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1953 31st December - Earls Lindsaybuggarhs & Crawford ordered Greta & Andre killed if they dared try claim the Estate- Lindsay 15 paid David Brown rnvr a monthly sum of money to `keep Greetha from knowing anything-run her reputation down-watch her mother too-see all connections to her fathers family are severed-tell me & I & JIM will have them beaten upRecords/witnesses/

Mr Mengele-Golum Harrington -JIM & thugs to be in charge `For the new Reign` FJR & sister Ivy Ransom now harmed-others of the Ransom families-Weddells suffered hate & some disappeared in ArgentineLEN finds his lst wife murdered-she a Weddell 3rd -degree cousin their son age 12 electrocuted 1952 North AfricaLINDSAY Earls & JIM/thugs

1954 April - attempt to kidnap Greta Ransom from Colchester Castle Museum - foiled by Curators calling to the telephones to speak with JIM & a gang with guns 1.45pm several persons called `big guns in London, Child in our world of Museums & Institutions of Science & Learningd HWP `

MALRAUX at this time was shut up in a near-London Clinic doped by Mengele Harrington who again has control of the Malraux women- even though his step-mother a medical woman has angrily told them TO KEEP HIM AWAY FROM ANDRE - he is jealous of ANDRE- do not let him in your Paris house !

It was this step-mother locked up Mengele twice 1936 & 1949 for paedophilia & violence over money- threats to her daughter his step-sister were a nasty matter

Lindsay & Lords & Crown WERE NOT PAYING MENGELE HARRINGTON enough dough-or giving him a big Estate-or a Curship- He knew if he killed off his golden geese he would have no WORK! So he began to negotiate for a million pounds down-got it- & expected a Peerage- They kept him with a Carrot on a string in front of his snoutALL WERE ON THE PURPLE STUFF- Divinorum Salvia Scotland-

`Mengele Harrington- Doctor for HIGH CLASS SIN`

OH Angela got a share-they had to bring her in- by 11 pm they were sweating with fear-she and Jim sat at the head of the table near midnight. Nethrington Hall/

1953 New Years Eve - There were 2 Detectives dressed as WAITERS - they could not fathom WHY Freds kid & ANDRE MALRAUX did not do something- call Police themselves-

ANSWER ? We do not know- but Brown rnvr does - ALL POST/mail stolen from MALRAUX- & Families RANSOM-Poulsen-Weddell-Mainwarring- 1933 onwards- 1990s

1937 Summer holiday Clacton-on-sea -Andre & Jo-

(reports some years ahead)

Poulenc 1938 Paris had them round him- He said `Yes he had written a Concerto for Grote Homes schoolchildren` & he was not going to change the dedication for a floozys visit & if his Nation a Republic wished to let itself down it could ask someone else to write something…” Reports

Margarethe girl-of-the-Snows had UMBRELLAS for the ARTS children adults in every nation of the world- They had the Funding taken & the young Ransoms were blamed after the 2nd World War- It was a carefully planned operation by Gross Brit using State thugs to get massive moneys for themselves- THIS THEFT OF OUR RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` PHILANTHROPY became the National Industry of Gross Britain from 1945- & `for the new reign`

1959 It was April when I Greta Ransom knew I could not risk staying at 50 Lancaster Gate Square - I felt I had not seen GEORGE-Andre Malraux new Minister of France since the January - OH but I had -records-& his notebooks- I was too frightened to leave him a note when I left June 2nd for it would be taken by Mengele & thugs- never given to ANDRE-

I was aware false messages signatures had been used by the EVIL in the past to incriminate Andre & I -

I had to earn some money-it was proved unsafe to try take a job in the Museums- Mengele had followed me to the Geological Museum one morning & threatened violence-he had harmed Colchester Museum staff-made them nervous but they stuck by Miss Ransom & had admired Colonel Andre whom they hoped to see again & that he & Miss Ransom would `make a match` again-

