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Part II

ANDRE & GRETA now had horrendous weird happenings about them-dope used on them-putting they & the staff 50 Lancaster Gate Square, the 2 hired Detectives in the most horrific dangerNov. 26th when Andre & Greta visit her Clacton she was annoyed but she was clearly bewildered & the THUG the Royal Satrap paedophile Gollum Mengele HARRINGTON was again THUDDING HIS BOOT IN HER DOOR when cousin Julie was out a day du Cann & Lindsaybuggarh Earl 14 an evil little Jack In The Box & JIM were also messing about around her & all on HEROIN & now they have added LSD as well as the purple pellet up their SNOUTS

Account/tape The Visit to the Seaside the country that wasnt-for St Andrews Day/ Life of Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom Guardian & Heir

All wartime the Grote children & staff & others were being killed- revenge killings of madness to remove whole families Ransom Weddell & other lines has been going on 1933 - 1952 they killed Lens 11 years old son in a second faulty wired house/he found him frozen dead in the shower/they had just returned from a Weddell Funeral Cairo a murder/ - Many families - individuals distantly related with properties of their own were missing -no Weddells` alive in South America by 1960 - accounts/records/ LISTS & Text/documents later/

1962 MARCH - IVY Jean RANSOM realised MALRAUX & de GAULLE HAD NEVER SEEN THE WILLS -when they should have received them spring 1960 - there had been messages supposed to be from them saying `matter under consideration` The Detectives had explained they could not risk their lives trying to get to them & they were loaded with research to do/ could not dare have their helpers discovered after murder of Philip Silverlee`s daughter Argentine May 1960 / …”

“ IVY SAID her brother Fred never had a letter from MALRAUX after the two meetings they had October 1957 - & MALRAUX had gone OFF with the photo album of Fred & his only daughter GRETA… He had NEVER RETURNED ITShe felt this had badly harmed her brother…”

` SHE DID NOT MENTION THAT FRED HAD ALL HIS MONEY STOLEN FROM THE ARGENTINE FOR THE BRITISH CROWNthey had been told this by JIM swinging a halter again with his ex-Army Kenya… & LINDSAY who would call you COUSIN IF YOU HAD MONEY THEY COULD GET OFF YOU…she had a dead son 9 years old in Switzerland… THERE WAS NO JUSTICE…THEY HAD DONE NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS…She also had been robbed of a little income left her by her mother JEAN WEDDELL Ransom… & there was only violence if they said they were the great grandchildren of JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA…”

« …& ANDRE MALRAUX was under threat of death as her brother Dr John RAY Ransom found out Summer 1960 when he saved MALRAUXs life WITH THE VATICAN

IVY now explained what she had discovered from this unexpected visit from Greta March 1962 arranged by a Miss Rose Holder who worked all her life at The Main Post Office St Martins le Grande London…`

1962 March - ` She IVY had 10 minutes alone with Greta before Fred came in - she IVY had just come in from work herself - they had taken a flat above an old shop in Deptford known in happier times to the family - her brother the eldest of them was in a break-down after all this MURDER THEFT FRAUD over the Estate of Aunt Margaret & Uncle Thomas outside the British Empire ~`

`…Greta her niece… whom she had not seen since a babe in a pram had NO IDEA of an inheritance - or an Aunt Margaret- SHE HAD NO MEMORY OF BEFORE THE WAR- of Ivys parents ! An interest in Greenland the girl had but no idea of an island in the snow

-SHE IVY ASKED ABOUT POST over the years/were there some cards letters little presents her Dad & others had sent… Greta said she had received no post/mail & certainly NO 21st BIRTHDAY GIFTS OR THE INVITATION TO THE BIG PARTY THE FAMILIES HAD ARRANGED FOR HER IN LONDON MARCH 1954 & ANDRE MALRAUX to come if he wishedthey were told to expect Greta at 9 pm…she never came to the big table…her father was brave but BROKEN UP…he went abroad…he had caring work -

1962 March - Greta told Ivy what she had for her 21st - she had 9 cards from the Gordon family & friends at Clacton & the Colchester Museum & some gifts…she told I VY what the important ones were…a camera AGFA from the Magowans & a gold watch from her mother & a friend … I VY LATER LEARNED THE WATCH WAS FROM ANDRE MALRAUX…Detectives/Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960s/

1962 March…that evening of 10 minutes had IVY fathom out matters & she soon spoke to Detective Arthur MALONE who had kept contact with her at work… Greta had heard some mention of an adopted brother of her father spoken of by her mother nothing more The girl seemed to her fragile but strong inwardly perhaps … she clearly earned her own living She saw her for about 15 minutes no more…»

1962 March - Greta clearly had no idea that her brother Colin born 1938 had lived with Ivy 1949/1951...that she had put him in a London school & given him a proper homethen the mother had called for him back

The Detective Malone now called immediately & told them some more---she Ivy & her eldest brother Fred Gretas father whom she gave a home to for he was ill from it all & all his Argentine moneys had gone missing after someone had removed all their IDENTIFICATION IN THE ARGENTINE…they were told there mother`s San Julian & Weddell moneys in South America were Property of the Crown England - you could not get anything in writing from them-

