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18th century - Biography - De SALLE/Ransom family of PARIS

M. de SALLE 18th century PARIS (France) small Banker- /letters to Alexander Necker were in existence 1938/ de Salle a man in his mid-50s married Elizabeth Ransom 1770s& made her 9 years old son his heir/child mid-brown colour/ of a Venezuela German Pastors marriage 1760s...records said to have been destroyed by the Orders/Decrees Gross Brit Earls & other criminally insane

Elizabeth Ransom letter in German to Madame de Stael.

“ … I have left my husband in the West Indies -

it is difficult to bring a man of colour to Europe these days …

Elizabeth Ransom had been a delicate semi-invalid until 25 years of agea visit to the West Indies had her recover her healthfresh air exercise fresh fruits swimming did the trickshe fell in love with 6` 9 inches of Venezuelan satin brownPirates-violence-political & racial problems had her come with her son back to Europe G.R. can recall no moreit is another love story & if I told it to JOSETTE she would understand itM. de Salle was an excellent husband & they were very happy until his death … they went about in Society & travelled `

1968/69 de SALLE/Ransom Families at Blewbury Village her female descendant a woman married into the family de Rue (?) had 2 childrenthere was unpleasant talk reported from Mengele Harrington & JIM Cur James about the darker skin & her beauty offending a woman with purple rice whom JIM could `wind up`…as he could Teresa Gordon Ransom … JIM has learned his technique PEKIN OPERA ! ( both these sadistic killers have their scarlet women spying )

(This beautiful woman in her mid-30s RANSOM de SALLE is a close ancestral line to Lennie Ransom & me the HEIRS to the biggest piece of philanthropy the world has ever known- Len & Greetah who are shown violence from Earls of Lindsay in name of the Crown since we were born 1921 & 1933 )

She was seen with a tiara seen in a BOX in a public theatre Scarlet Town/London…perhaps OperaOrders were given to DESTROY HER as she was RANSOM (Typical MADNESS of LINDSAY MOB from 1880s ! ) PJPW was told `jealousy has arisen because they are all ON THE PIN - her husband is over the limit on HEROIN-they can be told anything so long as they make money` `

The news of she & her 2 children is frightening 1970s - she is at the mercy of ON THE PIN & UP THE SNOUT Gross Britain-


A man of Rio Tinto was present the evening she & I were not to be introduced/ Probably they have been mining our RANSOM ANCESTRAL LANDSwhere the GROTE HOMES children are slain in pitsor dropped in nets off shoressub-sub apes control the planet ! ANDRE MALRAUX IS A MAN - this modern real world is full of greedy monsters with long black tonguestrendy-rather trendy & aging ON THE PIN - We return to Harwell & in the old great kitchen I can cook food of all centuries & make the bread - we have young friends with children like us & they are not ON THE PIN or UP THE SNOUT ….

1969 - Family de SALLE/Ransom/ of PARIS France At a dinner party I was kept apart from her 1969 & told her husband (who has the little glittery eyes of the DOPE user) did not want any contact as I was not respectable & had led Andre Malraux astrayArthur Malone POLITAN faithful Detective/reporting to Philip Silverlee & trying to keep ANDRE present balancedI leaned over the table & spoke with him MaloneI began `you were at Lancaster Gate Square`…?

…NOT A MENTION OF THE VAST ESTATE or THE SLAIN GROTE HOMES CHILDREN a double girdle round the GLOBE… ! ANDRE MALRAUX the GUARDIAN is here & Greta RANSOM heir & where is Dr LEN Immanuel RANSOM my heir & CO-HEIR ??? WE ARE AMONGST EVIL !

Arthur Malone/POLITAN - He was called to the head of the table for instructions WE HAD FOUL SPIES ON THE PIN ABOUT USbut some people trying to help…& they were being deceived by the criminally insane dripping blood & gore STOLEN MONEYS-

1969 - That evening ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister France - was upstairs walking about with the 10 months old Victoria-Augusta MOUSIE in her nightclothes & nappy - She knows him & likes him - if he puts her down she moans & whimpers to be picked uphe is content … !

