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(Another person that night tried tell me- Greta Ransom- what I had been saved from- I remember Hilary-but my mind could not consider anything too well-it was a familiar state since a child- I have a photo taken of she & John when she is asking him about this attempt at murder February 1958 Clacton-on-Sea in Clives houseI took the photographbut had no memory of what had happened A person there that evening had learned some mattershe spoke-)

That evening Christmas Tide 1957-1958 - I felt frightened at being dumped out in the Thames countryside & John & Ronnie not telling me how I should go back- then Ron may have said something about a taxi I asked Hilary & another person-Hilary got instructions written downI thought it best to take a BUS - BUSES back to 50 Lancaster Gate Square-I felt silly a pauper at not being able to afford the taxi fareI had had those silver tunnels of light in my brain & knew I had been in a world where I was trying to GET INSIDE MY BODY- clearly I was either ILL or somebody had before I left Lancaster Gate given me something nasty in a cup ! It did not enter my head it could have come from here during the evening-I only had one drink of whatever the others were having-a long golden beer cool frothy I was frightened of getting on a train - buses seemed safer - a Conductor on duty - I could tell him if I was followed - & other passengers would help

There had been 3 abductions of me November - I was saved from one by the Catholic young Staff forcing the truth out of a man Hampstead-& they collected me 7.30am the next morning- They dont seem to have known that it was Dr Mengele Harrington arranged it & was coming to get me for DEATHthen he will be given a Peerage & can go about calling himself COUNT offshore- as Lindsaybuggarh Earl 15 does for his dope-fiend life - he & others make splatter movies South America- Mengele goes with them !

1938 - GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE A-Z globe-Guardian is ANDRE MALRAUX-he has accepted Oct 1937

WILL legal - stolen July 1938 in PARIS- Angela put IN THE HOT-SEAT - WILL & letter handed to her on her State Visit this date- by Phipps Ambassador G.B to France

( he is knighted- conscience over handing ANDRE MALRAUXs Post & Letter to French President Paris to Angela & her men ? I do not have anymore information )

1938/1939 PLANS are begun to slay the GROTE HOMES children round the globe& a million a quarter human beings happy with our Estate `JOYOUS VENTURE & HOMES` in our careLen & Greta trained from birth& many RANSOM blood LINE able to inherit & carry on all thisthey live OFFSHORE Lords & Crown of Gross Britain kept WILL in secret silence & made JIBES about `old Eskimo` down Whitehall & their marble halls-all of them stoked up on heroin-cocaine-Divinorum Salvia Scotland fire blown pellets up their snouts

1958 Miss X- She left the matter with her father & the Police- But it did not finish here - her family were persecuted by this Doctor for `The Crown`-& others came-her father lost his job-she was attacked in her new red sports car at a crossroads-left unconscious in the middle of the roadshe was a trained photographer with a programme of work` John G.R. in later years insisted she used heroin - considering he had been a border line case into death earlier mixing with his bastard brother Ed du Cann & has taken a drink with dirty JIM & Mengele JOHN should have been told to SHUT HIS FACE& TO LOCK HIS MOTHER UP !

1958 February : Greta Ransom never saw her again, Hilarythere is a photo of hershe was not John`s girlfriend again !

Did Mengele kill her ? She was not able to talk to ANDRE MALRAUX which might perhaps get safety for she & her family - ANDRE did not know her TRUE TALE- or he might have killed Teresa Gordon whom he has known since December 1924 & who had been persecuting him horribly half that year 1957- with her WHITE`s thugs of 1920s - !

I asked about her for a few years but the replies I received were as if I had committed some crime against Teresa Gordon R. & her son JGR & the unknown bastards galore& the former Miss Ange Bloody Liar & her parents who took Teresa aged 16 years calling her `Miss Edelwisse` out on Witchcraft Vendetta supposed to be faith healing & all had similar names & `Grey kiel for Teresa too- This was in Wales & northern England 1920/1925...who was Deadly Nightshade ?)

