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That the TEAM employed by G.B. Crown & Lords & Scandinavia is over 2,000 & they organise a RAMPART of helpis not suspected until 1960sunderstood 1970s WHEN THE MADNESS IN THE Jazzy BIG TIMERS is showingthey now getting old

1961 In November ANDRE MALRAUX- his 2 sons killed/murdered 23rd May 1961 was rudely evicted from 50 Lancaster Gate Square his HOME in LONDINIUM by JIMMIE CUR JAMES Jong & thugs one winter afternoon - they had got wind Greta Ransom was returning to LONDON to a Museum job- A young woman came to help ANDRE & got the eviction stopped that afternoon-water & electricity turned on!

THIS STYLE BRUTALITY IS USED BY PURPLE NARCOTIC SNOUT HOLDERS - who killed the Grote children staff settlers & innocent families & educated persons who knew of this Estate from late 1920s onwardsespecially after the 2nd World War :


They begin their MASSIVE VIOLENT GREED in 1921- 1939 the 2nd World WAR providing them with COVER for more violence & vast theft- 50 Lancaster Gate Square was said to be Crown property but no documents shown for very long -

I Greta Ransom do not have anymore information- OTHERS DID- Building sold off in 1953 (Secret silence as usual)

JIM- earls of LINDSAYbuggarhs thumbing noses at MALRAUX & De GAULLE 1961 building now used as rented rooms & became 1970 The Commadore-a hotel- A GREAT PIECE OF THEFTof IMPERIAL BRITAINits thugs

1962 NovemberVisit to `Auntie` housekeeper 7.30 pm a misty Square, November 1962 by GRETA RANSOM girl with a broken soul/I gave no warning/ records Andre & Greta 1970- & all humanists/Housekeeper is poisoned c 1965-Records/

British HIGH CLASS SIN-foreigners- having meetings in this lovely house 50 Lancaster Gate Square & toasting `The Crown Gentlemen` (dirty Jim calls a woman living at The Saint Lizzies Arms by her Christian name-to intimidate people he is fraud-robbing) A toast in whiskey before they begin his meetings in WHITES vice CLUB at 9.30am is `The Crown gentlemen` They are Earls-Lords-scum-those awaiting unholy move up on the ladder- None are gentle- men but are coarse-obscene & used to violent crime-murders/ Jim Mr Pong whom I have no memory of spikes their drinks with 3 kinds of dopes to have them agree with his Plans- City of London records did exist 1960s ! I cannot warn Andre Malraux if I have NO pre-war memory-no photos-letters-& am jeered that my father is adoped & not my real fatherMengele is heard to say he has withdrawn Gretas birth certificate & entered one saying illegitimate of a Henry Harper & Teresa Gordon

Dirty JIM is running same style robberies as pre-war- Len & I heard that meeting 1938 he chaired - present were Lindsaybuggarh Earl 14 & other murderers-fraudsters of the purple narcotic cult-list in this document- all had Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts- That Cowes meeting that Lennie & I crawled in on & reported-this criminally insane bunch of penniless- We listened until our grown-ups could silently enter to listen other endgiving a wave`

1936-1939 - Len & I play at being Red Indian Scouts-Granny Nevada is Harriet-an orphan she has a RED INDIAN name- She is 17th century- no dowry lands but raised with languages- one was Dutch-very useful in Americas that time ! Ransom Family are Sea Traders- Portraits of all Grandmothers Ransom existed-drawings-photographsall burned or hidden by THEM who will make money from the paintings-change names

1957 November An American General from Nevada-Nebraska who clearly knew of Grote-Ransom Estate one evening 1957 November left the gun he showed me to how fire- AIM at their chests not their headsdrag them into that big cupboard then get the staff to get ANDREthey have a CODE for this…” He put it in envelope addressed to ANDRE with a letter- “…GIVE IT TO GREETHA when you are away in France but Mrs Mengele opened it for Mengele Harrington November 1957- it is said the General was killed 7 years later by these thugs-

THE GENERAL HAD BEEN SENT BY RANSOM BROTHERS to see what was happening to Greetha..

