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1937 SUMMER - WE FOUND A MAN WHO SAID HE WAS NOW A KING - We stayed to hear great simple philosophy - Andre & Gretafrom a young man who had been in Welsh Mines-other things & now had 2 acres a white cottage a wife a toddler a babe in a pram-he described & she nodded agreement of the mighty skies all day sea mists winter frosts & SEABIRDS of many kindsDucks to shoot early indigo blue dawn misty morns with friends-rowing boats quietly amongst the reedshis own earth sky & over there THE SEA all weathers

& after 2 pints or so of that clear pale gold Suffolk Ale- primroses in a large glass with a handle - Tea time under the Willow tree they had just bought for the little natural pond the sun lowering itself- the talk reached from late afternoon to near Supper time-& beyond

Saint George became ANDRE MALRAUX-

Writer- `Storm Over Shanghai 1933- Mans Hope 1936...

( `la Condition humain` `Le Espoir` `Temptation of the West` )///

Two young men were talking about life

a summer afternoon 1937 ... out on the Holland-on-sea marshes the lowlands where the Refugees from the Continent came in 16th-19th centuries & East Anglia- They will be friends always & go on a holiday to Rome 1963 with this family of 4...Andre MALRUX Widower 1944 & sons killed 1961 - I think LIR Len must have gone as driver perhaps as pilot

1937 ` THE MAN NOW A KING ` spoke on the seabirds of Essex-Suffolk & he had been interested in birds since a child-he made notes photographs did drawings- Years ahead he writes a little very useful book say BMNH on the birds he is describing & pointing out to us. I now took a sleep on our rug under their Willow tree. I felt that the confident young hero of JO did not need my Prophets words - I do know when not to use the razor sharp mind sometimes !

I Greetha am certain my sleep was needed ~ already I can outwalk JOs hero of Spain - & she does not want him, perhaps, to return excited by any comments I may make upon Nord Sud Poles birds she has to have a rest from MALRAUX of Spain& she has said he can do far far far more staying alive - we have wisely talked of this over the kitchen table at our sewing & making things - or when I again made them the Fairy Cakes

At nearly 8 pm Saint George ANDRE MALRAUX was hurtling the pushchair - me clutching at the safety bar, sat on top of our long walk & beach things - We flew- on one wheel sometimes- or were airborne- JOs TRAIN HAD GOT IN AT 6.30pm Clacton-on-Sea Railway station- !!!

1937 SUMMER - did not drink Ale yet so I could steer him home- we were some miles away out on the marshes down a lane off another lane with brambles- but not any blackberries yet then a climb up a broader road to the Marsh-gases pool Holland-on-sea cliffs then miles still to go! As we approached the town I yelled at him YOU MUST NOT GO PAST THE SEA MONSTERS PLACE- (I `noth spake Lindsaybuggarhs) - they could be come down to the sea ! He yelled back I have to go the quickest route

. Then a` Mercy ! He swung suddenly towards the Catholic Church my Convent School to zig zag across the town to home - Shouted he felt he could get lost & said we have to risk it ! He charged past The Towers & their crouching Jurassic GRAND - past The Royal Hotel tossing his hair then doubling his now to me 7 feet high frame of the HERO as POUL of GREENLAND I hath told him of.bended over the pushchair & rushed us on I tried keep my head down- perhaps I put one of our swimming towels over my head ! NONE of the LINDSAYBUGGARHS charged after the Grote heir

shouting `all that money is ours- you Ape-you Eskimo..`

Our philosopher did not have a car or a telephone yet-but a nice wife a toddler of 2 years & a baby just come-& the sweetest homestead with 2 acres- We, ANDRE & Greta HAD DRANK ALL OUR WATER from the glass lemonade bottle & my Nord-Sud Poles water bottle. We would have to retreat to the seafront all the way back- along the second lane where we had taken a rest & he ANDRE of SPAIN had written some things- I looked for blackberries FOR FOUL WINTER DOTH COME- but only the pink flowers & some tight green berries 2-3 weeks away- He Saint George advised we should go on & see if a heimat appeared - then finding the white house he doubted anyone was at home. But knocking politely he had a woman looked out of a window then open the door & he being very polite in clear English so correct- no Essex slips & slurs or my Quakerisms - he got the bottle filled & an invite to call in on our way back - they had heard from Harry Gordon who we were

