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Part II

1960 January - `it is learned Miss Winifred Mary Gordon Child of Mary had been led to give Ed who came with 2 man Team her first considerationhe BASTARD NEPHEW informed her he had the better education in the family than any of her nieces & nephews She a lonely spinster whose three chances & 2 engagement rings had been trodden under foot pre-war by Lindsay Earls & JIM a perverted little half breed Racistnow fell to AFTER WAR NERVESshe could not think very clear

1945 June - Winnie DID NOT HAND TO ANDRE MALRAUX her courtesy copy THE WILL OF Margarethe Ransom Grote in June 1945 when she met him for the first time at Mr & Mrs Winnclemann`s home near the Catholic Church Clacton

1960 - to Patrick MacDrew/Arthur Malone/Philip Silverlee/ Win Gordon Aunt to Greta is explaining she did not hand the Will to ANDRE because of hints from Ed that `the Wedding of GRACE it was not legal (1947) … « Angela had said so` & anyway her kids had been on the big spend & her in-laws of Scandinavia` said Edward flippantly…»

« ….. it could not be stopped & the British Government had found a way to TAKE ALL THE ESTATE…» This tea-table talk ended with Miss Gordon GIVING TO EDWARD du CANN ALL HOMES GROTE OUTSIDE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC LANDS… !!!!! He is on the PIN from age 17-he says so in 1954 January/Hampstead/

1946 Spring - Miss Winifred Aunt Gordon was persuaded to be PORTIA by Ed du Cann & his 2 Man legal Team - & not to tell the more educated members of her family MISS WINNIE GORDON had Bastard nephew & 2 man Team about her from 1945 spring…1944 upon the poisoning of Mary Helena Gordon her mother… they had enquired `WAS THERE ANYTHING FOR MASTER EDWARD FROM MRS GORDON`… (Ed lst christening Gordon & an R.C. born Mai 1924 GIVEN LIFE BY MARY GORDON his grandmother…he the bastard & a nasty GREEDY IMP !)

(No MONEY Ed ! - all of you keep dirty unholy HOUSES & dirty BEDS…like 90 per cent of the TOP OF THE PYRAMID…du Cann got the 18th century carving of an Elephant Thailand/India that was GRANDPA GORDON`s…George Ernest Gordon b 1868-killed by all of the LINDSAY mob with a poison drink late winter 1937-Treasa Records/several reports/ )

RESEARCH/records/ `OUR Bill Mayor of Manchester & all of them` Detectives/Colleagues/friends of ANDRE MALRAUX research 1960 onwards - murders go on/

1947-1959 December - NEITHER General De GAULLE or ANDRE MALRAUX knew THE WEDDING OF GRACE 17 April 1947 was allowed by `young Paccelli` Pope Pius XII because of his burden 1938-1947 of the slain GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - a crime of foul greed done by noble violent ugliness of Gross Britain

The Pope was assured by several persons including Professor Winnclemann that he felt THIS WEDDING OF DELICACY & GRAVE ROMANTICISM by two young people was very necessary - Young ANDRE & Greta who coped with her mad Virago mother they both could step into other centuries to HAVE A CHAT…”

( letters from Professor W i n n c l e m a n n who possibly made a Vatican Visit February 1947 ?) …Here was an unlooked for solutionan ethereal Union of two Catholic raised young persons who by their nature would GUARD THE GROTE RANSOM ESTATEthis union would guard they the heir Greta Ransom & GUARDIAN Andre Malraux in the Post-War mid-20th century world -

There is a Report from the Catholic Convent School of Poor Saint Clares & the R C Church alongside that the girl Greetha Ransom had tried to help her very insane mother Teresa Gordon daughter of Mary Helena Carroll Williams Mrs George E. Gordon known to Vatican persons…

( & there was the tedious matter of the bastards ALL UNKNOWN TO ANDRE MALRAUX - one son of a Prince `Henry Hall` of Noroway& Ed du Cann& dear Jack Gordon who had died unnaturally Spring 1945 after his 60,000 English pounds had disappeared he a Ward of the English Courthis father a medical RN man had been pushed off a boatafter making the 3 year old a Ward of Court…early 1920s- only JACK wished to help Greetah with the children round the globe … the others hoped for THE BIG WIN…pushed by THEIR HORRIBLE FATHER bastard MOBS…who won & drip blood & gore -)

1945 - End of 2nd World WAR - The British Nobles 1930s had been PENNILESS Suddenly the British Establishment Upper Class & Crown were sporting dough & they could not be asked `where have you got it from- & why is this blood & gore river of slain Grote Children BEING HIDDEN-whose given you AUTHORITY to empty small nation BANKS Grote Ransom Estate ? `

THE ELDERS RANSOM GROTE WEDDELL were in shock 1945 from the discovery of the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ages 3 years to 18 years THE proposed 1947 MARRIAGE OF GRACE early wedding allowed to The GUARDIAN A widower of FRANCE & their HEIR (of 14 Races & 27 nations) was such a solution to GETTING THE HELP OF ALL NATIONS outside of GROSS BRITAIN…..

