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Here in fair France/GAUL/much is placed on computer as the dead wished to be done- who now LIVE in some manner again- Good people are reinstated, they who had their civilized lives taken from them by THUGS OF GREED -

A million GROTE CHILDREN A to Z the globe/5 Homes-France Children who took my hands on the Basque shores 1935...

& January 1936 children speaking English showed me their lovely HOME Montevideo & said `WHEN YOU ARE 5 YEARS YOU ARE COMING TO SCHOOL WITH US`Jean`s lands` & thus so many children in South America did the same 1935/1936 when we called for AUNT MARGARETHE... the CRIMINALLY INSANE NOBLES gross Britain used the nation the 2nd World War to kill all the children & get FAST dough- Records/diaries/letters/photographs& continued 1940s

The scientific Staff BMNH 1962-1967 called Miss Greta Ransom the spirit girl in the Spirit Building- Morrison Scott beamed at me-he was so glad the girl of 5/6 years he felt was dying 1938/39 Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransoms grand-daughter heir-was alive- Soon Hell fell about he & his wife-he having to pay for her DETECTIVE at home/he is on a list prepared by Scientific circles begun late 1970s questioning violence against people who knew of the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE- & their deaths

1960 Lennie says `A MAN OF THE SEAStry recall

(Dr Len I. Ransom b 1921 Oct. murdered 1980s after hideous persecution of his brothers then he by Dr Mengele Harrington & SCUM RNLIR is Keeper of the Family RANSOM records-& WEDDELLLen FLYER age 15 years wings us up to West Greenland `for a Beer` 1930sIts our home from our Grandpa POUL GRONLANDER6 ` 5 Eskimo & Northern Chinese 18th centurygenius-polymath-catechist-Tradercorresponds with Vaticandid the greatest swim on earthRecords/diaries/papers/ Hamlet for the Greenland Mind- musician/ his Eskimo mother the first Astra-physicist of Greenland-)

`try recall a morning Deptford 1937- we two `Ransom children` as we are called to go call on Jeans Holy workthen you say `can we see the Lavender ponds` Yes Len I remember : the weekends Deptford & visiting good people in what is called `Jeans Holy Work` was so instructive in recognizing QUALITY OF PEOPLE& understanding the SCUM brazenly calling Aunt Margarethe `old Eskimo` to our faces

1938/39 - A 12/13 year old girl sharp faced (has Mr Pong about her) calling out at me 5/6 years of age `you need not think you are having it /you are having it all , you Ape` The Lindsaybuggarhs evil about her doth show in this greedy remarkabout the greatest piece of HUMANISM the globe is ever likely to see again because we are 14 Races & 27 Nations of good blood SHE needs to go in a GROTE HOME Alaska or Zululand for a good humanist education/Churchill is going to tell her offI reported her to him when we spoke about the Lady of Japan one cold winter morning 1939

When you go about with good people you can recognise those badly bred.

( some accounts in this Document Summer 1937- A FULL ACCOUNT OF THE LAVENDER PONDS & JEAN`s HOLY WORK in Book of JEAN-Ransom Records etc- Book of LEN)-Deptford Records 1930s

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM-my heir my co-heir my best friend-

He took ANDRE & JOs boys on the holiday OF THE LAST FALL-

To Jos place - into Spain - back to San Bertrande de CommingeLIR diary 1960/

LIR they were killed in a fake accident Jos boys- remember I kept a diary & recorded what you told us when you visited October 1937 to Jerusalem your grandparents home-after your perfect happiness SUMMER with Andre & Jo We were telling them of that summer holidaythey had never known their parents as young peoplehow they laughed at the funny things that happened`

`JERUSALEM` THE LITTLE HOMEof Greta`s RANSOM grandparents at Deptford by the tiny sloping Park

