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1945 September- arrives at THE HOUSE ON THE REC the bread winner Captain F. J. Ransom- He has horrendous Reports in his haversack & had survived Gross Britain NOBLE MURDER PLANS because he spoke Japanesehe only 22 when Greta born…he is now 34 years, had survived LINDSAY/JIM INTENTION TO HAVE KILLED - survived because all the family speak Japanese/ & several other languages European/Greenlandic/Arabic/ Classics/Tibetan/Marsh Arabs/Borneo/Peru of course etc - Ransom are bred of human blood 14 Races & 27 nations- SEA TRADERS OFTEN marry other Races because they sail the globe-use STARS to tell them where they are

G.B. assorted Noble criminally INSANE - ordered him killed 1940/a creature called 1940s onwards `dirty JIM helping/& the Premier Earls Crawford/LINDSAY clawing `cousins` of 1830/ & Scandinavia creatures of Hieronymus Bosch HELLmany of the murderers of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN rise from Scotland Noble bogs especially WEST SIDE HEBRIDES - where they grow purple DOLLY MIXTURES- & STUFF IT UP THEIR SNOUTS -

They knew not the Asian learning of Frederick John Ransoma well brought up Ransom boy visiting GROTE HOMES the family miracle of philanthropy-founded upon CLEAN PROFIT Sea Traders of 1,500 years.marrying girls educated of 14 races & 27 nationsWe have a Red Indian Army Unit 1936 who visited Gross Britain to GET THEIR HEIR BACK-Greta Ransom/a small tribe next to the Navahj0...Colorado

1935-1936 - OUR SAN JULIAN ANCESTRAL LINESThe RANSOM-WEDDELL family October 1935 take a Nord - Sud Poles tour / our seaplanes-launch-ships/ flying boat Orinoco / long punts Magellan Straights / Go down to Spain & we call on our Basque relatives & the GROTE HOME first stop after leaving Paris then go across the SEAS with Alfred Charles RANSOM RN ( - where Uncle Alfred Charles carries Greetha to hold the ships wheel in the Engine Room as I am another little Weddell Frobisher Ransom…he is reminding me December 1946 ... ANDRE is talking like the Flying Scotsman racing top speed 96 m.p.h … to the young SEA SCOUTS CLACTON … )

1935 -1936 Nord-Sud Poles Tour ... WE have to reassure GROTE HOMES Staff Settlements & children - they are having monstrous British aristocrats storming in trying to remove the ART WORKS Painting-sculptures-craft worksthat Aunt Mag has given the children educating there- they orphans WHO HATH NOTHING until they enter GROTE HOMES & then they are educated To ACT THE GOSPELS OUT/THEY ARE HUMANISTS A-Z the globe : & the dowry for the girl the investment for the boy is understood & has grown with them because THEY ARE NOW MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY OF GREAT POUL GRONLANDER THE FIRST ORPHAN in this piece of philanthropy A to Z begun by TIGGY USA citizen 1864 - when he was 22 years of age -

1935/1936 - The heirs Greetha & Lennie are also meeting kin & distant kin ...the Ransom elders visit often down to the Magellan Straights- JEAN dances Firebird/3 Cornered Hat for them her line PERU and the Aztec half-brother branch. I saw my grandmother JAMES WEDDELLs grand-daughter ballerina dance/see records/diaries/ A DEGAS painting her mother MINERVA-Olivea

Mrs James Weddell II bought has been destroyed in a dope-drunken frenzy by British nobles

1957 onwards - Lindsaybuggarhs hacked to pieces a painting of Greta Ransom sitting by the mountain on our Island West Greenland with the sun risingI am age nearly 4 yearsa stout child I have survived their horrendous attack on me in their GRAND Clacton seafront summer 1935 - I Greta aged 2 years & a halfthen we escaped by our seaplanes to GreenlandOctober 1935... In New York March 1936 the hospital found they had pushed broken glass inside me

1965 - JAMES WEDDELL RECORDS/San Julian/Weddell families/ South America - soaked in bath/shampoo/ Greenwich flat of LIR/ unique archives Yahama Josef San Julian F. San Miquel of Peru/Tierra del Fuego -