Nota bene : JIM a half-Chinese Racist has got hold of this pair Ange & Tree Roaring 20s - Ange age 12, Teresa 7/8 years at riding stables- JIM Jong James sees what he can make from themthe silly cats easily take to dopes & his learning from Pekin Opera 2 year course(cine film 1921)- JIM also has a hold with DOPES on the silly heads of others who can lead him to good timesReports Violet Artist (Lindsay-Rutland 1912-1937 November )

JIM has a gangNobles monstrosities penniless ill-educated all roaring to go to the Races-& repair their fortunes

1937/38 - ANDRE MALRAUX JOSETTE from winter 1937/38 to be killed off should they learn of the Guardianship - the coming 2nd World War gave them 5 years of married life before Jos terrible death -

ANDRE is a victim of this villainy all his life since- 1937 & the summer holiday of happiness he recalls all his life long as we the Victims of Gross Britain IMPERIAL GREED - we the good families of Ransom-Weddell-Frobisher-De SALLE Gronlander of PARISall the other branches - out into Mainwarring=Mannering- MacMurray- Clarke Gable/San Julian branches-Inca & Aztec- Basque & French- Palestine & Italy - Greenland & Northern China to Siberia a directory of us is vast WE COME SAILING DOWN THE CENTURIES

1929 a silent Decree of G.B. & Scandinavia Crows- ALL OUR RECORDS ARE TO BE DESTROYED- 92 AD Britain East coast& Jutland 4-5th century BCA new document puts RANSOM of 92 AD Dunwich on his first heimat an island Thames 77 AD (he wrote Latin etc.)all this RANSOM WEDDELL INCA Family history upset the British Nobles who mostly get up out of a ditch 17th century POUL GRONLANDER`s mother went to Venice as a child early 18th century& thus she had him taught to sing as if a choir boy in Saint Marks

A DECREE given Whitehall 1938 - Angelas absinthe soaks to be in charge.So that FALLEN PENNILESS IMPERIAL BRITAIN MAY STRUT THE GAMBLING WORLD OF THE 20TH century - ` RANSOM- NOBODY MUST BE LEFT ALIVE WITH KUDOS & ABLE TO TELL OF THIS GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND by HIGH CLASS SIN Gross Britain-dope soaks of GREED`keep some HOSTAGESmock them-dirty their lives-homes-steal /JIM & Mengele & their breedpaedophiles are bitter & full of queer hate & greed `yah know Not one of us knows its father for sure- says a Noble who lives a clean life commenting on 19th/20th century/

1956 Teresa Gordon Ransom was a `Figure from a Morgue` who had never got her SHARE of `The Joyous Venture` 1957 JIM & Mengele said her daughter G.R. & MALRAUX should be killed - but then they could not be sure they would get their SHARE

She Clytemnestra Mad mother Kali heard from JIM winter Xmas tide 1940/41 the GROTE CHILDREN all of them were to be slain `For the Crown` their old chum Ange ` had said when she married she was GIVEN ALL BY AN OLD ESKIMO when she was 10 years old.They did not believe it but mused `we put her there-on top& we can all have a share& more rascal Nobles ON THE PIN JUMPED INSO THEY COULD ALL HAVE THEIR SHARE FROM THE OLD ESKIMO-

Teresa 1956 had not got a Mansion-a Racing stable-a team to run her AffairsSo many others she could drop in on with an Xmas gift were in Imperial big boots dripping MONEY from GROTE children blood & gore- they bragged about the post-War world & how well they had done from `the old Eskimo on the run` They were 1940s-1950s mouthing how the lands-properties of foreign lands gathered profit for them-it was easy to CHANGE THE NAMESRansom-Weddell- Eskimo-& Apes South Americaall evidence gone

1950s Scarlet Town - OH THEY `WERE IN THE MONEY`- & JIM had WHITES CLUB & Teresa & others could drink mornings private Office- & bragged of his VICE- 2 flats with prostitution round corner-members obliged to see JIM & CLUB were in good FinanceJIM got WHISKEY off back of lorries & poured it into used bottles-a detective had been dealt with sniffing about the bottles early dawns listing numbers(bungalow of business chum Putney the distillery-somebody caught them with a camera for FUN ) WHITES had to have SPICE for the YOUNG MEMBERSJIM had a 2-tier system-if they qualified (at Vice) he allowed them MEMBERSHIP- & a reduction on the 3rd drink on Thursdaysthen they should go round corner to the 2 flats where the girls would join them in a bathtub for 3 drinks more/CHINESE OPERA STUFF/INFORMATION from Royal Naval Intelligence spies & others & some on `onshore duties` FUN !

