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1969 - JOHN RAY Ransom a USA citizen with educated wife & 1 medical miracle son POUL RAY (Ransom) born 1958…AN AMERICAN STATE DEPARTMENT WORKER/& NASA/ 1919/1945 it is known to be UNSAFE TO USE THE NAME RANSOM because the PREMIER EARLS OF GROSS BRITAIN LINDSAYBUGGARHS & G.B. Government lewd LORDS & Crown have stolen after murdering GROTE HOMES CHILDREN 2nd World War a half of the vast worldwide ESTATE of Tiggy Grote & A GODDESS OF GREENLAND…Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE…born 1841-speaks 12 languages fluently/literature/histories/Classics too/Hebrew/ARABIC/as most of her family Ransom…TIG had 110 languages by age 50 yars…he circumnavigated his HOMES on his wife`s lands taking 2 years … (telephones are invented)

1975 - Canada - on way to his Ransom ESTATE kidnapped by the usual G. B. DIPLOMATIC THUGS “5 men in the big black Embassy Car ” - /records-life histories/biographies/

Dr John`s son is murdered age 17 years kidnapped from his mother who has him in hiding since the MURDER OF HIS FATHER at MONTROSE FARM by the BASIN East Scotland 1969/1970...

GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES HAVE moneys from WHITEHALL for HUNTING BIG GAME…from 1890s…in secret silence-

1975 Canada - The young boy born 1958 only son of JOHN RAY RANSOM… of an early research MEDICAL MIRACLE… is MURDERED by LINDSAY TRIBE with JIM Jong & Mengele/other thugs of character assassination in same way they murdered his father JRR 1969/1970- 1970 HE IS TO TAKE UP SENATE WORK USA In the year 1975/ some trite remarks murdered of POUL RAY/real name RANSOM he said- age 17 YEARS/ in Canada Press/ & G. B. sources told to forget it for it’s a matter of FAMILY LINDSAY…` Count L. he who tumbled Canada Railways IN RED…shoots girls in Russian roulette - Its about massive GREED & NOBLE BRITAIN CLAIMING AN ESTATE BY FRAUD VIOLENCE USING the REALM - propping up its syphilitic CLASS 1945 on -

POUL RAY RANSOM 1958-1975 - is first cousin to Greetah RANSOM b 1933… persecuted again the more by THE LONG BLACK FORKED TONGUES OF BRITISH NOBLES their sluts-slags & dirty old sham men… from 1968 after a marriage LEGAL of the STATE G.B. to a TWIN grandson of Sir Rowland Whitehead who was on a COMMITTEE 1939/1940 TO TELL GROSS BRITAIN LORDS & CROWN they could N O T P L U N D E R the Estate of Mrs M. Ransom GROTE whom JIM Jong had slit with knife behind her ear - The O`Neill Farmhouse AYRSHIRE 15 May 1938/ she ELDORADO - whom NOBLE G.B. call “ OLD ESKIMO”-


PRONOUNCED “ G.B. GOV & CROWN `CAN NOT BROKER A PENNY` & THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN has EMBARKED UPON F R A U D…” W A R C A M E & PENNILESS NOBLES accepted one W. CHURCHILL from their bargain basements… HE KEPT THE NAZI MADNESS AWAY 1939-1945… “Oh they have all been taking a silver plane to party in Germany 1920s & 1930s….DEUS VULT…?

1969 - Dr John Ray Ransom - Murdered horribly at the Ransom Montrose FARM near The Basin/RECORDS/

(2 murders RANSOM old couple 1939 September by JIM (has 2 man UNIT Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace 1939/1944) bringing in a lorry & a car 6-7 Army special THUGS/burned everything except PAINTINGS/Books-incunabula/ JIM & correct Documents had it become in tiny teeny-wheeny letters CROWN land-

Historical documents/diary etc/ show it was PURCHASED 1500 AD for RANSOM marriage to The Lady Japan/1504 Bruges Cathedral…(you can see him LAZARUS in the Altar piece commissioned by Painter Joest & he is assisted by his young friend JOOS van Cleve…also a young Trader/painter friend of the Family RANSOM Bruges…/records/20th century research/