SHE was always guarded - & her mother G.R.W. is said to have carried her about on one hip for a year- MOUSIE-VICTORIA had made her first Classical Tour Ancient Italy at 5-6 months old/wonderous slides to video etc/RUINS experienced all alone with 3 children !

Mousie V-A enjoyed her first Scientific Annual General Meeting before 1 year & `behaved as if a LARGE DOLL` said Sandra Raphael- IT WAS DANGEROUS TO LEAVE HER ANYWHEREthis was understood -

1967 November onwards - British Museum Natural History had JIM LINDSAY Mengele Special Branch in searching- Collections/Director`s Office/Whitehead`s Fishes working room/records/diaries/notes - & they & thugs searched the other Museums South Kensington…where JIM & Lindsaybuggarhs were believed to have stripped things OUT 1930s !

1968 May there were murmurs from Teresa Gordon R. `she Victoria could be taken off you this Pillar House given to the Nation YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MARRY OR HAVE CHILDREN I am told by MY- MY- MY friends your father is insaneyou are to be watched…your father is a Drinker ! `

I SHOUTED AT HER TGR TO SHUT UP THIS STUPID TALK~ my shouting seemed to have her enter sanity awhile - but she is clearly in & out of DOPE - as they all are Noble Britain from their teens the Medical substitute for cocaine-heroin has not quite come into use

They have all been in the BACK WAY of Angela`s PAD & forking away…on the Sevres porcelain…THEY ARE IN GREAT FEAR THAT MALRAUX WILL PUT BACK GRETA RANSOM`s MEMORY !

OUR MEMORIES - 1933-2008 A.D. That is what you are READING in this DOCUMENT of SUMMER 1937 for ANDRE a MAN full of GRACE… & JOSETTE a young LADY…

None of this old 1920s/1930s GANG are yet up on 2 legs ! THEY ARE A BARBARIC PACK… & when they take these dopes/especially PURPLE SNOUTthey are DANGEROUS ! ….

1970s/1980s - Later we learn the OLD NOBLES were talking of getting The Pillar House (of the immortal stories & drawings for children by L Leslie Brooke !) & selling it & sharing the PROFITS between them WHEN THEY HAD PUT UP A CONCRETE BLOCK OF FLATS in the centre of the « VILLAGE OF A THOUSAND YEARS » /See the HISTORY 1985 we all the Village wrote for the thousands of HARWELL family descendants coming from AMERICA & the globe/…PJPW on THE CHARTERS/GRW on The Pillar House/

1970 onwards - the retired Police found old Noble Britain entering & not quite BREAKING-IN - because they had got the key copied !

…. the penniless NOBLES they were in the 1920s but could always PICK A PURSE - & charge Crown Office/

JIM Jong is about Teresa again & they even had a fight 1973 in Oxford outside his garage I had forgotten Teresa Gordon R. 1950s/1960s goes to TANGO with Mengele paedophile Gollum Harrington in expensive West End dives -with 7 courses at which THEY fork a third of the plateful tossing it off with BRANDY all through the meal (3 bottles) ! BILL TO CROWN OFFICE ? NOBLE BRITAIN ON THE PIN LIFESTYLE-


ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE & HAVE BLOWN THEIR MINDS ON DOPES from ages 11 to 14 yearsback in the pre-Roaring 1920s

Family de SALLE/Ransomof PARIS ? - Does the following heard about Modern/Real world circles mean the beautiful woman descended from Elizabeth Ransom & her Venzuela husband ?