1937 SUMMER - AT 6.30pm after tea & philosophy & some Suffolk Ale it was suggested we wait for `the man on a bike to come by` & he would be able to telephone Harry at the Thorpe-le-Soken garage & say we would be late-perhaps Harry could go & fetch JO & our hostess-whom they knew slightly-& the evening of philosophy could go on & we could make some sort of supper-Yes-that would be a good idea. Harry would come over by the car at 7 pm. I forget how it went & I knew that our household would bring some supper things in a basket to help the philosophy-I have taken part in such gatherings with Ransoms of our many branches down the centuries-young people are bidden listen then fall asleep when they find it boring-but it did not according to plan. S0- while waiting for an appearance of somebody they had some more Ale- like spring primroses pale yellow the evening light catching the glass tankard

& if I GR had not gone to help in the kitchen & with the babes to their bed I would have heard great philosophy-

but this Man who is a King can speak French !

When we got back from Holland marshes to the house on the corner Clacton in `our drunken state as perhaps MALRAUX ancestors did thus along rolling reeling lanes of the East Britain coasts `- somehow a message had been delivered to them at home-

JO had made her own way back from the Clacton Railway Station-

We were forgiven- but from now on she will be firm-

When we are in The Town with her she will SIT US UNDER THE TREE & say STAY- while I `GO ROUND THE TOWN ! ` We were now referred to as `youuu two`& `you two monkeys`-

AugustWe had set out for a long walk midday & he wished to think & write ideas NO IDEA OF MEETING A KING with SUFFOLK ALE -I made a mental note NOT to speak too often to Andre-George-writing & thinking-the Ransom family do this too JO we had put on the mid-morning train to Londonit is such an opportunity for her to see places - she would go to The British Museum - a girlfriend would meet her but not one who knew she was with ANDREW-Georgie X-

He MALRAUX was becoming quite calm & happy for her to see the monuments the landmarks-now they have settled their future. But the dreaded Clara waving a gun was in all of our minds even if it had slipped out of his now & then- & money orientated Maurice-

1948 Maurice is used by JIM JONG Mr Pong called Kubla Khan in New York to search out as much as he can on the lay-out of the RANSOM 19 acres under New York bought in 1801 & also the 4 acres almost that Tiggy Grotes father ( NOW UNDER CENTRAL PARK ) gave him in 1860s when he was so embarrassed at Tig leaving the Ransom families SHOELESS while he rushed round the globe setting up the HOMES-

WHEN when Grote Brokers were tumbled without any warning 1954

there was talk later of this Maurice going to Prison in the USA & his family being evicted-

this information rises up again 1960...

(the almost 4 acres were sold a few years ago to the New

York City Administration-they are under Central Park-)

Unless in the 1960s the Ransom Brothers & Andre Malraux Guardian parted with these then here maybe another theft- who received moneys for our Grote 4 acres- ? These ceremonially insane keep re-writing their FRAUDULENT RECORDS to suit the changing decades

It is known from 1954 who received the moneys for our 19 Ransom acres New York- Earls Lindsaybuggarhs 40 of them heard of their share Nethrington Hall New Years Eve 1953- & they had to give Angela a share. There were NEVER any debts on this vast Estate until The British Gov. & Crown Earls of Lindsay & other scum withdrew using authority of G.B. Gov & Crown- vast sums of moneys from banks in the names of the heirs First the Grote Children were slain a million round the globe staff settlers-then theft of the lands could begin-for a woman whos identity had to be kept secretThe rise of VAGRANTS began using our Estate moneys- THEY BOXED IT CLEVER- Lindsays Pong Scandinavian Crows & noble scum-