LIR diaries/Family Papers/ Where Mill our grandmother was returned into her 14 years old sons arms by two 2nd- Cousins Lindsaydead 1897- 32 years oldnever to skate againor ride a chariot with her little `Academy of Ancient Arts`the little house we have always keptMill sitting on the stairsnever looked more than 17 years oldwith her skating bootsunable to go out because of her Lindsay cousins waiting to attack her to make her sign away the Frobisher landsWe respected my fathers wishes Frederick Charles her son to dwell here when we were free of Grote Homes duties & our islands & lands for Aunt Mag`

1960 spring - Colne Engaine. ` you could not follow what was happening- Mengele & his Teams began to speak of your low intelligence- your lack of warmth-Mengele had all your little kitchen contents in the Caravan filled with memory loss POWDERS& things that stunned & as at Lancaster Gate Square they were rubbing these dopes into your pillow THEY DID IT TO ANDRE toohe knew it much later !

.Your detective Arthur Malone found Mrs Mengele & a friend outside your new caravan door with a keyhe saw hate on her faceMengele was living off our Estate drawing big amounts from Banks in our namesThen you began to read aloud across the Meadow George SEFRISwe could not do thisYOU HAD PERFECT UNDERSTANDING OF THIS GREEK POET

Mr Mengele went insane earlier when you began to read poetry aloudhe took some quite dangerous dopesstripped all his clothes off & one night roamed near the Caravan with a weapon determined to smash the windows in THEY HAD TAKEN ALL YOUR POST - & mine - for yearsyour fathers poems he wrote you every birthday- remember he writes in the manner of Walt Whitman- we have a family connexion there. LIR

LIR records/globe/diaries/& Dr John RAY ® USA State Department employee-Astro-Physicist/Animal management/LAW/ 3 degrees-invited to `do Senate Work` 1969-to be back 1970 for work-murdered by Mengele Harrington for The G.B. Crown our Montrose Farmhouse the BASIN stolen 1939petrol poured down his throat & shot2 witnessesinformation got OFF SHORE in 4 days…”

1946 The Place in the Wood called `THE JAN STEEN Tavern` by people who value ANDRE & want he & boys away. The Paris Dutch style rented home of ANDRE MALRAUX - he took a Lease in 1946/he chose a Paris house that pleased him- he had given his sister-in-law permission to use his Bank Account - he cleared him OUT-her father told her to do so- He has Clara & daughter to support-Clacton supported him-the WinnclemannsI paid his `Flicks` (Cinema)

Nota bene: These sub-humans could have had such lovely lives if they had not been bred to GREED.helping with our JOYOUS VENTURE Ransomwith us, if GROTE HOMES children had not been bestially slain & OUR estate of philanthropy savaged by the British Gov & Crown-Scandinavian CROWS- Lords of very criminal insanity-for luxury-debts paid-debauch- THEY LACK QUALITY-HUMANITAS-EDUCATIONthey use many dopes -

1944 At Clacton-on-Sea & district everyone looked to his well-beingGeorges-Colonel ANDRE a penniless most kind & gentle man still young- THE CATHOLIC WIDOWER OF JOSETTE since her hideous death- November 1944- the morphine did not work for hoursshe knew she was dying leaving 2 tiny boys

Mr Professor Winclemann gave him a little INCOME to have him feel secure-he has known him since he was a boy-& Clara & family of Magdeburg-

But MONSTROUS British Noble APPARITIONS began to use the household PARIS- Andre is not to know-or Saint Charles General de Gaulle- Instructions IN ANDRE MALRAUXs Paris household needed to be `drink or eat nothing when the insane spoof Dr Mengele Harrington has come in the door- a powder a needle full of `FORGET ALL except what I tell you ` will be stirred in-`

1946 ever more British Nobles stick their snouts about the doorstep & wish to slither into the Parlour of ANDRE MALRAUX - The criminally insane have a WATCH-then a listening system every second of the days & nightsThey are preparing to removing in secret 19 acres from USA GROTE Brokers Portfolio- those RANSOM LANDS-bought NEW YORK 1801 -Fred Ransom father of Margarethes father Fred Ransomhis `19 acres-a parcil` now very lucrative UNDER NEW YORKIT IS FRAUD THEFT WITH VIOLENCE IN THE NAME OF ANGELAusing the British State Armed Forces-Institutions “…& Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men…” letter Augusta Frobisher RN-to a Kinsman Ettrick & Napier-dying out fast

