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1945 July “ …. last year - we ripped their arms off as they were standing in line - then pushed them in the pit - & set fire - they have no fathers - ` (N. B : Britain won the 2nd World War 1945 April)

A small red nosed middle aged man from Scotland called LINDSAY-CLARKE said Silly boy-Silly boy - we are here to celebrate his birthday 20 years old- got too excited ! WE ARE GOING TO GET THE DOCTOR TO GIVE HIM A SHOT TO CALM HIM DOWN - & TAKE HIS MEMORY AWAY.but Teresa we have got the lands & the cash - Angela will get her share… `…

records/archives/interview with TOM CAT 1960/ he will be watched by Ex-Army/Navy who are out to get the slayers & do it back to them/because of his age 18 years when he went on this horrendous MURDER of GROTE HOMES Europe he will be watched - slightest sign cruelty or USING THIS DOPE he will be removed from planet-

Saturday morning July 1945 - I Greta Ransom age 12 years the companion of George Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX a WIDOWER about the town he in shock JOSETTE NOT YET A YEAR IN HER GRAVE - stumbled out in shock almost turned to stone in horrorforcing my legs in my Wellington Boots to move -Teresa Gordon WILL NOT BUY ME SHOES- I ran into the 2 University teachers in the Old Road- Reports/Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960/1961...

THE NOBLE SUB- APES have one excuse they all wear a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts from

age 11 or 12 years SO THEY CAN WIN IN LIFE

3 young HUMANISTS amongst The Gospels Acted OutEast Anglia

1937 SUMMER - ANDRE- Josette & Greta - LIMPETS-

I doth saye in my QUAKER speech & modern speech.`It is a slip of a shop- thin- between the others - I like it very much in winter or on wet days - I get my best shoes there - but it makes me miserable on hot sunny daysGeorge-ANDRE Well they are poor shops but very nice people - it is the older part of the town - before the Sea Front became fashionable - It is our road - the Ancient Way everyone says it was - down as I hath shown thee… from GREAT CLACTON of The Doomsday books - Uncle Liam had the little one OUT in the Library - you dont touch it but turn the pages with glovesnot everyone does but this is bestI hear them say…`

“… This little poor shop ANDRE-Georges- it sells the shoes the women who gather shell fishes wear to walk on the mud flats - they have FEET 2 or 3 feet long (a joke) .it is the only shop for miles & miles along the coastsyoung Fred Ransom… Daddy says

I am troubled that he Georges ANDRE does not see this little home of ours lit by candlelight - with our friends who come & speak upon the whole world upon ALL TIME - I would like to have him linger & light candles, we all prepare a supper on the great cooking range & the old tiny range the first ever made at Birmingham - see them lit up 7 we partake of good FARE -

…. I sense his misunderstandings of the HOURS OF THE DAY THE WEEK ……… THE YEARS & THE CENTURIES “ yet he doth come our Way perhaps he has been too long amongst the bright lightsas they saywhen Len FLYER & I go amongst his Dad`s ( but my Grandpa`s) two thousand relatives Frobisher…

1937 Summer - In my mind as happy are these days when I GR am the child with these two so tall young people -

golden silvery days they will feel in memory… even if the SEAS are wild with the wind & the centuries they rise from be with the sunken ships & towns & villages gone for ever because of the coastal erosion & there are happy times for our line that I know about from Ransom histories & many parts recited as my bedtime stories & even when all is drear we have our little home beside the SEA for when my school Term Times … & there is `Jerusalem` at Deptford with JEAN ballerina & all of them - yet with Lennie I am aware we have TO KEEP EVERY DOOR



When they LINDSAY MONSTERS OF THE DEEP are INFESTING Clacton-on-Sea fleeing their bailIffs WE ARE A ROYAL WAY… come from THE SNOWS …

GREAT CLACTON RISE - dipping into the Old Road to Marine Parade…to the SEA FRONT… THIS is the WAY OF THE SEVEN CHURCHES TO THE SEAS & I share its footsteps with Josette & he Saint George ANDRE this unexpected Summer Holiday 1937-

… I am told by Lennie & the family it is called aesthetics to think so Young Fred Daddy Ransom - MARTYR - (he writes me a birthday poem to the end of his short life 1969 in style of a family acquaintance Walt Whitman - I will receive nothing of FJR`s literary work-IMPERIUM burns them lighting its FAGS…!

