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Summer 1939 just before WAR 3rd September … Frederick John RANSOM is told by the G.B. Government & its Crown…`NO WILL REGISTERED…nothing received…”

LIARS ! ~ GROTE HOMES Norway, Netherlands & Africa already have children-staff murdered-disappeared -

IMPERIAL BRITAIN A PENNILESS EMPIRE DENIED THEY KNEW OF a registered WILL (for an old Eskimo) … SUMMER 1939 - they knew WAR was coming with their Nazi chums of the swell food & drink parties… & how convenient that would be to aid them getting the Estate…

1940/1941... I fear the British Government has embarked upon FRAUD ` SMALL Committee to Report in secrecy to Whitehall - Sir Rowland E. Whitehead - Reports 2 letters/telephone calls winter 1940/41-

( REW is the grandfather-in-LAW of Greetah RANSOM legal HEIR to this Estate he REW is to investigate 1939 - Mrs PJP Whitehead 12 Oct 1967...onwards…)

1940/41 ... XMASTIDE … REW - Rowland Ed. Whitehead …A MAN OF HONOUR JUST OVER 70 YEARS OF AGE… he was hit on head & knocked over by the River Thames Wallingford by JIMMIE JONG Mr PONG Major Carew/Captain James (with a 2 Man Unit Intelligence at the Back of Buckingham Palace 1939-1944...

In this Palace at the back JIM has a 2-room apartment from 1923 organised for him by his friend since she was 12 years ANGELA ) -

REW a younger son of “ JAMES LORD MAYOR Extraordinary 1888 ” (biography by cousin Bob Whitehead WALKER ) REW`s father with Quaker friends tried keep CITY OF LONDON CLEAN…they would not go into business with the OPIUM DEALERS/Noble BritainLINDSAY Earls deal in Insurance FRAUD & OPIUM ship loads - as well as SALES a narcotic that is put in the broth-& rice bowl of slave labour/child labour ENTERPRISES overseas(Divinorum Salvia Scotland)…

Attack on REW is early one winter morning 1940/41 as he took his accustomed walk - & he is the grandfather of the Whitehead twins Rowland & Peter - their mother is sister of Mrs Joseph SPARKMAN husband Life President New York Yacht Club- old West Virginia Wheeling familyall of them knew Tiggy & Margarethe Ransom Grote

REW - died that year 1941 after being in hospital from the ATTACK by JIM Jong ON THE PIN : ( REW & wife Ethel Rathbone have a monument in Cholsey Church-further monuments/stained glass window Church ORTON ) reports/archives interfered with again in greater depth by G.B. Government teams in haste - after the Civil Marriage October 1967 of Greta RANSOM - Peter WHITEHEAD grandson of REW/ Both of us in the world of Museums ! (Letters/documents/family histories/pedigrees (including females) all lines Whitehead-Rathbone)- Ask G.R. XW.

1960/61 - The information is vast- some documents January 1960 were to be handed to G.R. but were stolen swiftly - ANDRE MALRAUXS SONS KILLED IN AN ARRANGED CAR CRASH 23 Mai 1961

“ THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING PEOPLE PETER TO GET THIS MONEY…we knew about it when I was in the City…” 1950s-1970s/

1968... Many young people & others…children & GROTE HOMES CHILDREN… for the last 30 years have been killed MARTYRED in this FRAUD to get a vast piece of philanthropy smashed up & a SHARED OUT to the BRITISH NOBLES & CROWN…. ALL PENNILESS… 2 women severally unbalanced on heavy narcotics & manipulated in this horror from 1920s-2,000 AD…are « PACKHORSES FOR THE CRIMES OF THEIR MEN «

1960/1970s The ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives & Colleagues had to examine the evidence of the slaying of the Grote children during the 2nd World War-1960 onwards… & suffered extreme shock as the bloody history became known from investigation they remained loyal but the loss of life went on & Philip Silverlee after his daughter murdered May 1960 was hunted - spied upon - abused - & he & second family with teenage children all murdered 1976...He sent a TAPE 1976 to BMNH…telling the horrible events leading to them hiding in the hills…HE FINISHES his account with “ YOU WILL NOT HEAR FROM ME AGAIN…” MARTYRS…Argentine-

1960 summer - the Colne Engaine ghost house team

from June/July … WON OVER some persons that the criminally insane employed - & some of their Mercenaries - & the British Territorial Army dropped by & made TAPES of monsters threatening Greetha Ransom, Fred`s daughter at night- & hung one Lindsay monster up by a leg & used it as an ash-tray - it died in 3 days-it had been seen taking part directing the slaying of the Grote children & was an addict to this dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland UP ITS SNOUT- 1961/63 - Another monster got hung in its own palatial Scots larder with a note `best pork` …it came of a group eating girls by moonlight round the LOCHs…especially young girl heirs Thank you good people who did this IN MEMORIAM THE GROTE CHILDREN… MARTYRS THE GLOBE A-Z

3 WILLS etc operating the Estate were not seen by Andre MALRAUX & General de GAULLE until MARCH 1962-3 Ransom brothers presented them-& others loyal-

1960 February-March - The common sense plan the Andre Malraux detectives-colleagues & people in LAW- USA & other Nations decided upon… was to print on their front pages newspapers on the same date around the globe a simple question & let the daylight in on `genocide` by a fallen Empires Nobles-


