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Part II

BLOOD & GORE MONEYS.especially moneys stolen from GROTE HOMES/ RANSOM LANDS/..& sadly MONEYS of the kin of THAT GREAT SEAMAN WHOSE ANCESTRY GOES BACK TO 1106...AT SEA ! JAMES WEDDELL the sub-Arctic SEAhis mother a Miss Pierce of a prominent London Quaker familyhis brother Charles RN & his 9 childrens descendants/A Weddell pedigree/ancestry was in progress my father FJR & his school friend (University) guided by an old Herald retired man & others/Weddell line goes back to 1100s-then we lose it/it is given in this work of many BOOKS.MONEYS SOUTH AMERICA INCA Tierra del Fuego & from A HUMANIST(WEDDELL 1100s in NorowayFJR/JRR/LIRNOTES)


you can go no higher.. /Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums to be found at Hollytrees Mansion Museum/1934-1962/ Web / who loses his life, poison, in trying to give GEORGE-Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom a life you dovetail together Child.ITS RARE TO GET TWO BIRDS LIKE YOU TWO TO-GETHERYOU WILL KEEP ONE ANOTHER SAFE.LOOK ! THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE YOU CAN GOWITH THIS HANGING OVER YOUBOTH OF YOU…” November 1953 /January 1954-1956/59-1961/ January 1962 - COLCHESTER MUSEUMS

1937 SUMMER come from SPAIN blood & gore



they have attended a Coronation - & gone to SPAIN-

Mr Jimmie Jong/Earls of Crawford & LINDSAYBUGGARHS/& ilk Imperial fists-big boots/Scandinavia joins in/ all nasty kids in the stables of big Places/early 20th century helping themselves SUNDAY afternoons to this narcotic/turning the 10 COMMANDMENTS upside downthey call it SUNDAY GAMES/still play at this in the 1960s in rose gardens a Welsh tower/records/newspapersTHE DOPE HAS THEM MANIC SPITEFUL

THEY ALL on absinthe cocktails/dopes HAVE IDEA to put another name on THE WEDDELL SEA-destroy reputation J.W.

…. 1909 after the RANSOM-WEDDELL marriage & seeing his grand-daughter the bride dance modern ballet with her own choreography of her Spanish great-grandmothers line/ She is painted by Degas in 2 works of the dancers - The parents of Greta`s father FJR, & his sister Ivy Jean, John Ray R., Len Immanuel RANSOM The dope fiends on awful mixes & plotting with Lindsay sub-apes have a plan to hive James off to a few miles they now begin to pepper him with insults/deny him his 2 sons/ James & John (Clarke Gable a great-grandson of the line of JWs 2nd son John cousin to my grandmother JEAN ballerina elder daughter of James elder son of James Weddell SEA & Aelovemdah Maria Miss San Julian a Quaker Catholic marriage 1824... )

At the opening of a Gross Brit motorway a Doc Mengele DOPES/Medicines ? Playboy young man who should be educated better jeered to LIR my friend the ape boyEM-O-VE-DAHhee hee hee hawYah Yah Yah…” This figure hath one word on his dope brain at this time `bloody` & is cashing cheques round the globe at Banks in my name & LIR- for CASINOES- He has been taught to push this dangerous narcotic up his snout…/seen doing Arran 1953/54 -

LENNIE my co-heir Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM my fathers youngest brother (kith is Fredk. Im. KANT) is the GREAT- GRANDSON OF JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA-

A very beautiful legal marriage to a highly educated pretty girl of a great INCA Line/ The brides father is James Weddell II & his grandfather Yahamah Joseph San Julian F. San Miguel had a mother an heiress of Tierra del Fuego who married lst the Aztec Royal line (1 son) & widowed she marries the INCA Noble line (1 son Y. J. San Julian-) Roman Catholic marriages/