THEY FELT ANDRE HAD LET THEM DOWNno replies to Post/mail since 1945...just fobbed off with `too busy` from the Malraux offices & French `JAN STEEN TAVERN` ParisThe USA Red Indian General another MARTYR RANSOM BROTHERS


1957-1959 January - 50 Lancaster Gate Square - I Greetha Ransom was robbed again of some few pounds- silver & copper coins - it was clearly Mengele & his filth organising this- & organising the searching of my room when I left morningsIt was not possible to go to the bathroom evenings without HEARING my door opened

. MALRAUX whom I am happy with & call GEORGEGeorgielooks as if in slow motion sometimes & this was CLEARLY the Mengeles` doping himputting STUFF on his pillow, his toothpaste, his cups of tea that come up from Auntie HousekeeperCLARA X ON TWO VISITS IS CLEARLY INSANE BONKERS-SCREWBALL-MAD-like all of the Imperial SCUM & SHEshe Teresa Gordon-Gordon mother of NOBLE bastards. who got the marriage of the THOUSAND YEARS from young Fred Ransom my father1932...she was told by LINDSAYbuggarhs to abort me Greetha- & they`d give her HALF the old Eskimo`s FORTUNE Pay the divorce !

Like the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN FROM WHOSE CURRICULUM (I their little heir com`th to take care of them I am trained first 7 years of my life I can live on very little when great work is in progress -

I the beggar girl of KING CARPETUA MALRAUX I bus or train overground/underground - drink from a milk bottle when at my studies - suck hard sweets to keep hunger away & stay thin as all young women- I do not smoke-drink alcohol- I wash my own hair my own underclothes- darn ANDRE MALRAUXs socks (records) Live like Chinese students 1980s-no vices-Xiamen-Shanghai-Quindao-Hohhot Inner Mongolia-Xian-etcthank you everyone CHINA 1986/1988

Victoria-Augusta born 1968 named for glorious 2nd Legion of Ancient Rome is still a COMPOSERYes - but perhaps she should have done ART? The twice 2 months CHINA was like living a hundred YEARS of happiness & wonder 1986 & 1988.. & YOU ALL KNEW I G.R. HAVE 3 GRANDMOTHERs` CHINA 1400s- 1450 Hue`Artun`s daughter Ransom bride-

1950s-1961 LONDON... This is St Edmunds House 50 Lancaster Gate Square London Home of ANDRE MALRAUX Catholic Charity with young Catholic workers some living-in 5 days of the week.

One young man 1959 tried get Cur James re-pay the hundred pounds cash he had every Friday-JIM said he had not had it-with arrogance of IMPERIAL BRITAIN ! The young man may not have lived-

This is that same Jim Jong who was a horrible problem for my grandparents GORDON in the 1920s- JIM could be seen 1930s pouring tea for Nobles penniless at the Races acting Page Puck Faun-all of `em know of Ransom Estate & hate Grote Homes THESE CREATURES ARE ON THE PINsome are FIGURES FROM A MORGUE

1959 - March I GR HEIR unknown to ANDRE MALRAUXhad only a little sum in my Post Office Book- I think the Co-op Dividend Book system had finished by this year- there was not even that as emergency money. Mengele 1957 November stopped MALRAUXs 40 pounds a month from Westminster-it paid his champagne & HAUTE COOOO-UTOUR. I had loaned Malraux some pounds until he could divert some of his own book moneys (literature-he writes you know! ) to himself,


1959 - I Greta Ransom HAD NO MONEY by April & had clearly been robbed of my coins when I went in the bathroom - Every time ANDRE MALRAUX now MINISTER of FRANCE came over FROM GAUL for 2O hours I did not retain the memory of his visit !

Yet I recall getting George-ANDRE porridge in the 3 bowls I bought that winter at the Oxford Street Co-op a basement they had for awhile- Willow Pattern-Chinese story-I have them 2008 AD ! It was still winter mornings & `Auntie Housekeeper` had taken a little job early mornings SO I WAS TO GET ANDRE MALRAUX his breakfast

1970 Malraux & PJPW reading notes put some memory back- I could describe my physical state at this time - it took me until midday sitting in Museums to get proper balance & know what I wanted to dodirty JIM -Mengele- Lindsay Earls- all of these evil nobles use this dope on girls they are using for prostitutionNon-humansTHIS IMPERIAL SCUM THAT HAS SLAIN THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN FOR DOUGH criminally insane they should be dropped in the Ross Sea with empty bottles of gin