She had had them JIMMIE & his ex-Kenya Pals - they who were This Crown hanging about her after dark waving a halter…sometimes it was a Noble LINDSAY who told the LAW they were cousins ! Mr Malone he had not known any of the families Gordon or Ransom before the WarPhilip Silverlee had-& his daughter at 28 years of age 1960 May had been murdered in this-it was clear where moneys were being directed-

… it was spoken of in The City as FRAUD-THEFT gigantic theft-a river of bloodbut nothing had been done after the WarThey were learning moresome Army Officers & others were helping find the criminals who had slain the childrenthat was their business-they had objected to this BLOODY CRIME- & thank goodness for that

1962 March - She IVY JEAN RANSOM - immediately after Greta`s visit she told her brother Dr John RAY ® in the USA- alerted young brother Len co-heir - & another helped…JOHN now told the old Kennedy family members who had known Aunt Margaret & Thomas THE WILLS WERE NOW TAKEN DIRECT to General De GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX who then began to read the 3 Wills/letters/ diaries/most of the Papers Philip Silverlee & his daughter had lawfully retrieved Argentine & NEW YORK LATE FEBRUARY 1960...they should have had all this by de Gaulle`s Courier MARCH 1960 - plane France-New York-back to France/

This was what had been sent to them just 2 years before by Arthur Malone & his Teamit had been STOLEN FROM THE COURIER FROM General de Gaulle By the thieves of the moneys of the Estatethose who had had the children killed had STOLEN THE PRIVATE PACKAGE SENT LAWFULLY to General de Gaulle & ANDRE MALRAUXyou needed no more proof of who the criminals were

She was weary with it allnobody told the truth it was all done for 2 girls who had too many clothes` They her families & Advisors had all had to have a long discussionThe Estate was being connected up again with the nations that had the HOMES FOR THE CHILDREN it was a private matter now & her brothers John & Len took good care of it & the Americans when She heard MALRAUX had been ill since they took away the lives of his boysshe had a son killed in the same wayhed been hit by a carthere had been a lot of itto get hold of Aunt Margaret`s moneys

` IVY Jean RANSOM - & Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux & her three brothers FJR Dr JRR & Dr LIR.March 1962 onwards

There are files/archives/letters/diaries of harrowing accounts of the slain children-others- 1939 onwards 1948...

1962 - Andre Malraux & General de Gaulle reading the 3 WILLS with Ransom brothers & Advisors are shown what has happened to THE JOYOUS VENTURE & GROTE HOMES

A gigantic obscene piece of British Statecraft says General de GAULLE - & learn that from spring 1960 when the package of precious Papers from New York by a Courier of their own was intercepted there has been hurried depth-charging to remove Grote children bodies sunk in nets at sea/Pits on shore landscaped/concreted/ some lands labelled in small diplomatic lettering CROWN LANDS/ Fraud theft A to Z AROUND THE GLOBE - 2,500 HOMES/schools/ settlements/ etc had everybody dead ! Records/diaries/letters stolen/

& JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND of the MARTYRS de Salle of ParisWEST GREENLAND bombed June Gaulle & ANDRE MALRAUX had no documents earlier so they did not give the precious Island protection records-photos-accounts-objects-bodies-personal belongings-books of the dead were collected/ Where are the GROTE children Mother England ~ Here they are ~ burned & drowned by you

G.B. upper-crust are able to use the State institutions & not be questioned because of their BIG TIME - all of them use Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets fire-blown up their snouts- such a pretty onyx-like purple-gilt-orangey pellet- hits brain in 2 seconds, fixed for 2 or more months in a cavity above the nose by that kind of surgeon Race & Clubs circles/violent madness descending upon them all/they become divine

Premier Earls LINDSAY began this violence 1884-Insurance theft at SEA was not so easy late 19th century - & sheep stealing Scotland… “LINDSAY A NUSIANCE SINCE THE PLANET BEGAN” says Winston Churchill January 1960... “the blood line is TOO FAR OUT…1830 ! ” He remembered seeing Millie Frobisher SKATING - & she had a little ACADEMY OF ANCIENT ARTS…` Soon he went painting …


to keep AN EMPIRE in power - Many playing Mata Hari on booze/dopes mixed/Divinorum Salvia Scotland fire-blown pellets up their snouts/hitting their greedy HIGH CLASS SIN brains in 2 seconds/fixed for 2 months at a time/addictive/grown by nobles only in Scotland from mid-19TH CENTURY-PAYS BILLS/ EXPORTED FOR SLAVE FACTORIES etc prostitution-work in Mines-wood chopping/

An Empire HAD FALLEN BUT IT WOULD DECLINE IN BLOOD & GORE MONEYS Oh how they took England in.. (apology/Kipling/ `I followed my Duke` re-written in their shock at the slain Grote children photographs seenDetectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux Colne Engaine Colchester winter spring 1960...)

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