Another SUMMING UP :

1948-1960 ... Dr JOHN RAY RansomUSA CITIZEN from 2 years of age- special school Kentucky for children attacked by NOBLE ADULTS A-Z the globe claiming an INHERITANCE

He has 3 degrees ASTRO-PHYSICS/Animal Management/LAWThe parents of President Kennedy knew his Aunt & Uncle, Margarethe RANSOM who married THOMAS Immanuel GROTEonly son of GROTE BROKERS established 1830 off WALL STREET NEW YORK THE PARENTS of the future President Kennedy have paid for any private RESEARCH hereoutside of the official CIA etc research THE GROTE CHILDREN are murdered by BRITISH NOBLE SCUMduring the 2nd World War 1945 onwards ALL OTHER NATIONS WERE BEING BLAMEDin secret silence IMPERIALof course !

VIOLENT FRAUD ROBBERY MURDERS had occurred upon the Estate GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate in 3 Parts the globeall of thee 1930s by IMPERIAL BRITAIN & its thugs many in Scandinavia the criminally insane have already been named in this Documenta scaffolding for the work about it

1939-1941 MURDER OF GOOD OLD MEN OF LAW-Early British Wartime-follows- GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 parts : 4 men of LAW- British Barristers Q.C & K.C `The G.B. GOVERNMENT & Crown or the Earls of Lindsay cannot BROKER A PENNY of the Grote Homes & RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts : `

Reports USA State investigations 1940s-50s concern over the dead children Grote Homes reported by returning USA armed forces- ( ref. Sicily children taken to safety-found shot knifed 2 days later-frightened villagers spoke of British)- HERE ARE 3 OLD EMINENT MEN of ENGLAND ON A COMMISSION 1939-1940- given a little information they are to Report the G.B. Government & Crown may take this Estate-but REW has a marriage connection USA to GROTE

Reports of Dr John Ray ® worker for USA State Dept. & brother Dr Len Im. Ransom- & Andre Malraux his sons dead-fake car accident 1961- (Reports 1960 & again 1968/1970s-tapes-oral-text-)

Huntingdon Parva we will call it- you can get there on a bike or walk-in the garage is a muzzle-a mans jaw nailed up-he spoke in great favour of GROTE HOMES- they came at him by moonlight-not in daylight- smashed him with their boots-whips-fists-riding crups-picked up anything in his study they could lay hands on & hit-hit-hit cursing him- FOR DEFENDING GROTE HOMES-`

`Nothing of his body they left him- a burning occurred- his face gone but they prized out his jaw nose piece & nailed it up in a garage nearby- ..

ANOTHER nearer home- Commission- not large-found at the on-set of WAR - they Government Lords & Crown G.B. `COULD NOT BROKER A PENNY ` OF THE GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts`

the Will was legal & administered off-shore- Great Britain had no legal hold on this Estate- & no Right to forbid its heirs to leave the shores-`

(It was not known that the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN HAD BEGUN by LINDSAY EARLS & OTHER noble MONSTERSin name of CROWNWHOSE debts THEY HAD AGREED TO PAY 1930s in exchange FOR THE ESTATEMATTER TO PROCEED IN SILENCEProperty of Angela who did not require the matter to be made knownCROWN Properties it was said by she & Mr JIM JONG

(another) REW- Sir R.E. Whitehead ex MP., JP., K.C. on this Commission above (2 persons fate)

(His Father Sir James Whitehead 1888 QUAKER Lord Mayor of LONDON -see biography Bob Walker on his great-great Uncle JAMES WHITEHEAD LORD MAYOR EXTRAORDINARY 1888- good Nonconformist British families/

