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Part II

1960 March - `… THE PILGRIMAGE FROM ABROAD HAS STARTED`… says Arthur Malone/Politan/Colne Engaine/`to see where you & ANDRE married`we cant believe it either - the inside is magnificent - you feel you are in ROMEthat altar - the stones of blues, indigo, gold were made in FRANCEAndre saysa glassworksthe sweep of those stepsit cost a fortune` ( Dedicated in 1929 at cost 30-thousand pounds sterling & the widows & families did not mind at allthey had created beauty)

1937 SUMMER ...`I am not sure if Andre-George wants to walk back the Clacton Old Road way & look at our little ancient & Victorian homeI felt from his face that he did not understand our old little home as he seems to be used to bigger places yet he doth LOVE the house where we stay - Here in our sweet little house we first met…where he com`th upon HIS ARRIVAL - JO was coming 2 hours later by train- This was where he picked me up from my brother John Gordons cot - I had to have a mid-day sleep - Monsters of the deep are gone to Scarlet Town for hi-jinks

I am safe until Stella the Stars Unitys mother comes-

.I heard what they said as I looked at his moonlight colour face & the very bright eyes brown then green shooting stars & he had a much too tight grey woven raised weave jacket on- oh very tight as if he had collected his school jacket from home in a hurry-

She said `we have had to keep her from school a fortnight-the little intellect is racing ahead of its time-the Nuns cannot cope-LOOK ANDRE-the little thing is already in its sub-conscious mind…»

thEY have thisw Junk Fraud bunkum 1920s-30os TALK`

` ` ` `She went on about Granny Gordon“ Mary just widowed has her part of the time but she does need a rest now George has suddenly goneOh such nice people- a part of the town- a loss- Freddie will tell you when he comes from his Theatre`

I Greetah RANSOM can see YOU Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX -

you are a cine film in my mind 2008 AD-

I found you very pretty looking 1937 as I tell you 1957 - when the kissing began again

I do wish there was an invention to get this out of my head onto a DVDhurry somebody & invent it

1937 July : A.M. has big eyes brown or green flashing very bright staring at me- & I rise & stand on my points looking at youI have seen JEAN dance in her LANDS- she put one silver shoed foot on just her toes & stretched her other leg beside her earshe is my GrandmotherMiss Auntie Winnie says I cannot call her JEAN but must call her `Nanny` as Mary Gordon is GrannyMy father only 22 when I am born & he GROANS at this over refinement

….but it is really because Miss Winifred 1933 onwards is nagged & instructed by Mr Pong & Lindsaybuggarhs Earls as to what Margarethe`s HEIR is to be toldThey dribble at the JAWS over the moneys they PLOT to STEAL …after slaying the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…

1929 onwards… Miss Winifred Mary Gordon IS WARNED BY HER MOTHER & brother TO KEEP AWAY FROM THEM & DO NOT SPEAK WITH THEM ABOUT OUR LIVES THEY Lindsaybuggarhs on the Sea Front in their GRAND when they have the Bailiffs in AT there other lairs…LINDSAY MONSTERS OF THE DEEP penniless…claiming my father & Len as cousins…DO NOT WANT ME TO KNOW HOW WONDERFUL HOW WORLDLY WELL KNOWN & PERFECT AT SO MANY THINGS IS MY FAMILY RANSOM WEDDELL of `Jerusalem`…The horrible old EARL has told Miss Winifred twice or more … `GET A DOCTOR TO TAKE AWAY Greetah`s MEMORY - SHE MUST NOT REMEMBER THAT YEAR RUSHING ALL OVER AMERICA Miss Winifred…when she is 21 or 25 years of age …. WE WILL SEE IF SHE CAN HAVE A PORTION…of this FORTUNE…» (He is criminally insane ! )

1920s/1930s - But then they sneer snigger at everyone & never pay their bills in Clacton - the 2 Evil Little Jack-in-Boxes just say the EARL Lindsaybuggarh will pay later/he seldom does -

This PAIR have pushed to his death the breadwinner of the young woman with 2 children - pushed her goodly husband out of the grains loft - he just asked they pay or ask Lindsay Earl to pay for the petrol they kept getting for 2 years from his one forecourt Pumpput in on the marshes for conveniencehe sells grains & things to farmers She took it over putting on trousers & we put in Capital to keep her goingwe took a halfthen immediately the War was over my father FJR gave her the moneys for freeto keep she & her children safeshe was able to go away & not work so harshly RANSOM ARE HUMANISTS So are George- ANDRE & JOSETTE MALRAUX … We fly a flag of Zheng He` & have added HUMANITAS to it - but we have to hide it in the back garden -

1937 SUMMER - LIMPET SHOES…Andre has decided on buying proper Limpet collecting shoes - not the kind for mussels & cockleshells collecting- It is in the Old Road Clacton-on-Sea this little slip of a shop with its Wares hanging up outside& sometimes the scent of a good dinner cooking in the back on a slow fireIt is not far from our little house on the other side, past the Dr Barnardos Orphanage where we have to put little John Gordon RANSOM born August 1936 ...

