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The distinguished doctors of medicine 1967-1978they said IT WAS A CRIME AGAINST ALL CHILDREN & ADULTS-DOPING HEIRS- othersfor moneys-lands- the monsters should be in Sing Sing for life

1959 Christmas - JANUARY 1960 upon NIGHT WATCH Colne Engaine/ Camulodunum Andre MALRAUX new Minister of Gaul 1st Minister of Culture- knew that Greetha Ransom X born 1933 had always lived amidst Noble odious madness her signatures/her KUDOS often required A miracle she had survived to her 26th year MALRAUX knew she had no crimes against HIM whom she called Georges ANDRE - he read her of former happinesss

It was only XMAS TIDE 1959 he had learned at last of his GUARDIANSHIP to the greatest philanthropy ESTATE the world had ever had RANSOM GROTE- RANSOM

THUS UPON a January 1960 NIGHT at a tiny meadow Colne Engaine of cruel frosts & WINTER AIR MALRAUX began to speak & again looked up at those ESSEX STARS he had known from 1937-again 1945-1948 a WIDOWER of Josette ... he had a gun-a relief Detectiveit was the perhaps the most dangerous ENCOUNTER he had ever knownTHE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN had known THEY COULD NOT BROKER A PENNY OF THIS ESTATEbut had nevertheless SLAIN THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN2nd World War

He spoke to Greetah RANSOM of their civilized days from his Notebooks Summer 1937-

JOSETTE his chosen Roman Catholic wife had been killed in all thisBY BRITISH NOBLE & Divine SCUM

WHERE ARE THOSE NOTEBOOKS you Scum? Pieces written by him are printed here with his permission, he, THE GOODMAN OF PARISThe Menagier de Paris

1950s Mengele calling himself MALRAUXs PHYSICIAN- has a big spy system in place in name of G. B. Government-listening equipment from Naval Intelligenceother scum departments of Lords-Crown -

Mengele usually knew when ANDRE MALRAUX would arrive in Scarlet Town-not always-

He knew when Andre left his London home 50 Lancaster Gate Square for FRANCE or when he was coming from THE JAN STEEN TAVERN PARIS sometimes -or destinations he knew not for General de GaulleMALRAUX & De GAULLE tried keep St Edmund`s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square A HOLY HOUSE.

Nota bene : R N. Naval intelligence had reported 1956 `they could walk all over the de Gaulle country house-search-take a drink..` (What are they looking for ? these evil buggarhs on triple PAY for evil ? )

1960 January-March - Nota bene : - ANDRE MALRAUX DETECTIVES COLLEAGUES families involvedHUMANISTS who had known of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN SLAIN& the violent crimes against the familiesof a LAWFUL ESTATE Nobody thought it would now not be EXPOSEDthe criminals removedhave to FLEE or could now be apprehended in future Noble GREED

The HIGH CLASS SIN Nobles gang Mengele worked for from 1938 were terrified MALRAUX would learn of the existence of a legal WILL & he legally appointed GUARDIAN legal WILL by agreement nations the globe outside GROSS BRITAIN EMPIRE - The WILL stolen from him & letter for he to deliver to The President of France 1938 MAY 1938... Then Angela came on a State Visit July 1938 & Malraux`s WILL & letter to President of FRANCE stolen Orders LINDSAY EARLS & BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN was handed to she Angela & her men…” She in secret-silence could pipe `OLD ESKIMO GAVE ME ALL WHEN I WAS A CHILDI need NO documentsI am top of the IMPERIAL BRITISH Empire-

THEY ARE ALL ON THE PIN since 1920s& other vices-

1960 early March - Then France as little nations had already tried do could ask where are our Grote Children-Mother England- ? Newspapers magazines & the new TVbe shown the photos AIR photos -reports of the death pits...go dredging off shore - peer under concretePortugal gave up MORE of its dead GROTE HOMES children at the end of the 20th century