1940/41 REW a KC ex-MP & now an Oxford JP writes I fear the British Government has Embarked upon Fraud- he was attacked early morn by Jim Jong beside river Wallingford-described as `A SWAG MAN-had a small sack he swung beside him-small burly- grunted at a Goodmorning in the mists of early Winter morning` to a man walking a dog- This man heard Sir REW cry outSHOUTED BACK ` I am coming` & rushed back from some yards ahead where he had stopped to tie a shoelace but a little worried about this LITTLE SWAG MANHE organised REW taken to hospital- He died later in 1941... records/archives/accounts/grandfather of the Whitehead identical twins USA mother/ Rowland & Peter- have issue

A DIRECTORY IF YOU COULD GET HOLD OF IT - ORPHANAGES-an insert on GROTE HOMES says `an unacceptable system to Great Britain-children are taught to be ungodly- THEY DO NOT FEAR GOD- they are raised not to find satisfaction in the poor mans Cot-on the Factory floor-at the domestic level-serving the God-fearing of the Nation but to rise above their station as the offspring of FALLEN WOMEN & enter our Society rising to levels of responsibility- WITH NO BACKGROUND scarcely any right to LIFE the world is now being flooded with the deformed spineless mistakes of unfortunate fallen women- FALLEN WOMEN- In a Vicarage a CREATURE has dared praise this scheme- Grote Homes-


-( Put the writer on Wilkins Ice Shelf with an empty bottle of gin)

The account was hidden by calling in ALL OF THE BOOKS-& having them destroyed-1950s- Nevertheless the murders of the GROTE children the Grote ex-students went on- Creatures non-human in the Institutions of GROSS BRITAIN put to SEARCH THEM OUT given a lot of payment for the work` TO SAVE THE REALM `

A BASTARD-raised to Admiral RN etc had an important Post in the Houses of Lords-also the Parliament - A SILENT DECREE WAS BRAGGED OF- he was to report on anyone who knew or objected to the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children round the entire earth A-Z using Royal Navy ships to take the thugs organised by Earls Lindsay Crawford/ JIM/ Scots Earls/& issueother noble penniless SCUM ashore to SLAY everyone- They would all then be rich- Any person knowing of the whereabouts of GROTE students of any age must Report to Whitehall & this person Ed du Cann MP twice failed 1950s in the House of Perversions- He is one of the bastards of Teresa Gordon Mad mother Kali -Clytemnestra Old Mother Ransom Riley.given life because of Mary Gordon her mother a Roman Catholic- Angelas parents aborted two-they are Protestants

THE RANSOM LANDS WERE BEING SOLD GROTE HOMES BUILDINGS DEMOLISHED & Settlements-craftworks-small farms-Reserves of land-forests also SOLD- trashed first & all persons killed-

All evidence of the common-sense Engineering Miracle of Philanthropy where THE GOSPELS WERE ALWAYS ACTED OUT to be destroyed- GROTE HOMES took in orphans gave life & raised humanists A-Z the first world citizens-they did not FIGHT- educated with 3-4 languages in all that needs to be in place for civilized people- Records/histories/documents/letters tell the PURITY OF THIS SCHEME- LIFE given by a kind young man & his in-laws-

TIG a victim of RING WORM from his 11th year- he was not cured until in his 50s- TIGGY GROTE of 100 languages & `no religion but every religion the globe put his HOMES ON HIS WIFE MARGARETHE RANSOMs ancient FAMILY LANDS-& others her parents had bought & TURNED INTO RESERVES AROUND THE WORLD19th century..

1945 onwards - All logged- trashed- degraded by GROSS BRIT from 1945 & CLAIMED AS CROWN LANDS- later in `teeney-wheeny `writing-change of occupier & all previous documents of ownership could be destroyed-This was made the law of Vagrants Noble-in slimy silence & abuse-the killings never stopped called `HUNTING BIG GAME` by the most noble in the land

1956/1957 The worst poverty in the world was seen in the Camera crews filming on what were known to be the immaculate Grote RANSOM Reserves up to 1939 the globe-photographs were still to be found off-shore

