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Chief Medical Officer-thrice … ` ANOTHER Sea Heiress in Miss Ransoms class the previous year (1942 ) a 9 years oldPatrick MacDrews niece (Miss M. `UFF de MacDrew a 900 years old Essex family at Castle/Sible Hedingham/A SEA FAMILY) had been found strangled near Colchester - the childs lands were claimed immediately as Crown Lands Newfoundland first came interference by the Earls family WHO HAD HEAVY DEATH DUTIES TO PAY- ` (Lindsay he No 14 Earl 1943 a little fat man who went about with JIM) `JIM now in a position of authority at the back of Buckingham Palace an office helping to run the War The heir to the Earl 13 had come to the school & spoken harshly to the Newfoundland heir & in a discourteous & threatening manner to Greta Ransom sitting in the same Class 1942 that morning - the information for many troubles got to the hospitalyou can find it there…`

` AFTER the death of the Newfoundland heir the BILL for the Funeral was sent to Mary Gordon Greta`s grandmother ` - The man to become Earl 14 next year again came into the Llewelyn Road School Classroom…he asked which CHILD was RICH - he pointed at Greta Ransom & said SHE COULD PAY THE FUNERAL BILL for the death girl…The children were somewhat surprised at this & in SHOCK at their friend`s murder … the empty desk remained until the end of the Term - some children placed flowers on the desk - `

(Report of the Chief Medical Officer retired-retired-retired from Feb 1943-September 1946 Marital Court & another/ it continues after some notes following…Given to Andre Malraux Detectives & Colleagues 1960/also Police & Hospital Reports/interviews given in private )

1960/61 - Malone & Philip Silverlee taking Harry Gordon with them call on Clacton Hospital & persons they have known in their teens/20s/30s they did get the information on this & on much more by end January-early February 1960

Nota bene : Malone (2 years LAW studies/ Detective training & writer `The Detective in the Lawyers Gown` publications) does not know the Essex families/friends/ pre-war & 2nd World War his introduction to us all is from October 1957 when he took this job for ANDRE MALRAUX/as Detective for Greta & Malraux/ & end October 1957 Harry Gordon sent along his pre-war friend Philip Silverlee to see if he could help at ANDRE MALRAUX`s London home the Catholic Charity that he & General de Gaulle run DISPENSING A GREAT FORTUNE left to French Embassy & Diocese of Westminster 1939 - half of it milked off by JIM & gangs/possibly LINDSAY too/ Records/ The Chinese Legation knew the full facts here - & tried help ! THEY KNEW THE TWISTERS OF NOBLE BRITAIN…

1942/1943/1946 Marital Court Records/onwards - RECORDS : Chief Medical Officer retired thrice/ :

` He ( to be Earl Lindsay no 14 1943 ) made a savage faced pretence of a speech for Ship Wreck Mariners of which he held a POST - INSULTED THE TWO GIRLS who are SEA HEIRSthe children of the School have amongst them pupils come because of War & some come from the Manufacturing families of a good responsible Class…There families are aware Family Lindsay on the Sea Front pre-war had a problem of dope violence & Scottish bravado - All were badly addicted to this dangerous narcotic They were awarding themselves medals as the War progressed…there was talk amongst educated families` (Continues in this Document (3 Parts) & in previous Books now called Book 2 & Book 3...)

1960 - He appears alive & well - Reports to Hospital retired & trusted persons & to Ghost Team Detectives & Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX-Colne Engaine 1960/1961...

1960 January - Winston Churchill - records/diaries/

“ … if Earl Lindsay has a Degree I have 10 ..”


1937/1938 - Legal WillMargarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE A handwritten list of gifts to Angela & David & children is with the WILLS. Miss Winifred Gordon also has this list hand-written by Aunt Margarethe RANSOM who is Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE USA CITIZENthere were identical hand-written lists with others/Magowan photographed & made a negative/

The couple & their children (Nobles-Gross Britain) are given NO PART OF THE ESTATE - nothing of the properties/Bank accounts/or Investments/overseas lands/or U.K. properties/The 19 acres New York City are RANSOM GROTE PROPERTY & remain in the Estate 1938 LEGAL WILLS -

LINDSAY Premier EARLS are given NOTHING - they were generously given school fees while Mrs Grote lived but abused her Estate many times using VIOLENCE against human beings properties lands ! LINDSAY Premier Earls headed FRAUD THEFT VIOLENCE from 1933 - cunningly involving others - many of them have been known/proved often -to be criminally insane from the last quarter of the 19th century/they grow a dangerous narcotic/

1939-1947 - THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN have been slain A-Z the globe under cover of the 2nd World WarIt is about Scarlet Town 1946 onwards that ` it can be ignored by saying girls teasing soldiers in wartime-some accidents `

1953 & 1954 A Scandinavian member is seen taking a pellet of this dangerous narcotic from dirty JIM Cur James ...& tramping with Jim over Ransom lands & the two men both stuffed the pellet up their snout A RAGING BEAST appears in the brain as the dope hits in 2 seconds THE USER HAS TO WINAlcohol excessive & heroin are a feature of JIM`s world -