1957 onwards - Andre had the permission General Saint Charles (as old ladies in Britain called him in the Wartime) - de Gaulle was respecting the Catholic marriage granted by Paccelli who had died last year-Descriptions-photos of the Wedding of Grace show the quality of it..a marriage No 18 the Prayer Book BANNED- was non-active was agreed by both of the 2nd Registry Office AllianceMarch 1948 France

1950s-1962... The intention of British noble SCUM was to tear MALRAUX & RANSOM apart AGAIN - HUMILIATE MALRAUX & de Gaullecall the RANSOM heirs names- & go on stealing killing- FRAUD- manipulating the globe for such funacting out BIG TIMEpulling in dough HUMILIATE VATICAN & FRANCEall HUMANISTS

Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom would like to put the lot on chains to build our Universitiesrepay the Charities/Umbrellas/the HUMANISTS of the Globe A-Z for the most filthy British Scandinavian IMPERIAL scum crimes against the million & a quarter children & people Lennie & I were being trained to take care of as the legal LEGAL HEIRS to GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate 1938..a GENOCIDEugly carcases in luxury & abuse ruled the worldRANSOM Britain East Coast hold a heimat/homestead Dunwich 92 ADyou are all from a ditch -rarely do you know your fathers- & your genealogy goes no further back in honesty than 17th century

1958-1959 - MENGELE Harrington & ASSISTANTS removed Greta (whom they call an Eskimo Ape) her memory before & after ANDRE MALRAUX RETURNED or DEPARTED FOR GAUL- LEFT ME A ZOMBIE FOR DAYS- The criminally insane could draw payment from `Crown Office- a till down Whitehall` & they could go to G.B. Midlands Bank Accounts in name of Greta Ransom & Len Immanuel Ransom heirs-& offshoresThey who are top of the dirty smelly dog pile were scared between their FIXES often prescribed by Doc Harrington Mr Mengele physician to Kubla Khan dirty JIM- Noble Britain if asked a question on GROTE RANSOM polished their nails on ceremonial uniforms & said `Ah I have nerves-it was the War` FIXES were now heroin-cocaine-LSD-early crack cocaine fed in at sometime& the ever Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their hog snoutsA rocket to Uranus with all of them on board would have stopped massive interference to the planet earth.. reports-diaries-text-oral-observers-film-photographs-

1957-1958 autumn to spring - It should be recalled that last year October to 1958 spring Greta Ransom X had Mengele Harrington royal Satrap paedophile hiding at the top of the building where my room is & as I came in from London winter evenings & opened the door usually 6.30 pm he would stab my wrist with a needle- to take my memory away -hissing he was `Malrauxs Physician` Hence George-ANDRE finding me with little memory would kiss the top of my head & say I would recover the past wasted years when we had our own apartment

ANDRE had been told so often by Mengele & private clinic nurse wife that the Ransom flotsam from the beach could remember if she wished & that she had done terrible crimes as a child -etc etc etc-

Andre others were perhaps early in the 1950s making an effort to have Mengele Harrington take up a normal marriage have his own children- stop hanging about the rich & vulnerable who could get caught into his personal insanity- stoked up by the KUDOS of Scandinavian Crows & JIM running WHITES CLUB a vice bar- assisted willingly by some Nobles of crimes- They would claim this was `advance investigation of psychology- & Mengele goes on a yacht & private visits Offshore ..where Grote-RANSOM Estate A-Z the world has banks full of DOUGH they help themselves to quoting BRITISH CROWN PROPERTY…”…

1957 December - ANDRE did not believe Mengele & again hit him on the jaw first putting on his knuckle-duster - threw him OUT ! MALRAUX had no idea Mengele still used the house as his own mornings & when he wished to at weekends-running up meals bills at the hotel& Mrs Pong & Mrs Mengele too

1968 - A New York Hospital gave a Report 1968 on

WHAT THESE MONSTERS would have been using to stop memory of past life & relalatives(to get hold an inheritance-they could easily follow this CRIME ) & said that when begun on a child & continued into adulthood the brain might take 15 years to recover - PROVIDING THE ABUSE HAD STOPPED-

They ran a Child Leukaemia Hospital N.Y.