1953 31st December 9.20pm -an old relative murdered so the FRAUD-theft of 19 acres under NEW YORK can go ahead- moneys to come summer 1954 -divided between 40 Lindsays says Earl 14 covered in medals mistaken for a Cinema Manager on a Saturday night

ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom at Netherington Hall New Years EVE- outside Scarlet Town - they ran into OLD ANIMAL PACK- of the 1930s- Earls of Lindsay Crawford- Premier Earls Gross Britain- put a 12 years old heir down a Maritime Chamber at sea c 1910 to get Insurance-newspaper coverage 2 pages- (scrap books East Anglia)-

Neither ANDRE MALRAUX or Greta Ransom knew what this event was about Records/text/reports/ - I had no memory of my first 7 years of life- I am 20 years old 1953- & have not (I think ) seen my RANSOM father since 1945-

I HAVE RECEIVED NO POST/mail- neither has ANDRE MALRAUX -no indication of a WILL- Wills- Nothing about our duties under three Wills.No letters-no documents-no requests to visit1948 from foreign Embassies London came letters invitations addressed to both of useven Uzbekistan saying they had to turn the Orphanage into Teacher Training desperately needed but they were able to take care of all orphansfunding was still coming from the Argentine

NOTHING REACHED USAbout us people were told preposterous lies-threats-some deaths occur & humiliations AGAIN WE ARE IN TERRIBLE DANGER because we do not know of this violent Fraud-theft-by criminally insane Nobles using The British Government & Crown - Lindsaybuggarhs play a dirty seedy game- now they & others have personally taken part in the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN round the globereports/photos/accounts of killing of the children staff/

1953 31st December - Nethrington Hall- Malraux arrives alone intending to meet 20 years of age Greta Ransom - he intends taking up the Wedding of Grace `She is distressed having met a bit of madness over a great-grandmother-s identity as she changed into the pink net gown upstairs- An old man with a mask of shiny enamel & a sword came to speak in distress on `A-Z travelling with Thomas after he had his terrible facial wounds from gunshot` I could eventually follow that- Then he said `you are in terrible dangerwhere is Malraux- I must go to my wife We must get the POLICE.`

I sensed deceit about me especially after Brown had me pay for a ticket to this place & did not give me the change from a 5 pound note- I wished I could be attending the New Years gathering of about a dozen older people at Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester to which I had been invited by H.W. Poulter & his Quaker friends- & Andre Malraux too but he did not know this-

I saw an ugly maniac face a fat short barrel with a fringe of reddish auburn hair whisps- It was Lindsay 14- but I had no direct memory of this `EVIL LITTLE JACK IN THE BOX` He is the murderer with JIM of Miss d`Uff Macdrew 1942- Newfoundland heiress- It solved his bankruptcy- Age 9 years she in my class 1942...we the two SEA heiresses Clacton Llewellyn Road School-

but 1953 I have no memory- & HAVE BEEN GRABBED BY TERESA GORDON & HER BASTARD ED DU CANN born 1924...& somehow these criminally insane have a document saying I am in their care but THIS WAS DEMOLISHED September 1946 by a Court ! My Father granted Custody-my Guardians to be Miss Win Gordon Mr Harry Gordon & ANDRE MALRAUX MAN OF LETTERS However they still Mother & bastard go on with this WHIZZ-WHANG & BOTH OF THEM ARE ON HEROIN & Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their snouts sometimes- his Uncle grows it with 4 others in North of EnglandTHEY BREAK THE LAW-& ship it via Soho to slave labour factories abroad-Ref. Janaury & February 1954-ALL REVEALED They are criminally insane-

Brown rnvr does not tell MALRAUX what he has gathered from Teresa Gordon R- Either these three or fouror at least two of these dirty crooks have opened the POST from my father Frederick John RANSOM & used Miss Winnie Gordon to join them in some manner SHE Aunt Winnie then became vague for two monthspuzzling her cousin who could only think she was losing her mind because she was a spinster beyond child-baring