1954-1961 Colchester Museums : Lieutenant-Commander David S. Brown was seen sometimes & staff did not think he was anything but supportive of us`Master GRAHAM GREENE` NOVELIST had fled but dropped byhis friend DONOVAN Bookseller died too early`Master Greene` did not tell HAROLD Walter POULTER Deputy Curator anything morehe & his Greene families had THE THUGS LINDSAY & JIM visitingTHE HIGH CLASS SIN were terrified MALRAUX & Greta would be told of the Estate-

1959 June Years later I am told ANDRE broke down when he found you gone (I Greetha did not wish to die ! )

I GR did a lot of studying those winters 1957/8 & 1958/9 - aspects of history - always staying back in other centuries-Old Vic-Opera-Art galleries- 5 different productions for Saint Joan of Arc whose anniversary it was 1957...Harold W. Poulter Colchester Museums had strongly advised autumn 1957 Do not comment on anything in the News Child - it could be miss-construed amongst his circles - keep back in 18th-19th centuries further back if you like- you might be able to say things from another age…” Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square records- & diaries-accounts of others - Malraux notebooks too-

1957/59- The weird tricks were horrible-to tell of one-my books taken back to Paddington Library by Mengele -my tickets cancelled-Mengele in his hand-made 7 inch boots & his diseased sub-ape greedy employers knowing I HEIR to richest woman the globehe who sails the globe dropping in by Queens Fright (`Margarethe always more than Aga Khan- & me Onassis he says to Ransom brothers, New York & Andre Malraux 1960 & began to take a care of the Greek seashore homesteads/heimats sponsored by Fred & Gertrude RANSOM who sailed in to ancient lands of a grandmother 12th century Palestine in the Family Ship THE MARY ROSE a 4 master sunk in The Basin Montrose by spiteful creatures with a dustbin on one ear 1935 )

1957 MALRAUX FORTRESS Lancaster Gate Square - That winter at Paddington Library the staff were brave & knew the Nutters were SHEshe & Mengele peculiar physician-friend of Scandinavian crows-Vagrants-all on dope-loose living-spending blood & gore dripping moneys from murders of children orphans abroad(We report the talk about the TOWN Scarlet Town-Whitehall-City of London-no hearsay but people perplexed at a world after THAT War so crass-immoral-ignorant-unable to put educated humanists in charge of important matters that a civilized society requiresit was already known WE MUST GET OUT TO THE STARSor we fail as a speciesFrance now let the young down by letting off bombs in Pacific- the science on all this is done - this was massive ignorance-more than liquor & heroin )

SHEshe from October 1957 also got money to rip ANDRE & I apart-she drank mornings in CUR JAMES private office WHITES-they all had tremendous meals paid by `Crown Office` or whatever it called itself by then

1953 - 1962 George-Andre & Greta have `our children the spaces between our intentions - our persecution increased by creatures who to this day drip in blood & gore moneys - Jo dead 1944 - then the sons of Jo & Andre 1961... GROTE HOMES slaughter for DOUGH by these crass monsters was to be put OUT ON THE WORLD March 1960 BUT THE COURIER TO General de GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX was hi-jacked/ The question `WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN MOTHER ENGLAND ` was to be on the front of the newspapers of the world MONSTERS BEGAN TO WIN AGAIN

JIM is Angela & Teresas old chum from 1913 ! Treasa Gordon R. became so insane at 50 Lancaster Gate Square ANDRE hit her on the jaw more than once & dragged her up to the steps beside the Kent Hotel near midnight - Jimmie Jong Mr Pong of violence at me with Sheshe & keeping me from school-all those horrors in my first 7 years- they joined by the Lindsaybuggarhs! THE PACK OF THEM ARE STIFF ON HORRIBLE DRUGS-they have blown their brains age 11-12-13 years as Nobles !