Mengele paedophile Harrington Golum royal Satrap- Kill-the-Birds- Blue car small boy lure- IS FULLY ENGAGED DIRECTING VIOLENT CRIME TO STOP THE FATE OF THE GROTE CHILDREN BEING QUESTIONED AGAINor a rising of memory amongst many families& TO ENABLE THESE NOBLE CRIMINALLY INSANE TO CONTINUE THE FRAUD & VIOLENT THEFT OF THE RANSOM ESTATE.He makes private visits to our Ransom properties with dope-fiends of high degree. It is muttered 1980s Mengele had them all on a narcotic lead - (records/archives-photos/letters /

1960 ANDRE MALRAUX MINISTER OF GAUL/FRANCE - January taking A Night Watch Colne Engayne Gallows corner outside the caravan `Mistral` A FREEZING WINTER NIGHT.Greta has bought this complete little home from her wages that summer helping her mother at the `Old Curiosity Shops` Jaywick- Here it is in that tiny triangular meadow where Greta has fled with this complete home of shades of dawn grey & primrose yellow- MALRAUX BURGERMEISTER OF PARIS ( ref. The Goodman of Paris/translation Eileen Powell 1928) has official permission to leave Gaul-

Malraux speaks to Greta Ransom - knowing not enough about the HIGH CLASS SIN that goes in & out of that lovely home he tried make for us all 50 Lancaster Gate Square - for his boys & the young Catholic Charity Workers & good people- A King of Afghanistan came-Mr Hoveda-`young Arafat`people of theatre-music-films-some trying to help us have a quiet marriage- Some knowing something of Ransom Grote Estate but not wishing to tread upon matters of `Andre dear` & General de Gaulle with his fearful responsibilities GAUL -upon his shoulders

The two sons of Andre & Josette are alive winters 1957-61 - killed in a non-accident May 1961-

LIR diary - he the driver for `THE HOLIDAY OF THE LAST FALL`We thought we would go down to JO`s PLACEtake the two boys

We set offMR MENGELE arrived soon after us…’ /complete Text/

1957-1959 - London/Scarlet Town - a Chinese woman in her late 20s- in training Zoology took on a task for the Chinese Legation nearby- appearing very lowly she on occasions entered Malrauxs Catholic household- The Chinese Legation were worried about General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux A young hero for China who wrote the book `STORM IN SHANGHAI` La Condition Humaine` 1933 -standard reading for all 1st year students-

Greta Ransom Whitehead is told this 1986... With Dr PJPW she is assisting him on BM Natural History 2 month Tour ichthyology & lecturing on 17th-18th century Natural History reaching Europe from China`A surprising meeting came about

1950s - The Chinese diplomats London knew ` MALRAUX & General de Gaulle good men were exposed to TWISTERS TWISTERS in British & French Governments- AND down Whitehall down Whitehall

& it was felt neither of them , these good men, could follow easily the tricks of very EVIL MEN`

This young scientist was asked to see if Miss Ransom, Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grotes heir was safe in this building when MALRAUX had to be away in France or elsewhere - they had heard such devilish things` (in 50 Lancaster Gate Square -Malraux fortress of MI5)

1950s - IT WAS KNOWN to the Chinese Government that GRETA RANSOM has 3 Chinese women her grandmothers 15TH CENTURY& The Lady Japan 16th centuryas well as GREENLAND & The INCA& other foreign women were RANSOM Sea Traders their bridesProperties moneys philanthropy was known & respected where possible

(See histories - China education/18th-19th centuries )

1986 China/BMNH Visit 2 months - to Fishery Colleges -Universities -

Dr PJPW & Mrs GRW (& Tour 2 months 1988...)

THE MALRAUX RANSOM MARRIAGE OF GRACE 1947/ re-vowed 1958... ` I Greta was introduced to a woman who would rather speak in French (possibly Saigon University student ) & Peter said he would meet her later- Smiling scientists seemed to know the matter She was Head of her department with her students about her she put an arm round me & we had our photograph taken together- she had cancer but the hospital kept her going & her students-she lived another 2 or 3 yearsI had no memory & was told nothing. This is her account translated later from the French-

1986 (Itinerary China for BMNH work ) She, that London winter 1958/1959, could not stay too long without attracting attentionbut she could enter the building 50 Lancaster Gate Square for she had some slight matters of work with ANDRE MALRAUX & this was why she was chosen to investigateshe found Greta in bed a room at the very top & was sure she was drugged - she sat by her an hour in the top room & spoke - she was worried at her state perhaps one day she might recall what she was saying to herthese tricks were knownshe did not dare stay longer…”

