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Part II

WHY PLANNED MURDER SO OFTEN ? because we are Ransom-Weddell & keep the GROTE Homes safe & Grote Brokers & all Solicitors around the globe stop Noble Penniless Imperial Britain taking more moneys to pay their gambling & obscene lives - because they are Earls & dirty DOG PILES- GOLLUM-GOLLUMS- FIGURES FROM A MORGUEtop-dogs with rabies/

1884 - VIOLENCE of LINDSAY Crawford Earls begins - at RANSOM families - Earl sent 3 RN big ships with guns to ORDER the newly married couple Millie FROBISHER & JOHN RANSOM with young upper-class humanist friends OFF JACOPSHOLMEN Island…Earl gave a silent DECREE/a newspaper reporting with photos/ “ THE ISLAND BELONGED TO HIM Gross Britain would not allow again education for a sub-race… GREENLAND…

1937 SUMMER - Upon the beach Clacton & Holland-on-Sea that first day - to become known as Jos beach - We hath received the ARRIVAL of a sad wilting JO-so-tall

Along the SEAS EDGE we sent HEEE raised by 3 Graces France but caught by Clara in his teens

Andre do go & speak with her Josette ... & to my surprise he went obediently as if he had just understood. Stella sayth to Freddie Clacton Theatre- and I have told her not to upset him, Freddie- not to row with him whatever she does ! Not to give him any unhappiness THE TROUBLE IS HE CANNOT STOP TALKING WHEN HE IS WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

I Greetah guided by Lennie - & my father FJR guides us both with firm speechknowth signs of severe youth - a Grote child will tell you- I do look forward to going to school with them in Montevideo when I am 5 years. This first day Summer 1937 I am going to be told not to speak about my worries to the ARRIVALS - but I can think about them - & I am hurting, my limbs my head - my aesthetics

Unitys Mother goes on speaking to Freddie-Theatre & for me… rapidly with worried nods of her head

`IN SPAIN- she (Josette) has had such scares with him - in Spain-every time there was the sound of gunshots - he would stride out to get a better look ! She said he does not seem to know how tall he is ! If this man had not dived at him and pulled him down hed have been killed ! She thinks Clara has done this to him` (Clara is a dope-fiend- a heroin addict)

I Greta Ransom can see us, hear usfeel usto the music of Claude Debussy LA MERmy grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom & my Grandmother JEAN Weddell SEA ballerina Ransom have taken me to a performance of itMusic for the Stars & THE SEAS that world that will come

…& HERE TO US OF THE SNOWS either POLE …COM`TH THE CHOSEN GUARDIAN Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX& a young lady JoJO&JOHout of BLOODY SPAIN greed greed greed cause such catastrophy

We three young people have peace Summer 1937...`with Rosy Fingered Dawn`.

In a few days he George/Andrew ANDRE MALRAUX shows us & many citizens of the Essex shores that he has been raised by `Three Graces` & is a caring clever young man-

ANDRE MALRAUX is elected GUARDIAN October 1937 to the greatest Estate-the care of a million orphans in education to 18 years around the globe-A University to HUMANITAS say`th a man of Letters friend of Andre Malraux who hath gone down on SPANISH SHORES of the SEA & collected up with others school books of SLAIN GROTE CHILDREN alive a few days beforewhen the great Royal Navy SHIPS of Gross Britain stood off-shore.

`The children emerged to Act the Gospels Out and enjoy worthwhile lives & give of their learning from their GROTE HOMES much needed & civilized assistance to the world of civilized men women children & bring succour- comfort where there was none-resourcefulness & sufficient enough & help to humankind & a care of the Globe

`SATTEUS LAETUS` Ransom motto 10th century Osbert Ransom & family line descending to Fred Ransom & his grandson Frederick Charles Ransom & he to his sons FJR & Dr JOHN RAY Ransom& Lennie Dr L.I.Rall three had sons murdered in bestial violence by Gross Britain NOBLES for this Crown `O tempore-Oh mores`Cicero-who designed gardens along the Tiber for an only daughter

1937/38 December/January - Andre Malrauxs POST/mail stolen by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN & May 1938 his signed Copy the WILL stolen in PARIS by a Visitor with a serious drink problem & with Lindsaybuggarhs & Ilk all on HIGH DOPE -

The USA Grote Brokers Wall Street & others around the globe were a TEAM very intelligent & of HONEST administration…They had the understanding of the DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN & THE JOYOUS VENTURE backed by the RANSOM Solicitors Argentine employed since 1830s-

1938 onwards a PENNILESS debauching fallen EMPIRE MOB of FIGURES FROM A MORGUE began to GRASP at anything GROTE RANSOM They put ANDRE MALRAUX-his families-his associates-his future work-ALL under investigation by violent creatures in British Intelligence- PLANS EVIL as the NAZI Regime had been made by those able to manipulate the Gross Britain State & old boy system - A DOUBLE RAMPART OF GROSS BRITAIN ON THE PIN-