Dr JOHN RAY ® had PETROL POURED DOWN HIS THROAT BY THE CROWN LANDS TENANT 1969 - Doc Mengele HARRINGTON followed him across the lands to the SEA & shot him in the head

( 2 WITNESSES who got OFF SHORE) THUS 1920s - 1980s … murders of RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDER for DOUGH…by IMPERIUM -criminally insane ON THE PIN - ABOVE ALL LAW …

1937 SUMMER - (Notebooks ANDRE MALRAUX ) ` THE STARS ARE OTHER WORLDS like this…Great Paul`s mother says so, ANDRE Saint George…she reads LUCRETIUS in Latin & French-IN THE SNOWS…Thomas tells our million children so when he goes about the globe with Lucretius on one shoulder & Jesus on the other…our dear THOMAS…`

“ I MALRAUX said to The Prophet … `Hhhmn…they did not live in the same century…” ( Notebooks of ANDRE MALRAUX that SUMMER OF HAPPINESS 5 weeks then to LINCOLN & his mother`s ancestors…SUMMER 1937...)

WHERE ARE THE RANSOM FAMILY ?…I do not know…THEY ARE IN SPAIN RECUING THE MURGATROYD COUSIN 22 years old…LINDSAYBUGGARS are BOILING HIM IN MARMALADE…Angela told them they could storm & BOOT IN… have the Farm of the missionaries of Ethiopia-my girl in the Russet Silk Bridal Gown has come to retire here…FOR UPON THE SHORES OF SPAIN IS A H O M E of Grote children she can help… all educating by PERMISSION Spain to 18 years in HUMANISM`

1937 SUMMER - ` Georges-ANDRE … “ the children learn 4 languages easily & travel on our big ships to the other side of the world…the Equador ladies told us how they went to CHINA when they were 12 years old with dear TIGGY before he died…That was last year…1936...when Lennie FLYER took us to THE HOLM in the SNOWS…for we had hoped again to open UTOPIA begin THE PLAYS…& that greatest school on earth….where 7 Romney boys came for education (1850s) …They became 3 American Senators/1 wine grower Spain/1 Norwegian hack then MAN OF LETTERS… the other 2 did not do so bad says Captain Alan Villiers 1967 ) …older when we saved them…they became good men…BUT THEY THE MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP in their GRAND have stolen our RECORDS…& t hey PERSECUTE ALL WE HAVE ACHIEVED …. With H U M A N I T A S…

MALRAUX retired Minister of FRANCE 1970 is reading out from his 1937 notebooks ` found an 8 years old…not 4 & a half years… I DID NOT COMPREHEND ALL WAS TRUTH… I learn 1960 it was true...HER FAMILY WERE IN SPAIN A RESCUE THAT FAILED…I was not to know - I might have tried RETURN - the Estate had hundreds of planes - around the world …”

( 1961 May - then the boys murdered of he & JOSETTE… By then he KNEW HE HAD BEEN INSULTED BY A MADNESS OF DIVINITY which had up its SNOUT a dangerous DOPE from childhood…~ IT CREATED MANIACAL HATE- violence & terrific STRENGTH… determination to PULL DOWN those who would not give them DOUGH…THEY WERE MADE FROM AGES 12-13 years by its use INSENSITIVE & habit bound …

“ it fitted them for their ROLE in life…” Divinorum Salvia Scotland - made into flat pellets fire blown purple-orange-gilt shades like onyxinserted in a CAVITY above the NOSE for 6 weeks …fitted BY A SURGEON…it FLASHES THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS….they also carry it in powder form to mix in drinks or blow about on people…IT IS A PRIVILEGE OF NOBLES )

Courts of LAW - destroyed records/-newspapers-Mengele was re-writing some of their Noble crimes-putting spoof records about - 1940s/1970s - for dough!

