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1960 January Arthur Malone/POLITANDetectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux.December 17th 1959... An heir takes shape They are trying to tell G.R. the dangers. NOW that `THE Noble CRIMINALLY INSANE` know that the GUARDIAN MALRAUX now knows what its all been about since November 1937 ! HE HAS BEEN DECEIVED by Gross Britain ! The Wills are quickly got in late February from the Argentine, with carbon copies many letters sent from the late 1920s ! BUT THE WILLS & IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS attached DO NOT REACH MALRAUX & GENERAL DE GAULLE until March 1962 (a selection carbon copies of letters were retained for examination & information classified & sent to Andre or shown him)-

Philip Silverlees daughter is murdered May 1960 in the Argentine for LAWFULLY getting a startling package to-gether/ From late February/to her death May 1960 SHE KNEW & UNDERSTOOD THE RECORDS of both South America & NEW YORK- this can be followed in diaries-records-archives/

1960 - Letters/documents/ show that the secret silence Policy of the British Government & Crown was to remove Capital & moneys coming in round the globe to RANSOM Estate Accounts with the names of the heir & sub-heir - EMPTY banks of the Estate Capital in every nation then sell off property leaving people homeless jobless in the vulnerable nations - CRY in secret silence THE GOVERNMENT of GROSS Britain had to be REPAID for stepping in to this SECRET FACELESS Estate !!!!! A Regiment of Captains of Industry would step in to save the Empire…in secret silence UNTIL THE DOCUMENTS COULD BE GOT & A CHANGE OF NAMES fraudulently imposed !

Aluminium/EMI/Transport Canada/our Arab Emirates/ & there are lists of the delicate flower garden investments of humanism-

1939 onwards/ The small nations especially South America/Asia were having a delicate piece of infrastructure tumbled in SECRET SILENCE… (FOLLOW IT ? !! = BECAUSE THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN HAVE EMBARKED UPON FRAUD 1930s onwards … After removing MONEYS from our Estate BANKS the NOBLES would SCREECH ` IN THE RED…` Get the G.B. diplomatic enclave/Whitehall/Lindsaybuggarhs Earls etc etc to STEP IN - no publicity allowed for it is a NOBLE matter…!

… & there is nasty old fishy tales in Scandinavia…

1938-1980s…BEASTS OF PREY-VILE creatures - a regiment of Gollums - The reader/political historian is to be reminded of Sir Rowland Edward Whitehead (his wife Ethel Rathbone of the great Liverpool Quaker families) he a K.C., JP., ex-MP…his father James Whitehead Lord Mayor Extraordinary London 1888 of the Quaker families ORTON Cumbria -

invited on a small Committee from 1939 to give the Crown & British Government the OPINION that it could go ahead taking this big Estate of Philanthropy OVERSEAS. 1940/1941 ... He is to notify by telephone & letters colleagues& also pass information to New Yorkhis grandsons have a marriage line amongst the Elders into GROTE family


For this he is attacked by JIM Jong : (2 man Unit Intelligence 1939/1944 - back of Buckingham Palace/where he has a 2-room apartment since 1923 - friend of Angela & family from 1912 -)

( “…. a little fat swag bag man kept his head down as he passed us grunted to my `Goodmorning`…he looked like a poacher with his sack which clearly had something heavy in it..” )

`Hit a blow with a heavy implement/cosh on the tow path Wallingford on his early morning walk winter 1940/1941 & loses his life a little later…` (If he fell in the water could not be discovered in 1968 but it was believed this was the intention - to deal such a blow & push him in the winter river- it was known to be a connection to a Committee he had been on…) A letter to a son was not received but spoken of1968 summer/

1960 - mid-February/ COLNE ENGAINE Sudden visit/by small plane/ of ANDRE MALRAUX Burgermeister of PARIS given permission by Saint Charles … says he must return to Gaul later in the day hence he takes DAWNWATCH on his 48 hours release -

1960 mid-February : AT DAWN WITHIN 8 HOURS of MALRAUX arriving came a cheerful Lieutenant-Commander David S. Brown RNVR with a present from his mother/a blanket for the caravan/…he woke me at 8.ooam knocking on the caravan door which faces away from the road onto the winter brooke & hedge with great oak tree… He was very jolly & saying he was sent by NAVAL CIRCLES to guard MALRAUX……“ who is believed to be playing TRUANT from his JOB in FRANCE…had come VISITING ALL HIS TARTS in London…”

1960 - end February - LATER I am told by Detective Arthur Malone that I am supposed to have been told “to go up to 50 Lancaster Gate Square & live there again for he ANDRE has still got his apartment & the FLAT on top of the building is building …”

To go back to No 50 WOULD BE THE MOST DANGEROUS THING I G.R. COULD DO - & insulting because of the NOBLE IMPERIAL VICE THUGS able to BREAK IN…into the MALRAUX Catholic household night or day… THE THUGS of dirty JIM who is known to be always criminally insane/ TRAINED PEKIN CHINESE OPERA in his teens

