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OBSCENE LIES - FOULNESS- FROM IMPERIAL BRITAIN The RN boats had come along in the War 1939-1945

to stop the IMMORALITY - the children were diseased…there may have been some accidents… !

& these heavily festering sores of SYPHILITIC G. B. Nobles changed their clothes 5 times a day & strutted about with NOBLE FACES FROM A MORGUE-

1960 - Ghost House Team Colne Engaine : By mid-March the Plan was to ask a question on newspapers the world Where are GROTE CHILDREN - Mother Britain ? You have said in bitterness for 70 years they interfered with your trade -

( Dr Barnado had a tussle with you Imperial Britain - to educate to 15 years his orphan children going into Apprenticeships ! Not just factory- domestic work- farm hands…” )

WHERE ARE THE GROTE CHILDREN ? - 1960 March - This was the message going out from every Nation that had a GROTE HOME - or several HOMES- & the RANSOM `VOYOUS VENTURE` upon its shores its lands by invitation but nothing was heard from Malraux/de Gaulle other than a message `considering`

1960 Feb/March - THIS IMPORTANT Plan had agreement HUMANISTS in these little nations…so fragile were they when the SEA POWER of IMPERIAL BRITAIN sailed in …


Grote Brokers New York correspondence sent to ANDRE MALRAUX from November 1937 to 1949...

Retrieved February 1960 Argentine & New York Wall Street GROTE BROKERS (amalgamated with another firm)… The typewritten carbon copies of letters - notes of Documents-duplicates-vital information on the Estate & The HOMES

A CHEQUE BOOK for MALRAUX THE GUARDIAN approved October 1937 for his expenses - used from 1938 with forged signature of ANDRE MALRAUX - enormous amounts cashed for British Nobles & CrownResearch/US State Dept. SPIES/

1960/1961 - The parents of President Kennedy have their son CLEAR with USA Senate an Investigation by them/he & they PAY the approved 3 persons to research- of course like so many New Yorkers they knew Tig & Margarethe GROTE of the White Bridal Home Long Island - stolen again after 1963 demolished & a luxury Yachting venue put up - DOUGH to BRITISH NOBLES…KENNEDY IS DEAD from a stray bullet Onassis speaks/records -

The 3 WILLS required to operate the GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate did not reach ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulle March 196O by their specially sent to New York COURIER - he was delayed in France 2 hours & laid out with a narcotic & his Package ROBBED by Gross Britain … papers of lesser importance left for The President of Gaul & - & about to be bereaved the more - ANDRE MALRAUX - The two good men of FRANCE receive these important Documents two years later in March 1962 -

In the 2 years 1960-1962 false answers & messages came to the Detectives & Colleagues based Colne Engayne- who received no payments/other than from FJR & some moneys they managed to gather from BANKS where Accounts in name of Greta Ransom were being diverted to various NOBLE SCUM - Netherlands too ~/Records 1966 moneys Netherlands/routed via Athens/

1933 XMAS - The Gross Britain Government & CROWN with the Earls of Crawford & Lindsaybuggarhs-other Nobles - some men paid a salary working in WHITEHALL - ALL OF THEM HAVE THEIR SNOUTS INTO OUR CORRESPONDENCE - RANSOM FAMILY - IT IS A CRIME AT LAW but these dope-booze IMPERIUM cackle they are above the LAW- From 1937 November all correspondence ADDRESSED TO MALRAUX Guardian & other RANSOM FAMILIES & other branches kith/kin are all under investigation using a falling Empire …

1933 March - Greta heir 2 weeks after birth - & Lennie Ransom born 1921 heir & co-heir by December 1935 of the Estate made by our FAMILIES - BECAUSE OF OUR INTELLIGENCE NORD-SUD Poles Tour of Grote Homes 1935-1936...before the nasty G.B. kidnapping back of Greetah to the violence & obscene CLAIMS of LINDSAYbuggarhs for Angela & her MEN…all of them PENNILESS…(they all want putting on chains in the SNOW)

1930s-1980s - MEMORY LOSS powders : It is as if a conveyor belt is in my brain- or I am on a moving staircase in the UNDERGROUND Difficult to follow & compare information given me-everything slips away…I HEAR THINGS SPOKEN FROM THE MIDDLE…never can grasp what a person says at the commencement…but I have a system of symbolism which keeps me very tidy - That is how I have survived- But I can learn from the written word ! SPEECH ALMOST FRIGHTENS ME at first…I like to have peace to recall the few words grasped…If the monsters increase the DOSE then crossing a road is very dangerous…some mornings leaving 50 Lancaster Gate Square I had to sit 2 hours in the Park until I could feel I was ME…MALRAUX WOULD OFTEN BE AWAY IN FRANCE or about the globe…when he found me with an empty head Dr & Nurse Mrs Mengele Harrington told him I was an idiot & HAD TERRIBLE CRIMES AGAINST my mother & this was WHY I HAD NO MEMORY…THEY WERE TELLING LIESthey ROB THE RANSOM ESTATE every month by Permission/arrangement with Angela & her EARLS OF Crawford & LINDSAYbuggarhs men…

1960 February : There was one mention by Arthur Malone Detective in his evening Report : talk of my going to see documents - BUT IF THE PEOPLE SPOKEN OF DO NOT ALL COME IN A DEPUTATION then I live in a landscape of not knowing where danger is & fear sometimes it can arise as it did at 50 Lancaster Gate Square with most horrible VIOLENCE from dirty JIM WHITES CLUB & his hideous THUGS killers for dough - MENGELE is about in that blue car & uses his horn as he passes my tiny meadow…in early MARCH 1960 he was in The Ghost House & so was ANDRE MALRAUX… Mengele is a killer -many educated young people in London know he is !