1959 - 50 Lancaster Gate Square At the end of May 1959 I told the housekeeper & her husband a quite famous Violin teacher who have the lower ground floor the domestic quarters of the building (She to be called Auntie & engaged by Clara Malraux from PARIS 1952/3) that I would go to the seashore to help my mother run the Holiday Shops Jaywick for Mr Pritchard & his wife - as he had said he expected me to help again. & ANDRE had told Mr & Mrs Pritchard when he called at their Enfield house last year 1957 (once the home of CHARLES LAMB writer & sister Mary) that he would come down for a fortnight at least - in August & give a hand - he did August 1958 but it went weird/a poisoning of him is clearly carried out by TREASA GORDON R & LINDSAYbuggarhs ANDRE GOT BACK TO HOLLYTREES Museum at midnight& was very ill at 1 am Harold W. Poulter got Colchester doctors to save his life - records Camulodunum /& accounts by Andre & Greta

1958 December - ANDRE-George says anxiously when we have the flat finished they (Clara & Messalina) may let Vincent- (son of JO killed 1944 for blood & gore moneys going to British Nobles & Crown& Andre-) come to school in England-have a home with us .

1957 November VATICAN Visit - We have now taken up a re-vowing allowed by Pope Pius 12 ` young Paccelli ` who informed Andre `he had never annulled the Catholic marriage - but put it on hold`(ceremony 7th January 1958)

(Andre did not know how much Doc Mengele for his EVIL TWISTER Masters dictated over the boys- & with CUR JAMES Mr Pong sticking a porkie fist in too ).

1957/1958 - MALRAUX - his son VINCENT- Andre Malraux wanted his youngest son amongst quality people-he had in mind Colchester East Anglia & the world of Museums-science-& connexions- He had some friends of past years in East Anglia-people who had known JOSETTE a young lady, the future mother of Pierre & Vincent-

The housekeeper was highly efficient & ran 50 Lancaster Gate Square as a comfortable home as far as she could - she often provided a good supper well cooked for Andre Malraux & quality friends - many came from Institutions & Museums of South Kensington-`Albertopolis`Malrauxs intellectual equals

1950s - It should be noted that Mengele Harrington had stolen bedding- eiderdowns sheets blankets from this Catholic Hostel & Charity-visitors saw it in his flat ! It was the very best quality that could be bought ! This sordid paedophile of the highest Royal Noble circles was being paid blood & gore moneys & had acquired 2 million pounds sterling over the 1950s for his CRIMINAL VIOLENCE against human beings-mainly so the crime of slaying the GROTE HOMES children the globe could be hidden- & the HOMES abused in verbal ribaldry Palace of Westminster when candles lit-shutters drawn & heroin booze flowed- & on a yacht with Scavengers & Vagrants stealing moneys RANSOM the world - sailing over dead GROTE CHILDREN in nets below the seas

1957 November - One supper given by Andre & Greta present had scientists from the South Kensington Museums-I will meet them 1960s ! They could not follow the SAGA of miseries until 1968 when RANSOM brothers Dr JR & Dr LIR came to explain to them the dangers everywhere

1968 - Then the killings began again/reports/archives/ Museums had records stripped of Ransom & Weddell earlier were again ordered searched by Mengele Harrington KUDOS of Gov-Lords & scum & Crown- big Teams-

Director Terence Morrison-Scot & Peter J.P. Whitehead now had thugs trying to push them into cars at night outside the Museums-

The Director BMNH had to pay for private detective for his wife at home- finally reluctant CID cover was got !

BMNH - James Weddell SEA his jellyfish- the furthest found south-sub-arctic was missing- I was told December 1967-the lady scientist knew he was my great-great grandpa ! She was soon visited by thugs calling themselves a special branch/naval intelligence- creeps-fools-dope addictsReferences Rathbone/Furze/Whistler/Rex WarnerPolly-Lettie-Marian-via Bolton-Paget- Holmes -Studio Art Magazineall persons known to us 1930s Ransom families & Lennie & GreetahSOULS & humanists who suffered early deaths-

Nota bene : these Museums Galleries men & women work for G.B. Government & were faced with Whitehall authority ! No Pensions -property British Crown`You will be keeping faceless as usual in this Greatest Crime of Mankind ! For THE REALM`

