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1946 (short lived ) INTELLIGENCE dept - Republic of France`Malraux had one chance hereon his desk an afternoon spread out were in - coming papers - a pile of paper - lettershe looked at the desk & told his assistant to manage it He, MALRAUX went off to find General de Gaulle & to speak about matters of organising FRANCE which he understood perhaps above all-

(This de Gaulle Government is only for a very short time )

1946 - The Papers were from GROTE BROKERS & The Argentine Solicitors for RANSOMThe Assistant relates they were put away-filed- then given 1948 to those who knew what they meantUSAthey had been read by staff - but at this time (1946) a document came from EGYPT to FRANCE`they, Egypt, had children murdered - a massacre - & it was done by the BRITISHwhat did it meanthey heard they Republic of FRANCE had suffered the same?`


THESE PAPERS WERE NEVER HANDED (again) TO GENERAL DE GAULLE or MALRAUXa Fall of Power& swiftly the British Government were demanding Papers in such namesThe Papers had been filed & a hesitancy occurred in the staffthey left them where they werethey doth speak nonothing they decided to revealTIME PAST`It is as if THIS WAS THE LAST CHANCE the children slain so horribly so an evil Set- a Class- could pay its debts & again drag down the globePurveyors of trash these G.B. Nobles they now becameNo understanding of the globe as the only place THEY HAD TO GO .

1960 Colne Engaine - & tapes 1970s sent to PJPW Department of Fishes BMNH : recovered 1982 copies made

(to Greta Ransom) `Your father came from War into a world he found only wanting useless luxury- SHE took you three away in her madness from THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC- he had to go & take a rest a month in a Monastery at Port Said (we give it a grant)

- the children slain round the globe- He FJR asking himself `why did not MALRAUX Guardian answer post-telegrams-messages on the telephone`

LINDSAY Earls money-grubbers who had slain his grandparents Frobisher Ransom for this Estate were awarding themselves double DSOsBefore the WAR these illiterates raised on a dangerous dope had abused every word he JFR wrote- every hope he had for civilized societyinsisting the Estate was for them & The Crown…”

He FJR Greetha`s father was in such shock after the murder of his parents we feel he did not recover until he did the SWIM to speak with our Japanese kin 1941General X& the shelling of the hilltop was stopped while they got the aged people-children-hospital patients outPhilippines..

When he got to Kenya where he was not to be alive orders Lindsays & JIM-Crown scum-other nobles-some Scandinavia he tried again REMOVE ANIMOSITY & BELIEVED IN A NEW WORLD COMING from the ENDING OF THE WAR.his return to THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC September 1945... DISMAL - for he heard before he left MOMBASA all the Grote Homes children worldwide had been slain

1945 September - He arrived in such shock- she whod written such quaint almost balanced letters to him Wartime was brutish & clearly on dope 2 days later he went to Deptford & saw `Jerusalem` with joists cut the family home fallen in- Neighbours very scared related how Angela & JONG & other men had come & raided the house first winter of the War

A Magistrates DECREE was expected in 2 days to STOP THEM BREAKING IN after they had his father killed in Suffolk 1939...

All night an ARP Worker said he heard the sawinghe did not question itnext day the house had fallen down YOUR FATHER FJR did not cry his agony but tried to shield his brothers his sister - if he had gone to GROTE New York it might have been bestbut there was IVY with a 9 years son slain in a fake car hit on a Swiss lane by her own Estate she managed with good tenantsHe tries to look after everyone

We have retrieved the Papers on DEPTS owed by the British Crown & Noble scum- where did they get the moneys to pay them…” ?