As well as the Report based on their work came another from a friend whod studied the effects of such heavy sedatives- This information did not get to PJPW until the 1980s-

The 2 people eminent Doctors USA with the medical opinions were aware THAT THE VILLAGE OF HARWELL was under surveillance-post-telephones-contacts-they retired New York-their family safea relative was a painter & a fine water-colourist- Catholicsthey invited Greta Ransom to call New York until 1991- they may have guessed she had no dough at all from her Aunt Margarethe Ransom Grotes Estate& knew she was allowed NO MEMORY of her first 7 years- They had known that was the KEY TO UNDERSTANDING THIS TRAGIC CRIME & MADNESS LET LOOSE by IMPERIAL BRITAIN & others- BRAYING ABOUT PROFIT-ill equipped as human beings -

1966 November/December - Mengele Harrington begins again to follow G.R. himself to learn whom she knows since returning from GREECE with her cousins- he is alarmed she is again employed BMNH (Natural History ) & apart from she being a quiet cheerful spirit amongst the scientists she has a certain amount of KUDOS coming from COLCHESTER MUSEUMS

1966- 1970s.ALSO a worrying matter for Doctor Mengele Harrington is he was not a guest at the SUPPERS Andre MALRAUX gave 1950S to MUSEUM WORKERS of SOUTH KENSINGTONa few persons MALRAUX had known pre-War about the globe Mengele Harrington knew Greetha Ransom was present at one such supperNovember 1957... HE BEGAN THRUSTING HIMSELF INTO MANY PERSONS WORKPLACES, HOMES& began an evening friendship with Teresa Gordon Ransom againHe also began threatening Frederick John RANSOM & his sister IVY he had had all their income from the ARGENTINE REMOVED`it was said in silence to be CROWN PROPERTY`Mr Mengele took his share before passing it to his MASTERStheir offspring

Greta Ransom had returned as a Caryatid from Athensshe had been with her 6 cousins in the Greek householdMr Mengele & his foul black tongued NOBLE IMPERIALS could say nought of evil about the GREEK SUMMER 1966... EXCEPT THAT HE WOULD HAVE STOPPED IT HAD HE NOT BEEN OFFSHORE CHASING LITTLE BOYS

1966 - Greta Ransom HEIR UNKNOWN to herself but known to MALRAUX at long last sometimes went to lectures with the Whitehead TWIN in Dept. of Ichthyology MR MENGELE WAS TO GET A WARNING FROM JIM who had not told him the FULL SAGA OF 4 GOOD OLD BRITISH MEN OF LAW he had to kill with LINDSAY Earls 1939/1941...TO REMOVE A DAMNING VERDICT THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN could NOT BROKER A PENNY OF THE GROTE RANSOM ESTATEit was a matter off-shore

1968 to his death 1976 ANDRE MALRAUX came following GRETA RANSOM ( They had had a little wedding & were happytwice upon a time)

Malraux could take a lunch at The Pillar House summer 1968...& demand ENTRY MR MENGELE & his Masters were alarmedMengele Harrington had to begin killing for many persons about Oxford knew allLINDSAY 15 was concerned too for his reputation ! & they were NOT ALLOWED IN THE renaissance party 19 March 1972 The Pillar House... Many young men kept them outsome dressed as VIKINGS

Mr Mengele vowed to KILL Lennie RANSOMpolymath for he was seen talking with ANDRE MALRAUX whom he had known since 1960...There was clearly MUCH DOUGH to be got for Mr Mengele & his IMPERIAL MASTERSso much to hide on the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN Mr Mengele & Imperial THUGS & thug-esses began another cunning PLAN of hate terror & violent robberyTeresa Gordon was popular again& all the `old Gang` of the Roaring 20s went booting about with expenses Noble doors open again

MENGELE Doc Harrington not yet a PEER. & some sources of DANEGELD closed he had been heavily pimping about in his sleek BLUE little boy BAIT car .ALARMING MATTERS AROSE soon 1970 CUR JIMMIE was living in Oxford in a `Fort Knox`- he & Teresa Gordon R. had a fight fisticuffs in a Sommertown Oxford alley1973...Pong was dying of his intestines & greedMr Mengele Harrington began to think he needed more than his 40 Saville Row suits for Oxford societymany wore jeans & pull-overshad families with young children