… NOBLE KUDOS knew there was ENOUGH FOR THEMIf ANGELA`s name came first then they should have their share& give protection for THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKINDhee haw hee hee haw

Nota bene : They had all known one another since kids in the Noble stablesIMMORALITY ON SUNDAY AFTERNOONS- stuffing pellets from the bowls of purple PLUM Divinorum Salvia Scotland used by Elders for a hard ride& the jockeys too

1946 ANDRE MALRAUX begins to help General de Gaulle French politics -

G.B. Government/etc./noble thugs-`trigger happy TRICKSTERS` & LINDSAY EARLS full of VENOM preaching ON HIGH G.B. & Scandinavia & Europe…the ESTATE BELONGS TO THE BRITISH UPPER CLASS & THE CROWN :

Naval Intelligence et al have MALRAUX & General De GAULLE BOTH UNDER CONSTANT OBSERVATION in case either should hear of the Guardianship to this Estate - Now being VIOLENTLY abused by emptying swiftly the BANKS IN SMALL NATIONS - seashores gutted/logging/settlements demolished & peoples vanished-many burned or taken out to sea/ Properties big investments & carefully manicured lands in France too- dead children Grote in pits ! MONEY IS WASHED IN THE GROSS BRITAIN NOBLE LAUNDRY…

Blackmail was openly added to what neither de Gaulle or Malraux knew about Grote- it was spotted early by Gross Britain nobles these were MEN THAT TOLD THE TRUTH& as both were Catholics the Noble Brits could compound some mischief over the permission by `young Paccelli` to the WEDDING OF THE GROTE RANSOM HEIR TO HER GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUXOrders given none to knowKILL IF THEY COME TO KNOW Say`th Gross Britain `we can have fun and make moneys this way Oh Sunday Games as of old when we were all 16 years to 30...before we had to think about a careerhee hawhee haw`

1960 - Harry Gordon explains to Arthur Malone/Politan…

(youngest son b 1912) “ LINDSAY - always came with THUGS to Clacton … had that place GRAND up by 1910 & it began falling down…too heavy…Scots granite…got a JOB LOT - At the Races Newmarket…everywhere… they`d give you THE EVIL STARE - (from the Silent films) especially when they saw you on the Sea Front . When Old girl Treasa married young Fred RANSOM it was sometime before he said LINDSAY CLAIMED EVERY FAG he had…& Len had them hail him as `Cousin Len`…”

“ I was still in my teens when I ran into them JIM had been hanging on to Mother for years…he fancied having HORSES FOR FREE from her IRISH COUSINS…Murphy-O`Brien-Carrolls…Well we knew the O`Briens very well…they`d come calling…Aunt Annie could go over to Ireland & stay… BUT THE FULL VIOLENCE OF LINDSAY only became apparent 1934 when they kept DEMANDING the `young un` (Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom b 11.3.1933 ) …smashed her up when she was 2 years… that`s why the RANSOM FAMILY all left for GREENLAND & their Island… but then they kidnapped her back…LINDSAY & JIM … after best part of a year…»

« THAT THIS WAS NOT A BRITISH FAMILY I did not understand for sometime… ANGELA NO ANGEL…it surprised everyone to see her down with them…LINDSAY… Old girl Teresa got into trouble because of all of them… they`d found a rich old man they could get parties from…moved in…after 2 years he did not know which year it was… After 1934 WE NEVER GOT RID OF JIM & all of them…. «

HARRY GORDON - Report to ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives/Colleagues/friends Colne Engaine 1960/1961

1947 The April ` early wedding` in the Church of Our Lady Clacton-on-Sea permission `young Paccelli` Pope Pius 12 granting GROTE RANSOM Estate HEIR & GUARDIAN A WAY FORWARD now the Grote children are slain…

Later understood as DESTRUCTION & MISCHIEF by old Lindsays- & Teresa & du Cann father & her bastard of 1924 Ed… TO GET MORE CONTROL OF THE ESTATE & threaten the Guardian & CRUSH THE PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH & EDUCATION of the HEIR & boot in calling her Ape & Pauper & to be physically attacked if they could…

MALRAUX WIDOWER HAD NO IDEA HE MADE `EARLY WEDDING` to AN HEIRother than something to come from his intellectual equals now his great-aunts-in-LAW…Annie & Bessie Williams - BUT HE DID TAKE VERY SERIOUSLY HIS GUARDIANSHIP TO GREETHA that he wrote & accepted October 1937 after SUMMER HAPPINESS & the GOSPELS ACTED OUT in Clacton-on-Sea & East Anglia… !

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