New Years Eve 1953 a panic hit they- 40 Lindsaybuggarhs - `Police might move in- & they organised the poisoning of an old relative we share- her husband (the man with facial gunshot so badly he covers it when with people he does not know well) then he poor old thing SPIKED BY A DOCTOR- he calling to the last moments WHERE is MALRAUX…”

/accounts puzzling-then explanations years on- memory loss for G.R. by March 1954-kept from Colchester Museums 3 weeks- (horrible report accurate of what all these filthy criminally insane did to G.R. to stop her going to this Party London & to insult Ransom familieswishing to Welcome their HEIR who will be 21 years 11 March 1954- It was time the Nation dropped this evil mob in an active Volcano)

Instructions given by LINDSAYBUGGARHS & Noble Britain- all of them- `NO BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR THE APE-Eskimo. pretend she will come to this RANSOM evening organised by her fatherfor she heir & Guardian MALRAUXLET HIM DOWNKEEP THEM ALL APART` & that is what they managed to do until all explained March 1962...! Then the killings went on-the framing-the letters still stolen-

Records all in order much laterThey ripped open the Presents on the usual trestle table back of Buckingham Palace (JIM has a 2 room apartment there since 1924) to Greta Ransom & went out in Mayfair sporting themtore the Frobisher pearls to pieces in a Mayfair gutterrecords in these Documents/more killings happened-

31st December 1953 Malraux was talking with Finlay Currie & came & took my arm & lead me to Finlay & his daughter-they were worried about `a hood` at the Bar

I Greta Ransom wanted to leave & go back to Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester, where I knew HAROLD W. POULTER Deputy Curator had said 31st seeing the Old year OUTa nice little party coming Child-about 10pm-we shall have it in the old Doctors Librarythe Quaker ladies are bringing some snacks of the Festive kind there will be some wine- my Tarragona which I will share on this occasion (a sweet sherry like wine he may have after his throat problems 1940s)- & there will be a Bottle of Tokay golden & some Tigers Milk (a sweetish white wine)No doubt the others will bring some bottles- We shall be a very select party-with CANDLES- it will all look very 18th century & stylish I have no doubt-

PITY- you & the young Emperor Andre (Andre Malraux) cannot come-wed appreciate your company…”

H. Walter Poulter- Deputy Curator Colchester Museumsto be poisoned in this violent FRAUD theft 1962 & diebegun 1929-using G.B. Gov & Crown-

1953 New Years Eve- NOTA BENE : Lindsaybuggarhs whom I hath no memory of pre-War but had second sense of evil perhaps & Treasa Gordon R. has not warned me-but as I left the doorstep to be driven by Brown rnvr he said something & she says `to do with your fatherthere may be a surprise for youyou may have some money to comeAll her usual Racing talk9 pm These Lindsaybuggarhs arriving for this nosh-up Nethrington Hall (I was here with my widowed Grandpa Ransom 1938-he & the woman to be poisoned this evening Dec 31 1953 were walking in the shrubbery holding hands-he had known her since a girl- they were in GRIEF ABOUT JEANS DEATHdiary/records) & HEAR THEIR SHARE-OUT AMOUNTS for summer 1954 when the MONEY ARRIVES Monsters with DSO-two of them have two DSO Here they were dripping blood & gore from the slaying of the Grote children-2nd World War- 1939-1945...