` She said everyone was so sorry London about the marriage being attacked - Andre had to go to work in France - be away - but THERE WAS AN APARTMENT IN ROMEthere it was felt they should be safe - if they could get there - perhaps he did not know -` The Marriage was regarded as a very romantic suitable alliance after the death of the young wife mother of the two boysthe couple were seen about the Town for two winters

1950s London The Chinese Legation RANSOM-GROTE -RANSOM ESTATE- in CHINA from 1400s - AD

they knew of Margarethes house in Rome she left her heir Greetha- her stage clothes from the Theatre Jacopsholmen Island, West Greenland when she was a young girl a young woman those beautiful garments were in the cupboards the yellow silk gold edged Imogen frock she wore by request at some events into her old age - CHINA - they would have been sent copies The Will 1938 Januaryto the various HOMES China Asia & to Reserves & our Investments

`She said Andre was a man who had tried again & again to help keep Greta safeSHE SOMETIMES FOUND ANDRE MALRAUX HAD NO SOULshe was certain he too was being drugged

The Chinese Legation said THE FAULT WAS A MR JONG-whose grandparents were known in China- & a queer doctor- She saw Mengele Harrington in the building & outside & describes him as `a sinister man who seemed to think he was a doctor of importance`

She came another night & Greta was asleep too deeply - she was loaned key to enter - She stayed again - nobody came upShe left closing the door locking it from the outside but She reports the doors were of the hotel type - a key could be got from the housekeepers apartment on the ground floor & anyone enter a room - there were no locks on the inside of the doors` She had to return to her studies & go overseas

She & others heard of the Triumphs. & the terrible Tragedy of Andres sonskilled before their time - Her deepest sympathy went out to both Andre & Gretashe felt it was not Gretas mother that was in controlit was MR JONG & the man who fancied himself AS ANDRE MALRAUXs PHYSICIAN`

In China the Will was known - properties were held & the family Ransom had several Chinese brides in early centuries -also the the Greenlander POUL got his height 6` 5 inches from his North Chinese forebears Nobody understood that ANDRE MALRAUX had never received The WILLit was felt it was a matter to do with FAITH & General de Gaulle` -

1992 February - Dr PJPW `She recognised you, another asked your surname before marriage - she knew your name Greta greetah - she knew you might have forgotten it all…” (PJPW died May 1992 brain tumour etc) ` I think she came from a Chinese Catholic family background-early 20th century- SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE DARK again

SUMMARY : CHINESE LEGATIONS/ London 1950s - ` concerning GROTE RANSOM ESTATETWISTERS DOWN WHITEHALL, in British Government & some in FRENCH Government

ANDRE MALRAUX`s home 50 Lancaster Gate SquareRING LEADERS are MR JONG & a sinister Doctor Mengele HARRINGTONthey also frequent PARIS house when MALRAUX not there

Report - CHINESE LEGATION PARIS`It should not be allowed to happen to two such good mende Gaulle & MalrauxAGREE WITH LONDON called Scarlet Town a code name for all Secret Services1950s TWISTERS -

1937 ANDRE MALRAUX - his singing voice of 1937 I GR remember he singing in my ear when I am to sleep

his voice honey-counter tenor could rise to boy soprano when he was in his grief from deaths- 1937 Clacton-on-Sea he sang old French songs he knew as a child or popular lovely tunes of our age 1930s dance music - I did not hear his pure high voice the Madrigal voice until 1945 June-

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY 5 weeks - then to LINCOLN- George Andre heard some phrases of RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDER FAMILY HISTORIESbut when I said tearfully

OUR DEAR THOMAS goes round the globe with LUCRETIUS on one shoulder & JESUS on the other…’ He, tall very tall Hero of Spainsolemnly told me- Yes I know them - THEY DID NOT LIVE IN THE SAME AGE `

Doth I say I played the spoons in Memphis where they know MINERVA & daughter Jean the Firebird as our INCA kin call her-she grand-daughter of Aelovemdah Maria Miss San Julian ? And her mother is a Miss AQUIDA of our Basquelandswhere they call us `THE LONG LOST TRIBE` when we callI doubt it ?