Reports 1960 /West End & City London - “ It gives them UP THERE a cock-up to make more MARTYRS )

Report 1957 late October by ANDRE MALRAUX “ Your father -he could run a small Republic better than me…LIKE FRANCE -”

1935/1939 … FJR (GR`s Dad) & I talk upon these things as we go`th a SUNDAY now-and-then to take me to our Church of Our Lady - that incredible great piece of ROME architecture on the inside at the entrance to the Holland cliffs -

….where WIDOWER ANDRE MALRAUX Summer 1945 will sing with me Greetah the 1610 MASS Claudio Monteverdi… sing it to THE STARS for JOSETTE…

1921/1924 ... Earl Lindsaybuggarhs & their Evil Fairy - (D. Lindsay 1944/1946 Court Case- who poured paraffin down the old lady to get her paintings - he uses too much purple dope say the his MOB) tried stop it building & hassled the Architect & his clients/other clients !/ & families for they smelled the moneys2 widows with 20 thousand pounds said- `& you can have moreWE WANT SOMETHING AS WE SEE IN ROME``Young Paccelli & the Pope sent an Important scholarly Priest to be first in command`

1960 In February/March/April 1960 Mengele Harrington Gollum paedophile Royal Satrap sends Brown rnvr over to G. Ransom`s own homeI have bought it new from the makers Spritefrom my wages 2 years at Jaywick Holiday Shops- the little caravan `Mistral` Colne Engaine- Gallows Corner- Brown rnvr is to demand for Doc Mengele `that book``A short Critical History of Architecture- H. Heathcote Statham 2nd edition 1927/ Batsford High Holborn…sent me by D.B`s mother - book of her dead son John/

1960 January - Doc Mengele Harrington with his female vampires was showing his Imperial authority but pretending to The Ghost House Team that he was physician for Malraux & only interested in keeping him & his moneys safe for his familyhe was also holidaying with Clara as of old- he seemed to suddenly have a lot of DOUGH

Doc Mengele Harrington now began drawing up PLANS- To be destroyed for/by The British Realm ALL BOOKS WITH THIS CHURCH-Booksellers would be told they were helping the GovernmentSecret Services would deal with any stubborn persons All the old Mengele Harrington threats were flying about

1960 February - Arthur MALONE/Politan hired Detective for ANDRE MALRAUX - NOW FOUND HIM TO BE DANGEROUS & INSANE & his wife full of MALICE & ENVY of Greta & ANDRE …”

`…but knew he could lose his own life if he made this known to those who might talk & say where they had this information- He could only alert Philip Silverlee & then when they were certain of not being overheard…`

1960 onwards to demolition c 1975 Doc Mengele HARRINGTON for EARLS OF LINDSAY & CROWN… had under INVESTIGATION ALL people who have married there - ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO RETURNED FOR A MASS ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR WEDDING DAYall whom had been baptised - funeral services - LISTS OF PROMINENT CATHOLICS IN AREA WHO USED THIS CHURCH - THERE WOULD BE PICKINGS FOR MR MENGELE & LINDSAY EARLS & JIM…& all could SHOUT & SPOUT in secret Imperial silence `OH THEY HAD TRIED STOP THIS UNWORTHY UNSAFE BUILDING BEING BUILT by ROME… ` (…they could have all gone off to Monte Carlo to the Casino or hired a Harem as Lindsay did ~)

The State & unofficial-Agents used would be told they `were in training` for this type of work in the future CUNNING DECEIT was the FLAG that Mengele waved Many Agents used would not live if they came to question too much& it was the custom to REMOVE some of this type of STAFFtip them off the NOBLE FLAT EARTH Imperial Britain could now use Break-in-&- ENTRY- remove in name OF Government & Crown all iconography memorabilia PERSONS that shows this ROMAN Catholic church EXISTED & its short history of HUMANISM -

1960/1954 : The book of ARCHITECTURE was a 21st birthday gift 1954 to GR from Brown rnvrs mother - it had belonged to her dead son Johnshot by British in Wales for flying on heroin-& bombing ships - killing 30 or more off Ipswich-hed dumped his bombs at sea outside the harbour - Things went dreadfully wrong with HILDAs two boys-she had not wanted to marry-she wanted to be a Nun-she liked Saint Hilda-Whitbyher grandfather was Bacon Shipbuilders but they ran down & produced second rate work…an Aunt `Ingate-something it might have been…insisted David b ?1916 did not study MUSIC but GO IN THE NAVY…then she would leave him her moneys…

The Architectural/plans/details for the 1920s Our Lady Church Clacton-on-Sea were NOT in the book-

GR was amazed it was returned to her

Mengele Doc paedophile sadist Gollum Harrington friend of the Crown & Noble Britain had decided to PULL DOWN THIS Catholic Church- WHERE ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM took the Roman Catholic VOWS `early Wedding a Marriage of GRACE`

Thursday 17th April 1947- JOSETTE holding our hands-