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OVER the past 100 years/paintings/sketches/musical instruments/sculptures/ some documents/properties/islands/ the yacht GERTRUD/Canada TRANSPORT HOLDINGS- stolen by Earls of Lindsay no 13 & 14 - 1940s/… are to be kept so that in later years they can be SOLD & by careful manipulation of FACTS erasing names upon documents/ & the destruction of the characters of the GROTE RANSOM GRONLANDER WEDDELL families WHILE REMOVING ALL EVIDENCE OF THEIR EXISTANCE in secret-silence Halls of Power a CASE can be shown for the late NOBLES of Gross Britain having A CONCERN FOR THE GLOBE … if CAUGHT WITH OBJECTS THEY HAVE STOLEN -

THUS 1938 onwards - ALL R A N S O M-GROTE WOODLANDS FORESTS RESERVES WERE TO BE FELLEDtenants slain as well as the GROTE Children IN THEIR HOMESmoneys were to be shared out for THE CRIMINALLY INSANE who PLOTTED PLANNED THIS GENOCIDE carefully from 1929/1939...began 1884 by EARLS OF Crawford & LINDSAY…

“A BLOODY NUISANCE LINDSAY - SINCE THE PLANET BEGAN..” /full text Winston Churchill January 1960- in other BOOKS/

1880s/1970s - Silent Decree : destroy RANSOM Weddell et al their reputations- WHERE A GIFT TO INSTITUTIONS/The Arts/Sport/Settlements of foreign peoples/hospitals/Convents/ Choirs/Apprentices Homes/ etc PEPPER WITH INSULTS/ send in those GASEOUS quasi-G.B. Special Investigation Teams without permission to destroy their names/ OR SUBSTITUTE OUR NAMES we of Noble Britain (surprise at NASA ! ) remove all monuments, graves, gifts to institutions worldwide in their names especially all books which should be burned - & very especially those on POUL GRONLANDER mighty genius polymath catechist & honest TRADER of GREENLAND ...

… all paintings now property of G.B. GOVERNMENT & Crown but to be known as FAMILY PROPERTY of Lindsaybuggarhs (at first have it writ in teenie-weenie print)use the British diplomatic force…….always put OUR MAN in to handle this matterrun as Army-Navy-Air EXERCISES .

REMOVE ALL-ALL-ALL ICONOGRAPHY IN PUBLIC PLACES AROUND THE GLOBEIT IS NOW PROPERTY OF THE GROSS BRITAIN EMPIRE/Nobles & Crown& destroy all legal documents archivesbirth-death-marriages where advisable...threaten booksellers in various waysthey may be burned down “as a professional job “by special duties Forces- `

1938/1939 - THERE ARE MEETINGS WE RANSOM family HEAR of OR WITH OTHERS helping ARE ABLE TO CREEP IN ON- DRINK-UPS by Noble Britain ON THE PIN are attended by NOBLE MOBSTERS speaking venomous HATE & DETERMINATION TO COMMIT FRAUD a long bar at COWES has Len & I cover meeting of Violent Fraudsters/until the grown-ups Ransom family & others (some Law) could get in quietly the other end-

Greetha & Lennie we were put

through a kitchen windowRED INDIAN SCOUTING style - I Greta Ransom on shelf under BAR…

……Of course - we have 2 Red Indian Grannies 17th century in a straight line RANSOM backHarriet & ? /Nevada & ?/Records in progress of restoration/

1938 - FJR called `Young Fred RANSOM`

`WHO WAS THEREWHAT DID YOU HEAR BEFORE WE GOT IN ?`- `5 of them at first speaking `(Greta Ransom 5 years-to her father 27 years old)

Mr Jong & the one he goes about with Lindsay to be No 14 /the Evil little Jack-in-the- Boxes who wear & exchange hair wigs different colours.

3. Mr Prefers Blondes Really

4. Mr Always a Floating Currency off-shore

5. Mr Tumble them IN THE RED- `simple really-often done it `

6. Mr Push them overboard-outside 2 mile limit

About 10 others - in the half dark - THEY BEGIN BY DRINKING A TOAST TO THE CROWN

1910 - Jimmie Jong aged 11/13 years - (future Mr Pong-then Cur James WHITES a vice bar he creates as 18th century early 19th/ is learning AT THE TEA TABLE of VIOLET ARTIST Lindsay Lady RutlandHOW THE LINDSAY PREMIER EARLS STEAL THE PROPERTIES MONEYS of OTHERS IN THE FAMILY & distantly linked out to 9 digets…