1968 Near to Harwell & Didcot a man was living under another name who had escaped from slaying the GROTE CHILDREN in the WAR- he too knew that you did NOT drink what they gave you before these SPECIAL FORCES OPERATIONS- & he was WISE to some of the ORGANISERS- LINDSAY mob - hed seen them at The RACES 1930s

There were warnings & fears when Malraux-Ransom arrived in the area 1968 - At The Pillar House Harwell we received support from some people of intelligence & civilized qualities- The fear should have been of Whitehead identical twins born Kenya 1930 & U.S.A. Mum Gertrude Ostrander Palmer b 1907 & her remembering lovely Sports Days at GROTE HOMES West Virginia & other Statesswimming Chesapeake Bay & kind Aunt Kay Palmer Mrs Joseph Sparkman Yacht Builders New York Yacht Club Life President at this time to suffer deaths New York to 1971- because they had known Grote family & Margarethe Ransom & her parents& had a marriage line to GROTE.

1940s-1970s Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington non-Peer- & thugsgot their bloody paws on moneys from Whitehall Government Rooms managing furniture-art works-properties-lands-seashores of this vast RANSOM ESTATE THE GLOBE & went in a Pack `HUNTING BIG GAME`

ALL DOCUMENTS TO BE DESTROYED & ALL PERSONS KNOWING of the Estate TO BE KILLED TO SAVE THE BRITISH NOBLES & CROWNS& NOBLE BRITAIN especially Lindsay scumMengele Harrington got Naval Intelligence bugging everyone from following the Grote RANSOM heirs Greta & Len & this last Weddell-Ransom branch hitherto useful for rich pickings& the POST/mail had to be carefully CLAIMED by NOBLE BRITAIN who did not know all & had to with haste get its Noble SNOUTS in what was coming from OVERSEAS to The Pillar HouseTHREATENING TO BECOME ANOTHER SITE of RANSOM-MALRAUX Pilgrimage yet again- Mr Doc Mengele HARRINGTON began more of his NOTEBOOKS OF MAD SPITE at many personsTeresa Gordon R. was now made out to be a Saint& some other monsters of the dope fields too WRITINGS condemning Greta & ANDRE would get MR Mengele DOUGH& attention

1970s-1980s - SPYING/LISTENING on those who know of GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATEWantage Hall/Manor/House got monsters in a gang listening in-at dope dinner parties of Noble scum & business menReports came from Atomic Research Institute & OXFORD sources of this abuse of citizens`BIG GAME HUNTING` to save Lords & Crown gathered magnified savage acts went on

1971 A young Frobisher in Navy Canada/several investigations later - had come & spoke with Greta & Peter Whitehead OXFORD 1971...before he joined his ship a few hours later

. asked if Greta had got the FROBISHER PEARLS FOR HER 21st BIRTHDAY ? (11 March 1954)

HIS Grandmother VERONICA FROBISHER before she died worried she had NEVER RECEIVED A NOTE & her letters to Greta Ransom whom she had known since a tiny child had only a snub- clearly not her- come back from England-she could not understand why Greta did not visit all her relatives now she was a grown girl…”

c 1973 - He dies as his uncle 1937...death overboard - the Ransom brothers cousin Frobisher eldest son of Veronica & Paul Frobisher 3 Examinations 1970s-80s look at this crime by those known..Records-diaries-sadness- Ugly GREED & MONSTROUS DOPE IGNORANCE raged 20th century--Moneys shared amongst the noble scum-

1978 The NEW YORK eminent doctors : she a niece of an artist Catholic friend found Greta Ransom Whitehead coping with a historic village house 1978 when they visited an Aunt & MF asked might we have them all to a luncheon that could be lingering from midday when we would begin by looking at her collection of paintings taking a glass of sherry up to crossing over the road to The Pillar House & taking interesting foodsenjoying the great village house where the immortal childrens books were drawn by L. Leslie Brooke-published F. WARNE 1900s onwards`Johnny Crows Garden` & not hurrying over food- lingering into the afternoonwhen we might all cross the road again to Winterbrooke House & make tea & talk & go up again to the Picture room if we felt like seeing a painting again`