1940s-1990s - British HIGH CLASS SIN was very much in control where this matter of the GROTE children SLAIN might surface ! The Director of the BMNH had received my grandfather Fred C. RANSOM & I Greetah 5 & 6 years old in 1938/39 & showed us records PLANS in the Science Museum- RANSOM WEDDELL JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND West Greenland- these were all missing 1967 but evidence THEY HAD BEEN IN THE COLLECTIONS had not always been removed -

(Sir Terence Morrison Scott ex-Science Museum comments `the child told me of Poul Gronlander & the Island-Independence failed-she had to see the University went up with Len-here I was able to show them the Plans of the first experimental building of FR-it had been used with modifications in Norway 1920I felt she had not long to live-I thought I saw the signs of consumption-white yellow complexion too bright eyes-clearly they were feeling the loss of the ballerina Weddells grand-daughterWAR COMESI was overjoyed to see her here BMNH 1966 so tall so strong & with the ancestry on her face`)

We have dealt with this & others have in their works/ reports 1970s `they have been killing people Peter to get this money- we knew about it when I was in the City- you are too young to be in charge- they always stopped Greta getting to her father` One of many people trying to help & stop this crime going on-an Agnes Gordon-a sister of a Monarch-a famous writing family-artists-institutionsNonconformist familieswho could see through the dirty talk of the British Noble Scum& never knew where they got the moneys from to pay those horrendous debtsadded to by many of them with FAST LIVING -

1959 April - 50 Lancaster Gate Square- I was shaken & nervous when alone in the house after the horrible invasion a Saturday in April by this monstrous fat tiny grotesque gnome CUR JAMES dirty Jimmie dope addict-vice Steward WHITES Club- he had announced to the housekeeper he was running a business weekend in the Catholic house & it might go on into the evening-the foul Mengele Harrington paedophile would be snaking in I did not doubt-I shut myself in my room at the top- Andre George had fitted January a safety chain-& had the door to the other room blocked up-the bullet mark now gone-a gun fired to show me how to shoot these disgusting men when Andre was in GAUL- the USA General Nevada-Nebraska (one of my Red Indian Grandmothers straight line) he almost woke my memory up-then had to go- Mrs Mengele got the letter & parcel he left Andre-all POST/mail is opened Orders Naval intelligence & other Noble scum-

I must have been left a phone number to George-ANDRE in Gaul but would not have been allowed to know-

1959 Cur dirty JIM & his gang knew they were going to lay hands on the building 50 Lancaster Gate Square- They had begun fixing the Lease etc in 1953 we will hear- when ANDRE MALRAUX began to take charge of the Charity for General de Gaulle-& theres a connection of de Gaulle down Whitehall-I do not yet follow this-

British HIGH CLASS SIN could not fathom human beings who lived in civilized & lawful & humanist fashion- they had expected to encourage MALRAUX to have their kind of parties-

A Hollywood film star 1950s reports on the shocks some film units had in Scotland-where the nobility could only go in for lewd unnatural parties- USA was more homespun & preferred girls & boys dancing & planning a future…”

1950s - POISONING AGAIN It was clear to educated & humanist Gross Britain that the very worst kind of sadistic useless dirty life-style was AT THE TOP- called earlier years HIGH CLASS SIN-

It should be remembered that Mr Mengele Doc Harrington killed a 12 years old boy November 5th/6th 1957 with a scarlet poisoned lolly-pop-The Catholic boy whose parents look after the Kent Hotel the end of our terrace-he jumped off a bus in traffic & was killed/reportsThis lollypop was intended Guy Fawkes night for Greta Ransom-some staff members got other colours- one a 2nd cousin, Jenny Brett, of Peter J.P. Whitehead on `sabbatical` Glasgow Zoology/ichthyology

1958/59 `Dirty Jimmie` POISONING AGAIN He poisoned oranges with a syringe Xmas in my room-instructed dope in my beverages went on-I was followed when I did not jump a bus suddenly-I must return to sleep-the young staff tried protect-MALRAUX is MINISTER OF GAUL