It is THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKINDa woman, a companion for a long time of those WHO ABUSE THOSE WHO HAVE MONEYS PROPERTIES & as ( our) families do not commit violent crimes It was she demanded 1938 ` I want the Grote HOMES CLEARED-the lands sold- THE MONEYS GIVEN TO ME…”

She is addressed off duty as `Angela` & insane as they all are-a narcotic is to blame& the age they have come from- Teresa Gordon Ransom was coming back from Noble parties Wartime London with the usual sweetie bag with pellets of this Divinorum Salvia Scotland fire blown pellets into stuff up her snout as her Noble chums do`

I OBJECT TO THIS OUTRAGE AGAINST CHILDREN sending a parent back in this statewith supplies ! GR

1945/1946 FRANCE We will relate to you what happened winter 1945-46 ... Len with no family home a nurse wife/ a distant Weddell cousin/ & a son of 6 years took a rented accommodation in Francehe had his own money from the Argentine- SHE Teresa Gordon in a Gordon kilt with a massive safety pin appeared She had come with a man with a launch across the Channel- no passport has she but this KUDOS as the mother of the bastards du Cann & another in Norway- She began demanding in the language of the 1920s `her half of the Fortune`` She-she-she had had to look after his Ransom ape kids all the war- she now wanted her share

OH SHE HAD BEEN TOLD BY THE CROWN THE ESTATE WAS BEING BROKEN UP` She had tossed back most of a bottle of GIN- the man whod brought her over saw another side & leftdumping her in France ..

LEN broke down then rose up recalling her manic behaviour with Mr Jong & Uncles Lindsay before the War. & Angela kicking at him as a boy trying to have him leave gatherings where we were invited but she a gatecrasher with them (ALL ON THIS NARCOTIC UP THE SNOUT) when his 6 years old son began to cry at this apparition hooting straddling the room that (as they did at their end of the party 1920s) now her friend ANGELA would see them dead if they did not give her half of the fortune…”


Nota bene : Teresa Gordon could say ANDRE MALRAUX is over in Clacton each monthhe is singing in the Catholic Churchfriends with the TOWNas he was in 1937... BUT SHE DID NOT TELL LEN or anyone this on her visit to FRANCE winter 1945/1946...

Len from 1939 had been near dead at the fate of his parents & now the Grote children which he was learning about fast although his brother FJR did hope to shield him from this SHE BEGAN HOOTING AS AN OWL A WOLFthey had done this in the 1920s on dopeat Cliftonall on their backs at sex & stupid jokes

Len called a telephone number & got a doctor who knocked her out then an Army person who had her put on a lorry & delivered back to Gross Britain` She did not realise her age had goneBUT SHE HAD BEEN FOOLED BY THEM noble BritainTHEY WITH THEIR CONNECTIONS THEIR PRETENCE AT EDUCATION. HAD TAKEN IT ALL OFF HER with their KUDOS , they able to use the British State - Back at Clacton-on-Sea where she was delivered to Colchester by army truck she knew now she was a down & out…” (Colne Engaine 1960/61 & tape )

1945 - 4 days before CHRISTMAS DAY -

She takes 3 children out of THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC- she had abused the Family Gronlander library parts very valuable were goneshe had torn up carpets thrown bookcases off the walls-sold-sold-sold in her tempers her ragesSHE WAS SUPPLIED WITH THIS NARCOTIC FROM PARTIESsome back of that Palacewhere her narrow-minded older friend of the 19 teens held authority with her men

They had used her TG/R since her marriage 1932 for information to make mischief to persecute RANSOM families calling us Apes- She is told by Angela when you were born `she had given birth to an Ape then` & this was the joke at the absinthe cocktail partiesAngela is a woman who sniggers behind the back of Aunt Margarethe that she is an old Eskimo & was discovered in Rome to be an unpleasant racist young womanshe met JIM at age 12 years `

.& Weddell destruction was underwayto remove our name from the Weddell Seaclaim it should not have the name of a drunkbut the name of themTHE PLANETS SHOULD CLASH AT SUCH ABUSE OF THE UNIVERSE`

