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Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom one week old - was hit on the head by EARL Lindsay family - & the hospital Colchester said the blow would have killed a year old child …it’s a method they have of CULLING HEIRS/ (they cannot bear anybody to hold DEEDS-TRUSTS PROPERTIES & they all have up their SNOUTS a pellet of Div.Salvia Scotland- hitting their criminally insane brains in 2 seconds/Reports 1970 2 great Institutions/ This Mob of sheep-stealers whose violent arrogance covers their uncouth breeding now began to call me Ape as well as Eskimofrequent attacks lead to Ransom family fleeing to our Island given for POUL GRONLANDER JACOPSHOLMEN WEST GREENLAND - N & South America 1935 - after an attack of hideous brutality summer 1935 on 2 years & a half GreethaJEAN organised it with MARGARETHE RANSOM MRS THOMA GROTE & GROTE BROKERS (1830) off Wall Street NEW YORK…

The Earls of Lindsay always told the Police `they were offshore`

1936 Summer - Greetha recovered & became a happy child

with her KIN of other Races/other Nations/ kidnapped back by EARLS of Crawford LINDSAYFILTH …. JIM Jong stayed in Argentine/ Tierra del Fuego/ Chile/ MAKING LISTS of FAST BUCK PERKS that could be picked off by using GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIAL THUGGERY - mining/logging/slave labour factories/prostitution/…..the usual ….

(“stuffed animals from a British Museum…” - Many Accounts 1936/1971-1988...DIARIES/PAPERS/TEXT oral-tape/Uncle Doctor Hebedie Part I & II/Man who got away 1971/ LIR & GR)

KIDNAPPED back to Gross Britain so more violence might beginLindsay mob were using the G. B. Diplomatic Force & a violent attack was engineered by them on Jean, Len, & Greta Ransom in Mexico March 1936/ Apologies 1988 Mexico/

...WE WERE DUE IN HOLLYWOOD APRIL to make the film on GROTE HOMES Uncle Fred MacMurray Insurance Broker/FILMSTAR (Ransom line) had everything ready for 2 weeks work/the introduction had been made by a famous young person in films who admired Grote Homesanother young person was coming with her father to be in the film

Diaries 1930s/Reports 1960 & Records 1988/ & Records Argentine of savagery used to destroy for lands the Weddell kin/kith - Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Ransom would like to give back all the violence Lindsaybuggarhs JIM `Ange & Tree` & MEN have dealt her to themdrop them in a lit volcano with signpost HELLthey all grow Divinorum Salvia Scotland for stuffing up their snouts & getting their Lackeys to sell abroad for slave labour `PIN-MONEY` I have over a hundred female ancestors in 1830 & I have ex-communicated Lindsay mob upon violence done to me from my first week of life 1933 to 1986/87...?… Greetha Ransom - They should have been forced to put back the Estate - worked ON CHAINSNord - Sud Poles…& make Monuments to the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN A-Z THE GLOBE whom they slew with their thugs for extra DOUGH for their HIGH CLASS SIN LIFESTYLE -

Reports : Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 onwardsLIR MARTYR our Young Apostle Co-heir Estate : murdered at sea by Mengele/Lindsay SPADE-wheeler No 15 directing - & the MAD MOUTHS of Teresa Gordon R & her Racy Noble criminally insane sub-sub-APES - Lennie 1921-c 1981-

The RANSOM families & kin-kith are known to GROTE children round the World - they had a Tiggy Broadsheet 1870s onwards once a month to all HOMESALL CHILDREN KNOW THE HISTORY OF THE FAMILIES...THAT POUL GRONLANDER IS THE 1st ORPHAN& IT WAS ON THE ISLAND JACOPSHOLMEN WEST GREENLAND, TIGGY GOT THE IDEA FOR THEIR HOMES.THE CHILDREN grow up as part of the RANSOM-GRONLANDER et al families.& have books-charts of family back to 92 AD/out of Jutland-& the other lines - THEY FEEL THEY ARE A FAMILY ENCIRCLING THE WORLD A-Z- WITH A HOME !

