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A list of seven statements of Procedure of Fraud/violent theft-

with handwritten & carbon copies of letters/ some original letters-notes/ is off-shore somewhere the globe/

G.R. had been read a copy of the items Night Watch 1960 & some papers were lost in the post to Greta Ransom- there were given explanations of the devilish tricks- the criminally insane using the G.B. State to accomplish this 1970.

It includes methods of doping daily with MEMORY LOSS/which they all learned as teenagers VISITING SHELL SHOCK SOLDIERS in the 1st World War THE GREAT WAR Hospitals/Kranky Houses-Nut houses as that generation called them/-

RECORDS/from educated persons 1940s/1960s/ `YOUNG PERSONS INHERITING … are AT RISK 19th century-20TH century`… one method is to see they do not do well at school -` `Greta Ransom-from age 7 years 1939 has her mother rub white powders in her mouth-nose-eyes… before she leaves for SCHOOL/Report Chief Medical Officer-Retired-retired-retired…to see child did not do not do well in her school books which were given to her Noble PREDATORS - Angela/Lindsaybuggarhs ask for my school books to jeer at me - Treasa Gordon-Gordon R. is heard drunkenly boasting -

(They also use doping on their race horses -make them go fast or slow- reports 1930s…/1950s/)

School teachers & others of high intelligence speak of these tricks ordered by criminally insane of HIGH CLASS SIN to steal from young heirs or old ones often old relatives/

1942 - The woman Angela sent me Greetah Ransom a message I was to call myself PEARL BARLEY winter 1942/1943 at Captain Leroys Llewellyn Road town school- here we have University teachers during the war years-one marked me TOP in Science 1944 - it was recognized my mad mother rubbed powders in my mouth & nose as pre-war-

1943 - Orders were given by War Office summer 1943 that `Captain Ransom to RETURN for home duties & Family matters` BUT THUGS OF IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS sometimes wearing American Army Uniforms as disguise .were in control of all RANSOM lives -

Nota bene : 1969 - A woman old, a scientist, speaks “ Margaret Grote had no enemies, Peter - only a woman called Angela & her travelling companion a half Chinese - 1914 - He JIM (b 1898) had heard the LINDSAY family with whom he VISITED (from 11 years old) were TO TAKE ALL THE ESTATE of THE Old Eskimo…he felt that Angela & he SHOULD HAVE THEIR SHARE …”

… her parents had made a point of calling on the OLD ESKIMO a rich woman when she was at home on her 98 acres ARRAN …Mrs Grote had taken Angela to ROME 1910/ it would be the 21st year of Margarethe`s miracle-medical son Basil/ Mrs Grote & her husband Tiggy HAD STOPPED THE NOBLE LORDS OF ARRAN GROWING DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND…from 1870s Information/Records/a family high respectable ARRAN/

1921 - Nota bene : Angela is not engaged to marry until 1921... JIM had known her since she was a girl of 12/13 years … 1917 his Chinese grandfather believes him to be insane - he put him to a 2 years Course PEKIN Opera/ but the embezzlement/ violence/& other criminal activities continued & had the Grandfather CLOSE THE DOOR ON JIM in China by 1920 1937JIM`s mother & VIOLET artist (Lindsay/Rutland) had a Magistrates Document in preparation November 1937 to LOCK HIM UP…for the safety of the brother the mother & her sister…Violet Artist suddenly died from a heroin overdose/plus/ in December 1937 ! (Records/very accurate/Text `Saturn met a Lady` GR - after visit of ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette Summer 1937)

Nota bene : 1921 onwards - LINDSAY Premier EARLS needed nothing from THE LAW once they had Angela with an engagement to a delicate young man called David … JIM played Page/Puck/FAUN to everyone …

Learned PEKIN OPERA … Everyone had a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up the SNOUT - & indicated this 1920s/1940s by the wearing of the colour aubergine - a tie/scarf/frock…

1940/1941 - JIM (2 man Unit Intelligence back of Palace)

& Angela were stopped winter 1940/41 Bulford Camp Salisbury Plains at more tricks/ In October 1941 she & he Jim had had Greetah put in the Deaf-Dumb-partially sighted school & a telephone call from her or for her from Buckingham Palace said blazing wicked things about the Ransom family & GREETHA of an Ape mentality -

but Mr Polly taught part-time & he had been at a New York GROTE HOMES SYMPOSIUM 1938 - & after a few days got Greta Ransom OUT with help from Mrs MacDonald in the normal school / He is another MARTYR

Mrs MacDonald whose father lives on Arran now protected me /records/letters/1940s on/

Mr Polly was soon blown up in his car - the steering wheel had been fitted with an explosive - his face, chest got it/ he was recovering - BUT A DOCTOR WAS SENT FROM LONDON - Mr Polly died immediately- (Records/etc) These are the usual tricks of the Nobles when somebody knows about GROTE or helps us heirs & families Harry Gordon was asked to comment with other top mechanics on how/who/had fitted the device- & said it was not made & fitted by a German Spy- murder by persons known-

19th & 20th centuries - EXPLOSIVES USED BY NOBLE BRITAINMy 5th birthday present the OWL clock bomb made by Mr Pong/March 1938 See` RANSOM True Tales/& The Grote Brokers Sailed in with Uncle Fred Mac Murray & Hollywood & put them all on a raft/Pacific/Atlantic/off Kuriles/etc etc