Fear can rise like heavy fog of choking grey-black-dismal shades…& sometimes I have no memory & am clearly in terrible danger- as ANDRE MALRAUX sometimes was when THIS DOPE WAS GIVEN HIM (the two women in Paris have been told by Mengele Harrington to give him MEMORY LOSS POWDERS immediately he arrives at the house they have known as `THE JAN STEEN TAVERN`…Now more than ever 1957/1959 there was the chance he might learn of the GUARDIANSHIP ! I retain knowledge mainly by symbolism & my own `stark lines` It is too dangerous for me to keep a diary - I am searched - I have been threatened by Mengele & Teresa Gordon R. my parent for years -

1950s/1960s - I have no understanding I am an heir- my understanding is by 1960 my Father has some money/property but I can only think in thousands of pounds & then not OFF SHOREI count pennies & earn my living - I HAD TO LEAVE THE Clacton flat 1956 where I had been with she Teresa my mother since May 1947 because I HEARD HER SAY SHE WAS GOING TO POISON ME & CLAIM AN INSURANCE ON MY LIFE SHE HAD… ! She never left me alone…trekking about after me in Colchester & London with threats-wheedling…/ photos/accounts of these years/

1957 November - Mr Mengele HARRINGTON put her in my room at 50 Lancaster Gate Square… Twice ANDRE MALRAUX hit her on the jaw & dragged her up to the empty house steps by the Kent Hotel- THEY MET IN December 1924 in FRANCE- her behaviour to him in the house was violent & she called him OLD FOSSIL- but the evil Mengele pair were putting her up to all this…THEY WERE ALL AT LAVISH SUPPERS paid for by THE CROWN OFFICE…all acting out again THEIR YOUTH in the Roaring 20s…

1940s/1950s/1960s - I HAD NO POST/mail…No memory of THE JOYOUS VENTURE or ANY PRE-WAR MEMORIES of the 1930s except that ANDRE MALRAUX kept putting into my memory SUMMER 1937 by reading from his notebooks AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN…

I had no memory of every being RICH - But the Grote Ransom gigantic JOYOUS VENTURE was not about being rich but about making a contented civilized existence for the globes peoplesSATTEUS LAETUS (Osbert Ransom`s motto 10th century) ` we are content with sufficient…`

I HAD NO MEMORY OF Lennie age 15 granted his FLYERS licence & badge 1935 when we got to New York…& us GOING UP TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER…or even of his parents my grandparents…since 1939 ALL HAD BEEN ENTIRELY REMOVED FROM MY MEMORY BY CONSTANT MEMORY REMOVE DOPES…LINDSAY MONSTERS WERE IN ON THIS…especially their filthy old EARLS…they do this to their old female relatives to get their DOUGH…

Mr Mengele Harrington born 1912- exterminated Feb 1992- has persecuted countless people for years-beginning when he was 12 years old & had to be got TREATMENT- All the while from 1938... he is helping himself to endless DOUGH dripping in blood & gore from the GROTE RANSOM Estate - he Mengele spoof Doc HARRINGTON is to keep MALRAUX with nerves & cultivate a character for him that HE IS AN UPSTART from North Paris…NO ANCESTRY will be allowed because ONE Angela has learned of the Norfolk East Anglian ANCESTRY 9th century/ & she & `Tree` with other females of the Roaring `20s are PUT TO EXPRESS THE JEERING REMARKS of her MEN/ALL GETTING MONEYS OF BLOOD & GORE/ (Into this penniless sponging IMPERIUM set up from 1919 has come Treasa Gordon-GORDON-Gordon/some GORDON mob have DOUGH & lands)

The paedophile HARRINGTON committed on Continent 1930s /British Asylums treatment 1940s / has a ROLE FROM HIS NOBLE & now Royal circles… ANDRE MALRAUX IS NEVER TO LEARN OF HIS GUARDIANSHIP - & the female Ape-Eskimo Greta Ransom with all her families ARE TO BE CALLED just thatshe is not allowed to marry except to a man with a Police record from the lower classes-& no kids allowed…/Thus spake LINDSAY Premier EARLS of GROSS GROSS Britain…

1957 October - Doc Mengele HARRINGTON is with sneers & a twitch on his twisted mug at 50 Lancaster Gate Square Saint Edmund`s House trying to be A HOLY HOME of ANDRE & Greetha & Josette`s boys, LONDINIUM : & Mr Mengele is about SCARLET TOWN…his dead fish eyes roaming about a room full of Noble listeners - Are they fascinated believers & wondering if they will be paid too ?

REPORT : “ A Swedish Industralist semi-retired has gone missing … he had looked at a seashore hamlet & felt he would like to gentrify it for his retirement but keep the small canning factory the fishing going onhe would put in A GOOD SCHOOLthen the families would grow & be able to speak with himhe would have humanism & progress in a civilized manner His documents of existence were found to be missingas if he had never existed He had investments abroad & moneys in foreign Banks & some properties He was another victim of the Gross Britain/Scandinavian Nobles 1920s/1930s “ Sunday Games turning the 10 commandments upside down Sunday afternoons so there was plenty of dough…They began it as KIDS in the stables by 12-13 years…stuffing this purple narcotic up their snouts…»

He is one of many documented persons missing & their wealth falling into the hands of TWISTERS MARTYR/Sweden/reports various nations & concerned families/

Doc Mengele paedophile Harrington the highly paid Royal Gollum Satrap is telling FILTHY lies about GRETA RANSOM heir to The biggest Estate in the world & ANDRE MALRAUX - & he now knows ANDRE MALRAUX is the chosen of the globe 1937/1838 GUARDIAN…