Teresa (Treasa to the holy families good citizens she has as kin)- She & dirty JIM & the Noble true-blue chums of the 1920s when they were all young had reached A HIGH intake of heroin-purple-narcotic- & now the criminally insane get LSD- the Mengele INC. . with a market stall Scarlet Town-

1957 - All that autumn CUR JAMES Jim Jong Mr Pong had been falling down from heroin etc. & his 3 body-guards had to carry 3 pairs spare trousers for him & Baby Wipes.

COUNT LINDSAY no 15 was known to be out of his mind- Canada Railways & fraud- all covered up because he used to go marauding about Mayfair with sister of one who they settled down nights with Ovaltine…”

Lindsay 15 spade wheeler on Clacton beach - his training on Divinorum Salvia Scotland fire blown pellets 1938 ` must practice-with this stuff up my nose-for my role in life little Greetah-sorry I was nasty yesterday` my father says that is all MY money`

1951-1960s Lindsay 15 known to be out of his mind - he was paying cash to Lieutenant-Commander David S. Brown rnvr- `

KEEP GRETA & MALRAUX from knowing of the Estate - PART THEM-DAMAGE BOTH THEIR REPUTATIONS` Brown (his mother from Bacon Ship Yards 19th century) was paid for this - but not enough & as his BLOODY GORE DOUGH payment was a certain amount of DOPE of several kinds (from which he had NO CONSCIENCE & was going very mad) he remained always polite & good humoured to Colchester Museums & to ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom/His mother HILDA Bacon who had wished to be a NUNSaint Hilda Whitbyhad faith in him

(here for more understanding you may buy some books from Cordelia QUAKER & their Foundation JAMES COOK RN WHITBY records before they were torn out 1950s by a paedophile Doctor)

Hilda Bacon Brown was a fragile woman her eldest son JOHN Brown FLYER had been officially SHOT by GROSS BRITAIN & CROWN early 2nd World Wartime for dropping BOMBS at Ipswich on his own Nation`s ships

Hilda sent Greetha Ransom a bowl of white hyacinths after the horrible CARNAGE of March 1954 the heir`s 21st year & month ! She & I GR were VICTIMS amongst the INSANE HIGH CLASS SIN

` Greta was sent a book 19th century of verses & flowersfrom her early marriage with children in the nurseryI have it stillAt Colne Engaine 1960 amidst all the MISERY I began to embroider the flowers upon linenshe was happy to know thisSHE HAD JIM & THUGS in her tiny home West Hartlepool searching/stealing/sponging/ but with CLOYING that they were saving THIS CROWN .

( a dustbin full of the MURDERED GROTE CHILDREN the globekilled by GANG LINDSAY putting Angela & Teresa Gordon in hot seatso coarse crassness can have BIG TIME…” )

.JIM prides himself on being KUBLA KHANHE has AS HIS PORTION OF THE HORRIFIC BLOOD & GORE KILLINGS OF THE GROTE CHILDREN THE GLOBEan Island called ARRAN (West Hebrides not Ireland) a place of horror early 19th century for it grew the DOPE the Nobles of that side Scotland paid their household bills with selling about THE EMPIRE Grandfather GEORGE GORDON said 1934 SELL THAT ISLANDthey are known to be EVIL nobility come back to the East Side, Scotland.. )

JIM will SELL our Estate Grote-RANSOM 98 acres to Angela`s 2nd cousin 1956/57/Records are vast overseas-laid down for when everyone is dead I fear/ There will be given such a WINDOW upon GREED

( Advice from G.R`s HOLY HOUSES she & her families hath always strove to create) ` do not COVER GENOCIDE UP- NERDS ! it may take its revenge on those who hath done it `EVEN WHEN THEY ARE REIGNING IN HELLwith you` )

Report woman in a tiara & a stiff satin gown to Andre Malraux..1960s/repeat 1972...