Jean Weddell marrying Frederick Charles Ransom (daughter of MINERVA-Olivea Hesketh songwriter singer Mrs James Weddell II & her husband ) her paternal grandmother is THE ICE WHITE BRIDE 14 years of age married in her most beautiful ice white frock with silver grey embroidery, flowers ice white, veil , white Prayer book in her hand, attendants to she comth up the church path all in drawings & reported in newspapers 1824... ` Mrs James Weddell to be a Roman Catholic is marrying a friend of her parentsthey visit ROME & have been on a Tour by Sea and Carriage as far as North Americaan interest in archaeology featured in the Tour of this family with Mr James Weddell Mariner of a Quaker family`

THEY ARE GOING TO BE MY GREAT-GREAT GRANDPARENTS … Greetha born 1933 -we visit ALL THE WEDDELL FAMILY72 of them South America1935 into 1936 before the attacks on us in Mexico arranged by Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs & Noble Scum with JIM Jong Mr Pong MARCH 1936…/vast reports up to 1988-1992- The slaying of Weddell Family begins 1946...

1937-21st Century - MALRAUX & JOSETTE & THEIR CHILDREN- then any children of the Widower Colonel Malraux Guardian & the heir Greetha Ransom are to be only left upon earth as ` SPACES BETWEEN OUR THOUGHTS` (Geo.Sefris/Greek poet `King of Asine/) King of Asine/

Miss Winifred Gordon directed my EARLY WEDDING April 1947 - with Georges-Andre Colonel Malraux WIDOWER OF JOSETTE, putting a white prayer book in my hand & Sister Bede allowing the use of her white veil & circle of satin roses she used at her wedding to the Church in place of a hat All of church & school believing Aelovedmah-Maria would be watching us from HEAVEN, she who died at only 21 years after a dreadful attack upon hershe a very holy young woman & she is given a Sainthood in South America her husband JAMES WEDDELL refused LEAVE from Gross Britain for her burial !

JAMES WEDDELL who has not yet written his book on the sub-arctic SEA is officially OFFERED THE POST OF FULL GOVERNOR BY SPAIN ! Thus he could not comfort his two sons James & John 5 & 6 years of age after their mothers death- The loving grandparents SAN JULIAN & his Spanish-Basque-French wife raised the two boys to young men/ vast photograph collection/annotated books/Papers/published Papers/ said by JIM JONG to have been burned by him May 1936/

Other records/letters stolen & used as pellets in Catapults by Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs Mr Jong & some young men they were ripping off & destroying their health for their moneys/ THAMES 1938 a car boot full of precious records burned in my face & Augusta Frobisher with me by Earl Lindsay & scum 1938, beside Thames as we try leave for Noroway with boxes of records TO GO TO USA FROM NORWAY a vast archives of the WORLDS HISTORY, SEA & LAND, of good human beings…( BASQUE line is AQUIDA/a hostelry by 1939-horribly murdered & their son-by G.B. Nobles )

1938 onwards : FJR Greethas father immediately began to put pen to paper & restore what he couldbut we were all beginning to wilt under this cunning ploy of claiming all Ransom histories for G.B. Government & Crown IN SECRET - FOR A WOMAN CALLED ANGELA who got given it all by a woman she & they call `the old Eskimo` These violent Fraudsters/thieves/ are not human beings - but diseases upon the earth

AELOVEDAHH-MARIA Miss San Julian Mrs James Weddell THE SEA, sub-arctic, Antarctica, her father the last of the INCA line maths-astronomy-Priest Rulers/ THEY PARTY AT STONE HENGE-when it was new- humour of Ransom family/ Records burned 1936 JIM & Lindsay scum following us making LISTS of immediate LOGGING/

1770s-1840s SAN JULIAN - educated by R.C. monks who found `The Inca boy did arithmetic out of the air` a great HUMANIST, Ice Breakers owner-goes out always on his ships to safe-guard the young/ Acting Governor Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel, for Spain WHERES THAT DICTIONARY WITH PHOTO OF HE IN ?