He & Jo , they are to have a nice restful happy holidayforgetting bloody SPAINI say no more of Lennie & I are giving them more grants under Aunt Mags Umbrella - last year 1935-36 ...before I am kidnapped back to suffer more violence by the penniless criminally insane of Noble Britain - ALL ON THE PIN & FIGURES FROM A MORGUE

1937 Summer - `I did not add we went to San Antonio-Len had his hair cut- I was so good waiting the barber gave me a BROOCH CALLED FAIRY that had been his daughters but now she was too big- he had it in a drawer for another good little girl& I LOVE IT

Thank you SAN ANTONIO barber Mexican looking - I was so pleased with it & wore it in England at Etties Taplow Court - at CLOUDS where Grandpa Frederick Charles is telling them he has called his latest grandson COLIN after the dear little boy a distant cousin called COLIN who lost his life at 3 years -The SOULS shadowy society -

In SAN ANTONIO we are safe awhile & people do not want Figures from a Morgue smashing their GROTE HOMES - thieving from Aunt Magaretha`s HUMANISM UMBRELLAS-

WE WEDDELL RANSOMS are now BRED from 14 races & 27 Nations- RANSOM Sea Traders marrying GIRLS off-shore a 1,000 years- usually getting a little land as dowry where we can sail in & visit the cousins & the in-lawsbring the grand-children to their homesROUND THE GLOBE-

`1936 JEAN ballerina had her hair washed-set in San Antonio-at our friend the barber San Antonio in the broad street where nice people came & chatted & Lennie speaks Spanish too

MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP caught up with us again early March 1936 some important people hid us & said there is NO JUSTICE

for young heirs to an American miracle - these stuffed pigs complain that Cabinet Ministers are SHOCKED at you heirs being with decent folk - They know you are to go to Hollywood & make the film with Uncle Fred (MacMurray Broker Wall Street & filmstar) on THOMAS GROTE HOMES - young JUDY has done her Introduction-

1937 Summer - Andre Saint George looks scared when I tell him solemnly these matters - he doth believe I doth sleep with door open - but he is a good beautiful soul boy-young man - JO- did she hear the counter-tenor Andre could use into a Soprano range ?

1945 July Church of Our Lady-Clacton-on-Sea-

Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX he will sing the 1610 Mass Claudio Monteverdi for her JOSETTE dead young mother of their two young sons-

1953 late winter - he ANDRE MALRAUX sang with Colchester Madrigal Society -

Harold W. Poulter Deputy Curator Colchester Museums was present that Quaker gathering evening - he related in the Castle keep next day - I Miss Ransom had been expected to attend when the Madrigal Society had picked itself up off the floor Child , they set about using The VOICE- not been heard in England since 16th century- they began with A Frog he Would a Wooing Go -he got the joke kindly meant - hes a lad still a young man a young Emperor of good breeding - Take him again Child - youll be happy- its rare to get two birds like you two together Harold W. Poulter January 1954-

`PARIS had the English counter-tenor Alfred Deller in the 1920s living there - all the young men tried to sing like him-it was a fashion’…said Mrs Taylor choir-mistress organist understudy Milan one Season- Clacton-on-Sea Church of Our Lady by our Convent School of the Poor Saint Clares- she has just said June 1945 `with that voice that fellah Greetha knew before the War is taking the Veil - not the Robe` in his widowhoodWe are going to do the full 1610 Monteverdi ! Its a music experience that will keep him alive-going on`

1959 17th December - MALRAUX LEGAL GUARDIAN 1937/38- Exposure of theft-deceit- & AGAIN-violence-deaths-theft-tricks by TWISTERSWhitehall Government Lords Nobles all- WILL (3 Wills operate the whole Estate ) not seen by Andre MALRAUX- General de Gaulle until March 1962 - Stolen from French Parliament Courier 1960 end February New York Airport-direct France to President de Gaulle-TWISTERS set up Team work Naval Intelligence- heroin wing