“ Earl & his brother put the 12 year old heir whom they claimed was doo-lah-li-tat having raised him to be a fool down a hole at sea/ Maritime Observation Chamber/ & TRIED CLAIM THE INSURANCE c 1910. newspapers/diaries/text-photos/

1938 - winter com`th - I can see my young Father Frederick John RANSOM his young tragic face - an EARL LINDSAYbuggarh wearing a Great War Prussian Helmet with spike … came into our beloved Old Road house the rear of it a farmhouse that stood there 1600s- This creature with acid porridge shade of face & dead fish eyes ON THE PIN straddled our hearth Pontificating about HIS MOB LINDSAYBUGGARHS claiming all GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL because the CROWN would NOT have fatherless educated to 18...offshore..!

1965/1966 - City of London Elders The former Miss Bloody Liar-has put a River of Blood around your feet young woman Miss Ransomgo & see your father…” (Arthur Malone works alongside GR in some fashion-agreed by the employers& Philip Silverlee man of Letters Broker-Insurance-musician… com-th & go-th from Argentine Money matters & grandchildren & 2nd young family/FRED RANSOM father of Margarethe-John-Poul came sailing The Mary Rose 1850s & picked up his grandparents off an Atoll dying of thirst - gave them land & a little town began - THUS Philip Silverlee will say “THE RANSOM FAMILY GAVE ME LIFE..”

1965/66 a young Muratroyd cousin aged 28 years is killed after returning to Argentinahe had worked in The London Chamber Pot during his apprenticeship to Money mattershe spoke to G.R. & handed her the photo-copy of a man called Mr F.C. Ransom making an acclaimed speech to Royal Exchange 1939...the congregation stunned by the death of his wife still a young woman -

IT HAD NO MEANING - I am a pauper-nobody RANSOM has ever sent me a letter/card/present…I felt embarrassed that it should be thought any relation of mine could make a speech I HAD NO MEMORY AT ALL- yet thousands of photographs have been stolen & destroyed by LINDSAY EARLS & other murdering BRUTES WHICH TELL MY LIFE & WOULD HAVE MY MEMORY RETURNED - 1965 there was danger for me because I HAD NO MEMORY OF THE DAY TO DAY EVENTS Colne Engaine that first winter 1960 into the summer…& the year 1961 did not exist…

1960s - Perhaps I was damaged by the excessive amounts of MEMORY LOSS dopes in secret silence got into me by MR Mengele Doc paedophile Royal Satrap Gollum HARRINGTON who appeared from time to time & whom I HAD TO DODGE evenings going to the library-& could never be anywhere alone FOR THE HORROR OF HIM REMAINED WHILE I SAW HIM…MORE DANGEROUS…I ONLY KNOW THIS PAEDOPHILE BRUTE in his DISGUISE wearing 6 inch boots, a raincoat like ANDRE MALRAUX & a wig of thick dark hair with lock over his cheek…as the Cartoons would portray ANDRE MALRAUX for two decades…I could remember that the young STAFF 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1950s were fooled by this apparition…from the side or the back we thought IT WAS MALRAUX… the horrible EVIL STARE eyes showed it was not!

I WOULD NOT KNOW Mengele in his natural state ! That will be proved about 1980.. I do not know his first name to this day…perhaps it was `DEVIL`…

DOPES : ALL OF THESE CRIMINALLY INSANE LEARNED OF THE TREATMENT GIVEN TO GREAT WAR SOLDIERS (lst W.W.) suffering SHELL SHOCK…HOW TO REMOVE THE MEMORY-what dopes to use…Nota bene : They all have an evil stare if they are Nobles ON THE PIN…they learned it from Silent Movies 1920s…

FIGURES FROM A MORGUE-NOBLE BRITAIN- put a river of blood around the world about the feet of every Nation A-to-Z around the globe -

1945 July - A big LINDSAYbuggarhs INVASION -

Clacton-on-Sea, 112 Vista Road, in the back garden by my rockery I have built SHEshe , the summer house the lawn & the tiny fish pond with the bridge - they have come in from the REC/Recreation Groundabout 15 of them or so-women in 1920s beach clothes-trousers, Art Deco design materials -a youth quite tall fairish haired, green eyes-its a Lindsay but with another surname- has a 19th Birthday to be celebrated in the GRAND-before it is pulled down- I describe it to 2 school teachers later as a Rearing Tom Cat- Family Lindsay- it has eyes like steel points & describes how they killed all the Grote girls over 14 years - at one HOME - in FRANCE -