Her madness (TGR) her filthy temper from this DOPE did not at all disappearher sister Win allowing her to bring the three of you away from The House on the RECjust before Xmas 1945...You were to sing in Choir that Christmas morning- you had taken practice with Andre the autumn-you are 12 years old but were too upset & stunned-Miss Win was annoyed at you & said it was your lack of commitment to your lessons that was showingshe had been told this by her bastard nephew Ed du Cann & his 2 man legal TEAM who came to take TEA when she was alonethe rest of the family had no idea of thisALL THESE NOBLE SCUM ARE HIGH ON DOPE…”

You had been moved overnight nearly XMAS Eve from The House at the End of the Rec that became so meaningful to ANDRE MALRAUX to The dismal narrow house Walton Road where their mother Mary Gordon an intelligent woman who had delighted ANDRE MALRAUX summer 1937 here doped she had been transported by Teresa & JIM October 1939... so she was close to THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC & could be used as a servant to the 3 children…”

Nota bene : MALRAUX remembers when with JOSETTE we looked at this house & its pretty garden with the Oak Tree

Summer 1937...AS A WIDOWER OF JOhe returns to find Greetah lives in the houseAT THE END OF THE REC

`1932 they were to have a good timeJIM rose where hed no idea he couldShe (Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Ransom Riley Teresa Gordon) was left supplying them with more information on the ESTATE all the Wartime

1946 she TGR was as in 1944/1945 `GIVING IT AWAY IN YOUR NAME& Len your heir` With the help of NOBLE SCUM she got a Court Document to BE YOUR GUARDIANnow you lose vast Aluminium sharesArab Emirates ?Oh so much moreWe were able to recover this because a GOOD SERVANT of the Republic of France had filed things away`

You survived because of your `early learning`& about you in East Anglia some good people Acting the Gospels Out

The 9 years imprisonment as her servantyou getting yourself to Colchester MuseumsAndre wanting desperately to take up the Catholic alliance againagony suffered by him - then we learn by you-you never show it on your face on your browpolite-stoutly looking after yourselfWe received snipes & some fairly nasty remarks attributed to youWe are at fault.ANDRE BEGAN TO UNDERSTAND 1960...but we had to keep feeding it into him- `

`The women in Gaul had become objects providing a well padded luxury retreat for the sinister Mengele- & JIM whod followed Clara about & her brother in Paris from time to time - French is his most useful tool -a first language perhaps alongside his Chinese at this time`

A word on POUL BOWLESyou may recall your father calling out to you & Len 1939 `he has let us down - let the evil Jack-in-the-boxes in` Bowles wife & musician friends were allowed to use the GROTE students for music experimentsTimbuktu comes into itWe had all invited you & your brothers & Gordon younger relatives to come with us 1948...a visitWE GIVE A GRANT TO HELP WITH CATALOGUING OF DOCUMENTSit has been a source of pride to us to have this connection since the early 19th century- Margarethes fatherFred Ransom at 12-13 years of age fluent in Arabic & Coptic documents` Malraux & his family might come too…”

`From 1947 ANDRE WAS BEING GIVEN DOPE TO MAKE HIM HAZY- to remove what he had heard- To remove him from Public life they did not desire- he was to useful- for dough & fun- mocking him or fawning round himthey were spying on Charles de Gaulle too`

Mengele was often in the Paris house

ANDRE will die in honour - a man who wanted a home-hearth- as old Mr Poulter early 1950s explains to you-Graham Greene-Len- a man from VINCI- (whose mother was saved by Aunt Magarethe) 1950s-Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis.`The young Emperor needs to do his work A HEARTH the pot put on-the cradle rocked-a garden growing things to eatthen MALRAUX CAN DO HIS WORK` says Mr Poulter…”

1950s- the little half-Chinese racist `dirty` JIM at WHITES runs vice as usual- `for the recreation of the Club` & `able to give instructions G.B. Government & Crown that the 2 sons of ANDRE MALRAUX ( & his dead Catholic wife ) are not to be educated away from the household France where Mengele comes with evil creatures all British to see that MALRAUX DOES NOT LEARN OF THE GUARDIANSHIP- or the on-going robbery with violence all the fun in `hunting big game` - (dried blood colour)