Usual Break-IN & Entry in name of British Government & Crown- Naval Intelligence Teams of Doc Mengele Harrington royal satrap paedophile -he has keys to all our doors- records San Julian/Weddell are in pencil, inks, watercolours, early 19th century/

A Stop-Press 5 lines news announcement in a London evening newspaper 1965 / then no more to be heard

Scholarship restores some/ but Ransom-Weddell-Grote histories churned off early inter-net by BIG BOOTS IMPERIAL FISTS & Scandinavia/Scotland/Records-reports/

77 AD RANSOM-Thames island/move 92 AD Dunwich-

RANSOM hold a homestead & move up over the centuries to the farm Montrose bought 1500 as principal residence for Bruges marriage to The Lady Japan/her dowry 2 islets end of Lusans-held until 1948- theft G.B. or blackmail ? all our kith/kin slain summer 1939 by Mr JIM Jong/Earls of Lindsay & thugs/had big Ships-launches/They are seen wearing USA Army uniforms-


… USA uniforms seen on them Palestine 1948...

JIM JONG & Earls Lindsay et al wear AMERICAN ARMY UNIFORMSto which they are not entitled…

As they go about the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…& all who know/records-oral accounts/

/LIR-GR-FJR reports/ Ransom children - we were there at Walton-on-Naze early 1939 & Norfolk /we see 4 American uniforms on the evil little jack-in-boxes palatial Army Tent BEDS-JOKE ? I showed Lennie how to climb down a vertical cliff holding on to flints & tough grasses- Uncle Gimlet Eyes Mainwarring had let his grand-daughter & I do it the year beforeHe won`t have nampi-pampi girls in the family& WE ARE TO SHAPE UP FOR A TRIP TO THE WEDDELL SEA& Jean is to DANCE on her Grandpas SEA diaries-accounts-publ.Papers/VISUAL ! Easy climb for 4-5 years olds…grown-ups panic a bit…

1950s onwards I hath followed none too well as a young woman b 1933 March 11th - how ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE & the Government of GAUL were being threatened by exposure the WEDDING OF GRACE 17th April 1947 & that it failed to Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX - Roman Catholic WIDOWER OF JOSETTE - marriage allowed by The Vatican to HEIR & GUARDIAN legal HOLDERS an Estate with HALF in ROMAN CATHOLIC LANDS… 1944/1947 Paccelli POPE PIUS 12 knew all the children GROTE Europe have been slain by British NOBLES /he had to cope with this from 1929 especially Germany & Eastern Europe where IMPERIUM sent its Diplomatic RASCALS IN…in expensive BOOTS /

permission granted - young Paccelli & elders of the Irish families OBrien/Murphy/ Carroll/ Williams & Ransom/ Weddell/ Murgatroyd families to his (ANDRE MALRAUX) WardMALRAUX Guardian to the biggest Estate the globe hath knownpure philanthropy…(92 AD- 1864- 2,000 AD they hath not quite got their Noble greasy paws on everything…)

1937 October - ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette - His understanding October 1937 is NOT COMPLETE - for GROSS BRITAIN GOVERNMENT & CROWN is USED by LINDSAY EARLbuggarhs & other Noble SCUM to STEAL THE POST/mail of he MALRAUX Man of LETTERS now GUARDIAN TO THE GLOBE`s greatest Estate of pure PHILANTHROPY … JOYOUS VENTURE & GROTE HOMES educating in pure HUMANISM A-Z the globe all Races & Nations OUTSIDE GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIAL EMPIRE FROM THE SNOWS OF GREENLAND & THE WEDDELL SEA came a system of HUMANISM that never could possibly FAIL - put was seen in Great Britain 1900s to be able to PAYE THE massive lifestyle OF noble BRITAIN…& its 19th century debts…IF THEY COULD KILL EVERYBODY RANSOM GROTE WEDDELL & lay hands on it… Noble Britain DRINK horribly & TAKE A DANGEROUS DOPE they grown West Side of SCOTLAND - other DOPES from their EMPIRE…& DOPE-FIEND addiction is the only excuse for their bestial obscene BARBARIC behaviour - they are cunning but not educated-