Here are ours ! & print photos of the death pits-witness reports/remains/ Evidence of the high intelligence of the GROTE HOMES system its humanism its COMMON SENSE to raise standards round the globe & to remove the power of the dirty mouths of Noble Great Britain & Scandinavian Nobs … who hushed the matter up by saying all HOMES were prostitution~ All G.B. overseas diplomatic branches were told to pay their bills & get a `decent standard of living`hee haw - but the globe of Independent Nations A to Z could never find this DECREE OF IMPERIAL BRITAIN 1936-1970s to be on a piece of paper…from Whitehall or 10 Downing Street

1960 - late February/early MARCH …Ghost House TEAM at Colne Engayne Gallows Corner…( Key in Hollytrees Mansion Museum with HWP )

The Plan was AGREED by all NATIONS globe A to Z - some had several GROTE HOMES of the fatherless educating to 18 years with 3 or 4 languages taught the children from 5 years …simple words for the family & heimat & they will build on this later when they go travelling to THEIR other HOMES A-Z the world / - FRANCE had 5 HOMES beginning 1870... 1930s onwards the G.B. Noble Class sponsored in France the theft of woods minerals in cunning sneaky fashion & since 1945 were now grasping destroying all that is registered in the legal WILLS of RANSOM round the world - THIS WAS HAPPENING ROUND THE GLOBE TO THE JOYOUS VENTURE OF MARGARETHE RANSOM GROTE & her husband THOMAS Immanuel (KANT branch) G R O T E…

FRANCE had no infra-structure to deal with IMPERIUM BRITAIN & Scandinavia - Nobles trailing empty goods wagons behind them about the globe…

All the 1930s - British Imperial Diplomatic ARROGANCE had been delivered to Wall Street GROTE BROKERS & others administering the Estate…BUT NOTHING COULD BE GOT IN WRITING .”

1945 - & threats MOUTHED - that the deaths of the Children were the Nations themselves who rose up against Grote-Ransom Estate … As the 2nd World WAR ended the matter of SLAIN CHILDREN FROM the USA ORPHANAGES GROTE OVERSEAS was coming back with returning USA Servicemen from Europe & Asia 1945/47 To Americans who had a GROTE HOME IN OR NEAR THEIR HOME STATE…this was an American InstitutionTIGGY GROTE HAD HIS BUST on a column as you entered CENTRAL STATION by the stairs - postcards/Len & Greetha see it 1936 April REMOVED BY THE BRITISH EMBASSY for repairs (from outside Central Station New York) 1941 in the name of THE QUEEN - ships ?

1948/1949 ... LINDSAYBUGGARHS EARLS were muttering they were in control of CANADA& 1949 after murders they got No 15 in to RUN TRANSPORT/which Lennie is trained to take over by GROTE BROKERS/… They all now began DESTROYING Grote-Ransom Investments… TRANSPORT CANADIAN RAILWAYS & 1949/1950s - this is the spade-wheeler boy of the `GRAND` - Clacton beaches…(born 1926) HE began 1949 robbing with others the Estate of his cousin LEN RANSOM & Greetha Ransom (a relationship to CLOUTS LINDSAY 1830)

SPADE WHEELER BOY- EARL to be NO 15 ... HE NOW PUT CANADA RAILWAYS (Press reports) IN THE RED … Then in Canada he had another accident- shot another girl while playing Russian roulette

(1938 summer Greta Ransom 5 years old almost lost a foot to him LINDSAY Earl 15 when he brought a metal spade down in anger yelling `GIVE ME THAT MONEY YOU APE MY FATHER SAYS IT IS MINE` - The Nut House Doctors came to see him ! He is demanding money of The GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate…)

He has been trained on this Scotland DOPE for his role in life since a child of 10 - JIM & Dad have taught him the GUN play with narcotics … He went into a Clinic but got out in 2/3 months… ALL YOUNG LONDON educated knew…& middle-age London… but Lilac Time at Lizzie`s Pub is in control…Press Reports went as far as they dared… Count Garnie Garnock has this DOPE of Scotland UP HIS SNOUT…he has learned to live so by instruction from Lindsay Crawford Earls MOB…& Mr JONG…soon Mr Mengele Harrington comes along to be sinister companion…They all charge about 1950s/1980s… in THE BIG BLACK CAR « 5 men were seen in a big black Diplomatic type car »

( TRAGIC VIOLENT CRIMES are allowed NOBLE Britain & Scandinavia/… So SAD - we human beings 1930s had so much to do in THE JOYOUS VENTURE… Our GROTE HOMES orphan children A-Z the globe who regard all lines RANSOM-GRONLANDER families AS THEIR OWN FAMILYRecords of HUMANISM G.R. )

1930s - Lindsay 15/who so nearly cut off my little foot Recall he has been `training for my Role in life` with this deadly narcotic up his snout since age 12 years he was felt to be very mad at 10/12 years of age sometimes - it was the narcotic he got from the elders of the LINDSAY MOB & Mr JONG.Police called it `frog spawn` & knew all about it…« grown in Scotland & pays their Billskeeps the Bailiffs out sometimes…”