These G.B. & Scottish criminally insane squat when MALRAUX is away. Notebooks Andre Malraux-1960s- MI5 & 6 - others/records-

Andre Malraux left Paris household 1961 after deaths of his sons/- PJPW BMNH November 1967-interview Paris-3 people

Mr Mengele Dr Harrington orders G.B. Naval Intelligence to fix listening equipment anywhere the globe A to Z-nations Investigate ex-GROTE CHILDREN search them out-investigate remainder of the Estate of Philanthropy -cunningly advise where it can be siphoned off-etc. Thefts go on from this Estate & many people who complain killed given accidents non-accidental-blackmailed & threatened their children will die- hit & run had been heavily used from 1930s-

1960-62- MALRAUX & Ransom brothers & others tend the Estate-leave it a stream pure a flower garden running round the globe- Again the system that cannot fail-the source that never runs dry- was in operatin.HOWEVER THE NAMES GROTE & RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDER never used in public places - All Weddells are missing - 150 or so missing by 1960-South America/

1940s/1992 - Mengele Harrington & RN et al Teams very active destroying records of the families-Lindsay 15 goes for `hunting big game`others of this dope mentality raised thus from kids.RANSOM the legal owners of 19 acres under New York to be destroyed-mocked-threatened - a further near 4 acres given Tiggy by his father Mr Grote Wall Street Broker - Destruction pattern as pre-war-graves to go/monuments/books etc/gifts/paintings/music donations/documents to Seashores-reserves-forests-waterways-all planes/boats/pilots records etc

Break-in entry where photo albums suspected/deaths as before-Mengele sadism allowed full play/5 men in the big black car-Jong-Mengele-Lindsay 15 often (report Canada press 1975-over Poul Ray Ransom-murdered with petrol poured down him by the 5 men in the black car-age 17 years-his Canadian Estate in 2 years sacked-broken up/records burned-FRAUD with violence-Gross Brit. Gov. -

1950s - Aunt Veronica & Uncle Paul Frobisher Canada &

her brother are slain - (their son pushed overboard 1937)- records/the files massive from Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960s-help-Territorials etc. Human beings horrified at the slain Grote children-pits- nets off shore- photos- accounts- school books- the few who got away reporting- having to be hidden

Mengele with foul violent zeal destroying the histories of those that MADE THE GREATEST PIECE OF PHILANTHROPY THE GLOBE HAS EVER HAD- Mengeles teams are allowed PERKS & PICKINGS- anything they come upon that they can LIFT

1973/ ? The grandson of the Frobishers above is also said to have fallen overboard from something on boardhe diesHE HAD BEEN SPEAKING WITH Peter J.P. Whitehead & Greta RANSOM Whitehead in MOMA Oxford 1971 before he left to join his ship/see Records/

1930s/& ever on - FRAUD theft of RANSOM Grote Estate globe- nations A-Z they will ever after have BIG BOOTS IMPERIAL BRITAIN & issue Inc. striding & creeping in- not Green Peace-

REMOVAL of the Estate TEAMS DEVELOPED A LIFE OF THEIR OWN - it was inevitable with this Greatest Crime of Mankind - this vast FRAUD using RACISM as justification for violent theft fraud-removing moneys from other Nations banks STRIDING IN GREAT IMPERIAL BOOTS TO FOREIGN MONEYS as begun by Scandinavia - quickly half of all Capitals was milked off to obscene ` British NOBLE Captains of Industry`7 seas over