These women were out of the school room - if you said anything you received the COLD STAREJIM came with 4 bottles that night (1956/7) - my husband & I feared when the doors to Angela`s apartments were CLOSEDwe felt we should retire ( she means from this Noble Servicewhere she & her husband had tried have some HUMANISM enter into these circles of PURPLE RICE & ABSINTHE

( She continues ) my dear ANDRE it was known the CHILDREN GROTE were dead.. everywhere…” /

1960s/1972 Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues Colne Engain & Globe :

it was later learned the reward for killing Greta & Andre was a few thousand pounds & the raising of Teresa Gordon again to all Invitations/informal fork NOSH-UPS/RACES & the usual shady parties that SHE to be acknowledged again in secret silence marble halls & dope parties with brandy-absinthe cocktails

ED DU CANNs Mater WAS TO BE PUT BACK IN HIGH CLASS SIN CIRCLESif she would doo in (poison) Malraux & Greetha- Greta Ransom to be feared now grown so tall. & some knowledge on Roman Britain& GAUL- ! ABOUT SCARLET TOWN.Greta ape-Eskimo & Andre Malraux were to be seen 1957 autumn ( MALRAUX whom they ALL MOCKED HORRIBLYthese sub-APES Nobles)

1957 late autumn Londinium : MALRAUX & RANSOM with their heads together about London/Scarlet Town gave every HIGH CLASS SIN a frightyou knew they had been together a long timetheyd been seen in the Geographical Museum by the Moonstonesrambling into the Silurianwhat were they up to? ` INVESTIGATE- DESTROY- they might find the dead children GROTEfind memorandum 1945/1946 from distraught small nations with seascoasts WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN MOTHER ENGLAND ?

1957 November - ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM have permission from young Paccelli Pius XII to re-vow- he tells The Guardian Archangel to GROTE HOMES ANDRE MALRAUX Marriage NEVER annulled-dissolved NEVER ! to Mary Gordons grand-daughtergo & see the Bishops-I have enough to do - Yes have a re-vowingyes ! In the Church of Saint Cede Bishop of Londinium 7th century AD/ Ancient Rome - a good idea ! I sent you two of my best watercolours before1947...Grrr !

A 2nd WEDDING OF GRACE - GEORGES-ANDRE MALRAUX & GREETHA MAUREEN Caecelia RANSOM 9.00am St Etheldreada`s Crypt 7 January 1958 Feast of Saint CEDE Bishop of Londinium & Roman OTHONA Chapel of Saint Peter & St Cede/very full records/tapes/CD `upon a winter morn to the City of LONDINIUM com`th Andre & Greta surrounded by GOOD & great EVILthey did again take HOLY ROMEs VOWSINTO ETERNITY& put on armour

THREATS CAME FROM JIM`he would see Greetha APE ESKIMO did not recall it SHE WOULD BE PATIENT OF DOCTOR MENGELE HARRINGTONhe JIM dared not interfere with MALRAUX who would kill him if he found out what had been going onBut he JIM who ran THE QUEEN MOTHER`s MEN WOULD WIN` ( JIM WHITES Vice Bar ! ) He is this Mr Pong been round GFWRMCae Ransom since her birth 11 March 1933...following us about our Islands our North & South PolesJIM is criminally insane-

(Mary-HELENA Murphy O`Brian Carroll Williams Mrs George Ernest Gordon was “…stand-bye 1902 -they told me I may be needed to go over & sing Mary Garden…” FIRST PERFORMANCE 1902 `PELL & MELL` Claude Debussy(Pelleas & Melisande his opera)

MARY HELENAwho is grandmother to Greetha Frobisher Weddell RansomGranny Gordon with Irish Passport 1932... born 1870 Sackville Street to TERESA CARROLL Platonist-Harmonist Degree& JOHN WILLIAMS METALWORKER Mary Helena a beautiful singer-modern dance=Irish jigs/Milliner/ HUMANIST/ HIGH Roman Catholic/A PURE PERSON OF HIGH INTELLIGENCE-

her HOLY households PERSECUTED by ANGELA of the family BLOODY LIARS & JIM JONG PIMP /

she going monopod purple rice crazed (see cine film) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF JIM JONG PIMP/trained CHINESE OPERA - PEKIN about her from age 12 years ( the PENNILESS nobles of BRITAIN SUB-APES GET YOURSELVES ANOTHER PLANETyou are not wanted on SHIP EARTH)

MARY HELENA Gordon is telling ANDRE MALRAUX- A REAL MAN & a budding ArchangelSUMMER 1937...