Private & USA investigation of HOW the British Government had got all this money to PAY THE CROWN & LORDS OF HIGH CLASS SIN their massive D E B T S - is an investigation carried out by USA Official circles who had had the kindly & honest GROTE BROKERS off Wall Street 1830s supplying them with masses of documentation- & the Argentine who have from early 19th century administered the RANSOM 19 Acres UNDER NEW YORK- When this was removed under their noses 1954 without ANY WARNING by GROSS BRITAIN HIGH CLASS SIN in the name of a faceless female Angela they have PUT IN THE HOT SEAT many good folk set about recovery-research- & depositing safely THE PROGRESS OF THIS MASSIVE VIOLENT FRAUD by a Nation that had claimed as BRITISH EMPIRE TO LOOK AFTER its conquered peoples & their landsThis was all recovered 1960- In 1961 the LEGAL Guardians two sons were slain in yet another faked car crashas happened to manyremember Etties last son.THE USUAL VILE INTIMIDATION BY BRITISH NOBLE SCUM-

19 acres RANSOM under New York- moneys shared by the Earl LINDSAYBUGGARHS at Nethrington Hall nosh-up New Years Eve 1953- The presence of ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM had them panic for an hour & after that time they murdered with poison an old lady a relative we all share 19th century/SOULS Movement-aesthetes`

New Years Eve Murder-dollop of poison put in her glass swiftly given to Lindsay no 15- by `the second one in FILMS` oh somebody dragged her under a boat later I think…” (The world of trendy Scarlet Townafter 2nd World War not that different in its violence as in the first years of the 20th century)

No 15 Earl who practiced on Purple Dope up his Snout from AGE 11 years- has orders to begin training 1937 from Mr Jim JONG & his DAD heir- Earl no 14 if not culled -they are drenched in years of obscene & bestial crimes roaming freely as NOBLES of Gross Britain -Referred to as `two evil little Jack-in-the-Boxes` they are claw-in-claw with the EVIL old EARL 12 & his Brother to be No 13 briefly-they stuck their heir down a hole in the SEA age 12 years for the Insurance-press reports c 1910.

..( 19th century Maritime experimental holes perhaps to see if possible to erect Piers-jettys)

1942 spring - LINDSAY almost Earl 14 to recover from his bankruptcy 1938/9 MURDERED with 2 other thugs the 9 years old Newfoundland heiress niece of Patrick MacDrew family home Castle-Sible Hedingham- Miss M. d`Uff MacDrew 9 years of age was in the same class with Greta Ransom the Grote- Ransom heir 1942 at Clacton-on-Sea (Records : the big black car left the back of Buckingham Palace pre-dawn & other Books-research-eye witnesses) This Bankrupt Earl (no14 almost) already a violent slayer of GROTE CHILDREN from 1939 with others & all of them Nobles on Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts - records Castle-Sible Hedingham-

1938 autumn - EARL Lindsaybuggarh No 12 came at Greta Ransom waving reams of PAPERS on the Clacton Seafront saying GreetahI WILL BE YOUR GUARDIAN-sign-signlittle Greetah…” It is legend how Young Fred Ransoms daughter spake forth PACK YOUR CASE & LEAVE- DECENT PEOPLE CANNOT WALK ON THIS FRONT WHEN YOU & YOURS ARE IN THAT PLACE- SAINT GEORGE IS MY GUARDIAN…”… I am sure I was told not to speak the Guardians name ANDRE MALRAUX-

Lindsay & scum have murdered JEAN WEDDELL Mrs Charles Frederick Ransom-Ballerina-Firebird of The INCA- she of their blood -as we her children & grandchildren-

1938 - Lens Mother- Greethas Grandmother JEAN WEDDELL Ransom ballerina has been killed by them ALL end of summer- & also May 15 1938 MARGARETHE RANSOM Mrs Tiggy Grote- & so many others back to the slaying of TIGGY on ARRAN 1904- & LEN & I have so often had to protect our own LIVES from these FIGURES FROM A MORGUE & their SCUM MONSTERS OF THE DEEP-Scandinavian CROWS