1960 January - NOBLE criminally insane learn fast that the GUARDIAN to the Estate they have been mutilating robbingkilled all the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN forAndre MALRAUX & Gen. de GAULLE now know of their GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND against the RANSOM GROTE RANSOM Estate - They , good men, are awaiting the Wills- documents - evidenceBut they are stolen from de Gaulle`s Courier sent to New York by plane late February 1960...some very less important papers left in his Briefcase that PHILIP SILVERLEE HAD PACKED FOR HIM New York to take by PLANE to FRANCE ! ` Courier was delayed 2 hours I a room knocked outsearcheddid not properly know except that he had suddenly felt ill/ Records March 1962 and later

1960/1961... They , THE TWISTERS , rose up the more on their hind legs-using the State institutions-& the usual thugs by moonlight- & twisters (as the Chinese say) of down The Whitehall - there continued much Killing of those who know/framing-blackmail-CUNNING theft-attacks in the dark-threats-dopes-removal of bank accounts-public records- Records-archives-camera work - text-

1930s-50s-60s on - Why are not the criminal qualifications of Mr Mengele Harrington public knowledge- on the BBC & Web - & the size of the Teams RN twisters etc that he can draw upon for British Nobles in this FRAUD with violence- ? ?

1953/4 - Mengele Harrington with Jim Jong got sentenced prisoners out on Parole because they had special skills needed to help hide this Fraud the greatest crime of mankind-

The killing of citizens independent nations A to Z British Empire fallen went on - the old reasons often given (that) The Gross Britain Government & Crown disapproved of educating children fatherless to 18 in independent nations not under the British EmpireIT WOULD HARM BRITISH TRADE

Silent decree 1937 . when they knew that they COULD NOT BROKER A PENNY OF THIS ESTATE !

FURTHER : They the British & Scandinavian Government Lords & Crowns , they disapproved of the Ransom-Weddell-Gronlander families WHO WERE KNOWN TO BE APES & ESKIMOSfuzzy-wuzzies & funny coloured ones of mixed origins& WOULD TAKE AWAY THEIR PASSPORTS TO STOP THEM GETTING TO THEIR OWN LANDS. The British Gov & Crown & its Nobles (most do not know their Dad for sure ! ) forbade in closed Committees these RICH Apes-Eskimos holding lands in these nations - having investments with WELFARE FACILITIES - a piece of philanthropy that could never fail-THE JOYOUS VENTURE Further said the British Nobles & Crown Mr Jim Jong & now SCANDINAVIAevery NOBLE had a duty to shout ESTATE THE OLD ESKIMO Mrs Ransom Grote was IN THE RED after helping him/her self to moneys OFFSHOREIt had to be tumbled under The Crown or INDIA WOULD GET AWAY

1938 AGREED : LINDSAY Earls Premier Earls WOULD PAY ALL THE CROWN & some Nobles HORRIFIC DEBTS & ENABLE THEM & their fiends to go on with their HIGH CLASS SINGREED EXCESSIVEas before... IGNORANCE massive as ever& NEVER ACTING THE GOSPELS OUTGROWING in SCOTLAND with tremendous cunning they were to keep the fields possessed of Divinorum Salvia Scotland- & perhaps Mr JONG gave them all Acting lessons as he had from THE CHINESE OPERA PEKIN 19 teenswhen his Chinese Grandfather CAST HIM OUT for several nasty crimes

1950s London it was easy for the Chinese Legation members to slip about Scarlet Town gathering information on TWISTERSthey were Communists & did not have to be expensive SUITED every day& they are an older Culture with poetry/music/PHILOSOPHY& the history of Mr JONG of an old Chinese family some trading-finance- 19th centurysome sudden deathswould have records in mainland China

1953 November - Mengele Harrington sentenced paedophile submits a worksheet to the G.B. Government & Crown monthly for his WORK - maiming-framing-murdering human beings- often with Jong & Earl Lindsaybuggarhs- There perhaps is a special Department Twisters down Whitehall

We hear of the sinister 5 men in the big black diplomatic style car G.B. & over seas ”…

Doctor Mengele Harrington 4rd November 1953 agreed to the following procedure - that he would be FRAUDULENTLY paid a large lump sum immediately from the Grote Ransom Estate - some monies would have to be off-shore-with privileges & use of Ransom properties all left to Angela by an old Eskimo when she was a child in Walesthey could all `dine out `on that line !