Records come later-1960s- Brown rnvr that early evening before the drive gives some explanation when forced to-I think neither of them had a clear idea of how the Evening might progressBUT HE NEVER TOLD ANDRE MALRAUX HOW THESE MONSTERS WERE RELATED TO GRETA RANSOM-WHO WERE PUT IN TERRIBLE DANGER AGAIN He thought I was to get a SHAREhed take half with Teresa- He knew this whole matter was ILLEGAL & DIRTY- the LINDSAY gang who had a terrible reputation RN & history were claiming all this ESTATE in secrecy & for The Crownto whom LINDSAY Earls have pledged 1938 to PAY THEIR MASSIVE DEBTS from time of M. Teck & her distraught gamblingRecords arrive in detail the globe 1960s-a gathering of records occurred-especially under President Kennedy-his Team allowed by Senate his Parents pay `

`A distant connection- a branch line to RANSOM Sea Traders of 2,000 Years..A woman rich Christian name Clouts of Derham Park marries a Lindsay 1830- a daughter or niece marries a Frobisher & their daughter is Millicent Frobisher Mrs John RANSOMChurchill says `The blood line is too far out-they have no claim-I know about penniless British Aristocrats` January 1960-Philip Silverlee et al -records- THE FRAUD-THEFT IS SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE ALL OUR private POST/mail is taken Orders of G.B. Government & Crownthus the killing goes on-

1940/1941 XMAS-Tide Bulford Camp Salisbury Plains

I G.R. ( nearly 8 years of age) overheard Mr Pong Jimmie Jong Major Carew James saying to Teresa Gordon R my mother THEY ARE ALL TO BE KILLED THE GROTE KIDS - I G.R. Heir to Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas I. GROTE ( The richest woman in the globe these wretches of dope & greed sneer from stealing & putting their snouts into our POST/MAIL-passing it to WHITEHALL creeps & they fast become petty thieves& will see this goes on)

In agony & fear I reported this & school teachers helped a message go to Grote Brokers New York- A much appreciated teacher Mr Poly of the Dumb & hard of hearing & Partially sighted School locally was attacked & has died because he attended 1938 a Symposium Boston New York on GROTE HOMES & its great success from its Curriculum( A device that blew up on Mr Polys steering wheel in his car has harmed his chest-face-eyes- Mr Jong is about & he said `it was an enemy spy`)

I the messenger Greetha Ransom had to be sent after dark across Salisbury Plains for only child could get through- a letter written by a parent not the teachers handwriting for they know how dangerous it now isletter to be delivered to a Doctor-Dentist returning to USA- Greta Ransom to speak with him & tell what she has heard at night when supposed to be asleep(I had to go over 3 times starting at dusk) records/text/letters/reminders from family & Malraux/

Mr Jong was caught & put in a hospital examined by 3 Doctors who `committed him to Asylum during duration of the War-a piece of vermin that enjoys causing physical pain to others`Pong is ON THE PIN- the Hospital denied him THE PIN-he started to yelp & whine -out came his life history with violent threats at everybody Immediately Angela The Palace had a 4th Doctor sent down & JIM Jong Major James-Carew etc was released & began more crimesJong runs a 2 Man Unit back of Buckingham Palace-& has known Angela since she was 12 years old& Teresa GordonVast records/

1957 October at Saint Edmunds House 50 Lancaster Gate Square - Mengele Harrington physician to Malraux- orders removal of telephone in room of Greta Ransom top floor-because Charles McGowan & his wife-Miss Win Gordon-others- have telephoned megiven information on RANSOM Families pre-warI was now quite ill & in a trance from Mengele jabbing me with a needle- I may often be alone at weekends in this hugh house- Malraux with his General busy defending GAUL-

Mengele paedophile royal satrap sadistic murderer- addresses me as ` YOU ` - This West End paedophile who operates suburbia too with a PIN-a needle at night grabbing small children is rich in payment of blood & gore moneys from Fraud-deceit-POSTAL theft- the murders & threats-blackmail to KEEP HOLD OF THE ESTATE OVERSEAS administered from USA & ArgentineMengele is told by Nobles of Gross Britain- Lindsaybuggarhs-Naval Intelligence- rich noble business louts- to not let MALRAUX know he is Guardian-that there are legal heirs-RANSOM families of education- General de Gaulle is to be kept in ignorance also- hence the boast of British Naval Intelligence 1956 `it can walk all over de Gaulles country house`

When alone weekends I have no protection & cannot phone out-complain-or receive a telephone call from human beingsWhen MALRAUX is away CUR Jim of Whites Vice Bar a cheap criminal wanted for many crimes round the globe an insane high dope user-Mengele stinking of dung in his Saville Row 40 suitsinfesting Andre MALRAUXs rooms-free electricity-telephone-meals ordered from the big hotel corner of Square & Bayswater Road- They use this beautiful Catholic house for their dirty lives- Jim born late 1898/99 Mengele 1912- & their women use the house too !

