour the tea or dish the soup-they also put poison in tooth powder- ( LINDSAY EARLS 1940s had big death duties to pay so they killed the Newfoundland heir to help payreports/USA & other nations/ )

1937 SUMMER - I Greetha remember telling JOJo&Joh of

The Cathedral Santa Fe` XMAS DAY in Jeans lands `last year`

Lennie diaries (read 1961/1972...) `do you remember the Evening Service in The Cathedral of Santa Fe` December 1935 - it was after you had gone to the Christmas Morning Mass with Drusilla so we all came with you that Christmastime because of your happy descriptions- It was very youth orientated-a concern for their having a happy life & a place of employment worthwhile- We were impressed with the Catholic Church there -of course we all speak the languages- `

1935 XMAS - (Yes Lennie- I was learning in South America it is Weddell family who are important alongside Thomass Grote Homes-we do not tell so much RANSOM history down here- At Xmas Mass there was a mouse with 3 boys in the row in front of me-& the half-German boy put it down a hole in the seatI began to cry-but Drusilla told me `Greetah-the mouse can get out& I am 3 years in early March so I must not cry` So that when you all came with me to the Evening Service we went into the Conservatory & Jean was talking with the Priests-there was a water garden-I remember the colours of clothes in the Cathedral were black-fawns-beige-& some brilliant red-the half German boy had a emerald-turquoise shirt on.everybody would have a talk & wave at others as they entered for the Xmas Mass- the lots Priests did not mind-everyone was singing chanting- & all very jolly Christmas morning- Drusilla short & very plump in black to her ankles - we walked to the Cathedral from leaving the Embassy house- I only have to look in my head & it runs like a coloured cine film- I see & hear G.R. Diaries Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM kept from age 10-11 years to his murder by British Nobles c 1981...