Mengele HARRINGTON (I Greta Ransom heir never knew his first name)He is a sinister creature smelling heavily of dung very often-with needles in his pocket filled with dopes to take the memory away-& other things- he once lurched at my shoulder with a needle but the Detective Arthur Malone said luckily you had shoulder pads in that coat- he Doctor Mengele objected to you being able to have Andre stop smokingwithout saying a wordAndre just threw the fag away…”

He Mengele Harrington follows ANDRE MALRAUX about spying on him - threatening people who will not tell of their private matters with MALRAUX & all in the name of THE CROWN & his Scandinavian noble chums tooALL OF THEM ON THE PIN -

Mengele spoof Doc Harrington he has been threatening ANDRE MALRAUX ( & General de GAULLE) with exposure of the April 1947 early wedding` since summer 1947 when with Clara Malraux they came to Clacton-on-Sea & persecuted the Winnclemanns making the Professor so ill he was in bed& died too early ! Then went for Mrs Winnclemann Widow Staffordshire 1950s

1948 Mr Winnclemann never recovered his health but loyally went on helping Andre and telling Greta `He will need you Elsa-you must see to your own education and get to him by 20 yearsthey will send him madhe has so much to offer the worldHe will always come & see you are safe-he will not neglect his Vowstry get to him by 24 years the latesthe will need you as he gets olderyou suit one anotheryou can only be safe together

This doctor with Clara has been threatening us & insisting my work is to be destroyedI know persons so evil & THEY HAVE BECOME MADINSANEYou must never get in the hands of persons called psychiatrists & that branchTHEY WILL ONLY WANT TO LOCK YOU UP & LEARN ABOUT ANDRE MALRAUXTHEY ARE JEALOUS OF HIMHE IS A MANHE TELLS THE TRUTH`

The Winnclemanns soon had Mad Mother Kali Treasa Gordon R. in the doorhe dies 1950/51 ? A Service at Holland-on-Sea had me made too ill to gothere were big Obituaries& some in local Essex Papers too - his only son 1st marriage a Berlin Nurse came over from Germanyson is a friend of ANDRE MALRAUX pre-warthere are 2 grand-daughters Freda & Helga ? Mengele Harrington was threatening to see they knew nothingwith Clara who is German too- Mengele then disappears from the Seaside Clacton after Professor Winnclemann`s deathI never met Mengele but saw him once from a distancehe is evilhe never saw me GR & is spoken of as a woman hater

1950s - Mengele insists he has the PERMISSION OF FRANCE the MALRAUX FAMILY to lock Andre up- Mengele persecuted the Winnclemanns summer 1947 to 1951 Mrs Winnclemann widow calling her uneducated & THE BRITISH CROWN WAS TO HAVE ALL HER HUSBANDS WRITTEN WORK or he would have her locked up in an Asylum - When Mr Professor Winnclemann was alive he made him very ill - began searching their home when they were out with a thug called some kind of Special Forces - & searched the Chemist Shop at Clacton-on-Sea Mr Winclemann & she ranMurrays Chemistsclosed all the 2nd World Warso that he folk said Mr Winnclemann died too early - as so many people who can expose this GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND- The Winnclemanns` (an Estate in Austria too perhaps property of his Grandfather 18th century ) knew Clara Malraux her family before she was bornMagdeburg N. German

1952-1961 - Mengele Harrington intercepts all POST for MALRAUX to the Catholic Charity 50 Lancaster Gate Square-employing spies- he is heard insisting Malraux is my patient for the Family Mengele Harrington works for British Nobles-employs Naval Intelligence-employs thugs & the criminally insane-

1950s - It is heard from intelligent folk about Andre Malraux

those boys should be in school - they were booked for Ampleforth -with the sons of the intellectual equals of Malraux -Tolkien boys - he author of THE LORD OF THE RING-The Hobbit etc

1937 Summer began - ANDRE & GRETA - SAGA OF EVIL- & HOPE - HUMANISM-