…. for SHEshe has taught him to growl at us & pull all tablecloths off tea tables when they are laid & the teapot is brought steaming hot - & not just in our houses - Sometimes SHEshe takes him up to a Noble Nursery & he obviously learns more nasty tricks …He has broken the SQUARE PLATES tea service from JAPAN that I cherished with my Sunday TEA on…

The SHELL FISH COLLECTORS shoes place is a thin shop & it is almost next to the hairdresser with the girl who gives me my hair shampoo-washing on Fridays in winter & keeps me with her family until my father comes for me … as Sheshe & Lindsaybuggarhs ordered petrol & brown vinigre to wash my hair & they hoped to blind me so I would not be able to sign documents for GROTE RANSOM EstateThey do these things in Scotland where they grow this dangerous narcotic & stick it up their snouts & A RAGING BEAST IS IN THEIR BRAINDivinorum Salvia Scotland-

Since I am 1 year old two of the girls who are at the old Quaker School had a care to me to help my young father & again when I went in my pram at 14 monthsOur teacher was 81 years old & very learned - The girls are of families which go to the Rutland Boughton OPERA Season & some take part It is sneered at as `Poormans Glyndebourne` after the 2nd World Warby those dripping blood & gore who have killed the Grote Homes CHILDREN…

1937 SUMMER - I take George- ANDRE to show HEEE & now he is not so fussy about his name & people talking to him about SPAIN. He has become a young person of Clacton ! The LIMPITING shoes he wishes for are a bit like my Eskimo baby boots that cousin Sarah Poulsen de SALLE of Paris sent me & which SHEshe Teresa Gordon R. threw on the fire- This solemn faced young man ANDRE MALRAUX a Catholic as I ambut also a Free-thinker like Great Aunt Annie artist her only brother John Carroll Williams brother of Granny Gordon & all her sisters Bessie-Julia-Teresa

… The Old Road Clacton a summer afternoon 1937 - ANDRE-Georges he is talking very intensely with the sparse small woman with gold-greying hair & another woman who came to buy them for her trade looking very much like the shop owner woman -

OVER THE ROAD OUR LITTLE RANSOM HOME- all alone & I do not know where my young father is or my grandparents RANSOM & Grandpa GORDON died for my birthday 4 years… I Greta Ransom am alone & suddenly lost because no RANSOM family are with us But I doth gaze upon the SCENE knowing it is of TIME & will not be the same again unless we film it or take some photographs-but then only WE can say how this TIME was (Lennie says I am speaking aesthetics & he thinks that all humanists do thishe too is learning especially when HE IS A FLYER in the skies for he will do hours of flying the globe/even Africa/ now he has passed with flying colours the TEST - )

Saint George ANDRE he is intent upon his conversation with themI do not existI know I am fragile but at 4 & a half years of age perhaps not able to comprehend the grown-ups are fragile tooespecially in this JOYOUS VENTUREwhich I have begun to tell to he but mostly to JOJo&Joh.

I see you Georgie-ANDRE bending swaying, examining the Waresa white shirt no tie & dark grey trousers & you are so very tall & slim as Fred Astairebut like the marsh grasses isolated against the November frosts to come again…when wild plants lean aslant gracefullyYOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL& your mind too

…& I am suddenly a dumpy dwarf as SHEshe insists I will be if I live to be 17 years.she is not sure I can live for I am born of Apes & Eskimos… & her Noble friends/fiends tell her so-Lindsaybuggarhs & AngelaI only recall the last name because Harry & young friends say `Angela-Oh she`s NO ANGEL`…I did not know who she was until 1998 or so…A CATHOLIC CHILD WOULD REMEMBER THAT so-&-so IS NO ANGEL ~

1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX looking so carefully at the shell fishes collecting-shoes hanging in a row downwards outside the shopthat I wondered if his eyesight was perfect…! He bought a grey coloured pair about 20 inches long not the expensive ones for he will only use them here a little but he will take them back to Normandy & show JOSETTE the seaside there & talk to her about his childhood some more I said I would pay-but he said he would like to - we are very `butch` about these matters … & it probably pleases him I LOOK LIKE HIS KID BROTHER … in my shorts & shirt except on SUNDAYS ! My BOY APPEARANCE pleases Lennie…he doth not want to be seen with a girl trailing about with him now he wears long trousers & has his FLYER Certificate & badge…But I am a proper girl when we go out with his Dad my grandpa & JEAN …to Clouds/Taplow Court/other places with nice big gardens/

1937 SUMMER - Andre-Saint George & I discuss HISTORICAL EMPIRES when we hath seen our dear JOJo&JOH/ a young lady she is/off to London town to research & see the great Museums & be free of bloody SPAIN - & we hath matters to discuss about the Universe& THE S T A R S … we will sit out late sometimes too late… & she JO wish she com`th down from bed sometimes when it is interesting as we tell her next day but we all going without enough sleep`

1936 April - I have learned some ETIQUETTE FROM Paul Whiteman`s Establishment New Yorkwhen he waked us Lennie & me saying `Goodmorning SavagesI have opened your Bank & you may go shopping all over New Yorkthe Manager Carnegie Hall will hand you a tub full (with 3 Senators USA he had kicked the British Ambassador & his evil staff up the `arse`APRIL 1936...USA)

1937 SUMMER - Next afternoon we JO & me-Greetah- watched ANDRE wade out to the groyne the first beach West the Pier & begin to pick off the limpets - with a knife I thinkI tell he & Jo of our shell gathering, fishing, and shrimping, in the right seasons-& winter fishing

not about the accident - the 1st ! - Sheshe & satin & lace London Town , & the Lindsaybuggarhs & Mr Pong caused to Daddy & friends/ last winter1936/1937...

Accounts : Winter 1936-1937 - the worst planned CUNNING being the intended night murder of them all - the SOS lights & the torches all with dud batteries - but all had been OK when they began to pack the equipment from the Clacton-on-Sea Old Road house into the car to go to the Pier beach where our boat is

Oh a miracle - how they managed to save themselves from being dashed to pieces under the Pier where the Steamers come in - 2 young men bracing their feet against those great square columns that are the re-inforced columns under the Pier built by the Kingsman family The other young man rowing like mad to get over that great inset BAYto where they could just stand under the seas if the boat overturned…a rough sea came on suddenly & the boat was taking on too much water…I believe holes had been made…I did not tell ANDRE & JoJO…they are worn out from BLOODY SPAIN -

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