ANDRE whom Greta calls `George` can add to the 7th century Bishop Cede (2 brothers) his full title Bishop of Londinium & OTHONA-Ancient Romes Fort of the Saxon Shores - AM does so as we hide away from EVIl in the great Museums of South Kensingtonhe speaks sweetly of what we are to do `embark once again & the work we hath for our lifetimes` IT WAS HOPED TO GET VINCENT TO SAFETY AMPLEFORTH or similar school of HUMANISM

GROTE HOMES 1864-1940s - all children murdered-mature students in hiding the globe from end of 2nd World War evermore- The much greater RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 PARTS- biggest piece of philanthropy the globe- Investments Reserves Settlements Grants to all that is needed for a civilized life-Margarethes GREEN & GOLD PEACE the globe - a third of it STOLEN by BRITISH NOBLE penniless SCUM by 1954..

FJR Father of Greta with human beings abroad took care of what they couldTHE CRIMES IN THE NAME OF BRITISH CROWN all stage managed by LINDSAYBUGGARHS earls & JIMothersis a continuous GENOCIDE THE SLAIN CHILDREN HAD TO BE ACKKNOWLEDGED BY GROSS BRITAIN 1946 when it was quite clear many citizens wished this done & immediately ~ BUT IT WAS COVERED UP THE GREEDAngela in HOT SEAT& ARROGANCE enters and Scandinavian Scavenger CROWS are flocking in !

IT IS being robbed officially by secret permission Gross Britian Government Lords & Crown- & used for private fortunes mending the life-style - of the Upper Class-Nobles of SIN ignorance- & they blather about ` HELP BRITISH TRADE-` (this is dried blood colour print on the computer)

BIG BOOTS at the top are given to debauching on tropical islands, Casinos & going about globe to rest after their arduous duties- getting the JUMPS OUT OF THEM Dope-Booze & the other thing-Formula 1`

1957/1958- XMAS-Tide- MISS X her Report :

` Mr Doctor Mengele paedophile Royal Satrap Golum blue car Harrington now persecuted Miss X & her father at work places-she was attacked at a crossroads in her new little red Mini-left in the road-found by passing motorist & in hospital she recovered-it will not end therelate 1950s into 1960s

1958 - MALRAUX left for GUYANAS TOUR for General de Gaulle/

c 19 January 1958 7.30pm 10 Minutes after ANDRE left Mengele burst in on Greetha`s room with a needle I WILL NOT HAVE YOU YOU APEREMEMBERING MY MY MY PATIENT ANDRE MALRAUX (Record/ Detectives for Andre Malraux 1960)

(Mengele Doctor Harrington Paedophile STINKS OF DUNG )

The Detective Arthur Malone fulltime with some assistance from the musician/writer/Broker Insurance humanist Philip Silverlee a 1930s Gordon/Ransom family friend were on duty 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1958/ Reports are from them-

They were poisoned January 1959 by Mengele & scum, with Greta Ransom Xbut we all came through-justSee Records RUSSIAN ROOF walk/ WITHOUT AN HEIR & A GUARDIAN known to these good men they dealt with a series of horribly messy mad 1920s style HIGH CLASS SIN games of VIOLENCE against us/records- of then & former times by this GANG of Noble BritainSTILL ON THE PIN !

Born 1884 killed 1939 October/ `Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM - a school taught Gretas future Grandpa not to bear a grudge - he learned `Conversational French` Latin & Greek & Early English speech- A poem PEARL- lectured well on BOEWULF-he also sailed tall masters & knew his ancestry & we all had it on the walls of our HOMES as well as in Learned books & Papers- He travelled with Aunt Margarethe Ransom GROTE his Aunt & did her accounts of a quarter of the globe for 2 years- her son did a lot of the Accounts too- both Basil Ransom Grote & F-C Ransom assisting Grote Brokers & Argentine- Grote Brokers & old Ransom solicitors Argentine & the Asian ones had it at their fingertips - & taught the apprentices well

THE DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN ROUND THE WORLD-THE JOYOUS VENTURE- the Gospels Acted Out- was the joy of all nations who discovered how it raised standards & brought stability-progressto all citizensIT WAS HATED BY IMPERIAL BRITAINyet not all…“ an Aunt of Angela was a firm believer & would visit the Grote Children USA with other ladiesshe is killed by Mr JONG who had a knife he was flipping about 1938/939it caught her behind the ear/Reports 2 people who crept out on all foursgiven to Andre Malraux 1960...