( he born c 1898)… now called CUR JAMES who is that Mr Pong of pre-war days who with Angela since she was 12 has been “SEEING THEY GET THEIR SHARE & THAT LINDSAY EARLS DO NOT TAKE ALL of the Old Eskimo`s FORTUNE…”

MALRAUX is naïve perhaps… but certainly DOES NOT GET HIS POST/mail…Often a delicate minded MAN (raised by 3 GRACES into his teens/marrying Clara age 20 years of age)… he now a busy Minister of Gaul - Dr John Ray ® his USA Team/Malone POLITAN detectives/colleagues ANDRE MALRAUX work on by moonlight…

ALL OF THEM are to DISCOVER the VAST DESTRUCTION OF RECORDS as the RESEARCH continues & into years ahead …


“ as mad as it is possible to go”…. says a Report USA Intelligence/Secret Services 1960...

THEY MAY NOT KNOW how many disguises HARRINGTON Doctor Mengele uses…so many Noblemen used disguises 1950s…they had them made by Film Studio make-up artists ANDRE MALRAUX had to go into disguises 1957 onwards (an account from MI5 given to PJPW & Greta Ransom W. July 1969...\“ THE OLD HERO playing Scarlet Pimpernel again…he would enter a place but we`d never see him come out…It took three attempts of my men to find out how he did it…disguise…We were anxious to look after him…all of them Peter…When Greta turned up we thought it was going to be the start of happiness for him at last…we knew about the little marriage when she was at school…Oh it was a matter of green-eyed women…”)

1961 Kennedy President USA & PARENTS… (co-operation Dr John RAY Ransom outside the official circles)

…Grote Ransom Estate properties 1960 USA taken off these Noble British & Scandinavian monsters by simply using their own techniqueBOOT IN ! - Kennedy`s parents knew RANSOM & GROTE FAMILIES - Kennedy family are Roman Catholics -

1958 `young Paccelli` POPE PIUS 12 is dead -

1957 November - MALRAUX visited him … The Pope gave ANDRE & GREETHA permission to re-vowTHE MARRIAGE NEVER ANNULLED HE INFORMS ANDRE MALRAUX NOVEMBER 1957 ... He said to ANDRE he was distressed at death of Mary Gordon 1944 June…he had offered she & her grand-daughter 1938/39 a 2-room apartment “by the gate” Vatican - where he ran a small school for `children at risk`…

When Andre Malraux returned from his Papal Visit VATICAN to Saint Edmund `s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square … He began telling Greta Ransom the news & hearing to his surprise the wedding never dissolved 1947 - & that he was puzzled at some of the things The Pope said about the family - “ Then he, the Pope got a bit impatient with me & said… `do anything you like - go & see the Cardinals … I have other things to do - THE MARRIAGE TO MARY GORDON`S GRAND-DAUGHTER WAS NEVER DISSOLVED…” Georges-Andre- said “ He waved me off … young Paccelli - so I thought I had better find the Interview at an end…”

1947 September - ANDRE MALRAUX was told by Teresa & Matron Nurse Connie Napper the marriage was dissolved…& in the September he had to sign for them a Paper…THAT PAPER WAS TO HAVE THEM TRY SELL OFF 114 acres of Jacopsholmen Island WEST GREENLAND !!!! - USING HE ANDRE MALRAUX AS GUARDIAN TO WHAT HE DOES NOT KNOW - some noble criminally insane thug or thuggess would be behind this -using them -

1947 onwards - `Treasa` Teresa Gordon R. now lives on GIN - she is getting money from somebody in NOBLE LONDON…


(Nota bene : There were Plans 1944 to get the heir to safety again/Southern Ireland/Reports/diaries/) -

1958 - THE POPE, Pius XII , before his death never learned MALRAUX had no idea of his full Guardianship to an Estate the Vatican valued around the globe !

The Pope/ young Paccelli to everyone pre-War/ heard November 1957 from ANDRE MALRAUX DREAMBOAT how he had always honoured his GUARDIANSHIP of Greta Ransom that he had agreed to TAKE UP October 1937- replied to Mary Gordon & Greta`s A U N T - Mrs GROTE - October 1937...Malraux had no more understanding - GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIAL HAD STOLEN ALL HIS POST/mail from Nov. 1937...& 1938/1939 began SLAYING THE GROTE CHILDREN to get hold of the RANSOM lands-moneys-investments…& DID EXACTLY THAT…& NOW they were so rich & togged expensively & ON THE PIN…



… THE THEFT OF THE WILL of Margarethe Ransom GROTE & the Letter to the French President is STOLEN in PARIS addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX…

Malraux`s POST/mail handed to Angela July 1938 her Paris visit with her husband - & the Letter to The President of France stolen too - informing him the approved choice of Guardian by the nations of the globe OUTSIDE IMPERIAL Gross Britain…