1938 - Earl no 15/1985 dies 1989 - `SPADE WHEELING BOY Clacton 1930s` intending to kill or cut off tiny feet of Greetah Ransom on the beach 1936-1938 - He had made a Catholic marriage 1953 after he was heard by Secret Services the World in their leisure time hours planning CARRIAGE ACCIDENTS- for GUESS WHO - her sister at the dinner table…” `LINDSAYS KINGS OF ENGLAND ` Kubla Khan JIMMIE Jong the Regent-

The intake of extra dopes was horrific- they grow as staple Divinorum Salvia Scotland- pays British Noble household bills year in year out- divorce 1968-found with kith-kin robbing Vatican archives 1960s & thrown out- These noble scum were after MALRAUX RANSOM GRONLANDER SAN Julian Records

1958 - `young Paccelli` dead - he unable to speak on GROTE HOMES childrens fate - & what he had come upon - The evil of Noble Gross Britain 1920s-1930s-1940s towards Grote Homes Ransom Estate-half of it in Roman Catholic Nations-

G.B. NOBLE SCUM intend from 1953 to REMOVE ALL EVIDENCE of `early Wedding Of Grace 17 April 1947 The GROTE-RANSOM heiress to the Estate GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX records/archives-

Dangerous dope use Lindsay Earls & others- The training in Noble Families who grow Divinorum Salvia Scotland had children show violence - Lindsay 15 is not unique - from big boy metal spade killer if he can catch little Greetha` he makes splatter movies early in his 20s with Mr Jim Jong (Cur James 1954) in South America- 1953 XMAS EVE - No 15 Earl (age 27 years) burned the Paris Grote Home Xmas evening 1953 with friends-the children were out to an entertainment-records

1959 December - Lindsay 15 (always in need of money to keep his households -women) & with other Lindsaybuggarhs wanted to tear down the old GROTE Home in ROME -claim & sell the landThese creeps waited until Paccelli Pope Pius 12 died 1958- A quite Priest was sent to ask Harry Gordon if his niece would give her Permission for this- It was this Visit that had Aunt Terry Butler `hit the roof`.She now gave all information on the FRAUD MURDERS VIOLENCE suffered by her families from 1933 First trying to explain to Greta Ransom her niece but found she could not follow-felt she was writing a novel Arthur Malone went to see her as Greta left her that late afternoon -Andre Malraux was now called immediately to Thorpe-le-Soken 17 December 1959-Permission given by General de Gaulle- Arthur Malone-Politan Detective for Malraux knew he had solved here the matter of the VIOLENCE PERSECUTION of Andre & Greta that he had been employed upon since October 1957Records are in detail in this Book of Summer 1937 & other work-

Lindsay 15 gave concern to townsfolk Clacton - An Asylum team was called in when he was 13 years of age- to access & try help-reports/ his behaviour frightening-talking to himself about nasty weird sadistic matters-threatening others as well as Ransom heir-pleading poverty in small shops where only one old person was on duty-Mr Jong & his father were blamed-also the use of `frog spawn` (Divinorum Salvia Scotland) as the Police called it when they warned young people not to enter the Lindsay GRAND or take a drink with them-not to get in a car with them-or Mr Jong & others-

A school in Ireland 1939 could not keep his father & JIM away-

THE DOPE IS VERY ADDICTIVE-THE USER IS ENTHRALLED BY THE POWER FELT- it hits the brain in 2 seconds/they will kill maim-it is addictive & causes sores in the nose if used for more than 6 months-A craving is known to be felt- Nobles are taught to inherit power-to use this dope to do soTrials-1970 Reports- 2 famous Institutions-

Lindsay 15 is an example of the TRAINING FOR THEIR ROLE IN LIFE of the British Noble-penniless until 1940s when they could rob GROTE RANSOM ESTATE-sharing with Angela et al`Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men` writes Augusta Frobisher 1953 to a Noble Kinsman-it was known by many persons Institutions how the Crown had cleared its massive debts of the first half of the 20th century