All of our families on board the Joyous Venture were always in training-learning what more could be done or how to improvebut it was the Icon of the Family at the centre of Life that showed the way of progress was possible without greed & violence- It was this gentle humanism the gloating IMPERIAL penniless monsters attacked& they sneered at we RANSOM et al who can fly to Greenland in boy-scout clothes in seaplanes- We who could escape their filthy physical attacks on young children & men & women in the dark& GO OFF TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER. Our great warm house is there- on Jacopsholmen Island-& we hath Gronlander kith-kin everywhere-

1936/37 `THE CULLING HATH BEGUN`- I GR hear Liam Ransom & young Fred (FJR) (my father 22 years when I am born) say many things- records/Captain Liam Ransom 4 tall ships-Doomsday books-& a film Goodbye Mr ChipsXMASTIDE Jan 1937 Clacton-on-Sea-

Grandpa Frederick Charles & Jean away in France-Spain-Argentine-they have their duties Ransom Estate as well as Grote Homes

We have to sail the globe to our Estates in secret-silence now - THE BRITISH Government LORDS & CROWN have no money -

& many pay interest upon the interest of their big debts-Vagrants they have become- in arrogance getting moneys from our banks- using British Diplo-dipso-maniac circles-

1937 SUMMER - luncheon-London- JOJo&Joh never said the name RANSOMagain SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE DARK - we saw her on the train - we meet her in at 6.30pm Clacton Railway station - Andre & Greta clean & tidy & hair brushedhe holding my hand - ……

We do not know the RANSOM family are away in bloody Spain rescuing the Murgatroyd cousin age 22...

1944 late October early November/ Chateau Charente near Tulle - 2 GUNMEN CAME TO CLAIM THE DOCUMENTS of Post/mail from USA addressed to Andre Malraux- `The British Consul sent 2 gunmen to kill Malraux & the woman-get the documents- Orders G.B. Government & Crown`

Records/witnesses- `ORDERS- `TO SHOOT ANDRE MALRAUX & the WOMAN-` the gunmen sent by The British Consul for FRANCE/Paris liberated 2nd World War- records-globe/ Jo & friend try get help

THE GREED OF COARSE CRIMINALLY INSANE BRITISH NOBLES is above the LAWany LAWS (note the gutter speech of the British nobles`the woman/his woman/ etcyet all of these British Nobles keep an Unholy house & a DIRTY BED! )

1944 SUMMER - The paedophile ex-prisoner-lunatic asylums inmate 3 times- Mr Harrington meets Clara Malraux in PARIS-France

Report- Andre Malraux 1960 `Clara found Harrington in Paris 1944 after the Liberationshe came upon him in a Café` It was said he had been running a Scientific Establishment in G.B. He had no qualifications but was an Administrator Director we heardmad stuff`

1944- end October/early November/ FRANCE -

KILLING OF JOSETTE Roman Catholic wife of ANDRE MALRAUX , mother of their two baby sons :

JOSETTE MADE AN ENQUIRY - To the BRITISH AUTHORITIES (?) as asked by GROTE BROKERS New York America (& the Argentine Solicitors for RANSOM) - Did she make enquiry of the British Consul France ? Paris is liberated- not Vichy France at first-did she ask a friend to helpone is said to have killed himself 1946...?