They search MALRAUXs rooms- does he have private Papers -about his work-Gaul ? I arrive to scare them-their wilder life cannot go on here-

1957 October- I HAD USED THE TELEPHONE -received calls-about my father NOT being a pauper-uneducated- & MALRAUX had a call from Mr Charles McGowan others had telephoned - said that MALRAUX should take us to meet Ransom relatives- records/Great-great-great Aunt Mary at Lovelace Hall 1938/Acre Ransom/photos/ Suddenly Mr McGowan was dead & Doctor Mengele Harrington had gone to Exeter & searched his photographs-negatives-for Mr McGowan he has several photos of ANDRE & Greta-

My room my clothes were now searched by Orders given rudely to my face by CUR JAMES dirty Jim ON THE PIN heroin - `Search her night & morning-she may have PAPERS to harm FRANCE ` & Mr Mengele took to rushing into my room at midnight - searching my things. When I did complained bitterly to ANDRE MALRAUX he said he had asked Mrs Mengele Harrington & she assured him her HUSBAND had been far away at that time- She added that she & her husband BOTH FOUND Greta Ransom HAD DREAMS-& COULD RECALL THE PAST IF SHE WISHED-BUT HAD SO MANY CRIMES- they would like her name changed to Gladys Smith-

1957 November ANDRE MALRAUX found out the truth of MENGELE`s LIES- MALRAUX now hit Mengele -threw him out ! George-Andre said to Greta `He goes mad` -I have followed him in Paris-he has a den- down a sloping stinking alley where he takes drugs & goes mad in his cellar he rents-sometimes he takes another-I have chased him there-he slams the door` This explains why Andre jabbed Mengele with a needle of something & shut him in the cupboard-then hauled him across to the Kensington Gardens & threw him downMengele now took all his clothes off & got taken away by PoliceIT WAS 11 AM in the morning - He pleaded he was testing drugs as he was a Doctorfor THE NHS

1957 Nov -50 Lancaster Gate Square ANDRE MALRAUX seemed to lose his memory-he was taken off to a CLINIC- Mengele ordered an ambulance- ANDRE got out in a few days giving somebody a cheque/staff said this happened before/they heard-Paris circles-

1957 November VATICAN Rome- Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX went to see Pope Pius 12- then set about the Banns again-we only have to have 4 this time-a Re-Vowing- young Paccelli said wedding never cancelled (? why did you give my 2 best watercolours to XQZZ ? 1947...? Did the young Emperor now go muse beside River Tiber?)

1957 November - Mengele Harrington went down to Exeter to the MAGOWAN Household-there to SEARCH Charles Magowans NEGATIVES - For the Government & Crown- Mr Magowan was alive on Doctor Mengele Harringtons first visit

Mengele is paid on a worksheet- for this work- (Whitehall source)

DESTROYING ALL EVIDENCE OF GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE- Ransom families & Weddell-Gronlanders-San Julian INCA- Mengele Harrington is joined on offshore forays nations A-Z by Lindsay 15 & Jim- others -

Mengele is known to keep alive EVIL CREATURES who have terrible crimes- `he treats some evil men from abroad at a Private Place in the countryside-` (witnesses) I was made very very ill by him one week- & he made Andre & I very ill March-May 1954...