TO ENGLAND 1909 onwards - came some handmade gifts every year from young GROTE HOMES children & the older children sent letters/craftwork/news of their progress in music/painting/ athletics & Dance/ ALL NORMAL ACTIVITIES of the GROTE CHILDREN show their HUMANISM Acting the GOSPELS OUT-

The letter heading for Grote Homes designed by TIGGY - is a comforting sight to the young children who would learn to write a message upon it to post/mail to a foreign land a distant HOME where they had gone by ship from 10/12 years of age on a Visit & now had pen-friends …(Ecuador Grote Homes children went visiting 6 months to a China Grote Home late 1890s) TIG designed “ … the bat & ball & spinning top of childhood ” … in soft shades of orange-pink-FAwn…

1957 October - A PACKAGE SENT TO ANDRE MALRAUX had some GROTE HOMES letters in it … with The WILL & other important documents…IT WAS STOLEN FROM MALRAUX`s DESK at St Edmund`s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square, Scarlet Town - ORDERS OF Mr Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile Gollum-Gollum etc. & his Dame…Orders said to come from MALRAUX FAMILY `Jan Steen Tavern` PARIS…

1909 ONWARDS - Also to RANSOM FAMILIES came NEWS & DOCUMENTS from Brokers-Trustees-Solicitors…/gifts from relatives round the globe/ from China came an elaborate ancient christening gown to borrow for Greta who will have several Xristenings / it was destroyed 1934/35 in a West End London gutter ! By Lindsaybuggarhs & their FIENDS including Treasa Gordon R… mother she is of the HEIR G.R. to this Estate with Lennie -

1938/1939 - POSTAL PACKAGES LOST WAS NOW SOLVED completely by winter -


ALL DONE IN SECRET SILENCEAll correspondence was given by LINDSAYBUGGARHS & SCUM to 3 grey suited men from WHITEHALL who had Rooms Whitehall for dealing with sections of the RANSOM GROTE ESTATE `WE MUST PROCEED IN SILENCE `(letter 1938 to a Norwegian Prince) Thus the above abuse of the GROTE HOMES & the Estate round the globe - its 1 million & a quarter children & people - is made possible using the KUDOS/kudos/ kudos of a fast-falling IMPERIAL EMPIREpenniless& horribly ill-bred at the top of its Class structure

1939-1944 - JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND West Greenland -

Family de Salle of PARIS France parents & 4 children under 12 years of age evicted into the Arctic winter from the warm RANSOM great house to which they also have a legal claim if the heirs are all dead by JIM Jong Mr Pong now British Major with a 2 Man Unit Intelligence at the back of BUCKINGHAM PALACE where his chum since 1913 Angela has command-she has a delicate husband- JIM has been invading the Island from 1929 & stealing many valuable books & possessions from the buildings of this Ransom-GRONLANDER Democracy granted to Jacop Poulsen eldest son 1770 to `erect a University when you may POUL GRONLANDER accidental death 1765...`

1933/1935 & 36 … Murders by JIM JONG Mr Pong to help FRAUD with violence to grasp at The Grote Ransom Estate around the globe administered OUTSIDE Gross Britain - He a penniless little bit of VERMIN always ON THE PIN … he is responsible for killing with a sharp knife the wife of Count Poulsen October 1933 - poisoning in a cup of TEA the son Basil of MARGARETHE RANSOM GROTE October 1933...destroying his daughter`s reputation…& chasing up to Gotharb after ORDERING THEM OUT OF THEIR HOME Jacopsholmen IN THE NAME OF THE BRITISH & DANISH GOVERNMENTS our Ransom two GRONLANDER cousins 1935/36...“she could represent her NATION GREENLAND in the DANISH Parliament- own Greenland since 19th century -

1944 late October - Letter opened by JOSETTE Clotis Malraux

“ it is REPORTED by the Coastguards Americans/Canadians that 2 girls have been seenEuropean girls living rough - the British will not allow a search to be made …” (2nd W. War Europe ends April 1945 )

& The girls are not living in the great Ransom house above the harbour -architects report- it will be standing in 400 years/ the famous 19th century Theatre a very substantial building will be standing in 200 years/some buildings had been attacked wantonly by British launch squads sailing in & the church with great bell suffered terrible damage in name of British Government & Crown - The door painted inside by the French artist Delacroix was ripped off (a later report has it being sold in Europe)

(Full reports 1960 Andre Malraux Detectives/colleagues & friends - /photos/archives/LETTERS)

1944 - end October-early November.Josettes mother hearing her daughter talking to herself as she walked up & down in the big Chateau near Tullesfelt her daughter was writing a story to earn money … for JO had earned her living from her writing since 15 years of age

1944 November 9th 9 am - JOSETTE FELL FROM THE TRAIN - her legs run over by the wheels - she died after some hours 9th November 1944

1945 June - Andre Malraux was crying at `Stella Maris` Clacton-on-Sea telling Annie artist (Miss Annie Agnes Carroll Williams R.C. born 1880 ) `they could not get the morphine to work for hours - she knew she was dying ` ANDRE MALRAUX ARRIVED HOURS AFTER HER DEATHtheir two sons were with a friend in the village Pierre 4 years & Vincent born March 10th 1944... Pierre age 4 years 5th November had to learn his mother would not come for Christmas 1944 Noble BARBARISM from G.B. had begun-