… went off at midnight, not 9.30pm. as he Jimmie Jong Mr Pong said ( the later CUR/sir JAMES of WHITES Club A VICE BAR ) After Mr Pong had left I swiftly carried it carefully down the stairs into the long garden then I had returned & gone to sleep/ my Night Nurse had been dismissed / AT MIDNIGHTIT BLEW A HOLE THE SIZE OF THE CRATER OF SANTORINshattering water pipes windows all roundEARL LINDSAY No 12 said they were ALL OFF SHORE to the Police/some men went with GUNS to shoot them/some had axes & spadesMr Pong has a rat hole in Buckingham Palace everybody knows/ signed Greta Ransom/who wishes the same to all of you -

1938 MAY - JIM : I picked it up when I dumped her back at the ONeill place that afternoonMY JAW DROPPED WHEN I SAW HE ANDRE MALRAUX - FRENCH - written in as GUARDIAN ` said JIM to his cronies in WHITES CLUB vice bar Xmas 1953 - they knew how he had killed the Old Eskimo to get the Crown its vast debts paid - loyal Servant & half Chinese-& there was pickings for all- Records-by spies listening in amazement -

Other records 1939/1944...JIM & Angela/Wartime/school- & other visits : `she had Mr Jim Jong James Major Carew Jimmie James/at her elbow for 5 hours in the ARMY MESS/Mr Pong Jong now runs a 2 Man unit intelligence 1939/44 back of Buckingham Palace where he has a 2 room apartment 1923 to 1956 -

1937 Summer - Mary Gordon tells ANDRE MALRAUX `Jim & Angela they have been chums since start of the last War- a nuisance to all our families- her parents were having Witchcraft up there- took Teresa out with them- in 1919 when War finished they were baiting me for information on my Irish cousins( 3 baronetcies Murphy-OBrien & Carroll with a castle-sometimes raise horses) ` they thought theyd learn things about our peaceful work for Southern Ireland& make out we were revolutionary- The D`ivils- I have her on the phone baiting me about the child & an inheritance- they were after getting at their properties over there & they sometimes raise horses a bitThey were all at the parties in that housethat got her into trouble & all those years put awaywe engaged a leading Barristerit cost us a fortune even though he only took half his fees`


JO & ANDRE MALRAUX are offered a nice house at Orford/Orford Nessno rent to pay- Owners going to America- they stay if WAR comes to Europe-

JO & ANDRE could have lost their lives very soon

Noble Britain violence & destruction of character is directed at them because they have been with us & now he is Guardian-

If they had received the Grote Brokers Post/mail or met other administrators of the Estate then they would have been given an accident by Noble Britain & perhaps bodies burned in Scotlandbarbaric sadistic hate would descend upon them from the Noble penniless ON THE PIN & Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their snouts

There would be envy too because he is so clearly a real man of humanism ANDRE MALRAUX HAS FOUGHT ON THE WRONG SIDE IN SPAIN - Noble scum have pronounced -

Reports/Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/1961

1960 (Jan/Feb) Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux

Colne Engaine/Colchester/ `A CASE OF SEVERE CHILD ABUSE BY THE NOBLE CLASSESits in my notebook-I`m keeping them hidden in the oak treewell somewhere they cannot be stolen again` Arthur Malone/POLITAN

1943 February - Clacton-on-Sea/Holland-on-Sea/

Report Chief Medical Officer retired-retired-retired- Im always trying to RETIREI came upon one of the worst scenes of cruelty to a child- an attempt to cripple Greta Ransom nearly 10 years of age - Early freezing morning on our seafront the Holland end - stop her going to school/ her grandmother Mary Gordon a very intelligent woman taken to hospital that week - fiendish violence done by her mother & noble chums since the WAR began because these children had an inheritancefrom the Far North

1939 December when the father Fred RANSOM rushed out to Philippines-no sense in it- his training was needed in Britain-Gunnery-Stores/ the WAR OFFICE 1943 that summer to Africa sent Orders for Officer/Captain Frederick. J. Ransom to RETURN FOR HOME DUTIES.this was stopped by the mothers noble chums a branch anxious to harm the Ransom children - girl senior heir , younger boy Colin - to have them put in an Asylum as bred from Apes/Inca/& Eskimos/ Greenland/ not unusual to have these beliefs amongst the upper classes living on investment income from overseas -it was believed the middle child JGR was a bastardalthough the father said not so & produced photographs of his side of the family as proof`

`Intention was to pull a big ESTATE OFF the families - AS CROWN LANDS - the Mafia a Scots Earl mobbeen on our seafront since 1910 in their GRAND-pulled down 1946 slipping inwardly OUTWARDLY a dangerous construction Scots granite too heavy at the start but they won a Court Case after taking the Builder to taskhe did not want to go on with its constructionA lot of them Noble Britain - wanted their share tooId retired twice by commencement of this last War - walked my dog & learned of these things-ROUND THE TOWN

Ah I had made a study of DOPE amongst the Well Off since 1923- this was unusual- it interested me medically…

(he told me Greta Ransom/in SHOCK that winter frost morning / lots of practical things that morning he rescued me-& wrote the first letter of complaint on his typewriter …he was kindly & informative & had dry humour about his work for those who got in need of help on DOPE ! & his Auntie 3 doors away younger than him- we would call on her soon -)