MALRAUX CALLS 50 Lancaster Gate Square HIS LONDON HOME - 1952-1961

He has permission from General Charles de Gaulle to

restore the FLAT on the top of the buildings- work to begin in October 1959- Roof buildings of the whole Terrace Lancaster Gate Square had not been used since 1938- abandoned because of the WAR 1939-

1945- JIM & scum intended the flat go ahead-France pay for the building work-

The restoration work was delayed 2 years-Some began December 1958- February 1959 Andre took me up on top of 50 & 51 Lancaster Gate Square to view premises-suddenly shouted `BE CAREFUL-YOU COULD FALL`otherwise I would have had NO MEMORY of this - although I lost the memory OF WHERE THE FLAT WAS

(The joke for BRITISH HIGH CLASS SIN is` IF SHE & MALRAUX KNEW OF THE ESTATE Greta Ransom could buy the whole Square easily with what is left of RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` profits round the globe without disturbing any part of the girdle round the earth twice - the delicate flower garden)

1957 ANDRE MALRAUX MINISTER OF GAUL (Andre Malraux Minister of GAUL) was given permission by General de GAULLE that we could reside here- We were to quietly take up the Catholic marriage have children- & our families & friends would protect us- GENERAL DE GAULLE OF FRANCE A Republic HAD NO IDEA THE DIRTY TRICKS BEING PLAYED BY HIGH CLASS SIN USING WHITEHALL-Lords & Earls & Scum because of the massive RANSOM Estate still in place THE GLOBE-

1947- 1976... Mengele Doc HARRINGTON WHOSE MOTHER WAS AT THE GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIAL COURT has all the NOBLE personages & families as if living in a painting of HELL by Hieronymous Bosch ! He establishes corruption everywhere but could not make ANDRE or GRETA interested in that sleazy world of Scarlet Town & anywhere - `worst of lower town Alexandria & Shanghai pre-war` Mengele spoof Doc HARRINGTON has PIMPED on the Grote Homes RANSOM ESTATE all those yearsWITH NOBLE OTHERS

1957 November - VATICAN notified General de Gaulle November 1957 `early marriage Andre MALRAUX & Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Confirmation name RANSOM not dissolved APRIL 1947 but laid aside` Paccelli Pius XII - a re-vowing may take place permission also to be granted by those concerned in both families / BESSIE Elizabeth Martha Williams great-aunt of Greta Ransom & Madeline 2nd Registry Office marriage to Andre MALRAUX 1948 March -

Nota bene : some biographies do give correct date 1948 of this alliance but computer ping-pong-pang is often slipshod& Imperial Britain Mengele can falsify documentsJOSETTE & GREETHA have Roman Catholic marriageswe are NOT Registry Office wives

7. 1. 1958 Feast of St Cede Bishop of Londinium & OTHONA Roman Fort of the Saxon shores- & perhaps `young Paccelli` sent 2 more of his watercolours ? acknowledged to be skilled work-

The fate of 2 watercolours sent to Andre Malraux THE WIDOWER of JOSETTE 1947 with Permission to wed the Ransom heir were delivered to Angela in newspaper night of 17 April 1947- Paccelli received a note with a thumb mark of acknowledgementHe puzzled-perhaps prayed over this

(If you question (readers/critics) the family familiarities hereI would inform you THESE ARE YOUNG PEOPLE at THE TURN of the 20th CENTURYCatholicism was regarded by IMPERIAL BRITAIN as a matter they would rather ` were not about - their Empire ` NO DOUBT IT GOT IN THE WAY OF BRITISH TRADE If you wish to be educatedGO & SING `THEE Claudio MONTEVERDI MASS can also be performed by Big Band Swing in reverence

1939 Nota Bene - ??? where is the HELL painting of H. Bosch that is the RANSOM property the Farm Montrose bought by us 1500- hugh carved fireplace beam & in stone at entrance - This painting was stolen with other paintings & the incunabula/includes 16th century books of Lady of Japan & Frederick RANSOM & his families/