ANDRE MALRAUX : he believes he is only GUARDIAN TO GRETA RANSOM & this was what he accepted in his understanding October 1937 when he received a letter from a MARGARET GROTEbut it had no addressShe said … `YOU WILL BE HEARING MORE`

But the British Government Lords & Crown penniless & ON THE PIN - UP THE SNOUT gave orders to STEAL ALL the Post/mail of ANDRE MALRAUX from winter 1937/1938 ... & ALL HIS LIFE -

1938 by JANUARY : UNKNOWN TO ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN ARE THE 3 WILLS - Sent to him by USA New York Brokers Overseas Agents & the Ransom Solicitors of 1830s Argentine…& LETTERS OF CONTRATULATION from A to Z the globe …his post/mail stolen by G.B. Government & Crown from Xmas 1937- the Will of Thomas Immanuel Grote

& another of his wife Margarethe Ransom Grote - both WILLS MADE IN USA & Argentine - husband & wife USA citizens - both Wills required for the administration of the Estate ! Also the Wills of Aunt Mags father & mother Fred Ransom & Gertrude Poulsen Ransom -

Nota bene : The importance of GREENLAND in this Estate is growing…oil-fishing-shooting everything that moves- & 2,000 AD Real Estate for IMPERIAL MINDED SCUM Margarethe RANSOM the Gronlander`s great-grand-daughter has her elder brother FREDERICK RANSOM & Gronlander cousins 7-8 years old in a crevasse 1840s on JACOPSHOLMEN Island… 1960 - if these little bodies are FOUND then Gross Britain & Scandinavia intend BURNING ALL THEIR DNA…

1960 - Mr Mengele Harrington Gollum Royal Satrap paedophile is in charge with LINDSAYBUGGARH No 15...who as a child of 10 years was being given this dangerous narcotic in a pellet to STUFF UP HIS SNOUT… 1936 ! Given it by LINDSAY EARLS & his father Earl no 14 & Mr PONG Jimmie Jong Cur James/Lewd JAMES all of them criminally insane The fire blown pellets of the SCOTLAND NOBLE CROP Divinorum Salvia Scotland …pretty purple-orange-gilt pellets…a pellet up his snout from age 10 years as he roams Clacton beaches with a metal spade talking to HIMSELF … 1938 he tells Greta RANSOM …` IT IS TRAINING HIM FOR HIS ROLE IN IMPERIAL LIFE…` `JESU HENRI` !!! THIS IS THE ONE EXCUSE PERHAPS OF NOBLE BRITAIN GREED THEFT MANIACAL DIVINITY & BARBARISM - DO GET ANOTHER PLANET - URANUS …

LINDSAYBUGGARHS the INSANE & a Rampart of G. B. BARBARISM know - NO PERSON OF GROSS BRITAIN or persons outside the families RANSOM/Weddell /Gronlander-Poulsen/GROTE- are given any part of the fabric of this great piece of worldwide philanthropy

… WHICH IS NOT IN THE RED & ALL DEATH DUTIES ON THE BRITISH PROPERTIES HAVE BEEN PAID & 3 times over by 1945 in the on-going theft in name of a faceless woman supposed to have been given all this as a child by `AN OLD ESKIMO` …as I Greta Ransom have heard her ( Angela with JIM at her elbow-both HIGH on drink from the MESS - ) say Bulford Camp Salisbury Plains 1940/1941 ... such ill bred thuggish statements are the planned lies by G. B. NOBLES - in this gigantic obscene piece of Statecraft - where they use uneducated women they have known since children in the stablesPenniless Noble Britain had battalions of PIMPS 1900s …

1929-1939 -Plans are to ` proceed in silence & remove all Capital where we can ` LINDSAY Premier earls - act for a faceless woman`

`Who with another can drink a pub out overnight` ( `Ange & Tree ` the packhorses for the crimes of their men - two children/girls/women ponced upon by the pimp JIM & the thugs Earls of Lindsay & other penniless nobles ON THE PIN & Purple Plum Divinorum Salvia ScotlandUP THE SNOUT