If so then we have another 3 Martyrs here - All records of their existence may have been removed as is the rule in FRAUD violent THEFT by these criminally insane -

( Greta Ransom is said to have a birth certificate prepared by Mengele

Doctor Harrington paedophile for his masters saying I am the

illegitimate Child of Teresa Gordon & a Henry Harper - he probably has some prepared for his Noble Masters too ! & Mengele Harrington has been playing about with DNA swopping bodies in graves ! - Not one of US knows its father for sure said a good Noble Lord who lived Off Shore…)

Elizabeth RANSOM`s descendants ??? “ Soon she was divorced - called a whore- & dying - her two children attacked in Paris street7 years on the husband divorced was on his hands & knees on heroin….Old Mengele - LINDSAY TRIBE & JIM had DECREED do him in …probably for business… ” THIS THEN IS THE REAL MODERN WORLD -

1968 February/1980s An unpleasant world & I try with humanism to KEEP IT OUT OF The PILLAR HOUSE of the immortal books for children by LLBbecause these fraudsters-violent thieves come from the world of DOPE…THESE UNHOLY NOBLE CREATURES DO NOT ENTER by invitation THE HOLY HOUSEHOLD I STRIVE TO KEEP for the family & small children - The Noble criminally insane keep UNHOLY HOUSES…

Insults from April 1968 were aimed at me & a father I do not know since 1939 & HE HAS NEVER SENT ME A LETTER or card- & living with Teresa Gordon R. who pleads she is on a widows mite THERE IS NEVER A TELEPHONE…AH ! She has a ritual I hear her speak upon - she must rob G.R. of a piece of money every day (I earn 9 rising to 13 English pounds working at Colchester Museums 1950s) …& SHE IS TO PULL ME DOWN…it’s a horsey slang phrase the Noble spiteful have from 1920s - means destroy the reputation of somebody… there is often DOUGH & KUDOS to be got by these criminally insane in doing so …

1933 XMAS onwards - All POST/mail to me/families is first examined by G.B. GOVERNMENT & Crown or THEIR REPRESENTATIVE… This should NEVER BE an employment for Teresa Gordon R. for she has PRISON DAYS - AH! Mengele Doctor Harrington 1953 onwards awaiting his Peerage IS REMOVING HER RECORDS to save faces/ & use her against her families & all descendants BECAUSE the criminally insane Noble Britain knows of MUCH MONEY about the world TO STEAL from the Estate of AN OLD ESKIMO- owner of Jacopsholmen WEST GREENLAND-

The same theme 1968/1969 is a patch of Noble VIPERS BLUGLOSS about me G.R. … as if I were the culprit in this RANSOM de SALLE family lack of respectability ? - I GR have NO EARLY CHILDHOOD MEMORY & Doc Mengele & Dames see I do not !

FJR - my FATHER born November 1911 to die 1969 from their Noble VIOLENCE - (a broken figure since the Revelation of the murders of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…) & HIS RELATIVES who have known this woman HER branch de SALLE/Ransom as children WERE TURNED AWAY FROM THE PILLAR HOUSE H A R W E L L … a Party for 21 children - Xmas TEA-Party 24th December 1968 by 3 & 4 cars full of these filthy EARLS of LINDSAY things & THUGSMengele HarringtonJIM & SCUM& awesome threats were madeI G.R. learn of this 1992...

1939- A DECREE for FRAUD & violent THEFTfrom when the RANSOM family WENT AWAY TO WAR 1939...TO KEEP US ALL APART

1937 late winter - INSTRUCTIONS- from EARL No 12 Crawford-LINDSAY/Insurance Fraudster etc etc/Public records & newspapers-death of 12 years heir/

….. “ REMOVE THE CHILD`s MEMORY Miss Winifred Gordon - go & see Dr Clarke…WE WILL SEE IF SHE CAN HAVE SOMETHING FROM THIS ESTATE when she is 21 or 25 years - when we LINDSAYBUGGARHS - see how she does at School WITH HEROIN & MORPHINE rubbed in her mouth/nose/eyes every morning before she goes to her CLASSROOM- The Poor St Clares`Convent