1944 SUMMER - The USA Grote Brokers & Argentine Ransom solicitors loyal good people lawfully administering this delicate flower garden twice round the Globe-had written a request to The GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX - to an address he had used 1930s given by a person in New York

` Could he Andre Malraux GUARDIAN to this great ESTATE enquire why the British would not allow a search Jacopsholmen the Ransom arctic island (owned from 1770) off Xristensharb- for the family of M. de SALLE of Paris had been isolated there since December 1939- he wife & 4 children under 13 years-

2 Letters received in Clacton-on-Sea 23rd December 1939- told how they were ordered out of the big Ransom warm house December 1939 into the Arctic winter- by a man they knew- JIM- he had with him 6-7 men of the British Army-they came in to the harbour by launch- (man is Jim Jong) & ordered the family out in the Arctic Winter to a cold hut-house wired with explosivesallowed take no bedding or stores-

A miracle that a boat called at the disused workshop - Skipper took letters to Shetlands & posted them`

(Records VAST : Dr JOHN RAY ® & others 1958 onwards-an account of the sordid cruelty used to remove all evidence of this Estate the property of RANSOM & families- & grab it for British Noble scum & CrownALL PENNILESS)

1944 summer FRANCE - sent to Andre Malraux Paris by Grote Brokers USA- letters-documents-collected by JOSETTE Paris end October 1944

(carbon copies got 1960 late February will have the murder of Philip Silverlee`s daughter she got all 3 WILLS from the Solicitors Buenos Aries Argentina late February 1960 & TELEPHONED her father Philip in Londonthe astonishing TRAGEDY was recorded so carefully in the carbon copies of lettersTHEY WERE IN SHOCK !)

“…It was feared the parents de Salle were dead- but the two girls had been seen - & there were 2 small brothers - it was doubtful they had survived the cold wintersThe girls were not allowed to leave & they had been chased off the Summertown Reserve 1942 when asking help of a man sent by Mr JIM Jong to throw all the soil of the Reserve in the sea - he this man, had been told it was rich in coalit had nothing worth mining - a skim of coal not worth the work at all.This Ransom Reserve was famous to Greenlanders from 17th century & known as `Summer Town` for its profusion of many coloured flowers some years... The British Navy had a blockade there from 1941…” / Some information received from 2 frightened people/ who did not find any coal under the Ransom Reservelater told by the Eskimo that a profusion of Flowers-bushes- appeared some years- & Visitors came from all over Greenland to see themThe de SALLE girls were not allowed in the great Fred & Gertrude Ransom house - it was said to be property of the British Crown & Danmark ! `

There had been misbehaviour over the GRONLANDER RANSOM Island since 1890s from the British Government & LINDSAY EARLS CLAIMING verbally with violent speech the Island - BUT THEY WOULD NEVER COMMIT A CLAIM IN WRITING…” (signed Grote-New York/& Argentine)

Nota bene : lists of nobles Britain & Denmark/ photos by 2 Greenlanders not seen/ Noble adults misbehaving on Jacopsholmen island c 1956/1958-stealing contents of Ransom house packing it in 2 yachts- abuse of the 2 de Salle girls- their summer Camp with Winter stores they had bartered for in the sometimes inhabited by Eskimo end of the Island destroyed by drunken doped up evil British nobles mob - hissing the Island belonged to them- Accounts were prolific 1960s - from records/City of London & round the globe) House- theatre- harbour- workshops- church stripped- paintings-books-a collection of theatre clothes made in France & Italy-MSS & a Coptic libarary/ very good quality household goods- collections of documents intended for GREENLAND historical Institute when allowed to establish one in safety BARBARIANS were nobles of Britain & Scandinavia - Reports USA 1960s & photographs of the ON THE PIN .

1960 JUNE - JACOPSHOLMEN Holy Island West GREENLAND BOMBED June 1960... before ANDRE MALRAUX & Ransom families could get there for another planned CHRISTMASaccompanied by the last of

the de Salle family Planes bombing were of Gross Britain & Denmark !

Disgust of Captain Alan Villiers others expressed 1960s onwards at Scientific gatherings THE NOBS MURDEROUS

POWER was tremendous & feared…”

1944 last days October - THE BRITISH CONSUL FRANCE learning of the enquiry - that POST/mail had been delivered to ANDRE MALRAUX & his woman sent 2 gunmen- `GET THOSE DOCUMENTS -SHOOT THEM BOTH `

Josettes mother arrived same time as the British Government & Crown murderers - several records/& Detectives & Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960 Colne Engaine/Europe

` 1944/1945 : Orders G.B. `All DOCUMENTS to be destroyed/Post-Mail/birth-death-marriage certificates/all monuments graves grants /written & oral records- From 1939-1956 the most violent sordid almost FUN killing-children-families-settlers the world was going on -

1965 Voiced in City of London by Elders-some phrases : `they have got the money - & done the world in ! records/City of London 1965 & other good citizens...~`She has put a river of blood around your ankles young womanthats no Queen - its a shark wrapped in satin` `WE DO NOT WANT THIS MONEY COMING INTO THE CITYit drips blood & gore` .