.G. B. who had committed this HORRIBLE MADNESS of WAR FEVER & NERVES the Lindsay MOB were WITH EVIL STARE giving out in noble ALL MALE circles when candles lit shutters drawn…

GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDER MALRAUX & de GAULLE had again as from 1938... ALL POST/mail STOLEN & false messages given…It had become the National Industry of Noble Britain to deceive MALRAUX & DE GAULLE…OR KILL THEM…

1940s-1980s : It went on as BIG GAME HUNTING for British Noblesthe descendants of all Grote children were to be slain-some had risen high in humanism-records/archives/)

Both General de Gaulle & Malraux were under death threats by dope & booze divine BRITISH NOBLES & CROWN & Scandinavian - Vikings out of ditches - Ale mugs in their paws-

DEATH - if they should learn of the WILL - de Gaulle & FRANCE & MALRAUX lived dangerously - not knowing of legal WILL & extent of the Estate A-Z 1946-1960...Gollum-Gollums got rich

1960 January - ANDRE MALRAUX/Detectives/Colleagues/Colne Engaine were horrified to find that Miss Win Gordon had never handed to ANDRE her Courtesy copy the WILL when she had him in her home - & her kitchen chatting with the R.C. Priest about the WAR…Fags/some beer/TEA/sandwiches … from June 1945...`

1957 October - Aunt WINNIE HAD PUT the WILL IN THE ORDINARY POST TO ANDRE when told to do so (upon its discovery by Julie Butler cousin) mid OCTOBER 1957 telephoning Greta to 50 Lancaster Gate Square

GRETA WAS TO TELL ANDRE IT WAS IN THE POST… ( which Greta doth have a memory of telling he ANDRE MALRAUX The Gov-Sir in charge of this Catholic CHARITY over from GAUL half the month - I said she has put in the POST a file of Papers from Granny Gordon that have been with the Solicitors since she died…1944 June - )

…. 1960 Miss Win said `then Greta did not answer the telephone or was never in at Saint Edmund`s House - & the families at the SEASIDE heard RUMOURS from her mother/Teresa Miss Gordon`s sister & her BASTARD heroin addict nephew du CANN (Tries have Greta killed with others November/complete accounts by rescuers/ANDRE dealt with the monster but had no IDEA THAT MENGELE his Jailor robbing him weekly too - WAS THE OTHER MONSTER ! ) Miss Gordon RC heard from her nephew Edward & his mother that Greta & ANDRE were playing about & not HOLY in Saint Edmund`s House… but FAST & JAZZYshe felt let downit was a matter for God then…» /

1957 mid-OCTOBER - Mengele Harrington Doc Gollum-Gollum paedophile ordered removal telephone & told ANDRE MALRAUX that Greta Ransom was misusing the telephone

Mr Mengele & parts of Naval Intelligence who protect Angela & LINDSAYBUGGARHS & so many other Nobles who have a SADDLE BAG & MORE OF THIS blood-gore slain children ESTATE…all OF THE OLD DOPE UGLIES knew ANDRE & GRETA WERE ACCEPTED BY EDUCATED YOUNG LONDON… & that Foreigners related to GRETA Eskimo- APE…like Count Poulsen of NORWAY… had been trying to talk with ANDRE…

The JAN STEEN TAVERN PARIS `The Saint Messalina`s Head` was told to KNOCK ANDRE MALRAUX`S MEMORY OUT WHEN THEY CAUGHT HIM in their house… EMERGENCY ! MacMillan Houses of Perversions was heard saying `he wished Greta & ANDRE were DEAD…`(See Reports kind MI5 ! ) MacMillan is known to be an OLD DOPE FIEND…& one Angela sent a message via WHITEHALL `she knew Greetah was there AND noticed Greta Ransom DID NOT HAVE TO STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR ANY MORE …`

SOME OF THIS MOB THOUGHT GRETA RANSOM HAD A MEMORY…MENGELE Doc paedophile & dirty JIM & Teresa grasped at ANDRE & Greta…insulted both…went about with long black tongues to their boots telling FAT PORKY STINKING LIES…all of them dripping blood & gore moneys…Treasa the least…all she gets is 5,000 a year RACING CREDIT…anything else is when EMERGENCY she is needed…& THE MOB OF THEM GET EXPENSES WHITEHALL…as in the Roaring `20s…Various idiots Houses of Perversions listened to them …as UPPER CLASSES…

1957 OCTOBER NOVEMBER - NOBLE BRITAIN was climbing up the Wall & over the ceiling Westminster Palace & expensive NOSH-UPs… with fear … MALRAUX & RANSOM to-gether again…

She Miss Win Gordon had no idea that British Naval Intelligence RUN BY MENGELE HARRINGTON Gollum paedophile had permission to TAKE ALL MALRAUXs POST/mail for the BRITISH CROWN& The Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs…creatures of THE EVIL STARE who had personally done the slaying of the children as `HUNTING BIG GAME`…

That ANDRE he had been put in such danger she could not grasp - her nephew Ed du Cann had told her the Estate was the property of the woman Angela & these nations A to Z had risen and slain all the children- That ANDRE MALRAUX & his GENERAL De GAULLE not knowing of the Estate had led to a persecution of them & Greta & Andre whenever seen together & that this had been the position since she allowed her sister & Du Cann & others to WRECK the marriage of GRACE she did not follow said ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives/Colleagues/Colne Engaine 1960/1961 …

`When Greta was to live at Andres London home as his Ward `Miss Win had put her copy in the ordinary Post to him at 50 Lancaster Gate Square, October 1957- not come with it- or sent a messenger- made some arrangement with the Solicitor who had often held this package for her ! (Astonished Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960)

IT WAS OF COURSE STOLEN AT THE DOOR BY both Mengeles Harrington working for Naval intelligence Government Lords Earls & The Crowns…& some who dripped blood & gore of SCANDINAVIA…gone INSANE long ago on DOPES DIVINITY & FAST JAZZY COARSE OBSCENE IGNORANT KUDOS-no humanism/

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