A nasty lucrative trick - insert a line saying Crown Property

on one document in very small letters- fairly well lost in the text-

( Jimmie Jong has worked this fraud pre-war from 1930she is said to have invented it for his Kubla Khan role tumbling 19 RANSOM acres etc under New York -our Documents 1801 ! Owned 2008 AD by RANSOM family but stolen by Noble Britain on absinthe & dope 1953)

this line will disappear-`Crown property`- as the money is removed & blame laid on the MARGARETHE RANSOM GROTE Estate -families & heirs- & ANDRE MALRAUX & employers of GAUL.(General de Gaulle 1962 says `An obscene gigantic piece of Statecraft by Gross Britain` )

ANDRE MALRAUX had another chance to know he was GUARDIAN TO GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate at his Ministry of Intelligence 1946...its brief existence- A Report of grief had also come in from EGYPT to FRANCE.`They had children murdered in their GROTE HOMES by British Army personsthey knew France had suffered this loss tooWHY HAD IT BEEN ALLOWED TO HAPPEN ? …”

It was addressed to Andre Malraux MINISTER OF INFORMATION FRANCE He did not read the Report-

It was carefully filed when it was swiftly understood his POST/mail WAS NEVER TO BE OPENED BY HIMbut examined by persons they (staff ) did not at all trust `

1946 ` NEITHER GENERAL DE GAULLE OR ANDRE MALRAUX WERE ABLE TO READ THE TERRIBLE ANNUNCIATION at that time (or even the Courier delivery to them late February 1960) OF THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE CHILDREN BY THE CRIMINALLY INSANE PENNILESS NOBLES OF GREAT BRITAINwho had to have moneys to pay their debts & live in luxury again SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT.JOSETTE HAS DIED 1944- FRAUD WITH VIOLENCE BROKE LOOSE 1937 MAY when MADNESS GRASPED MASSIVE KUDOS in Great BritainRacism raged using the British State & Armed Services in secrecy against Nations A-Z the globe where GROTE HOMES had existed since 1860s producing young HUMANISTSACTING THE GOSPELS OUT

1960 January - Mr Mengele Doc Harringtons team of 200 upped to 600 in 1960 & it joined another earlier Team appointed by the criminally insane G.B. & Scandinavian Crows RN to search out & remove bank accounts & tumble the Ransom Estate- 2,000 or so

1960 COLNE ENGAINE -July- Summer nights about midnight came scum of Noble Britain-

boasting they were pouring acid in the Grote children death pits- depth charging off-shore where the children 5 years to 18 years were drowned in nets-

. these children speaking 3/4 languages-musicians-some to be scientists-some stay home-farm- craftwork-teach-some skilled administrators in the towns or countryside of their nations -HUMANISTS all- they make good marriages & produce 3 children on average-2 Gipsy students France

. Ages 5 to 18 years they were dumped off the shores of their own nations- or brutally hit with guns-knifed-some had arms pulled off for fun-burned in pits or on seashores some seen to be not deadReport/ a 20 years old boasting Lindsay from a female line July 1945- Reports/

FULL REPORTS ARE ABOUT THE GLOBE- Children taken at night from THEIR HOMES 2nd World War- Amongst all the Nations of the globe only Gross Britain disapproved of the Grote Homes& Aunt Magarethe Ransom Grote having this piece of philanthropy & HEIRS- when Noble Britain have no money for the big time- & here were all these seashore lands A-Z the worldwhat a lot of money could be got to pay the DEBTS & PLEASURES of BRITISH NOBLE RUNTS et al

1929 meeting- British Nobles decided the Estate of an old Eskimo would pay all their debts- they would be HIGH CLASS SIN as ever- nobody need find out- kill all who know- (meetings-letters-records) -

1940s Did the USA allow Grote Brokers to be tumbled by the Fraud of Earls Lindsaybuggarhs & Gross Britain ? No.

When ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE were shown by the 3 Ransom brothers the WILL of MRG 1937/8 the WILL of TIG 1904 Aunt Mags parents Will F & G RANSOM in March 1962... President Kennedy had already a 3 man team of investigation-they had many dead in the seashores homes & settlements-

1960 end February/March - Courier delivery to FRANCE- Documents & these Wills- stolen on journey with other papers in a cunning G.B. RN Intelligence fraud- fake messages sent to Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux working with so many other good people to STOP this murdering theft going on-by Noble Gross Britain gone insane 1930s on GREED dope-licentious living-& their divinity-

President Kennedy was given permission 1961 by Senate to put a 3 - 4 man Team `laying it bare`- his parents would pay to expose this horrible slaying of the Grote children for the theft of moneys from 19 acres under New York-using a faceless woman Angela - The settlements & Estates with thousands slain- logging A to Z little nations-putting big RN ships offshore-all the tricks of intimidation-by the dope-fiends & criminally insane of the British penniless Noble Class whose debts were known to USA where theyd had to borrow moneys from 1920s-

1960 the horror of finding WEDDELL families all missing - talk of a change of name on the SEA was spoken of by some RN -in shock from discovery of what the Navy had been used for in the War-

1948 Augusta Frobisher RN wartime duties- Alfred Charles Ransom RN other top RN had been on their knees praying as the numbers of children slain rose A-Z globe

FRAUD by Noble Gross Britain & Crown went on - attacking in secret silence the rest of the ESTATE Grote RANSOM- old dope-fiends mouthing

` An old Eskimo gave it to Angela when she was a child ` No legal claim was made the globe-for Angela-it would have be found unlawful by the worlds Press- The ruthless search for documents proving the existence of the GROTE HOMES the QUALITY went on so they might be destroyed & all persons given early death-

Mr Mengele was said to be medically good with dopes & jabs of pins/needles destroying the liver in prominent men- he later takes Commissions

1963 President Kennedy died - his INVESTIGATION was progressing well- he was taking back many Ransom Grote properties in secret silence…“ The Hollywood Bowl came back-they were kicked out…”

- his parents knew Tiggy Grote & Margarethe who have a bridal house by the water New York- a delightful place to be invited to- I TELL JOSETTE OF THE WHITE BRIDAL HOME - SUMMER 1937-

1936 April Lennie & Greta Ransom stayed in the White Bridal Home of Margarethe Grote after our horrendous attack & escape in March on my 3rd birthday - in Mexico - Len Flyer 15 years old drove 2 days- we fell at feet of Mrs Albeqerqe near Monterey she a Saint in disguiseRecords/diaries/ ( Records of Grote heir recognised 1988- thank you everyone for kindness-)

JEAN is recovering in New York Hospital March-April 1936- & the staff were determined TO HAVE HER LEAVE DANCING AGAIN after the terrible attack on she & Gretaa stout child recovered miraculously in 5 days. JEAN Len`s mothershe did dance again grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL the Antarctica SEA- daughter of his eldest son James married MINERVA Song writer Evensongs (a book for piano organ went into several editions 1880s onwards) she is Olivea Hesketh Wyoming USA-next door to a Shakers Community- Their two daughters are first cousins to the very many offspring of their fathers younger brother John Weddell who married when very young & when his wife died took a second wife & had more children- Cousin Clarke Gable line of John has just made a film 1936 called SAN FRANCISCO

& Greta Ransom carried Cousin Clarkes oil-drums to his car for the journey back to USA- he approved the strong heir ! We meet the WEDDELL CLAN of 72 persons 1935/36 - Records/diaries/photos

1935 October - we have fled Gross Brit in our seaplanes to our Island Jacopsholmen West Greenland - for the bestial morbid attacks on Greta RANSOM HEIR (to Margarethe RANSOM GROTE girl of the Snows) & all of the families have become so very cunning & savage - gang rape on a 2 year old by Lindsay-EARL-buggarhs claiming the child was a deaf-dumb-Ape & Eskimo offspring & could be a changeling-from the Devil THEREFORE IT SHOULD BE STRUCK BLOWS ON ITS HEAD IN THE NAME OF THE LORD…” (WITCHCRAFT FLOURISHED IN SCOTLAND AMONST THE EARLS)