1939 SeptemberJimmie Jong Mr PONG now an Army Major 2 man Unit back of Buckingham Palace known Angela since she was 12/13 years & her parentsHe with 6 in Army gear thugs had the two old RANSOMS childless killed-

It was JIM had the farmhouse Montrose chalked all summer 1939 ... with Rising Suns & Swastikas/Report Art dealer family DUVEEN others-

Greetha & Lennie have written their accounts of the VISIT 1936 Summerpure HUMANISM

1938/39 All reported to MARY GORDON `by young Duveen before he died Ada` & others- spoken of at length Xmas 1942-1943 ... records/text/oral/photos- Mrs Ada Pin & daughter- AUNT TERRY BUTLER comes New Year 1943 to the Walton Road Clacton housewhere ANDRE MALRAUX enters 1945...

1939 September / 1948 & 1960 The horrible true reports of 1939 September come from 2 observers/ IN FEAR ALL THE YEARS for WAR came & nothing was done about this horrible crime & the burning of the contents of the Farm after the antiques had been removed by this little gnome known at the RACES as Jimmie Jong with his Asiatic eyes the 2 old respected Mr & Mrs Ransom taken off in a lorry then brought back & their bodies burned- IN SCOTLAND THIS WAS NOT SUCH A SURPRISE - but it did belong to earlier years it was hoped 19th & 2Oth century-

Vast reports Andre Malraux detectives/Colleagues/USA

1957/58 - PLANS - WESTMINSTER Cathedral &

FRENCH EMBASSY (Government) they are to have another Charity from the building no 50 Lancaster Gate Square- Building no 51 is being handed back - ? Permission has been granted- General de GAULLE himself was advising (records - details were known-some information LIFE at 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE ANDRE-GEORGES & GREETHA RANSOM) By 1959 the General & ANDRE MALRAUX had something planned out with Westminster - & there would be the Flat on top-

1958/1959 GRETA RECEIVED THREATS FROM MENGELE DOC & JIM & Teresa YOU YOUyou are nobodyYOU ARE NOT WANTEDyou Bloody PAUPERYou will be taken & thrown from the topyou will be attacked in the Square if you DARE show a fat stomach../ Warnings of JIM-Mengele-Teresa G.R. & sometimes their spokes-persons WHO HAVE SLITHERED. INTO . WHAT SHOULD BE A HOLY HOUSEcertainly ANDRE MALRAUX has tried have this A HOLY HOUSE

1920s-1950s.Records- JIM et al. have attacked hundreds OF HUMANISTS in these ways- & Grote Children slain so horribly by British Nobles Lindsay Earls- JIM-others-Master of something Scotland- MacMillan 1934/1948 in records - THE Whitehall reports October 1957 - MacMillan heard saying he wishes MALRAUX & Greta RANSOM were dead

MacMillan got our Ransom Uruguay Estate ran 2 women there - what happened to the 2 tiny children he bred ?

Who took the money when the thief sold it/or was it used as Death Duties ? Records - Other Nobles who have tubs of gold off-shore-& were Slaying all 2nd World-War- DEATH Pits of GROTE CHILDREN now to have acid & landscape gardening- & depth charging to go on where children dropped in nets at sea British Admiralty has records hidden by good RN/ Malraux & de Gaulle had to learn all this 1962 onwards

1960 SUMMER onwards.. Some Territorials others now began to catch some of the monsters - took coloured films of despatching 3-& THIS IS shown in City of London Private View London Chamber of Commerce & Elsewhere Marble HALLS - ALL GOOD GUYS - Toasted ` THE Scum of the Earth` at Regimental dinners for 2 yearsrecords/

The problem is of understanding : it is the good guys do not see that the TOP CLASS is rotten because of lack of humanism-& the getting away from 1937 using AN ILLICIT CROWN of the GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND

They, good guys can easily follow that the allowing of the COVERING UP THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN FOR IMPERIAL GREED 1939-1945 & protecting the DIVINE of

GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIAIS THE ROOT PROBLEM but these good guys have families to protect