Detectives Colleagues for Andre Malraux-Research 1960- `1944 - JOSETTE had opened the Post/Mail as instructed by ANDRE MALRAUX when she returned from Paris-perhaps on the train journey back to Tulle- This the last time they were together end October before her hideous unnecessary death because of GROSS BRITAIN greed-her legs crushed under the train 9 November 1944...

“….because of the filthy narcotic induced greed of the High Class Sin-Government Gross Britain Nobles & Crown-who have plotted planned this horrible slaying of GROTE HOMES childrenemployed JIM with thugs-given he others as viciously insane as him the freedom to find thugs in Armed Forces-get them out of prisons…”

(1970s onward : & Mengele Harrington paedophile ex prisoner Asylum inmate several times - a sadistic monster on mixtures of dopesrecords-globe-)

The CRIMINALLY INSANE have destroyed this greatest piece of philanthropy the Globe ever had…” City London

A girl of 32 years of age Josette Catholic wife of Andre Malraux with 2 sons under 4 years dies falling/or pushed- on a railway line- ( reports-2 Whitehall workers Xmas 1945 )

having received Post/mail to ANDRE MALRAUX arriving 1944 Summer PARIS- his lawful property-he appointed GUARDIAN Christmas 1937 `GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts A-Z the globe` -

Nota bene : BRITISH GOVERNMENT & Crown cannot BROKER A PENNY- all administered offshore USA & other nations…” 1938/1941 Reports-LAW

1937 November - & all his life long all Andres Post/mail STOLEN in name of Earls Lindsaybuggarhs- using THE CROWN & Lindsay contracting to pay Crown`s massive debts (gambling-luxury-wantonness) from 1890s in exchange for allowing in secrecy their CLAIM to this Estate as Family property 1830...-the uglies in the House of Lords got their big boots in- & an assortment of seedy Gross Britain nobles looting too-Scandinavian CROWS too

1938 letter to Norway/Prince/ the Grote heirs have proved they can run the Estate - & it is around that Mrs Grote has been killed BEFORE HER TIME - We must therefore proceed in silence…”

Noble privilege used the powerful Nobles of the G. B. GOVERNMENT to carry out their killings -

The destruction of the Estate can be called `a genocide A-Z globe` It enabled Noble Britain & Scandinavia pay massive bills & continue a pucker luxury life- Sharing of the loot became necessary but a crafty scheme was to boast about putting it into `charity`Imperial Britain was penniless early 20th century- its Figures from a Morgue had eyed this Eldorado & spouted their foul mouthed RACISM at it since 1879...records - Greta & her families Ransom & Weddell are addressed as `ape Eskimo` by Nobles 1900s-1950s

1944 ANDRE MALRAUX ` was to return to Alsace-Lorraine end October 1944 & left Paris before JO left for Tulles/Charente the little Chateau where she lives with their 4 years old son Pierre & Vincent born 6 months ago March 10th 1944. Her mother comes on a visit some hours after Jos return from Paris the last meeting with ANDRE ` records/ from visits to France 1960 detectives-colleagues to Andre Malraux/Colne Engaine etc/

1960 - information from ANDRE MALRAUX - what he had

learned after Josette`s death 1944/1945

`she had been worried about an Island`

was all the resistance worker could recallhe could not risk carrying a written note- the message from Jo had to come via 3 hands to Andre arrived after her death in 1944 Nov.

1944 early November - She went down to see friends-she knew they could get a message sent to ANDRE MALRAUX- she had it written down THEY HAD HEARD FROM THE POLICE `THE ORPHANS HAVE BEEN KILLED King Arthur Malone/Politan- reporting February 1960 his fellow research workers from FRANCE