In the world of MUSEUMS we do not have these sordid maniacs on DOPES - but the world of Nobles/business/politics/HIGH CLASS SIN has lots of them- & special Armed Forces thugs to use


is puzzled why these HIGH CLASS & NOBLE MEN OF SIN WHITES-other places objected to the sad tale of Andre & Greta & Josette-& sneered behind his back- George-Andre says `They lead dirty immoral lives-the highest of the high- the intake of dopes/liquor/ gambling is more than any other society around the globe- London is known as Scarlet Town ` WHY DO THEY OBJECT TO YOU & I LIVING HERE QUIETLY- General de Gaulle does not know either- YOUR MOTHER- yes` but they have her able to go in any of their doors - they have all known one another since they were children - they do not condemn Teresa…”

1957 December-The INTENTION is to kill ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM so the re-vowing of the Wedding of Grace of 1947 CANNOT TAKE PLACE - PLAN of the CRIMINALLY INSANE who have slain the Grote children & are looting the RANSOM Estate the world since 1939 under cover of 2nd World War - THEY ARE THE HIGHEST CLASS IN THE LAND-`

1957 December - MURDER INTENDED - ` Miss X -she said she saw John Gordon Ransoms mother put it round her daughters foot in the dark - Johns mother had come uninvited to the evening- Kent- she Miss X was having some friends ex-students London Polytechnic - Johns mother came with a tough looking man who had a Van & the rope was attached to the back - they swung out of the Pub & drove off at a tremendous speed - scaring people in the dark - But Miss X had been in the Pub much earlier telling the Hosts the time her friends were coming & arranging for things to eat they might like to order-they would be paying themselves- SHE NOTICED THIS BIG ROUGH LOOKING MAN SITTING HUNCHED UP AT THE BAR-DRINKING- he looked about 50 & kept his heavy coat & flat cap on- he was still drinking when Johns mother appeared & sat beside him-they both had more drinks- THE MAN with John`s mother was NOT A REGULAR IN THIS SMALL HAMLET-

1957-the end of the month of December- Miss X `SHE HAD JUST TAKEN THE ROPE OFF-FROM AROUND GRETAs ANKLE where she saw her mother a minute or so ago stoop to lift Gretas foot into it. Her mother then hurried into the Van & the man came out to get in the driving seat - Greta had said NOTHING about Andre Malraux-

`Greta was given this invitation by John Ransom & his friend Ronnie Magowan son of Charles Magowan- Ron an ex-Poly students as she-photography-& it was in order for Greta to be present

Greta seemed a little slow that evening & perhaps was not well- she watched Greta & her mother- Johns mother had taken Greta outside & was doing something at her ankle- Miss X saw from a distance what it was -

`SHE Miss X went into shock- she called on the old village Bobbie not too soon after- but he was not in the Police Station-

Greta was put on a bus back to Lancaster Gate Square French Legation it was called- Ron Magowan knew it was ANDRE MALRAUXS place - he knew Mrs Ransom & John wanted Greta out of there- (money is offered-several thousand pounds)-

Miss X-

She gave Greta instructions written down how to get back- Greta said she would rather go back by bus if possible - Greta said she could not afford a taxi at all- & would prefer a ride with other people on a bus-she was a little weak she felt but a ride on a bus with others would be relaxing-they always chatted or commented on the newspapers Gretas mother- Johns mother & the man had left - & did not drive back again- she Miss X looked for them returning- she was shocked-

Greta did not seem to know the escape she had just had - If she Miss X had known about Andre Malraux at the time then she, Miss X , would have insisted he be told !

Earlier Greta did not know how she was to get back - she did not remember how she had come-

Miss X said her home was a long way out of Central London-

“….John & Ron went off & left Greta when the evening was finishing- it was about 10 pm when the group of her friends began to go home…” (I noticed a glaze in Rons eyes-& my real brother JGR was not nice-offhand- `you got here` Teresa has had to drag him back to the flat 57 Oxford Crescent Clacton & GET HIM OFF HEROIN this winter-he has been drinking with JIM & his bastard brother Ed tin-canGreta Ransom with 2 birth certificateslegal-)

1958 February - she Miss X was not happy with explanations from John of how his mother had had her life ruined by Greta- by then she had learned something of their lives during & before the Warthere was a big inheritance overseas- Greta did not have to be poor- John was supported by his mother who had a substantial income coming in if she could attend so many functions& why the insistance that there should be no photographic records.?. (SHE IS A PHOTOGRAPHER)