(JIM`s Chinese Grandfather will throw him OUT of the family CHINA by age 20 years for using LINDSAY PATTERN BOOK of EVIL CRIMES for DOUGH ) Records/diaries/Visits made -the boy under the piano who chooses the lemon bun 1936/1937-& GR speaking of PENQUINS only 12 in RIO…& Aztec-INCA COUSINS & JEAN dancing the FIREBIRD…XMAS MASS 1936

SANTA FE`Cathedral…

1960 - Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960

« …it is not until the tape-recorder is put in a little portable box that the GOOD MEN could get tapes of the criminalseven if it did mean holding up a bamboo pole with recorder strapped to it`at some grisly Noble debauchy Place……»

1934 GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK had complained of British Nobles breaking in on Grote Homes- theft/attempted child abuse/boy 18 to go on to University found dead -he had been insulted by 2 slimy British UPPER CRUST in USAwho rudely said sent to investigate by Great Britain - A rude WEED with monocle & elaborate walking stick had moved OUT a new kitchen/ultra modern/ in an ECUADOR Home/Records Ransom Weddell Families Official TOUR 1935/1936-

1934 a dope-fiend called Harold MacMillan found by Athens Parliament to be a penniless G.B. aristocrat AND NOT as he claimed for 2 days THE AMERICAN AGENT FOR GROTE sent TO REMOVE THE PAINTINGS/Art/ The Parliament issued a document `BANNED FOR LIFE FROM GREECE ` He got back in 1946...Full records/

1930 to 1939 - NOTHING IN WRITING COULD BE GOT FROM G.B. DIPLOMATS - or the Government & Crown of Gross Britain- GROTE Brokers asked for an interview at Westminster & were refused ! Whitehall answered on the telephone or sent slimy swanky HOOKERSGOVERNMENT USED FOR AN ALMIGHTY FRAUD - by Noble Britain who are always penniless & ON THE PIN ON THE SNOUT-the snout holders-

1938 Summer - Gross Britain with War advancing :

- my/ GR`s - father FJR 26 years old learned GROTE BROKERS had since Xmas 1933 sent to him A DUPLICATE ALL DOCUMENTS THEY SENT HIS FATHERAll the Estate now faced with an EMERGENCY

THE THEFT OF THIS POST/mail by Earls of Lindsay & sent to the back of Buckingham Palace in their names & that of ANGELA for the CROWN had them with information on the great Ransom-Grote JOYOUS VENTURE of Philanthropy that had them the noble PENNILESS quite CRAZY G R E E D Y criminally insane 1930s grasping at parts of it using their diplomatic force where they could

This was how the attacks on our property world wide were taking placethe attacks on the GROTE HOMES & the individual children especially when a proportion had gone into higher education from 18 years of ageto HELP THEIR NATIONS - which were outside the Gross Britain EMPIRE

IT WAS A MOST HORRIBLE ILLEGAL THEFT from XMAS 1933 & IT HAD BEGUN THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE CHILDREN & the staffthe tenants of our propertiesthe settlements on the lands A to Z the globe(Later called a genocide Grote-Ransom-Weddell- Gronlander…)

THE INTENTION OF GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES & begun 1934 onwards (many in Government) was to move in & cut forests- take minerals by cheap labour & humiliation of these small nations.NOBLE BRITAIN PENNILESS was getting its paws on Grote Ransom Weddell

D O U G Hby every savage method it could work out from sticking its SNOUTS in our Post/mail 1933 Xmas to summer 1938... No wonder the secret silence meetings could gobble at our properties OUTSIDE of GROSS BRITAIN & its FALLING EMPIRE…!

A DUPLICATE SET of our ESTATE DOCUMENTS - EVERY QUARTER - sent to Frederick John Ransom for his daughter proclaimed HEIR by Margarethe Ransom Grote & her legal & financial team & agreed by her son & all Ransom familiesGRETA RANSOM born 1933 is in secret silence claimed by EARLS OF Crawford & LINDSAYbuggarhs& Lennie I. Ransom sub-heir & co-heirboth children heirs to the entire GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts& if they die then the RANSOM family may choose its heirson no account will the Estate be broken upfor then it would not work with this graceful HUMANISM It is the stream that never runs dry

1933 - LINDSAY violent filth - now illegally claimed all the Post/mail & packages & belongings of the heirs-all photograph albums-all contents of the buildings-all ART WORKSTHEY HAD everything sent by Postal delivery SENT TO THE BACK OF BUCKINGHAM PALACEa cunning move


ALWAYS ABOVE THE LAW…(women wine & song help them/smart togs…)