Greetah Ransom who with Lennie Ransom 1930s had begun a book of `WHAT DID THE RANSOM BRIDES our Grandmothers of 92 AD onwards cook` took naturally with not knowing WHY to making a 2,000 years kitchenbeing asked to come & help with Sealed Knot Civil War Society 1970s onwards- helped a lot

Civilized Village life & all the village all levels came into house & gardens at sometime of the year Winterbrooke House & The Pillar House HARWELL- 19th 18th century books-some of the Religious Tract Novels of Clergymen are able to convey something of this Gospels Acted Out-as ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE discovered in East Anglia SUMMER 1937... I will include in this Document Summer 1937 reproductions of two of the paintings of our friend able to study painting Paris 1920sa portrait of Greta & ? . She suffered deaths of friends in this `Hunting Big Game` when JIM & Mengele & their Teams moved in on Berkshire Oxford 1966.Reports-records/

I MAKE A NOTE IN THIS BOOK OF SUMMER 1937 of households because Mengele was calling me `greasy Joan` to please his IMPERIAL BRUTESI have told earlier how NONE OF THEM WERE ABLE TO GET INTO The Renaissance party March 1972.. .genuine foods of Florence, music, costumes& persons who knew the histories of those times Mengele Doc Harrington & IMPERIAL BRUTES only have ` trendy RAVES`

19th March 1972... MENGELE was insisting he had to be with ANDRE MALRAUXANDRE DID NOT WANT HIM IN AT this FEAST for the EYEthe party we had sculpted created ourselves with friends.A fight with the VIKINGS had Mr Mengele leave the East Gate The Pillar House MINUS A THUMB Goody gumdropsNoble POLITAN in costume saw to his departureLINDSAYbuggarhs apparently skulked down the laneTHEY ALL INTENDED WRECKING THE HOUSE & doping the guestsTHEY ARE QUITE EVIL They mean ANDRE & GRETA violence always

1978- the eminent New York Doctors lunch : I Greta had cooked the Party a 17th century lunch- big joint of Pork vegetables fruits a sauce looking at John Evelyn`s dietary wordsotherslots of ancient cookery books printed by 1960s We lingered over a pudding called Mon Ami which swept Europe 17th century Children were present & showed their delight in having the gardens of The Pillar House & Winterbrooke Housewhere they might so safely play.

The distinguished Doctors Belgium & USA citizens & very civilized people felt Greta-Greetah was alright & that the memory should not be forced up but directed perhaps- and that it would recover ! But Peter JPW BM Natural History South Kensington had not been told of this mercy mission 1967 by his Aunt Sparkman & sister his motherhe puzzled why his mother had their names in her address book wartime Britain

Greetah-Greta HAD NO MEMORYno first 7 years of life-Peter Dr Whitehead BMNH told not to tell Greetah of her family Estate- rather threatened by slugs bilge rats issuing out of noble side doorshe blackmailed & threatened with horrible death if he didhe was to uphold the Realm of a fallen Empire which had stooped to obscene bestial means to get itself DOUGH 20th century.

1968...The Grote RANSOM Estate heir & Lennie I.R. my heir & co-heir in many matters the miracle of philanthropy twice round the earth were not to speak - GRETA RANSOM NOT TO KNOW WHOM HE ISREMOVE ALL POST as usual

ALL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT WAS STOLEN BY SCUM OF NOBLE BRITAIN was to go `under the expensive carpets` Monsters- Figures from a Morgue- must waddle free drenched in blood gore moneys flaunting luxury debauch & insisting `I am the big one`

1978 That day making happiness for the visitors from New York/Belgium the family friends I do not hear perhaps many things The occasion is in the House diary. Andre dead 2 years

Did they talk with ANDRE MALRAUX ? - its probable they did at sometime before his death 1976 - when he dies of griefa world 1960 onwards where he too wished to HAVE THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT had given him no opportunity in his last years to preach the DAYS OF HOPE that he could - have a happy home & children as he had begun with JO & again as The WIDOWER with a fully grown GreethaHe no idea of his GUARDIANSHIP the million GROTE HOMES children SLAIN