1930s Lindsay victims Clacton seafrontyoung men with money-Noble Classemaciated, yellowing & white translucent shades of skin- already booked for the grave- They had been robbed in their cheque booksgiven HIGH dopes-they might linger 2 years Their parents before the funeral would be told by Earl Lindsay & his mob`you have raised your son so badlywe have tried helpdo not appear at Court or the Races` Perhaps there were young women too-I only recall the young men-I was wisely not told namesI recall an Al Quitley & a Browning who was said to have a chance to GET AWAYA Duke of Spode & somethingLINDSAY EARLS had to be supported in their role in life Premier Earls Scotland-Gross Britain - They & JIM would say the guests had a heroin problem-/

1860s-1880s - R E P O R T S - Millie Frobisher`s MOTHER who is a Miss Lindsay - unfortunately she is a great-great grandmother to Greta Ransom - & this is HOW this criminally insane MOB could with JIM using Angela`s name ROB New York GROTE BROKERS of the 19 Acres under New York our RANSOM LANDS - sharing out between 40 - New Year`s Eve 1953 …

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX reads his notebooks in Winter at The Pillar House Harwell `Village of a 1,000 Years`

1937 SUMMER - THEY WERE AWAY- a piece of notoriety in London & robbery with violence in SPAINJosette & I were simply told by our hostess to keep away from where they were known to comeGreetha was extremely worried for us too & would be quite firm about our not going past the place

She had learned from Annie to refer to them as `MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP`

1945 May - It was still there when I returned a Widower after the War It was boarded up a dark gloomy place crushed between two big buildings a name GRAND - nothing elsesoon it was gonedemolished by the winter it had become a danger to the passer by on the pavement`

` It was here , Peter , in East Anglia that SUMMER 1937 with these people about this very pleasant small seaside town Clacton-on-Sea - its villages ancient towns I CAME TO REALISE WHAT I WANTED TO DO WITH MY LIFE We had come out of Spain I was now 35 years of age

(1970 Andre Malraux reads his notebooks of 1937- 1945)


Mr Jong took away WITHOUT PERMISSION THE FAMILY from Clacton-on-Sea Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM without permission of Mary Gordon grandmother & grandfather F. C. Ransom who are the Police & Nonconformist & Roman Catholic Church appointed guardians of Greta Ransom born 11.3.1933... `Lies & cheating were used to take the child the 14/15th May 1938`

`Jimmie Jong James put Greta to sleep with sedatives & only woke the child on arrival at the ONeill Farmhouse, Ayrshire using Greetha Mrs Grotes HEIR to gain entrance.

The O`Neills` Ayrshire are friends of Margarethe Ransom Grotes father & mother deceased end of 19th century.

Mrs Grote`s parents are Gretas grandparents twice backTHE FAMILIES ARE VERY CLOSE because of their histories at SEA & because of the vast Estate of philanthropy

The parents of Mrs Grote are Fred Ransom of the family ship Mary Rose & his wife Poul Gronlanders grand-daughter owner of Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland, her eldest brother Count Poulsen of NorwayIsland granted 1770 to erect the University to POUL GRONLANDER polymath catechist trader

Interference 1860s so violent from Denmark that the Plans to BUILD had to be laid asideEducation for Eskimo frowned upon-

MURDER - many attempts/some happen/ Ransom family/ Tiggy GROTE of GROTE HOMES was murdered 1904 to grab hold of the Estate & try kill his widow- Criminally insane are Earls of LINDSAY/ Arran & other nobles ON THE PIN UP THE SNOUT

ANGELA & JIM insist `THE OLD ESKIMO gave it all to her`

1938 - orders to Whitehall said to come from Angela : `I want the Grote Homes emptied the lands sold & the moneys given to me`…A Civil Servant asked `where are the million children to go -if you have them wandering around the globe they will say THEY HAVE BEEN TURNED OUT OF THEIR HOMES…`

Mr JIM JONG employed to fly about the world with LINDSAY EArls to seize ART WORKS in the HOMES of the orphan children educating to 18 years with several languagesHUMANISTS who ACT THE GOSPELS OUTWinter 1938/1939 the SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN BEGAN

1930s - There are thousands of photographs of Grandpa Fred Ransom twice-back & Gertrude & their children growing up & all through their future livesI Greta always felt that they had only just gone up to HeavenI will speak about their lives to ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE SUMMER 1937-

1930s A DECREE has gone about in secret silence representing Gross Britain Government & Crown & Earls of LINDSAYBUGGARHS ilk to destroy documents All representation showing that the branch Weddell-RANSOMs England & the globe have ever lived Everything is to be burned & entry can be by break-in in name of Government & Crown

1880s THE EARL OF Crawford & LINDSAY came with his full authorities to FRANCE & took SHEARS/scissors to pieces of tapestry in a small town where these things were repaired…it is possibly the 10th century tapestry with OSBERT RANSOM, wife Alice/sister-in-law Alexia ? The last a spiteful woman- 1880s He also grabbed a translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics ready for publication by Millie Frobisher R. & John RANSOM stuffed the Papers in the petrol tank of an early car & blew it up harming 2 passers-bye…& others-