DONOVAN, Colchester bookseller had his Rare Books room THE STRAND LONDON burned by Naval Intelligence RN because 1954 he refused to hand over RANSOM HISTORIES/WEDDELL/SAN JULIAN

…. to Doc Mengele Harrington /Lindsaybuggarhs/JIMMIE JONG CUR JAMES/ DEMANDING FOR THE CROWN…….

1820s - A GREAT HUMANIST, San JULIAN his only child AELOVEDAHH-MARIA Miss San Julian makes a Quaker-Roman Catholic marriage with JAMES WEDDELL, her fathers friend- they go to ROME as a family - she intelligently discoursed with holy men since she was 10 years / Recovered TIME is to restore diaries/letters of a holiday in a carriage to Argentina & visit to North America her parents & she & James Weddell of the SEA - Greetah Frobisher Weddell Ransom is told at school lessons in the 2nd World War her history but it lead to horrible violence against her & several teachers being persecuted one attacked, perhaps twoa third was poisoned & left to take another post (Information from the Convert to Roman Catholicism Graham Greene Novelist returning 1952 from VATICAN to Colchester MUSEUMS - HOT FOOT WITH LOTS OF NEW INFORMATION ON SAN JULIAN ! )

Education : Greta Maureen Ransom age 8 to 12 years

has January 1942-1944 summer Headmaster Captain-Commadore Leroy, Llewellen Road, Clacton-on-sea & University teachers invalided out or Pacifists/ Then GR moves up to Pathfields School /Teacher for Drama & then Head of School is Laura Lawrence- Newnham College Cambridge/ Geography & history both schools was ARMSTRONG Cambridge University - he knew Lawrence of Arabia in RAF/ Raymond Salt Music Royal College/ 1943/1944 Andrews BA Oxon Maths & Science/ Many of these teachers are companions of ANDRE MALRAUX Widower 1945 into 1947 & some onwards...

In October 1945 I Greta Ransom put myself in the Convent of Saint Clare by the R.C. church Clacton-on-sea in spite of orders from Teresa Gordon R & her Nobles that I was to stay where I was I prefer to go back to my pre-war school just opened this Term& I have no intention of walking across empty farmlands where I am quite certain they mean to attack meMiss Lawrence was upset & felt I should stay put but then she objected to ALL GIRL establishments perhaps

ANDRE MALRAUX WAS NOW PART OF MY LIFE EVERY MONTH FROM MAY 1945 to the `early wedding` April 1947..& to 1976 October the end of his life/records/

Miss Winifred Gordon my aunt allowed me to take some drawings of Aelovedmah into school 1944/winter 1945 but there was VIOLENCE FROM HER SISTER Teresa Gordon Ransom & the appearance of old Noble freaks from pre-war A man was found dead after seeing TGR talking with `log of wood-old centaur of the sea Louis Mountbatten` (HE WAS BLOWN UP 1979/newspaper reports on a Sunday/) ALL ON THE PIN-& SNOUT-

(This DOCUMENT has extract RECORDS “ incredible BURST IN VISIT in 1937 by him waving a gun to have something signed by TGR They have all been nasty kids together early 20th century)

1820s/1944 - One of the SAN JULIAN treasures was a braid of Gretas great-great grandmother Aelovedmah-Marias hair - her drawings & some by other persons of her show a pretty girl, freckles, auburn hair in two plats round her head, INCA cheekbones a sweet rounded jaw of perhaps her Tierra del Fuego grandmother who is also part Gaelic/Norwegian she is the heiress with her brother to lands very extensive San Julian land & marries 2ndly the INCA last of his line - their issue one son Yahama Josef San Julian born in 1770s he has an Older Blood brother Aztec his mother`s first Noble marriage she an heiress -)

I do not know the fate of these precious Ransom family mementoes (there is a Family TREE - )

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